Top Ten Best LINE Let's Get Rich Pendants


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1Top Racer Helmet

I love this pendant but I guess the only thing that makes this pendant worse is just when your card has like 78 (or upper because of gems) it will mess your dice up. Like when I'm trying to get a double 8 with even and I use Veranda with a DC 6 gem + Super Top Racer's Helmet S+ Lv.7 it goes 2

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2Charming Perfume

Charming perfume, healing travel ticket, and top racer's helmet are the best trio ever

When there's 5 or 3 turns left and you have like 80M and your opponent get to the same block as you yea man that's suckz

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3Healing Travel Ticket

What's the difference between happiness travel coupon and this

I Hate the travel trio aka Healing travel ticket, space board, trendy beach hat they're just sooo annoying especially the s+ colored travel ticket so annoying!

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4Traveler's Compass

Yes, this and Black Card are the best one time use pendant - GetRichPlayer

The only best one time use pendant

5Jkt48 Theatre Ticket

Very great pendant, too bad only Melody can use this and it has low chance

6Lucky Golden Bell

This pendant stats is higher than Alice's Magic Umbrella of course this deserves to be at the top 10

7Peacock Feather

This pendant combined with traveller compass and eagle toe will make u rich in a second

8Kuromi Magical Key
9Royal Family Pendant
10Black Card

Strange syringe works better than this

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11Eagle Toe

Legendary pendant

12Noble Royal Ring
13Adventure King's CoinV1 Comment
14Hello Kitty's Hand Mirror
15Space Board
16Magic Crystal Ball of Beatrice
17Fortune Cookie

Same thing as top racer helmet and sheep gloves

18Alice's Magic Umbrella
19Sheep Gloves
20Sheep Hat

This deserves higher place this pendant destroys your shield cards

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