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I don't know why kids think that FRED is the funniest thing ever. When I was a kid, I hated FRED and thought it was the stupidest thing ever. When I found out it was having a movie, I thought "Okay, it's just one movie, it's fine". And then it had FRED 2: Night of the Living Fred. And now it has FRED: The Show! I honestly don't know why people hate Disney Channel more than Nickelodeon. At least Disney Channel isn't taking stupid YouTube videos and making them worse!
If I didn't have the risk of getting a life sentence for murder, that kid would have a headshot coming straight toward him within a few days. He is the epitome of annoying.
Oh god. I watched one of his videos for a small period of time, right? Like 1 minute. And I wanted to kill either myself or him. This dude is BAD, and if this EVER became a T. V show (hopefully not, but it was on iCarly once... ) I will murder him. Watch yer back FRED >=D
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Sorry guys but Totalbiscuit isn't the guy all PC gamers should look up to. He is overcritical, arrogant uses the word "overrated" a little to often and hates, not only Minecraft but it's fanbase and creaters as well. It's ok to hate Minecraft, but come on! What has Notch and Jeb ever done that was so bad? (Apart from the incedient with the Yogscast that I'm sure Notch regrets. ) He puts his opinion above all and condesends when people disagree. For example someone, in a calmly expressed tweet that he/she thought Pewdiepie was funny and TB replied stating that "you basicly admited that you have a very bad taste in humour", which I'm hoping was sarcasm but if not, ruins TB's "freedom of speech" claim. It also proves that he HATES anyone who merely LIKES Pewdiepie. Simply because of his arogant ego. Sure maybe I'm just as bad hating like this but still, at least I accept it when people disagree with me. If you like Totalbiscuit that's fine, but I don't which is why I have voted for him


Totalbiscuit (or Totalhalibut) should stop treating his opinions as fact, because they're not. Just because you hate a game doesn't mean everyone else does and it certainly does not mean it shouldn't be sold. Your opinion isn't the end all of opinions and therefore shouldn't be treated as such.
He claims to be mature but he takes things to seriously. He hates League of legends even though he has not played it, he hate minecraft just because of its graphics. Not to mention he is EXTREMLY ARROGANT!
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3The Annoying Orange
After about five minutes of it my brain started bleeding. I can't believe my mom was the one who showed me it


Really annoying. There's no other words to describe it. I can't even handle watching and even hearing the whole entire video. The jokes aren't even funny. I just don't get it. Anyways, I don't watch it. I just watched two to three videos and that's it. I just had enough.
There really is nothing more annoying then the annoying orange! Like seriously!
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This guy is a legend on Youtube, a true master troll. Although he doesn't annoy me personally, he has annoyed literally hundreds of Youtubers, as if you type "Mariotehplumber commentary" into Youtube, you will find hundreds of videos posted by butthurt Sonic fanboys who are upset about his hilarious videos, which mock the modern Sonic games.

WORST. SINGER. EVER. Not even a contest there. I mean, he really sounds like a true girly girl
Yeah this should be at the top nobody likes him! He is just a bad singer who just got famous through his looks. Now every person can't find what true beauty is because its not having a Flicky fringe and swearing at camera men but now it is! Bieber is a disgrace
I once played Bieber music over the phone to my friend, and he thought that it was Taylor Swift! This is the worst channel, aside from maybe Guptill89.
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I've been watching Youtube videos for a while but just within the past year or so I started following certain "you-tubers. " Shane Dawson was the first one I watched and at first I was really into his videos, but lately I've lost interest. Next one I started watching was Jenna Marbles' channel. I absolutely love her! She's my favorite! By far I have to say, my least favorite is iJustine... I've given her a chance and just can not stand to watch her videos... She doesn't make me laugh, nor can I relate to what I call "good girl humor" she uses. Jenna Marbles on the other hand always posts videos I can relate to and I am guaranteed to laugh my ass off!
Every single video she makes is just her showing off, honestly I just think she likes how her face looks on camera.
She thinks she's funny and she promotes every apple product because she probably gets money from it. I absolutely despise her. Some say I am just jealous, but that is not the reason. I tried to keep an open mind and watch her other videos, but I just can't. Her humor isn't funny.
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An troll who treats Call of Duty as a sacred religion. What is the world coming to.

She sounds like a goose.

I don't even know this youtube channel, but when I saw jonasbrothersmusic I immediately voted for this to be the most annoying, because jonas brothers are the crappiest band I have ever heard. they can't play instruments or sing.
Ummm its the jonas brother ujj


idk who they are but the name is annoying


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I cannot stand this SOB! He plagiarizes the AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd). He also doesn't have originality by copying the EXACT SAME LINES as the AVGN and not only that, this guy decorates his room the same way the AVGN decorates his room too. It's safe to assume that Chris Bores (Irate Gamer) hides the fact that he rips off the AVGN and does not admit. Also, I should add that this guy has the facial structure of a caveman.



another band troller! Good GOD when will they drop off the face of the earth?!


he likes to ruin all great bands and he said that jonas brothers is better than them


I JUST PUKED FROM WATCHING 1 SECOND OF HIM! Ugh he wants to date girls when he's only like 4. His singing is bad.
He thinks he's so great, he's rather overly conceited and his "rapping" isn't even good. He also does the same "dance moves" in every video. He tries too hard and he's nearly 10 years old... Sad.
I personally think he's trying to get his life over with too quickly. He's starting things too early for his age. I don't think he's a good singer, either.
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16Chris Crocker
He's always upset! Thanks to him I used to think he was a girl when I was younger. And he's crying when he's giving his "Leave Brittney alone! " thing. Ugg!


First of all, Miley is showing us who she is. shes been a badgirl since she was younger but then she got the hannah Montana role so that's when everyone started to look up to her. she is just showing everyone who she really is. I don't see your album out in the market. BECAUSE YOUR JUST A HATER that's TIRED OF HATING YOURSELF!
Miley sucks at raping! She ruined the whole song. I use to look up to her but no, she became this girl that is a bad role model for kids. She is so annoying!
Do yourself a favor and never ever go to this channel... It is more annoying then the Freds one...
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He's annoying, unoriginal, and he makes blood money off people's suffering. He exploited a child who was bullied for being a brony. Now, I know what you're thinking: "heh, he deserved to hang himself, because he's a brony! " Well, I'm quite sure you wouldn't like it if you tried to hang yourself, and the money people made from it didn't go in your pockets. I know that news anchors do the same thing, but that's because it's their JOB. And at least they don't fake compassion, and pretend to feel sorry for those affected.

I don't know who is more retarded, she or the people who likes her and watch her videos. I'm really amazed nowadays with these YouTubers, people that do anything in their life but they're famous and rich with just 23 yo, I can't imagine pewdiepie doing the same with 40 yo, I don't know how he'll live then. Adults have to work really hard, some of us more than 8 h a day for what? For less money than we really deserve and then a 20 yo comes to YouTube and gets rich and famous for doing anything? And people watch it and like it? As I said, I don't know who is worse, they for doing such videos or the millions of people who waste their time instead doing profitable things watching videos without no content. What's worng with people in the world? For real.
She only gained her Youtube fame because she is the girlfriend of Pewdiepie.. I think if someone becomes famous, even on Youtube, that person should do it through their own likable personality and good videos.
I wonder how she got all the money? It's probably pewds money which she is throwing off the window.. just look at how many expensive stuff she buys..
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Or similar. Possible pervert.


He is literately insane. I saw people being very respectful and expressing their opinions and then he just goes ahead and calls them retarded.
This guy literally told an abused girl she was whining. Literal human compost, this guy.
He just whines about him and Shiloh. Get a grip.
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She tries too hard to be "awkward" and it's getting old. she is an attention whore and doesn't deserve subscribers, as she has no talent and puts no effort into her videos.

24Jenna Marbles
She always thinks her opinion is the correct one.
She is annoying as hell, funny but a lot slutty
This slut don't deserve many subscribers.


Christianu2uber has a reputation of being:
A cannibal troll
A 12 yr old boy who has no idea what he's talking about
and Possibly the most hated kid on youtube.
Get a life and stop complaining to your camera about how much you hate something or someone.


I hate this bitch but he keeps on trolling others but then I trolled that sucker. Laugh out loud it was fun. He got what he deserves. I think I will do it again. I showed him who is boss. Now he won't mess with me again. Now I am going to troll him again

He's a troll who hates Muslims and calls them "Dirty n****** who like to steal things", man he's such an idiot.
He thinks he's so big because he's on youtube all day and attempts to troll others for fun.


Ugh... Always steals videos from people, doesn't talk about something interesting and always makes fun of people
One of the most annoying YouTube channels.
When The Sandy Hook Shooting happened, he didn't talk about it at all. He just talked about useless bulls*** that nobody cares about.


Her mean-spirited attacks on Kirk Cameron, are uncalled for, half the time, & her overall anti-theism, is infuriating!
Very arrogant, opinionated ol' witch!

32Miranda Sings

He's awesome but he can get annoying laugh out loud

UMG I hate you



Umm let's see she has no subscribers and she thinks she is cool she can't sing she sounds like a Moise when she sings Friday and uses way to much auto tune like we don't now she doesn't what the heck yes we do know sorry I'm 14 I don't cuss online
She sings worse than Justin Bieber


38Giovanna Plowman
She sucked her damn tampon! Gross!
She sucked her tampon!

I hate evantube hd

40Shane Dawson
God, how is this guy so low? Like seriously, could you just make ONE joke that doesn't relate to sex, race, drugs or rape?



O2L is awesome people like them for loving people for who they are and yeah sure they are not creative but they are amazing
Not creative, not funny they've just built a fanbase because some people think thyre cute


All of his comedy is over-used jokes he got from Facebook. Any latino understands me.


They are like, what- 10? 9? And they have a completely unfunny account, they actually made fun of 9-11, but the thing that crossed the line was that:
THEY. MADE. FUN. OF. KSIOLAJEDEBT. The best youtuber on earth. They are SO not funny.

A. Your not funny
B. Your 9 YEARS OLD and
C. You take the mick out of ksi.


His trolls are repetitive and dull, basically ass kisses Activision.

He had got his account hacked into Now its his channel is called Time4NRG I thought he gone forever until I saw his video on my wall.
-Talks about random S*** about games that make no sense.
-Doesn't even know what he is talking about.
-Worst game reviewer ever

MrWeenie sounds like a complete retard. He watches Children shows and reviews them like they are Shakespearean novels. His voice is the most annoying thing ever as well. He is the human embodiment of all the posts about nerds who live in their parents basement and post blogs all day. This guy has never nor will he ever be intimate with anything other than a hello kitty doll. I hate this phucker. He is a waste of flesh and life.

"How To Follow Your Dreams" "Shower Routine" REALLY? REALLY?



because he is very annoying and stupid


he just call somebody get a life idiot without a valid reason



He may not talk but the way his videos are set up and his comments are really stupid. Plus his video are always like a minute or 30 seconds long

This Annoying Poser Picks Fights With With Everyone, And Thinks He Is So Cool, Calling Dancing: "Jerking. " Get This Kid Off Of Youtube!
Tries to dance. Fails miserably.




OK WE GET IT. You are a girl who do does Japanese Stuff (Sorry For all those Japanese People out there) but do you do something else besides eating Japanese stuff? No kidding I <3 Hi Chews. But can you do something else.
(Ohh and by the way don't dislike this comment Just because you are Japanese. ;))

60Yo Momma


Stupid 14 year old who acts sassy online but is about as naive as they come and just cusses and that's where the "sass" comes from sass needs brains and witty comebacks



65Dora Rocks








He's really funny buut at times he can get just a little annoying because of the things he says sometimes so yeah


75Emer Prevost



78Skrillex Vevo




And win the bathroom uh



He was the most annoying youtuber. Even a rock can be funnier than him.

Not funny and tries to be funny with his "awkwardness" next!





91Badr Saleh
So arrogant yes he is funny but very arrogant and insensitive

Obviously should be number 1 on this list... Then fred

Cazzledazzle is basically a 12 year old KSI, except insulting and loud. His funniest video is when he sits at the library doing nothing for 1 hour! That's not impressive! This guy is the definition of annoying and unfunny.





She's got to pigheaded, she thinks she's amazing. That her videos are great, the music she uses is amazing, and says she's a boss at everything.. Sorry but you suck, she doesn't really know anything about Grand Theft Auto.


1. Fans are annoying. Saying every youtuber who plays the same games copy him.
2. He isn't even funny. When I watched his videos It felt like watching paint dry.
3. VERY repetitive and drags on a lot. The videos I watched were his happywheels let's pat, and all he did was shout "I DON'T CARE" in front of the screen... Not funny... And when he's playing Amnesia and finds a gold statue called, "Stephano" he stops what ever the hell he is doing and creates a fake voice for it, picks it up and literally the next few parts of the lets play is just HIM talking to this golden statue...

Worst Youtuber EVER! He does not deserve 11 million subscribers.
Fakes being scared, screams too much, makes immature unfunny jokes, acts as retarded as possible to entertain his "bro army", which mainly consists of 8-12 year olds. Do not attempt to say anything negative about their overlord on any of his Youtube videos, your inbox will be filled with "your just jealous" replies.
To be honest I just dislike his content. It's his fans who are annoying!
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