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Copyright Paranoia
I can understand the issue with showing full songs/videos of songs, but what really annoys me is this:

Someone uploads a video that could be of say: skateboard tricks, bloopers, stunts or anything really. They use bits of songs in it to make it "cooler", and because one of the bits of song is deemed copyright infringement, the whole soundtrack for the video is removed. It just seems a bit over the top.


YouTube is working with the already rich corporations to isolate certain material and censor the internet. It all seems innocent now, but this is setting up a population for brainwashing and social manipulation. Soon entire websites will be banned and controlled and the only people who serve to gain are, again, the already rich.

These petty copyright issues shouldn't be a problem. I shouldn't have to dispute a claim because of 20seconds of someones song. It's not even the whole thing. Unless it's a 1 to 1 copy of something in its entirety YouTube should bud out. To hell with the lobbyists looking to improve sales stats at the costs of freedom.
I played a song in the background (But did not try to include it, because I was going to put a soundtrack to it ON Youtube) while I recorded an important video, and Youtube removed my sound! Now I can't even put any songs in the video to cover it up! It's so annoying. Plus, who cares if random people, especially ones with videos of less than 100 views, use things plenty of people know isn't their own?


[Newest]Why would you mute it we understand it's copyright paranoia but WHY would you have to mute it!?

I hate nirvana I love guns n roses, I hate Metallica, I love motley crue. What the peck, these are the words that comes from those annoying, self-righteous, dumb, hypocrite fans. And also, if you are a fan of a band don't do anything worse like throwing bottles on stage, putting the bad sign on the band, saying an ex-member's name in front of the band that you wish that he is there but nowhere to be seen, fighting the band on stage, damaging the band, the crew and other people including their things. In other words, riot.


Whats the point in watching something if you hate it?!?!
So much hate spread by these people, its like they spend all night and all day doing this, from racism to any form of hate, on nearly every video. IT NEEDS TO STOP.
[Newest]Haters gonna hate laugh out loud:-D well I guess this joke is getting pretty old. But yeah your right... haters

3Ads Before Videos
Ugh, I just wanna see the video, do I really have to see an ad of Pizza Hut? If I buy your products, will you PLEASE leave me alone?

(Them-) No.
The crazy thing is that sometimes you have to watch a commercial about something that's not even sold in your country.
Every single VEVO video ever needs to have a commercial before it. No I don't want to buy pizza, no I don't want to buy acne control, no I don't want to but baby swimming diapers. The possibilities of what will come up is ENDLESS
[Newest]Yeah!, I mean, hey already know we ignore them, but they still make it?

4This video is not available in your country
Agree here!
It really sucks


one of the worst things about youtube. in past years there is none of this, I can't watch best videos now because of that american annoying blocker


agree! I couldn't see many good music videos because of this :(


[Newest]I hate this! I'm missing out on some videos!

510-second Clips of Concerts Taken on a Cell Phone
these cheap ass videos should be deleted
It is very short and you can't see whats happening, if you are going to film a concert bring a real camera and film at least one song.


I am a video lover not a commercial lover.


[Newest]The videos are so blurry, loud and wobbly.

The most evil and selfish thing on YouTube. They blocked numerous music videos from Latin and European artists in order to make American trashy garbage like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Kanye West, Jay-Z... The most viewed persons in the world!
There is a legend that says if a person watches Vevo all the way through, YouTube would be destroyed. So IF you're trying to watch Vevo, GO BACK and watch pigs, MLP or other things because Vevo can destroy YouTube. Remember the saying: VEVO IS A VIRUS. VEVO MUST DIE
The most crazy channel they are not giving Chinese, Japanesse, Pilipino, Latin and European singers before them the artist are Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and more The most popular singers in the world


[Newest]Why is copyright even on this list? People don't understand copyright how dumb are they? COPYRIGHT IS PUTTING A MUSIC VIDEO IN A VIDEO AND THEY ARE STOPPING IT. Putting music on a video without permission is similar to stealing. Government is better than people. But vevo is the worst

7Racist comments
I hate it when those guys on the comments that say racist stuff. I looked at the comments for a thin lizzy song, and I saw the n word everywhere


I saw this youtuber drahn1275, who hates japan and I hate him because he creates numerous spams about false details that koreans better than japan and he still idiotically in it. actually I blocked him.


It's stupid if you don't like the music don't listen to it! Gr it makes me mad


[Newest]Racist blacks are the worst.

8Google Buying It
It's all downhill, from here.
Youtube is dead. It died as soon as Google bought it.
Youtube was once a giant forest where everyone has their place in it, sharing the fruits of the trees and having fun with each other. After the corporates discovered this elysium, they cut down the trees, deprived the people of their property and built estates/manors for the powerful landlords (like Smosh, RWJ, ShaneDawson) who then enslaved the natives and made makes every effort to profit off the already-poor natives. That is a perfect metaphor to what happened to Youtube.
R.I.P. old Youtube!
Google + brought spammers getting endless typing, screamer links and forcing people to sign up for their horrid network. News is that someone tried to post a link to reverse comments and Google suspended their channel. Google just can't accept being beaten by other social networks. To comment on Youtube you need to sign up for the trash of Google. The only good thing anymore is Bob.
[Newest]Google+ migration is the worst."You have to have an Google+ account to post comments on youtube" Just a cheap way to get Google+ popular.


Since when do people have a sense of humour about when people get scared by them and they can get heart attacks by them as well. I agree that scarers more like are annoying and they should be banned for life for good. Sheesh, people can be so stupid these days. I got scared by ghost caught on tape and scary blue dot pop up. So avoid these screamers, they're the maze game, scary tic tac toe, what's wrong with this picture, ghost caught on tape, toy story secrets, kfee commercials, behind the scenes of scary car advert, follow the red dot, optical illusions (most), spot the difference, scary DO NOT WATCH!, kikia, not for children, the elmo song (safe for kids) and many more.
My first screamer was the scary rocking chair. I think I was 8 or 9. These kinds of things don't scare me anymore. The reason I saw it is my parents let me be on the internet unattended. When people get pranked by these they are usually little kids and old people. Little Kids scream and run out of the room. Old people can get heart attacks. There are reports of people DYING from these. I saw two videos on YouTube titled:"5 year old reacts to scary rocking chair" and "5 year old reacts to scary make game." Why would anyone do this to a 5 year old!? I love YouTube but I hate these.
I got scarred for life by the innocent car ride
[Newest]Since when was it funny to watch someone scream into a screen

The Contenders

11Stupid comments
Gr I hate these. "thumbs up if your watching this in 2012! " no retard I'm watching it in the year 350 on my irock. But even that joke gets old after about a week or so.
It's quite simple, really; almost every other thing on here is almost entirely the fault of trolls, of whom we cannot exactly complain, now, can we? Now THIS, on the other hand- why, only around fifty percent is directly attributable to the intentional troll.
Some are so stupid like in a video of funniest moments of jennifer lawrence this pig of a man said "She's the kind of girl every guy wants." and thankfully, someone with common sense replied "You're only saying that because she's famous." Honestly, that guy was an idiot.


[Newest]Another one was "thumbs up for epic quake" and it was for the Japan earthquake and tsunami of 2011. Did that guy even care for the victims?

I remember the dark age, the days of AnimatorBenny23!

13History Box

14Dotted Circle Appears While Playing a Video
I hate that pain in the backside spinning circle of dots
Catch dots torture dots KILL DOTS

15Disrespectful Comments
Actually many people jumped into conclusion and proclaimed that they think that you didn't understand them and they tell huge amount of insulting words


With flaming comments that tells you are a noob, stupid, idiot, moron, dumb without saying it in a nice way

Like "i don't know where you're from and hobbies but you're dumb"


yes, there are many people who don't care what are writing


[Newest]Yes, I'm totally against the swearing and racism. The comments should be monitored so people aren't upset x

16Constant Layout Changes
Right when you're used to the old layout... A wild new layout appears!


17Age Blocking
o let's see this Blues Clues episode, WTF!, lol


I don't even have a YouTube account, since I've never seen any need to have one, and I need to sign in to watch this video by my favourite 'tuber? Why?
Why can't they at least let you read the video description?

18Led Zeppelin Haters
I love led zeppelin I hate trashy pop music seriously who does this stuff

19Chain Letters
I see a lot of "PLEASE DON'T READ THIS. YOU WILL BE KISSED ON THE NEXT NIGHT" and "Say your crush's name, cover your mouth, post on 10 other videos" -type chain letters all the time. Like you're really and honestly and truly going to get your crush the next day if you post these. Come on.
Like your'e really gonna die in the next two hours. come on.
I was told I would die in four days. That was two years ago. Repost this onto five other top ten lists or you will die in the next three hours.
[Newest]I get this a lot on Instagram and it's so annoying.

20The 10 minute rule
It's so annoying, when you're watching a T.V. episode it's cut into parts because of this stupid rule and then you have to switch to the next part.


21Comment fights over lame videos
whats the point just watch the video and move on...


22People thinking camcording their television counts as a video
I want to slit the user's throat when they do that. You spend an hour trying to find the right video and when you find it, it's on of those types of crappy videos.
I hate this, I will be searching hard for an old show, and when I think I've found it, someone is just recording their T.V. and interrupting, usually by repeating exactly what the T.V. just said
That is such a cheesy way to capture video. Use a video capture card for Christ sakes!
[Newest]Its so sloppy and you can't hear

23Beta Channels
Back in 2009, YouTube started forcing a new channel design on us. Back then we thought they were awful, but they're nowhere near as awful as what we have now. We can't even customize out own channels anymore!

24Porn Scam and Naked Pictures
Don't judge me: I'm a guy, it's hard NOT to click on a video of a hot girl. I've fallen for this crap 600+ times and am sick of it. Instead of putting a hot girl on a thumbnail only, how about actually put it in the video? That way you'll get MORE views and less hate comments
If your a pervert, I feel sorry for you. Doesn't it try annoying to find pictures of a hot naked girl, and you just wanna open it? Huh? Annoying right?
UNLESS IF YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE SO... just go on some "adult website" that's free to watch and no bullsh@t included!

25Justin Bieber
Don't you mean Justin Bieber Haters?


When you upload a clip from some movie or a computer game showing action, don't override the original music or sound with your own stupid dumbass rock, metal or whatever crap you force us to listen to. People adding music to the action themes are hired professionals and believe me they do their job better than your sorry ass!
Indeed! The most annoying when someone just uploads the 15 minute raw footage recorded by his head cam in HD quality. But completely replace the audio with his favorite songs... I rarely downvote videos but this is one of the few reasons I do.

27Banned Because of Copyrights
This is probably the worst thing. Just delete whatever is infringing copyright! Don't ban them!


I have lots of friends banned because they put videos, don't ban them just eliminate their right to upload videos


this video is claimed by... company and the owner of the video is suspended and never come back again


Recently, Cinemassacre was taken down because of it. Sure it got back up pretty quickly, but it's still bull

28Porn Spam
porn scam gets a million views and good vids gets 23
I think there's a reason why most of us watch YouTube instead of


wow... I've never experienced this... It makes me wonder how bad it was that the peoples faces werent glued to the screen.


[Newest]Whenever a good porn video gets good hits, the federal government deletes it IMMEDIATELY

people who just won't give up on a fight, etc

lmao. I say "if you haven't been rickrolled your not a true youtuber" lmao. I got rickrolled 2 times from 1 video dahahaha don't ask me how XD


so annoying with rick astley never gonna give you up


I have been rick rolled. It is the stupidest thing ever! Why and who started this? Well, maybe not stupid but just annoying.

31Crappy concert clips where you can't hear the band
With all the people screaming and bitching, you can barely hear the song.

32You say Jonas Brothers I say (my favorite band) spams
If you think the Jonas Brothers are bad, why post it on a video of say, The Beatles, chances are most fans of the Beatles don't like the Jonas Brothers anyway so basically it's just showing a need for attention rather than making a point. It's even more annoying if the favourite band isn't really comparably better than the person they're slagging off and it's just a matter of personal taste.E.G. you say Lady GaGa, I say Elton John. Both write their own songs, both play the piano, both have great voices - you may not like GaGa's over-produced music but it's a sign of the times that she didn't become famous before she started using the autotune etc in her songs.
this is like
you say jonas brothers I say guns n roses
you say rap I say rock n roll
you say you're weid I say you're all the same
only 8 of people these days love rock n roll copy and paste to other videos


most of the people who write this are probably guys who like the jonas brothers and don't want to admit it


33Multiple Postings of One Video
true, there are too many of one thing which we dont need.!st one we see, we watch it


34Spamming Inboxes
The spam bots have taken to spamming your inbox, and YouTube won't do a thing about it.


35Misleading Videos
So incredibly annoying, and they fool me all the time! I remember I was trying to look for something about "Miley Cyrus's opinion on her VMA" performance, and one video said that Miley talks about it in an interview. I went to go watch and Miley didn't ever talk! It was just photos of her and someone else talking about what Miley said. very misleading. I wanted to hear it from Miley, not some random person. Other times I will try to look for something and the title will be misleading. Example (I'm just making this one up) "Gordon Ramsay gives instructions on how to make his signature dish" but what you actually get is some random person giving instructions on how to make Gordon Ramsay's signature dish.


I hate it when a youtube member upload the latest series of manga of naruto but in fact he's only fooling the viewers to have his account more viewers. I wish those people should be banned by the admin.


I hate it when he is continuing fooling others


[Newest]I once saw this video of the transformers video game. But it said driver San Francisco gameplay. RIPE OFF!

36The video 2 girls, 1 cup
This video isn't on YouTube, guys.

37Homophobic Comments
Whenever something negative happens in a video, there seems to always be comments that it's gay.

383 yr old guitarist and drummers

39People uploading videos with a lot of swear words
This is so annoying there are kids watching videos and they don't need to see curse words!


Well, that's their parents' fault for letting them watch YouTube.

When there is an advert I normally end up not watching the video.



42Constant demands for likes/subscribes
You're supposed to earn them, not request people to do it.

43Comment bots
I mean like what just get a real job or something annoying freaks
Bots which say things such as "yeah that's what everyones been saying ALSO! You would probably enjoy this online game --> bit. Blablabla" They also use like bots just to get themselves seen!

44Subscription videos showing up even after you watched the video.

45Miley Cyrus Videos
She came in like a wrecking ball AND DESTROYED YouTube!

46Excessive Profanity
there are lots of profanity made by haters and trolls in youtube


I absolutley HATE when people curse in videos too much in their videos! It is so annoying to watch a video where every sentence that comes out of their mouth has a curse word

47Persons who only see bad things about the band, artist, song, etc
great input man... send this to Axl and perhaps he will turn it into a song and call it... " I still have One fan out there".
Don't expect any money from axl though because he is a greedy self obsessed hack.

look at the above comment he only says bad things about axl rose


48Videos with a lot of loud music
Nothing ruins a video more than having to be subjected to some idiot's vile musical tastes.

49Rebecca Black

I agree, they must be #1or 2 because they were there longer than ads! Eversince youtube came out!

51Gangnam Style
The Latest fad of the internet scoring a billion hits. One hit wonders have never been this popular. Is this video even that good?
I thought it was good at first, but I didn't replay the song like 20 times like all those other idiots did. I can see, and so can the others too. This song is absolute garbage.
I don't hate it, but frankly speaking, one third of the world knows this song.

52Hot For Words

53Music videos that people redo with characters from the SIMS
They do this on msp too, so original people are getting these days.


54Can't Download Videos
Download a video downloader Google YouTube downloader it took me a while to find this out. space filler spa

55Removed videos still shown on the video list
Come on I wanted to see that buttcrack video i mean Michael Jackson video (CHill out im just kidding)


I still can't see that "Ghirahim loves milkshakes" video anymore! Damn it!


57007 Sound System
Whoever is putting this anoyying sound music on every tributes, stunts or animations should get shot right in a head and bleed right on his or her computer!
He makes good background music. Why is this on the list?

58Star Wars as explained by a 3-year-old
Jumped the shark right there


59Traces of an erased comment
There are comments there are "comment removed by author". what is the use of that if you can't read the message?


60Putting a Negative Mark On Not Understandable Language Such As Japanese
not all japanese comments are bad. the one who mark them down is very narrowminded


61Jonas Brothers Fan Fic
Comes up in a lot of searches lately


62People who post their personal problems in the comments

63The new channel design
This new layout completely sucks! It will kill the creativity of the users who used to make awesome looking channel backgrounds youtube layouts and stuff... The new design is soul-less... However, I understand, for Google business matters not our emotion.. So I left YT.


Remember when we could customize our own channels? Now everyone's channels are completely white and the only thing we can customize is a banner on the top. This sucks!

64Ray William Johnson
Simply the MOST annoying channel.

65Videos not available for mobile
Oh god please! Take this off of YouTube now! Like please!


660:01 Videos

67Kids Who Feel Like Their Videos Are So Popular With Only 10 Subs

This is what officially ruined YouTube.
Google+ is one of the worst things that ever happened to youtube! If we don't want a Google+ then don't force it, anonymous or some other hacker should hack Google+ and shut it down!

I don't understand why his fanbase is so aggressive. Do they not know what an opinion is?

By changing with the layout every other week, it's next to impossible to find the videos I want anymore.

71Copyright Claims
I Hate Viacom. I have a whole bunch of old Nickelodeon shows that I want to upload, but I can't because of stupid Viacom.

72Crappy Quality Videos

73People lipsynching in their rooms in a suckish way

74Can't login and says Page Load Error

75Pimple Picking Videos

76Band Banners

77Needing to type a message assuring you're not a bot ALL THE FREAKING TIME
this pisses the hell of me and sometimes I can't see what it says!

78You can never easily find the video you want to see

79People uploading stupid things
One time I saw one where people were just saying a bunch of diffrent girl names.

80Videos made into different parts, but not having all of them
One time I wanted to see the Rugrats wizard of oz episode, and parts 1 and 2 were on there, but not part three. And part 3 was most of the episode.
What's the point in uploading it when your not gonna upload all of it

This dude's Ginger Rage was all just an act to sell T-Shirts.


An annoying, unfunny troll that has been screaming in front of a camera since 2010.

82Stupid updates

83Slow Loading

84Return of Christ comments
Jesus does not like you! This is so annoying! YouTube dose not do a thing about these! These are useless spams!

85People taking credit for what they didn't create
I just watched a montage, switching between two videos of Beyonce's Naughty Girl, with the song playing as the soundtrack. The person who uploaded this felt the need to watermark his name in the center of the video and in the corner of it, all the way through. I came to watch Beyonce dance and hear Beyonce sing. Whoever your are I don't care about the 'amazing' talent and effort required to upload a video, or what you're name is.
*cough* Ray William Johnson *cough*


87Kim Kardashian

88Over-long video intros
A 3 minute video with the uploader's animated username or 'production company' (laugh out loud) logo taking up the first minute. Complete and utter waste of time.

89Stupid annotations that cover the whole video

90Reply girls

91Comments Paging
There used to be page numbers for comments, what if I want to read them from the beginning, now I have to click next next next... And maybe one day I'll actually get to the first comment...

92Annoying Orange

93You never know if there's going to be something inappropriate
I know the bloc password at my school so I watch youtube at school. And my teacher will go "watch appropriate things".
Here's something that no one has ever thought of before: DON'T WATCH PORN! JUST STOP! IT'S GROSS, IT'S STUPID AND IT'S IMMATURE. SO STOP WATCHING PORN AND ACTUALLY HAVE A LIFE! Don't just say "Ever heard of headphones? " And STOP WATCHING PORN!
There is no porn on YouTube. Well maybe there is, but it was flagged. Videos with swearing are fine as long as you are wearing headphones.
You think there should be a rating mark on each video?


95Unboxing videos

96People editing a video by going crazy with the settings on their video maker and calling it a video.

It says VIDEO, Youtube Music Video section! Not slideshow section. They should be separated. I want to watch a video not an slideshow. Or even worst a still picture. Send those to an mp3 section along with the slideshow. A slideshow is a poor excuse to put music without working on a video.

98Most Videos Are Blocked In Germany
Does YouTube have something against Germany? It's always them who can't see them. I live in UK, and see this as really unfair!

99People who advertise their channels
Oh my gosh! The people who do this, in the comments section of videos by popular youtubers, are attention whores, like for example; Hey Smosh! I'd love you to check out my channel, I do covers of songs by people I like! I'd like to watch my cover of Dixon Cider, it's really amazing! If you want your channel to be checked out, make sure your content is entertaining.

100Get a Better Name On YouTube
You know, I really like my privacy, Google...
This is a new feature of YouTube because of Google+. Now this website shows a annoying pop-up which forces you to use a 'real' name. You can get rid of this if you reload the page but it will return... FOREVER!

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