Most Annoying Things About YouTube

We all love YouTube. But how can it be better?

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1Copyright Paranoia

I can understand the issue with showing full songs/videos of songs, but what really annoys me is this:

Someone uploads a video that could be of say: skateboard tricks, bloopers, stunts or anything really. They use bits of songs in it to make it "cooler", and because one of the bits of song is deemed copyright infringement, the whole soundtrack for the video is removed. It just seems a bit over the top. - wizardryuk

YouTube is working with the already rich corporations to isolate certain material and censor the internet. It all seems innocent now, but this is setting up a population for brainwashing and social manipulation. Soon entire websites will be banned and controlled and the only people who serve to gain are, again, the already rich.

These petty copyright issues shouldn't be a problem. I shouldn't have to dispute a claim because of 20seconds of someones song. It's not even the whole thing. Unless it's a 1 to 1 copy of something in its entirety YouTube should bud out. To hell with the lobbyists looking to improve sales stats at the costs of freedom.

I played a song in the background (But did not try to include it, because I was going to put a soundtrack to it ON YouTube) while I recorded an important video, and YouTube removed my sound! Now I can't even put any songs in the video to cover it up! It's so annoying. Plus, who cares if random people, especially ones with videos of less than 100 views, use things plenty of people know isn't their own? - emraldYE

All what I want to do is have music for my videos, but no, it's too much for YouTube to handle. - spiderskull98

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2Ads Before Videos

Ugh, I just wanna see the video, do I really have to see an ad of Pizza Hut? If I buy your products, will you PLEASE leave me alone?

(Them-) No.

The crazy thing is that sometimes you have to watch a commercial about something that's not even sold in your country.

Every single VEVO video ever needs to have a commercial before it. No I don't want to buy pizza, no I don't want to buy acne control, no I don't want to but baby swimming diapers. The possibilities of what will come up is ENDLESS

Living Walls is the most annoying ad ever right now.

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I hate nirvana I love guns n roses, I hate Metallica, I love motley crue. What the peck, these are the words that comes from those annoying, self-righteous, dumb, hypocrite fans. And also, if you are a fan of a band don't do anything worse like throwing bottles on stage, putting the bad sign on the band, saying an ex-member's name in front of the band that you wish that he is there but nowhere to be seen, fighting the band on stage, damaging the band, the crew and other people including their things. In other words, riot. - ronluna

Whats the point in watching something if you hate it?!?!

So much hate spread by these people, its like they spend all night and all day doing this, from racism to any form of hate, on nearly every video. IT NEEDS TO STOP.

A lot of Haters or from France!

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4This video is not available in your country

Agree here!
It really sucks - Alexandr

one of the worst things about youtube. in past years there is none of this, I can't watch best videos now because of that american annoying blocker - ronluna

agree! I couldn't see many good music videos because of this :( - rock2metal

This really sucks

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5Google Buying It

It's all downhill, from here.

Youtube is dead. It died as soon as Google bought it.
Youtube was once a giant forest where everyone has their place in it, sharing the fruits of the trees and having fun with each other. After the corporates discovered this elysium, they cut down the trees, deprived the people of their property and built estates/manors for the powerful landlords (like Smosh, RWJ, ShaneDawson) who then enslaved the natives and made makes every effort to profit off the already-poor natives. That is a perfect metaphor to what happened to Youtube.
R.I.P. old Youtube!

Google + brought spammers getting endless typing, screamer links and forcing people to sign up for their horrid network. News is that someone tried to post a link to reverse comments and Google suspended their channel. Google just can't accept being beaten by other social networks. To comment on Youtube you need to sign up for the trash of Google. The only good thing anymore is Bob.

I don't even think people go on the actual site. They just upload their profile picture and comment on videos. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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6Racist comments

I hate it when those guys on the comments that say racist stuff. I looked at the comments for a thin lizzy song, and I saw the n word everywhere - Razor79

I saw this youtuber drahn1275, who hates japan and I hate him because he creates numerous spams about false details that koreans better than japan and he still idiotically in it. actually I blocked him. - ronluna

I hate these people. Every time I see someone write a comment in another language like Chinese, people who speak English write "ching chong ching chong" and it's really annoying and just plain racist. - Sage_Naruto

Especially these "Kids in Africa" ones

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I remember the dark age, the days of AnimatorBenny23!

Spam trolls are more annoying


The most evil and selfish thing on YouTube. They blocked numerous music videos from Latin and European artists in order to make American trashy garbage like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Kanye West, Jay-Z... The most viewed persons in the world!

There is a legend that says if a person watches Vevo all the way through, YouTube would be destroyed. So IF you're trying to watch Vevo, GO BACK and watch pigs, MLP or other things because Vevo can destroy YouTube. Remember the saying: VEVO IS A VIRUS. VEVO MUST DIE

Robbing Americans of stuff like three Squeeze promos ("Hourglass", "Pulling Mussels From the Shell" and, yes, even "Tempted") so they can throw crap in our faces. Let old videos be freely available again!

Why do singers even need a VEVO channel? They can just make a regular channel and upload music there! VEVO is like a waste of time

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9Stupid comments

Gr I hate these. "thumbs up if your watching this in 2012! " no retard I'm watching it in the year 350 on my irock. But even that joke gets old after about a week or so.

It's quite simple, really; almost every other thing on here is almost entirely the fault of trolls, of whom we cannot exactly complain, now, can we? Now THIS, on the other hand- why, only around fifty percent is directly attributable to the intentional troll.

Some are so stupid like in a video of funniest moments of jennifer lawrence this pig of a man said "She's the kind of girl every guy wants." and thankfully, someone with common sense replied "You're only saying that because she's famous." Honestly, that guy was an idiot. - maddyparrot22

Horrible adventure time fan videos receive stupid appreciation comments!

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Since when do people have a sense of humour about when people get scared by them and they can get heart attacks by them as well. I agree that scarers more like are annoying and they should be banned for life for good. Sheesh, people can be so stupid these days. I got scared by ghost caught on tape and scary blue dot pop up. So avoid these screamers, they're the maze game, scary tic tac toe, what's wrong with this picture, ghost caught on tape, toy story secrets, kfee commercials, behind the scenes of scary car advert, follow the red dot, optical illusions (most), spot the difference, scary DO NOT WATCH!, kikia, not for children, the elmo song (safe for kids) and many more.

My first screamer was the scary rocking chair. I think I was 8 or 9. These kinds of things don't scare me anymore. The reason I saw it is my parents let me be on the internet unattended. When people get pranked by these they are usually little kids and old people. Little Kids scream and run out of the room. Old people can get heart attacks. There are reports of people DYING from these. I saw two videos on YouTube titled:"5 year old reacts to scary rocking chair" and "5 year old reacts to scary make game." Why would anyone do this to a 5 year old!? I love YouTube but I hate these.

I got scarred for life by the innocent car ride

This. Oh my god. I remember reading the comments back in November of 2013. I'm not a user, I just watch videos. But when I read the comments, I remember crap like:

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?Fan-Covers of Songs

It is a thoroughly annoying experience when you have to click through a dozen or more terrible covers to finally find the song you want to hear by the ACTUAL artist!

What if you love this one particular cover artist? Then...hello.

Except when they sing good and you want to watch it.

?Let's Players

They were everywhere these days. Its just some person playing a game with ranting and some of them are trying to be funny but they just look annoying as hell. PS that Lets play has a little difference on Game Reviews.

Okay...I can kinda disagree and kindaaa agree. Some YouTubers are really good at this. And some are just trash.

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His channel is dead - SamuiNeko

1210-second Clips of Concerts Taken on a Cell Phone

these cheap ass videos should be deleted

It is very short and you can't see whats happening, if you are going to film a concert bring a real camera and film at least one song. - dragon13304

I am a video lover not a commercial lover. - aeromaxx777

What's the point? You're only gonna get to hear ten seconds of the song.

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13History Box
14Constant Layout Changes

Right when you're used to the old layout... A wild new layout appears! - HunkOfJunk123

15Dotted Circle Appears While Playing a Video

I hate that pain in the backside spinning circle of dots

Catch dots torture dots KILL DOTS

16Porn Spam

porn scam gets a million views and good vids gets 23

I think there's a reason why most of us watch YouTube instead of - Darrell

wow... I've never experienced this... It makes me wonder how bad it was that the peoples faces werent glued to the screen. - fireinside96

Whenever a good porn video gets good hits, the federal government deletes it IMMEDIATELY

Well YouTube isn't a porn site, if you really want pornographic videos, there's MILLIONS of other sites to go to to find it - epivmaymaylord

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17The 10 minute rule

It's so annoying, when you're watching a T.V. episode it's cut into parts because of this stupid rule and then you have to switch to the next part. - purplemonkey123

18Disrespectful Comments

Actually many people jumped into conclusion and proclaimed that they think that you didn't understand them and they tell huge amount of insulting words - ronluna

With flaming comments that tells you are a noob, stupid, idiot, moron, dumb without saying it in a nice way

Like "i don't know where you're from and hobbies but you're dumb" - ronluna

yes, there are many people who don't care what are writing - MatrixGuy

Yes, I'm totally against the swearing and racism. The comments should be monitored so people aren't upset x

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19Led Zeppelin Haters

I love led zeppelin I hate trashy pop music seriously who does this stuff

Go Led Zeppelin haters!
Listen to real music, like Red Hot Chili Peppers

Lep Zeppelin sucks. Most overrated band ever.

20Banned Because of Copyrights

This is probably the worst thing. Just delete whatever is infringing copyright! Don't ban them! - gibsonrock53

I have lots of friends banned because they put videos, don't ban them just eliminate their right to upload videos - ronluna

this video is claimed by... company and the owner of the video is suspended and never come back again - ronluna

I feel really bad for smosh... They didn't deserve to get a video with 24 million views off of YouTube! Oh yeah by the way smosh is the best

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