Top Ten Hardest Sports

Hardest sports to do that take the most skill but not given credit to.

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I am in gymnastics and it is definitely the hardest sport. People think it is easy, but they are so wrong! I have been doing gymnastics since preschool and I have never had an easy practice. Your hands rip from the bars and conditioning is probably harder than football players do. I wish people would understand how hard it is!

Now add a horse to this and you get vaulting. I don't do it, but I can imagine how difficult that is. You have to have crazy amounts of strength and fitness, balancing yourself and others all while doing it on a moving animal.

Definitely the hardest. The conditioning is really hard. So are the practices. You practice in any weather in any condition. It can be 100 degrees in the gym, and gymnasts still practice. The pain many of us have to endure it. It's really hard but we know how to hold it in.

Gymnastics is definitely the hardest sport. One wrong move can mean life or death. We are constantly on our feet. Yes a lot of people say that cheerleading is basically gymnastics but it's not the tumbling part sure but I am the head of my varsity cheerleading squad and it is way easier than Gymnastics I am a gymnast and a cheerleader so I would know this from my personal experience. Cheerleaders they only need to remember one routine one dance one cheer. Gymnasts have to remember four routines. We have coaches yelling at us if we put an extra step in a routine. If we fall down and get hurt we are expected to get back up and do it again even if were not hurt we have to get back up and do it again and tough it out. In competition we get docked points for not pointing a toe. Before and after everyone of our routines we have to salute to the judges and that's part of our points. On beam if we wobble on one little thing we get points taken off same thing and all of our other events if we ...more

Gymnastics is the hardest sport because it takes determination because there are ten levels and you will probably get stuck in one or two of them. It takes flexibility. Yo have to be flexible on vault and floor to be able to do all you flips and tricks. And courage on bars you have to be courageous to jump to the high bar and to flip off of it. This is why I think gymnastics is the hardest sports

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I've been swimming at a high level for most of my life now and I can honestly say this sport is CRAZYYYY demanding. I don't think its as bad as gymnastics because we don't have the threat of dying everyday, but we do work just as hard as them. What people don't understand is that as a swimmer every muscle in your body is used for every single stroke and kick. Not any other sport in the world does that. We not only swim for hours a day we train on land for hours. So basically its like ok your done one practice, but now your expected to jump in the pool and swim as hard and as fast as you possibly can every single day. And for all the people that say they taught themsevles how to swim and its not diffuicult at all anyone can do it, YOU ARE DEAD WRONG. This is not your back yard pool swimming, we are really swimming. After every practice you can barely walk you are so sore, and getting changed is so hard because you can't even lift your arms over your head. When you have meets, every ...more

Actually swimmers have the threat of dying every day. We could drown or have a heart attack or stroke and we are at highest risk for ebola

To all those people saying "i have tried swimming it's easy" or "anyone can swim". That'd be like saying "gymnastics is easy because I can do a cartwheel" where as those who actually train for gymnastics would probably tell you a cartwheel doesn't mean you can do gymnastics, and it's a similar thing to what you call swimming and what a swimmer calls swimming are different things... Swimming is one of the hardest sport train for... (the reason I say one of the hardest is because once you reach a certain point on the list, the difficulty of training for the sport is going to vary dependent on how hard each individual athlete is willing to push themselves).

swimmers don't go don't to the pool and do what you call swimming and swim at a leisurely pace we train to complete exhaustion every morning and afternoon for over 30 hours per week as well as gym training and crossfit training. You spend your training sessions sprinting and pushing past your ...more

Swimming is VERY hard but come in people it is not harder than gymnastics, I'm both a competitive swimmer and a competitive level 9 gymnast and it does not come even close to gymnastics, you do not understand how mental and physically though and demanding gymnastics is, just look up gymnastics training montages like "gymnastics why do we fall" and "gymnastics remember the name" and "gymnastics run boy run" THEN you CAN ARGUE WITH ME because until you step into a gym you will never truly understand the painfully demanding sport it is, you won't last a day! Let me tell you my schedule for a Saturday practice: 7:30am= warm up, running around in a freezing cold gym 50 times, jumping across the floor with one leg then the other, then we have drills etc. And by then we are exhausted. 8:00am= stretching, we warm up our muscles by doing a series of tough stretches and then we are forced into our over splits and trust me this is VERY VERY PAINFUL, in fact our ...more

I have done swimming and figure skating, and I feel that figure skating is much more difficult.

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3Figure Skating

As someone who has done competitive swimming, field hockey, ice hockey, dance, gymnastics and figure-skating, I have to agree that gymnastics and figure-skating are defiantly the hardest in-terms of overall skill, determination and commitment. Although I found that swimming helped me a lot with my cardiovascular fitness and ice hockey was really good in terms of a short, intense full body workout I actually found figure skating the most mentally, physically an emotionally challenging as well as gymnastics however I did not reach as high of a level in gymnastics as I did in figure-skating. I started figure-skating when I was 6 and skated until last year where I had to drop out because of injury. I took dance and gymnastics at the same time which helped me a lot with my flexibility and strength which allowed me to progress quickly. By 11 years old, I was the Eastern Ontario Champion and Competed provincially in both 'solo figure skating' and ice dance. I started off with 3 lessons per ...more

I think figure skating is at least the second hardest sports because it takes will, determination, and gut. I am a figure skater my self. Every day you go to practice and train and work your butt off just to be the best. To get a jump right you have to jump it exact just to land it and get full points for competition. You have to jump and land on a blade that is thinner than your finger. And every day you practice and practice and it seems like you are going no where and not improving in any of the jumps that you are learning but when you land that jump it feels like all your hard work, pain, and tears is worth it and you realize that you are one step closer to your dream that you had since you got foot on the ice for the first time. When I first started skating I had a coach that told me that whatever I did was correct. When I was ten I got an new coach and I had to learn everything from the beginning. All that years of training for nothing. When I was twelve my coach left out of the ...more

Men are much more adept at figure skating than women.

Besides, Princess Peach is AWFUL at Figure Skating.

I have been a figure skater for my entire life. This sport requires a lot more time than many other sports (though I do respect that pretty much every sport requires time). Most figure skaters are young and attend school. However, many also choose to home school to get enough time in on this sport. The earliest I have ever had to wake up in the morning for figure skating was 3:30 am. Granted, I live further from the rink than most of the others, but the idea is that you have enough time to warm up before stepping on the ice at 5 am (at least, that's when my rink opens). Figure skating requires an extreme amount of stamina. At the Olympic level, a routine lasts around 4 minutes and 30 seconds. In order to be able to pull this off, one must have incredible strength and stamina. From my own experience, lactic acid burn starts usually about 20 to 30 seconds in, and it burns. Part of training is building up a tolerance to this pain. All summer long, we have interval stroking where we ...more

Figure skating may look easy but it's super hard shoot the ducks are even hard on concrete

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4Water Polo

I understand why some people might think that gymnastics is harder than waterpolo. I will share with you my one experience as a fellow water polo player.

I jump into the freezing ice cold water and stare at my huge opponent, #9. She grumbles and glares at me, with a snort she shouts out, "I've got 16! " The ref throws the ball to me and blows the whistle. I sway around in the water for about a second, trying to watch my teammates to see if they're open. One girl is being blocked, another is being pushed down into the water and the ref is ignoring them, #3 screams for the ball. I see #9 pushing through the water towards me, for a huge girl she moved through the water quickly. I throw the ball to #3, #9 punches my elbow, causing the pass to go to the left. #3 and her defensive player sprint for the ball. I see her head go under and the defensive player swim ahead. I swim towards the goal hoping to get open In case she gets the ball. I watch on the sidelines as the defensive player reach for the ball but #3 was aggressive and leaped over her defense to swipe the ball. The refs didn't even call a foul. I scream and shout for the ball, #9 blocks my path. Her huge meaty arm latches onto my shoulder and pushes me down, I try to eggbeater as hard as I can and stay on my stomach. I get a messy pass from #3. I grab the ball but three players pull me down. I kick one of them in the stomach and use the other to push out of the water and quickly make a shot towards the goal. The ball misses the huge goalie by centimeters and I sprint back to the middle of the pool

As you have read, this thing doesn't ever happen in gymnastics. Waterpolo is incredibly and extremely demanding. You are being pushed and shoved by huge players when you're on offense and you have to push and shove on defense. This is much more than swimming (I'm also a competitive swimmer) there is no other sport in which you have to actually keep yourself up while being pushed around like a sack because the floor is gone. You have to keep yourself extremely high up to actually get a decent shot and not get drowned by a player (a girl actually feinted because she swallowed so much water because the refs suck) in gymnastics, people say you have the chance of dying. you must be a pretty bad gymnast if you might kill yourself on the bars. However, in waterpolo someone is actually trying to kill you. Waterpolo players bleed and break bones too! Also, we do it in any condition & whats with that person for the gymnastics column saying they have to do it in any condition? They are in a gym! Just adjust the air conditioner!

I understand cheer leading, power tumbling, and boxing/martial arts. But dancing is not as hard as waterpolo or gymnastics. We play football and wrestle while not having a floor to stand on and we are being pushes back by water. Imagine playing football while in the air and being constantly slowed down and having a person grabbing at you and make sure you more

I don't see how this is third. I think everyone misinterpreted hardest sport with most barbaric sport. I'm sure it takes skill to play this but does it really take that much.

Haha no sorry but just no. Water polo is not harder than gymnastics, gymnastics was proven by ESPN the hardest sport. IH yeah and we can't turn on the air conditioner as you mentioned because most gyms don't have them and even so our conditioning is by far harder than yours. We have 2 hours of conditioning everyday 6 days a week so 12 hours of conditioning a week! And it isn't just sprinting or running its hardcore. 150 push ups, 200 pull ups, climbing the rope 25 to 50 times, 250 squat jumps onto the vault, also running 50+ laps around a huge gym, 150 mini kips, pike and straddle hangs off the bar for 5 minutes each and so much more that I'm not bothered to write down because there is to much. Oh yeah and if one of us drops or messes up the whole team restarts from 0 no matter how far we have gotten or if our hands are bleeding or our bodies in pain. In fact at the end if conditioning at least 3 girls are crying because of the intense pain and at least 2 girls have puked and the whole team ( 8 girls ) is exhausted and in extremely sever pain. WE GYMNASTS TRAIN 10+ HOURS A DAY SO that's 60+ HOURS A WEEK! I'm a 14 year old elite gymnast by the way. IT IS NOT EASY! And by no doubt is it easier than water polo! Like seriously you have probably NEVER stepped into a gym to think that or if you did you probably were on level 1 or 2 or up to level 5 or watched them anyway. I would LOVE to see you do spins, leaps, jumps and FLIPS both backwards and forwards and even sideways on a 4 INCH WIDE BEAM without woobling or falling off, that's what I thought, YOU can't because ITS TOO HARD AND SCARY! Or loop and spin and do tricks and skills in bars until your hands are rubbed raw and chunks if skin are ripping off while your hands are bleeding hard, that happens to me every practice! It is seriously painful yet our coaches just tell us to "suck it up and keep trying! " Or for vault I would like to see you run towards a split object, vault over it, do multiple flips and twists in the air and land it PERFECTLY! That's right, you can't! And for floor we have to dance, leap, jump, spin, tumble, flip and do loads more difficult tricks and skills. Like I would lime to see you tumble ( flipping basically ) across a solid floor then launch yourself into the air with no protection, flip and twist then land it perfectly without woobling or taking any steps. Go on, try if it's so easy! Like seriously we are physically pushed into over-splits even if we cry. SO you STILL THINK WATER POLO IS EASY!?!?! I have watched it and to me it looks pretty easy, just a lot of pushing and stuff, I know its probably harder than that but harder than gymnastics, HAHA LOL! If you don't believe me watch these montages on YouTube before you argue with me or say gymnastics is easier than your sport, they are called: gymnastics remember the name, gymnastics glory and gore, gymnastics marching on, gymnastics run boy run, gymnastics why do we fall, and if you have time watch some more more

Nobody's ever attempted to rip my swimsuit off and use me as a human backboard while swimming... Just at water polo. As somebody who does both sports, I'd say that water polo is definitely tougher. It requires more stamina to continually release in the water and sprint back and forth. Even the times when you have more rest, you're still treading water, which takes energy. And at the same time, you have to be aware of the other players in the pool and the position of the ball, and try to pass and shoot while other players are pressing you. Players are also extremely dirty, because the refs can't see most of it - they will dig into pressure points, kick off other players, elbow, gouge, scratch, twist, anything that they can think of to get an advantage.

It is very demanding and you have to swim back so much, it sucks.

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5Competiton Cheerleading

Competitive Cheer is by far the hardest sport there is. With all the flexibility of a gymnast and all the strength of a foot ball player, cheerleaders do a lot. While I can see why some people would say other sports are hard I personally think that cheerleading is the hardest.

Flyers literally are flung up into the air doing all sorts of different twists and tricks. They have to find their footing and balance in the hands of their base. Switching from pose to pose is not easy. Ever tried doing a tic-tok? A tic-tok is when you switch legs when switch stunts. It's harder than it looks. You have to shift you entire body from one position to the next all within the span of a few seconds and make it look easy. One wrong step or laps in concentration and the stunt goes crashing down, literally. And falling to the ground is not my idea of a fun time. Without doing those stunts being up in the air isn't amazingly easy either. Besides balance, concentration, and strength, you have to ...more

Cheerleading actually doesn't require all of the flexibility of a gymnast and you have 3 people throwing one tiny person up. I am not saying cheerleading isn't hard but it definitely isn't the hardest. In gymnastics people don't throw you, you have to jump high enough to do a flip. Lets not forget about beam, bars and vault. One wrong step on beam will cause you to fall and probably hit the beam on the way down. If you think doing a back tuck is hard try doing it on a piece of 4 inch wood. On bars you are getting whipped all around the bar and you have to stand up on the bar and jump to the higher bar and even sometimes do a flip to it. The strength of a football player is also not true. Cheerleaders are tiny and you have 3 people throwing a little girl up in the air.

I like how everyone else is saying that cheerleading is stupid and cheerleaders are stuck up brats who do the sport for popularity, and none of the cheerleaders have said anything mean to anyone about their sports... And we are the mean ones? Also I dare anyone who does not think this is the hardest sport to watch a competitive cheer team's practice like California allstars they condition for at least three hours and run at least six miles... As a warm up then for the next two hours they stunt until they are about to faint then we tumble. You know? The thing we make look easy when really we have to hold the perfect body position to literally DEFY GRAVITY while our muscles are the tightest they will ever be. Then we do our entire routine around 15 times which includes the hardest tumbling stunting and dancing we are able to do. If someone says one more thing about how cheer is not a sport I might go insane... You truly have to do the sport and take it as seriously as we do to know ...more

Cheer is extremely hard. Try combining weight lifting, intense cardio, and skill/technique into one sport: that's cheer. You have to learn to work as a team in order to hold/throw girls into crazy positions, you have to learn how to make it work. You have to memorize intense routine sequences. You have to master tumbling, it is not easy to throw yourself across the floor doing multiple front and back flips, twisting and flipping every direction in tons of different ways. Level 1 stuff is easy, cheering at games is easy. COMPETITIVE CHEER at an advanced level is HARD. People underestimate cheerleading because all they see is the stereotypes created by media through movies portraying cheerleaders as clueless, attention-seeking, pretty-girls. Cheerleaders practice strength, cardio, agility, form, and countless other skills. It takes years of dedication to master skills like a roundoff-backhandspring layout full. It takes endless amounts of practices to be able to show off a kick-souble ...more

Cheer is the hardest sport you might not think it is but I wish you could come to my practice and see how hard it really is cause we through 100 or more pound girls in the air and are forced to catch them

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6Horseback Riding

So horseback riding is easy, is it? It's not a sport? Tell that to my thighs! Tell that to my calves, and my arms and my hands! Anyone who says horseback riding is easy or useless has never done it for real. I’m not talking about a pony ride on the beach, or a tame trot around an arena. Those are not real riding. Those are tiny tastes of riding for someone who likes to think they know what it’s like. No, I’m talking about directing your twelve hundred pound animal’s every precise movement, where even a breath out of place can cause a misstep and every twitch means something, as in dressage. I’m talking about hurtling along at speeds up to and over 30 miles per hour and leaping obstacles 5 feet tall, where just one slip could cost you a rail, four faults, your mobility or maybe even your life, as in show jumping. I’m talking about urging your horse to full speed, leaning down, swinging your wooden mallet and hitting a tiny white ball about the size of a golf ball, as in polo, all while avoiding a horrific collision. The list could go on and on. Steeplechasing, racing, horseball, endurance, vaulting, cross-country, hunting, even in-hand showing, this is all immensely difficult.

But that’s only English riding. There’s barrel racing, there’s pole weaving, there’s gymkhana and cutting and roping and reining. In barrel racing, you are sprinting at full speed and steering your horse around hair-raisingly tight turns, skimming the barrels, and then making a mad dash home. In roping, you’re astride a running machine, sticking to a cow like glue, as you twirl and throw a loop over its head, all while steering your horse. In cutting, you must train your horse to anticipate every possible movement a cow could make and exploit its cow sense, so it can head it off, keep it away from the herd, make lightning fast turns and leaps and spins, and win. Anyone who has the guts to call riding sissy or claim it’s not a sport has clearly never clung to the horn of a cutting horse’s saddle as it swerves this way or that, or ridden an endurance horse over hundreds of miles of terrain too rough for even the hardiest vehicles, in the rain, snow, sleet, burning sun, mud and wind, or performed incredible gymnastic maneuvers, spinning and bending and swinging, which just happens to be on the back of a vaulting horse in motion. Every aspect of riding is gruelling, tough, dangerous, and requires incredible skill. Ambulances are always present at equestrian competitions. Know why? This is a risk. This is an extreme sport. This is putting your life in danger.

Not only is riding difficult, even just being around horses is a risk. Think about it: rock hard hooves that could smash your skull to smithereens with one kick, a half ton or more of pure muscle, blunt teeth, lightning fast reflexes, and we can’t forget the horse’s ever-present prey mentality, which can cause it to spook and frighten easily, and makes even the steadiest nag more

In no way does the horse do all of the work. Heels down, toes up, calves back and on, supporting the horse, back straight, shoulder back, hands low and still in constant contact with the horses mouth without pulling too hard, look where you're going. Maintain this position perfectly while controlling a 1,000 pound animal with a mind of its own.
This involves moving it with just one leg, constantly supporting it and worry about exactly how fast or where it's going, posting or rising up and down in the saddle with almost no help form the stirrups, turning with a bit of leg rein, weight shift and looking, but not too much or too little of anything while maintaining speed and perfect position. Try reining in a 1,000 pound animal going 20 mph with just your arms, but not pulling too hard. Try having to be constantly aware of every part of your body and your horse's at every second while moving at 20 mph, making hairpin turns, jumping fences and despite the speed always be three steps ahead, make sure your horse is on the right stride, judging distances, all while thinking about five other things. Constantly having to look, be aware, be in control, all while maintaining a perfect position. Try guiding your partner every step of the way, making sure all of your cues are absolutely perfect, knowing that if you do even one thing a tiny bit wrong, you could die. It takes strength, endurance, perseverance, smarts, control and skill. It takes years. It takes work, practice, the ability to communicate perfectly to an animal with no words, understand it and work with it. You have to worry for yourself and your horse, look perfect, be in constant control, always be thinking ahead, be incredibly strong to hold a 1,000 pound creature together with your legs and make it look easy. It takes nothing short of hours and hours of practice, perfection, work, skill, physical fitness and undying trust in an animal that could just as easily kill you as it can breathe. It's about finding the perfect balance in cues, concentrating immensely, having the strength, having every understanding of your horse, always maintaining your position no matter what cue you are giving, knowing just what your horse is doing, being aware completely of your own movement, where you are going, which cues to use, how fast, where to go and never losing your position or focus. Not doing any of these things could mean death. A sport that requires skill, fitness and above all practice. I have played soccer for one year, ridden for seven. I progressed in soccer EXTREMELY quickly compared to horseback riding. It is a sport that takes immense time and passion to master. It is more difficult that any sport I have done before. It has earned its place in this list.

The reply that say have you ever seen a true equestrian flew is suppose to say flex

I have ridden for ten years. Believe, me it is the most difficult sport. Anyone who says different is wrong! Most people say Equestrian isn't a sport because the only time they've ever ridden is on the beach while on vacation. That is NOT riding.

I'm a show jumper. This is what I have to do: I get on a 1500 pound animal, who has been trained all winter and is at his peak, hurtle myself over 4 ft obstacles that are often 3 ft wide, whip around corners as fast as possible while not knocking anything down.

Yes, the horse plays a big part in the sport (obviously) but when I am racing around the competition ring, who do you think is keeping that animal balanced? Who do you think is telling the horse exactly where to put each of his feet, every single step of the way? And, in the judged classes, you have to make it look pretty and smooth.

A lot of people say Equestrian isn't a sport because you don't have to be fit to do it that's also not true. I admit that I'm not a runner or a swimmer I can't run for the life of me. However, I bet most people don't have the power in their thighs to break human bones. I can do air squats for an hour and not get tired. I can win any kind of arm wrestle. Most people who ride for the first time are out of breath and sweating after an hour.

Equestrian is extremely dangerous as well. That's why you rarely see a show jumper without a helmet. When you crash into a jump, going extremely fast on a very heavy animal, it hurts. There is always an ambulance on scene at an equestrian competition. When you go to a hospital and tell them you have an injury from riding, they immediately bring you in, no matter how long the line up. A horse kicks you in the head, you have an instant concussion. A horse steps on you when you fall off, you immediately have a broken bone. Remember Christopher Reeve, the man who played Superman? Most people know that he was paralyzed after an accident for the rest of his life. That accident was at an equestrian competition, and he fell off his horse.

So before you say Equestrian isn't a sport, please know the facts. And please make sure that you have actually ridden a horse PROPERLY.

Arm wrestle how bought you do actually wrestling were your facing another killing machine who wants to kill you not just accidentally kicks you and were you do all the work no team mates or partners to help or carry you.

Personally I don't consider things that have to do with animals sports because last time I heard that mike Vick got arrested for dog fights

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7Bull Riding

Dude your on a freaking bull!
The fear from just that makes it hard!
Besides the fact that the bull is jumping and twisting and you can't really hold on that well...

Well the fact of the matter is that you have thousand pound animal strapped between your legs and your told to hang on. I'm not just saying this because I have seen bad stuff happen, but I was the person that has all the injuries to show it. So I have no idea why they put horse back riding before bullriding. Cause I train horses for a hobby and they aren't that tough to ride.

That 8 seconds is the longest 8 of your life!
The wii lash is not fun ether!
Not mention when you fall of the only thing in-between you and the bull beating you to death is a 1inch thick vest!

UMM bull riding is a sport where you hang on to a bull that wants to kill you for 8 seconds or more with one hand

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"Horse back riding? Really? That's not even a sport! "
Really? Do you know how insulting that is? We work 4 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week every week of every month and Every month of every year. So that 1 or 2 times a month during the summer we could have a chance to win a 20 cent ribbon. If it's not hard why do we have to work everyday of the year for a show, and still have the possibility to get 8th place. Why then, wouldn't we not work all year then go to a show and get 1st place? If it were so easy. And you say a real sport is scored and not judged, and that horse riding is judged. But it's not. Judging is an opinion. Is it an opinion... That I knocked down a rail? That I wasn't on the correct lead? That the horse took a half step before the jump? That the horse refused the jump? That we went over the time limit? Are these opinions? No. They are facts. We get scores. Knocked down a rail? 4 faults. Horse refused? 4 faults. Over the time limit? 2 faults for every 5 seconds over. Messed up the pattern? Disqualified. If you mess up a play in a football game are you kicked out? No. You aren't. But if we mess up our course all of that work. All of the hours of practicing are down the drain. Have you ever jumped a horse over a 3 foot jump? Didn't think so. You people think we just sit there but you are so so wrong. Has a horse ever just started jumping around, bucking, and rearing? Have you ever had to hang on for literally your very life? Have you ever had to calm or stop a horse that is bucking and rearing? If it's so easy we would put you on our horse, point you to a 3 foot jump and say go. But we don't want you to ruin our horses, so we try to explain it to you. But all you do is dismiss it, like its easy. And it doesn't change anything. So we don't know why we try. But we do. But know one ever listens. No one can see the physical effort that goes into riding. No one truly understands this sport unless they are a part of it. And that's all I can say. Though this won't change anyone's mind. Like I said we try. But our efforts are always wasted because the people we try to convince are to closed minded to even listen.

I dare you to go look up on YouTube just one round of Olympic level show jumping then go look up one game of Olympic level hockey and we'll get together and discuss the comparison.

Freestyle wrestling, bull riding and cross country are the only ones that should be up there in this bracket and normally there not in the top 20. I give a lot of credit to gymnastics I see it almost everyday because my sister does it but don't give me that BS that gymnastics is the hardest sport hockey should not be at # 12 first of your on ice that's hard enough me as a goalie having 90mph shots at me isn't hard I guess to some people. My equipment I have on gives me 30lbs I guess that simple to people also. Swimming is very hard but going across a pool isn't gonna cut to be the #2 spot give me a break. Hockey you're in a freezing climate 32 degrees and below. When I go to my respective Goalie trainer he doesn't take no crap I go out there with the flu pulled muscles cough headache if I'm not in the hospital in playing hockey. I have the best seat in the house and if you are 5'7 150lbs and you see 6'5 220lbs coming at you your done peoples break their necks arms legs fingers ankles knees it's horrifying. Do you see people bleeding from there necks from a skate that cut it I don't think so. Have you ever been hit through glass and it shatters on you? Nope. The physical aspect of the game is highly demanding there is no missing practice because then you're off the team. Hockey is a 12 month sport there is no off season. Hockey is one of the last sports that allows you to fight can't fight in football basketball cheerleading dance bull riding swimming rugby water polo because there a bunch of wimps

You don't realize how hard swimming is, it's not just "going across a pool" is hockey just "skating across a rink", no it's not! Swimming is extremely demanding! I am in university and I swim 12 times a week (twice a day except for Sunday) for 2 and a half hours per practice, not including out of water training! We do painfully hard sets, some of which only allow you to breathe a certain number of times. You can breathe whenever you want in hockey. I have witnessed my teammates passing out, throwing up, injuring themselves, and crashing into each other head on! Hockey may be more dangerous, but it is definitely not as hard as swimming!

Hockey is the hardest no matter what everybody else says! You can run by the age of 3! If you can do gymnastic at 2 it's not hard. Know why we wear equipment? It's because there are 9 other people on the ice going 90 miles per hour all going for the same puck! People say hockey isn't hard but in order to play the beautiful sport you must have the strength and power of a football player, the stamina of a marathon runner and the concentration of a brain surgeon. You tell me if it is hard or not... Don't give me that crap about gymnastics is so hard because it doesn't hold a candle to ice hockey!

The 'gymnastics' you do at age two is nothing compared to the real sport. If you look at the routines elite and Olympic gymnasts do, then say that a 2 year old is doing that, you need to get your head checked.

Can you do a back flip

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From a strictly physical standpoint, I definitely think rowing is the most challenging no other activity hurts the same way.
Related to the physical hardship, I think mental toughness and motivation in rowing are harder to find and more essential to master than in any other sport.
You have to give other categories their due, though.
First I would give it bad marks in skill: rowing involves incredibly precise skills, but often a lack of skill is compensated with more physicality, so it isn't so incredibly important and certainly not so hard to master as the skills in many other sports gymnastics probably takes first place in this category. Perfection in a stroke means a great deal, but is neither as important nor as difficult to achieve as the skills in a sport like gymnastics, or even some others like football.
I think consideration also has to be given to danger and risk. Altogether, rowing is among the least dangerous sports. There is some risk in ...more

Rowing is unique in that it requires both power and endurance. Power to jump off the stretchers in the boat and endurance to be able to put full pressure into that oar for almost 200 strokes over the course of a 2000 meter race.
A rowers description of a 2000 meter race:

0-100 Meters:
Teams usually start off with a short sprint to help set the pace for the race. I the first 10 seconds energy provided by the quick acting ATP-CP system is used up. This system does not use oxygen and does not build lactic acid. The body goes into the anaerobic system for energy and teams begin to settle into their race pace. With this system lactic acid begins to build in the muscles, specifically the legs and the mental game begins.

100 - 1000 Meters
Each stroke uses all major muscle groups in the body including: quads, biceps, triceps, lats, gluts and abdominal muscles. Lactic acid has built up enough by the end of the first 500 meters that each stroke is painful for your legs ...more

Rowing is one of the only sports where you can not start off as a natural as it is unnatural movements. It requires a tremendous deal of strength and technique if you are to move the boat properly. Improper timing may actually slow down the boat. There is a reason why all the heavyweight rowers are roughly 200 pounds. It is an intensive all body workout, which does not gain respite until the end of the sequence/workout. Several other sports such as football and hockey can easily swap out players when fatigue sets in and allow them to recover in addition to breaks like half-time and what not. When you start rowing you push through to the end without respite, and still throughout this time you must maintain constant diligence to keep up technique and keep up boat speed. Proper technique can take years to master, and several more years are needed for strength training. Furthermore after mass is built on the rower, you need to be toned as well. Additional fat will simply slow the boat, so ...more

Rowing is the hardest sport. No question about it! Everything has already been said in the previous comments.

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10Cross Country

I cannot believe this is not even on the list. Honestly, there's a reason why XC people practically inhale food nonstop, yet remain the thinnest people in school. The sport is so physically taxing that it's impossible to gain any kind of weight. XC is hard because you have to do it nonstop as hard as you can. Sure gymnastics is hard and all, but they're events only last a few minutes before they get another break. XC is 100% slow twitch muscle fibers, (which your body has much less of, so it's harder to build) and it's literally 100% cardio. If you don't have a strong heart, you're gonna die. You know what I want, for EVERYONE in the aforementioned sports to race 1 meet with us... (and no, don't even think about stopping, you gotta run the whole 3.1 miles no matter kind of pain you'll experience). Since half the wusses in the above sports do track, why not try the 2 mile then? If distance running is apparently so easy? You know who do the 2 mile events? Cross country kids. Everyone ...more

I've ran 3 years of cross country and I can say that it is extremely hard. I've also ran 5 years of sprints. I've also pole vaulted for the past 4 years and am continuing in college. I will admit distance is much harder than sprints, but in no way is cross country and distance running harder than pole vault. We are literally crazy. We're also some of the fastest, strongest and most head strong athletes out there. We use almost every muscle in our body to do things you can't even imagine. And don't say that we don't have endurance cause I've been apart of plenty of meets where I'll be vaulting for hours and at points will be doing back to back jumps. That gets really tiring really fast. In my opinion pole vault is one of the worlds hardest sports. and yeah I'm biased but thousands of others will say the exact same thing.

Cross country is definitely the hardest and most mentally tough sport that will ever exist. It takes hours of practice that require so much determination that anyone who doesn't run cross country could ever imagine. I am just a freshman girl and we run at least 8 miles a day. I'm not even going to mention how many miles the boys run. It's insane! They sometimes literally just go on a ten mile tempo run at a pretty fast pace. There are no timeouts or substitutions. You have to keep going all the way nonstop. During the race you think you can't go any farther but have the will power to cross that finish line. During the summer we get to practice at 6 in the morning everyday while people in other sports are sleeping in. We run in the intense heat and literally swear through our shirts and drip sweat everywhere on our bodies. We even train for long distance track in the winter and run while it is snowing in the insanely freezing weather. I believe cross country should be ranked number one ...more

I think it is insane that cross country isn't at least in the top 3. I understand that other sports are difficult in different ways, but for all you people that say xc isn't a real sport because "everyone can do it", try it for one week. I dare you. Try to push though our 12 mile long runs, our mile repeats, and our hill circuits, giving 100%. Try running until you have an asthma attack, pass out, throw up, or all three, just at practice. And after you experience this, don't be expecting any break. That's just how our sport goes. You'll go home and sleep, and then wake up at 5:30 the next morning to lift weights, work on core strength, and run some more. Even on our "easy days" we run 5-7 miles, oh and trust me, there's no walking either. This whole sport is based on your body breaking down so it can build back stronger.

I've explained all of the physical pain, but the mental aspect is just as challenging. You want to quit. You want to collapse so you don't ...more

I'm in the Cross Country team, and if there's one thing that I can say, is that it's not easy. It pisses me off when people think that all you do is run. Hell no! When I'm running, the pain and exhaustion that I feel is beyond comprehension. I'm constantly thinking about my pace, speed and stamina during the race.

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11Freestyle Wrestling

The only sport where the practice is the same as competition and the same level of intensity. Wrestling requires the athlete to use every muscle in their body at the same time. A wrestling match is continuous and folkstyle matches can last up to 9.5 minutes long, 9.5 minutes of pushing your muscles to failure with no breaks or rest. In a match, you are allowed only 1.5 minutes if you receive an injury, and if you take any more time the match is forfeited. Given the weight classes, practices are very high intensity and usually are held in the basements of schools with the heat cranked up to around 100 degrees. In addition to the practices, the most successful wrestlers do things such as run the streets at night - usually in many layers (a standard in practices as well) and sometimes plastic suits to lock the heat in - no matter the weather, as well as working out in a gym or at home or attending multiple practices. My senior season I walked into my first practice at 197 lbs and finished the season competing in the 160 lb weight class. I would typically lose an average of 5 lbs a practice but I had friends who have lost 6 and even 7 lbs in a practice, and in addition to working out in the mornings before school and after practice I also ate very little to maintain my weight. If you want to be successful, most wrestlers train 12 months a year at the same intensity as they do in season and are forced to give up all other sports to accommodate for wrestling's demands. Without a doubt the toughest sport mentally and physically, and while I ended my wrestling career a little over a year ago I can say that if I ever have a son I don't know if I would want him to wrestle, because the sport if so grueling and unglamorous.

Dude come on seriously wrestling under cheerleading, horseback riding, gymnastics and water polo? Wrestling is no joke people work their living tails off on the mat. Wrestling requires muscle, stamina, quickness, toughness, mental toughness and believe it or not flexibility and lots of bravery. You will get slammed on the mat possibly break something if you're not tough enough simply because your opponent is more muscular than you. Its take tons of bravery to step onto a mat with another person who could possibly overpower you and not to mention you must remain aggressive thanks to the new rules, the coaches and refs. You have to sacrifice lots of eating time to make weight classes and the conditioning is extreme more muscle than other sport unlike football when players sit majority of the time. wrestlers always will either condition or break each others necks at practice and the only way to get really good is to work on technique and strength outside of practice. I've done wrestling for a while now in multiple weight classes usually in the lower ones like 113 up to 126 and your skills only show to how much time and effort you put into the intensity of you workouts and practices. I usually run 2-3 miles after meets and sometimes after practice and even over the weekends to lose weight and to help stamina this is usually exhausting enough. People would put your body into positions that could be potentially dangerous and you could get choked out while being pinned. The matches may seem short but honestly if you're not a cross country runner or swimmer you're gonna get muscular weak and winded during the 3rd period and seriously half the people don't survive that long. Wrestling and freestyle wrestling should be higher no doubt, only a handful of people can endure the the bone breaking steps to become good. Whatever your opponent does you have to think quick be quick and defend quick and when they have almost equal strength that is determined to pin you its gonna be pretty much a war out there from that little move, trust me its even harder when trying to stand up when they guy is behind you bringing you down. This is a sport only for a handful of people who can actually withstand this physically and mentally killing sport and have no doubts that this and wrestling should be place higher.

I think wrestling is by far the hardest sport out there. If someone tries it in middle school or something yeah it probably wasn't that hard. As soon as high school and college hits the intensity level goes higher than any other sport I've been a part of or have watched. Not only do we have 2 hour long practices in a 90+ degree room, then there is weight room after to try and maintain some of the muscle that is being lost by constantly cutting 15-20 pounds for at least the three month regular season. Then there is out of practice conditioning if you want to be any good. Which is usually done in full sweats or plastics if you happen to be really overweight that week. Not to mention the regular season occurs during Christmas and thanksgiving so you can't eat anything while you have to watch everyone else feast. Plus wrestling is a year round sport, again if you want to be any good at it. I always wrestled every off season tournament that I could. During football season is have to go to wrestling practices before or after my football practices to get ready for the high level national off season tournaments. I know just how much hard work and dedication this sport requires. 5th-10th grade I was awful, I barely won any matches, but I kept going and trained harder and harder and eventually finally started to get better. 11th grade I finally placed at the state tournament and then 12th grade I placed at a Flo Nationals tournament to become a High school All American wrestler. But it took years and years of constant training to get to that point. I know in our wrestling room, we usually start off with about 30-40 kids all thinking they have what it takes, but within two weeks of the season that number has been cut in half by kids tired of the constant punishment of wrestling. I don't know any other sports with the physical ability and mental toughness that are required while one is weak and irritable from trying to lose weight. I understand sports like swimming and gymnastics require a lot of physical ability, but they just don't have the mental toughness factor that competitive wrestling has. When you go against a good wrestler at state or a national tournament or even in college. Where you both are extremely physically fit, the sport becomes just trying to mentally break your opponent to the point where they just can't go on anymore. At those high end matches wrestling is so mentally demanding that I have seen people mentally broken after a hard match, where they can't even talk because the opponent mentally dominated them to their breaking point and they can barely hold themselves together. There just aren't any other sports at that level besides Probably UFC because it's pretty much the next step up from wrestling besides the Olympics.

Wrestling is 24 hours during the season.

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I have raced motocross since I was 3 and I'm almost 16 now. 13 years, 13 broken bones, 2 surgeries and 8 concussions later I'm not scared, embarrassed to say motocross is by far the most physical demanding and tough sport in the world. People think you just sit and turn the throttle. It take balance, strength and skill to be fast on a dirtbike!

Dangerous and physically demanding are completely different things. I think you've confused the two.

When people say its just sitting down and holding the throttle its funny because you don't sit down unless your going around a turn, also, its burns 700 to 800 calories and I have never lost my breathe so quick in my life.

I race motocross and it is by far the most physically demanding sport in the world. I recently had a crash and split my liver and had internal bleeding and I'm still on the mend no other sport is that tough and that hard.

Yeah I got it it's really demanding physically and you can get injured and even die really easily if that's the case they should put stunt double at number 6 then you guys or even just regular motorcycling I mean if you crash your just as likely to die when you are on the freeway.

People tend to underestimate how difficult this sport is really. Until they have tired to actually participate they have no room to judge

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13Competitive Dancing

I think if we are talking about hockey vs dance, it's more complicated than saying hockey needs strength and guts while dance needs stamina, balance, strength, flexibility, etc etc. I'm 13 years old and have been dancing since I was 3. That's 10 years. Sometimes I dance up to 12 hours a week, and I know that that's nothing compared to a lot of other dancers out there. I'm not gonna argue that dance is hard and hockey is easy or maybe vice versa, because my 10 year old sister has been playing hockey since she was 6 but she also does competitive dance.

Hockey players will have no clue how much pain we go through in an hour. We dance through blood, sweat, tears, and bodies pushed to the limit and beyond. We own the fields for strength, stamina, flexibility, speed, balance, acting, and just looking darn good... All at the same time. People definitely underestimate dance and it's obviously a sport if anyone has even noticed.

Hockey, on the other hand, requires strength, ...more

Why isn't this in the top tens? Its easy to master sports like hockey, soccer, football etc. But dance? You are constantly learning new moves and constantly trying to improve your technique. Yeah football and hockey are dangerous. So is dance. There are many ways you can injure yourself in dance. Landing badly on a jump, hurting yourself in a flip, I could go on with the dangers of acro and break dance. And extreme partner work can put both people at risk. Dance requires hour and hours of training, whereas in other sports you show up for practice maybe 3 times a week for 2 hours. To anyone who disagrees and thinks dance is easy. Try pointe, acro, jazz, ballet, hip hop, break, etc. Acro takes many years to do well on, and so does pointe. After pointe, your feet ache an you get blisters, it is very hard to stand in pointe, yet very good dancers can pull it off with a smile on their face. You need to do ridiculously hard moves and still smile. Think hip-hop and dance are easy? Then try ...more - dragonfly99

3 times a week is a joke

And all the sports you listed as easy to master can't be mastered your opponents are always different with different strengths with dance (if it is a sport) there's no outside pressure you learn your routine and the your set yes you need minor improvements but you also don't have to make split second decisions in the face of an opponent and try to think ahead the landings all done for you

I don't think some people realize how crucial dancing is to the body. none of us want to be injured. none of us want to wear a brace, or be out for a week, or even be in a boot. we don't do it for attention, we actually WANT to dance. half the time out injuries are ongoing because we ignore it to continue dancing. dancing is hard on the hips, knees, ankle, feet, and even your back. Dancing is proven to be one of the most physically and mentally challenging sports that there is. You throw yourself in the air, to come back down onto your knees, your back, basically anywhere. You build up muscle upon muscle in order to turn more, to jump higher, to bend further- and you do it all for the love you have for it. We have bruises in places that bruises shouldn't be, we injure parts of our body that shouldn't be injured, and we keep dancing through it all. I know girls who have danced through competitions in absolute agony whilst in tears and still kicked butt because we learn to push through ...more

I do dancing and I think that it is really hard. I have done horse riding but it is by far not that hard.

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14Ice Hockey

Ya I'll be real here. I don't play this sport but I'm not going to be immature and bash on hockey. Kudos to those who play ice hockey. It IS a hard sport and this is coming from someone who doesn't even play the sport. I'm a synchronized swimmer actually and I am certainly no creampuff! I train 7 times a week each day being 3-5 hour long practices in the pool. But my point is, is that I respect hockey. And hockey players. Cause some people might think that hockey is overrated and that the guys who play it are dumb jocks, but I think it's a very physically demanding sport. Lots of injuries happen.

I play hockey and I'm a girl. Hockey is really hard. You need to have the strength and power of a football player, the stamina of a marathon runner and the concentration of a brain surgeon. Sometimes it seems like the other team is chasing you with clubs trying to kill you while you skate down the ice dodging people. Other than gymnastics, hockey is by far the hardest and I think it should be higher up in the list.

Being checked into a wall and face planting into the ground and getting hit in the eye with a puck and stick and getting scratched by skates.. People really think hockey isn't hard I have had a major concussion from someone tripping me and I hit my head. I have had a ice skate cut from my wrist to my elbow it hurt like hell

Hockey has more skill than soccer, harder hits than football and needs better hand - eye than baseball And its all done on ice

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No rugby came before american football and soccer. Then american football added sissy pads and helmets. For rugby you need to be more fit then a huge majority of sports. Mentally and physically. And no your not wrestling if you were then the rules would be different... Actually the game itself would be different in all. Brave as they are in american football? That's a joke not only did americans mimic the sport, but like I said they wear pads and helmets! Yeah you get hurt but try getting crushed in a scrum with no protection or every tackle is followed by 4-8 different solid muscle players.

Rugby should be first. Rugby is like American football but with no breaks every 10 seconds, Its like cross country but you have to do it for 80 minutes and people constantly needing being smashed or getting smashed yourself. Some rugby tackles are measured at 7G (7 times gravity) and injuries seen in rugby are seen in head on car crashes with both cars going at 30MPH. You have to constantly work, when you have the ball, you have to dodge, pass, think, smash... When you haven't got the ball it is even worse! You have to: tackle, get smashed, run dummy lines, follow the ball carrier, help him, drive over and all that for 80 minutes.Why do you think rugby players are so massive!

Rugby is not only a Physical sport, its super mental. As a nationally ranked team player I would know. Rugby requires the physical stamina of any soccer player. Also rugby players need to know the variations of all the rules depending on a referee. Think about it, if you were playing a game of football you get the ball run, Down. 15 second break. In Rugby its Boom hit, Get up run again Boom hit. Constant contact and constant aggression and decision making under serious pressure. Rank 14 is seriously incorrect.

As a "nationally ranked player" you should know that rugby is governed by laws not rules, maybe self praise is no praise

Rugby is a very hard Sport to play, not as much physically but mentally it is one of the hardest in the world

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Wrestling is so hard because of the time and effort into it. I mean anyone can wrestle, however it's the people that can wrestle well who really put the effort and time that the sport requires. People do not understand the preparation it takes to be a wrestler. It's like being in the army. When you are wrestling, you do not even have time to think about what you need to do. You just have to go out there and do it. Of course this takes practice because for your moves to be automatic you must drill them at least 1000 times before getting it perfect. And that is only one part of the sport. When a wrestler is cutting and maintaining their weight, they usually go to sleep on an empty stomach. Cutting weight is very exhausting and sometimes you question why you're even doing it. It's the wrestlers that really want it who drill the hardest all the time, and the ones who push themselves to go run 3 miles a day at least. But these people get unnoticed my the many people surrounding them. They call wrestling homosexual, meanwhile they have no idea what it takes to be a wrestler. Most of the people who criticize would not even come close to have what it takes to be a wrestler.

One of the hardest sports ever it take so much energy, power, strength it is one on one which makes it harder also you have to be so mentally and physically fit and it takes more skill then any sports

I've done wrestling one year just started it and it is mentally and physically tough! You train as hard as you can for a week for a four and a half minute match. No teammates just you and an other player going head on head as hard as you can. And yet wrestling gets no respect.

What! The most underestimated sport of ALL. Gymnastics only requires flexibility. Wrestling requires, strength, smarts, and heart to do. I think this should be #1! How do most fights end up? ON THE GROUND! So a wrestler would kill someone who isn't a wrestler in a fight.

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90 minute game running through down a grass field smashing into other players and trying to beat 11 people fighting for the exact same thing. Speed, teamwork, endurance, high level foot/eye coordination (which is extremely hard to develop), strong bones, perseverance, a balance of aggressiveness and calmness, rapid foresight (ability to see the play before it happens and move accordingly), fast reflexes, clear understanding of the strategy (to play well or coach. ), instinctive body language reading (to understand where the player may try to move), good ability to communicate under pressure and a natural ability in at least one position (this is the most important, the best are born with ability and develop it, the worst aren't born with a natural ability and have no chance even if they try hard. ) Not to mention a high injury rate, if your not good enough you get hurt. Not knocking other cardio-sports but soccer requires a type of skill not visible in any other game, a near complete ...more

Soccer is for sure one of the hardest sports. People think, oh well you just kick the ball into the net, honestly that isn't how it works. When a soccer player receives the ball, millions of things are going through their head like, whether to dribble, whether to pass, whether to shoot. Once they decide, even more things go through their head. If they decide to take the ball themselves they have to decide where to dribble to, if they need to do any trick moves, and when they need to get rid of the ball. Then if they decide to make a pass, they have to think about timing, how hard the ball needs to be played, who to play it to, what kind of pass needs to be made, and then once they get rid of the ball, they have to make a run elsewhere to try to get open to receive a pass. If they shoot, they need to think where to place it and how hard to shoot it, they also have to follow up their shots.

Decision making isn't the only aspect of soccer that is important. You have to be fast ...more

I have been playing soccer all f my life. And I can tell you that it is one of the hardest sports. Obviously rugby and gymnastics beat us in strength and endurance, but soccer takes a lot of skill. First you have to be able to sprint around with a ball which might sound easy, but until you have tried sprinting at your fastest speed you cannot talk. Also at a higher level of soccer you are more physical you have girls that are bigger and older than you slide tackling you, tripping you, body checking you, and pushing you down. Soccer also has so many aspect and different roles to make a team function. YOu have to have a goal keeper who needs to be quick on her feet and strong to be able to stop shots that could go over 40 mph. As a defender I have to be able to make the decision when to attack the ball. I need to be quick but also need to hold me ground so I don't get run over by an oncoming attacker. A midfielder needs to have endurance these players are a forward and a defender. So ...more

You appear to have no idea of the amount of skill it takes to do gymnastics.

Soccer is at least one of the most hardest sports ever you are constantly running up and down the field, and you have to have strategy, to know what your doing, you have to use your brain to figure out what the best option is, you have to be quick, you need A LOT of practice, you could get slide tackled anytime, you can't be afraid of the ball, no matter what you HAVE TO LOVE THE SPORT!

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18Power Tumbling

I am a gymnast and I agree that power tumbling should be up closer to number 2 or 3 because there are a lot of people at my gym that do power tumbling and they can get hurt a lot. I have seen people break their arms and legs before in gymnastics AND power tumbling! I is very harsh to watch but I mean I am used to it now so I don't have too worry that much. A lot of people can get hurt but some wont like break any thing but most injuries are from tumbling (especially power tumbling) and gymnastics. I agree that gymnastics is the hardest sport but I am not going to give up because of that! You have to keep trying and maybe you will be an number 1 all a-rounder one day like me! :) Good luck you folks out there and maybe I will see you in the Olympics one day and you will see me too! :P

Power Tumbling should be right up there with Gymnastics. I am a level 8-9 power tumbler and it is SO hard just like gymnastics! We have to practice multiple hours in the gym each week and we condition like crazy. We have to do floor, double mini and trampoline and each has its challenges. Lets see you guys jump on a two level tramp and do a double front on and double full off. We have to get so much power on floor in a couple of steps so we can throw double whips and what not. Not to mention the pain we go through and how much we work for things. Definitely should be up there with Gymnastics.

Power tumbling should definitely be up their further.
I have never seen power tumbling on a list before, because nobody seem to reise how painful and chanllenging it can be!
It's a lot like gymnastics so why isn't it higher!?

Power tumbling should be one or two I agree it's a part of gymnastics that people devote there time two

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19Track and Field

I can't believe this isn't higher on the list. Most people do not realize the kind of intensity this sport brings. You constantly must train and its like power lifting, giving 100% all the time just for micro progression. And during races it is extremely taxing on the body, you must have a well built cardio vascular system as well as muscle growth. Have you ever tried SPRINTING a QUARTER OF A MILE in 48 seconds? Most other athletes only have to worry about 100 meters much less 400 meters (1600 meters in 1 mile)

Track requires pure dedication and a love for just running. If you don't run everyday you won't improve. We run outside in the rain and freezing cold. We sit at meets for hours waiting for our event and let me tell you it's not fun when it's 32 degrees and windy. Have you ever tried running in the wind? Probably not. It's hard and it hurts! I think track is one of the hardest sports that requires the most dedication.

Shotput requires more than just throwing some heavy ball (which is what most people think), it requires technique, patience, diligence, and strength... Emphasis on technique. I've been doing shotput for almost 5 years now. It is so hard and you have to work on your form everyday. Even the pros have a tough time touching up their forms. You can't just rely on muscle strengths you rely on your hips, your speed in the ring, where your arms go, etc. Every little thing you do in the ring affects where the ball goes. Oh, and there's plenty of conditioning and weight lifting involved. You don't have to be big and strong to do this sport. You just have to be fit and determined to stick with it.

Try being a sprinter with asthma and then tell me this isn't the hardest sport.

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20Long-distance Triathlon

I don't think most of you have even done a twelve hour race before? Swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, run 26.2 miles, and then brag for the rest of your life. Not the average Joe can do one. The Ironman Triathlon is the toughest race in the world. Often called the hardest day in sport. It is not a sport for the weak minded. After a while, the body shut downs and the only thing keeping you moving is your mind. With high drop out rates, many question if they could even finish after racing a few hours into the race. Nutrition and hydration is key to a great race. This sport combines three tough sports into a monster challenge.

I don't understand how this is #27. I've been looking at various pages on difficult sports, and most "experts" seem to think that specific aspects of a sport is what make it hard (such as coordination, technique etc). NO. You automatically learn those things from being in that sport. You adapt. You can be the best basketball player, but be the worst in something else. Difficulty is NOT equal to practice.
What makes a sport hard is how hard you have to push your body and mind to the abosolute limit, to even compete. The foundation of all sports is in the Triathlon. I have done all 3 sports at a competitive level, and there is nothing like pushing yourself until you are going to faint or puke. You don't get that in other sports. Its not about practice, its about how hard it is for a body.
If you give anyone (fit) a (fair) amount of time (years) they can master any sport, just based on practice. On sports like triathlon, you don't get that. You have to have a superhuman body and mind. It is equally as hard for everyone that is doing it. That is why there aren't any lebron james's that are constantly winning. Because it is so hard, that you simply can't win consecutively multiple times.

This is without a doubt the most difficult, grueling sport that anyone could ever possibly imagine. I have been a competitive swimmer for most of my life, and have recently completed only sprint triathlons (of which have completely destroyed me. ) If I had to list the most grueling sports I would put cycling 1st and swimming 2nd but combining them into a long distance event and adding a marathon at the end to make an Ironman triathlon? And THE TRAINING? Absolute hell, day in and day out. THIS IS NUMBER 1!

Do I even have to explain.

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