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I like him, but he just needs higher chance status effects.

Thorder is really bad he's probably the worst legendary in this game!

I fought 3 and my team wrecked them

Bad legendary

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62Lux Aura

I don't believe that LUX AURA could even be in this latest position she is powerful and she is the LORD OF LIGHT but please make even in position 10

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First fire legendary and awesome!

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Brontoes is a force to be rekcon with his mega stun is so great. With a lot of speed he can take down the best of teams!

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Team Immunity to Daze, Freeze, And Stun for 3 turns! OP And Ultra Frost! Freezes all and removes all stamina! 2 turns lost! If you are a VoltaiK With no stamina, you can't use 50k volts! If you are a Theyts With no stamina Can't use her best skill! Stamina Devourers! OP MONSTER

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New, creative and strong! My best legend now!

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68Captain Legends

Really good has strong attacks with low cool down his stats are all good for a epic. - hellfire

Fairly strong. Increased damage and life shield.

Sick epic but not used because legends. Always use in team wars thougha


He is really strong my Thundhare is level 29 he even beat lord of Atlantis!

At least he's better than thorder

Even though his attacks are quite weak no cooldowns! Eggspert And Poisonous Firegg Are Both OP!

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Pretty overpowered for an Epic! I would love having him.

He is super strong he is better than some legendary monsters

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Blinding can be pretty helpful, but less than two thirds the life of other legends.

He is ok he helped me pushed trophies when I was in the 1000 cup range

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72Count VladV2 Comments

This guy is awesome with aoe stun and then aoe freeze right after. He should be in the top 15 at least

75Nishant's Pet

Can be good if speed runes are on. Can Posses ALL ENEMIES IN ONE TURN. 3 moves can posses! Really good!

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76Exo Skeel

His skills are so powerful, he has a skill that attacks %50 to the all of the enemies. - OnurLegends

So many status effects and supporting skills, very nice support

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Full of Heavy Damage, and Ignis Area is OP HEAVY TO ALL AND BURN OP


He is a REALLY GOOD healer and is better than treezard cause of MULTIPLE HEALING instead of solo healing.

This guy is OP Regrowth 5% heal plus Regen OP And Alpha Declaration Heavy + Buffs Removed = OP
Beta Delclaration should come out LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

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79General UriaV1 Comment

Vapwhirl is very powerful and very speedy. He is my go to monster.

The ability to shutdown the entire enemy for one turn is great

A lot of monsters can do that he is not even a legendary

Great starter monster 'till about level 16.

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