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I don't know why kids think that FRED is the funniest thing ever. When I was a kid, I hated FRED and thought it was the stupidest thing ever. When I found out it was having a movie, I thought "Okay, it's just one movie, it's fine". And then it had FRED 2: Night of the Living Fred. And now it has FRED: The Show! I honestly don't know why people hate Disney Channel more than Nickelodeon. At least Disney Channel isn't taking stupid YouTube videos and making them worse!
If I didn't have the risk of getting a life sentence for murder, that kid would have a headshot coming straight toward him within a few days. He is the epitome of annoying.
Oh god. I watched one of his videos for a small period of time, right? Like 1 minute. And I wanted to kill either myself or him. This dude is BAD, and if this EVER became a T. V show (hopefully not, but it was on iCarly once... ) I will murder him. Watch yer back FRED >=D
[Newest]The movie is fine but why on earth would he need a YouTube channel

He sings nonsense all the time, he exploits his kids, he is a sociopath, he is money hungry and creates controversy to gain views, all that matters to him it's money, he is a compulsive liar, he keeps his mouth open all the time, he is selfish, he claims people threaten him and then takes it back, he uses his minions to attack to "haters" and journalists, he asks for food and clothes from his minions, he doesn't shower, he buys old used cars every 2 months to show how rich he is when in fact he isn't, he buys Twitter followers and subscribers, he thinks he has gain all his subscribers due to his "amazing" personality when in fact his kids are the ones that attract subscribers, he is a sneaky weasel, he is disrespectful and a pervert!
This guy seems to think people are remotely interested in his random, incoherent babbling, when really everyone is waiting for the train crash. He makes money off his children, spends stupid amounts of it on junk food and cars for himself, yet begs subscribers to send in clothes for the kids. Exploitation much?!
He is a desperate, fame-seeking little gnome with an ultra vain, lazy wife. Turns a blind eye to the pedophile sites using images of his daughter just to continue to make money by pimping his children on YouTube instead of finding a job that doesn't involve putting his children at risk. He and his wife are always complaining about how busy and overworked they are yet they do nothing day in and day out. They have a cleaner, a daily babysitter, and never walk their 6 untrained dogs. Despicable human beings.
[Newest]He is an filthy ignorant uneducated man. He thinks he is gods gift to woman. He is also a liar, who spouts out rubbish through his slobbery big mouth. As for his wife words fail me. Every word she utters is punctuated by the word like. They deserve each other.
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3The Annoying Orange
After about five minutes of it my brain started bleeding. I can't believe my mom was the one who showed me it


Really annoying. There's no other words to describe it. I can't even handle watching and even hearing the whole entire video. The jokes aren't even funny. I just don't get it. Anyways, I don't watch it. I just watched two to three videos and that's it. I just had enough.
There really is nothing more annoying then the annoying orange! Like seriously!
[Newest]No wonder they called him 'The Annoying Orange! " cause he was plain annoying! And weird! Who puts a face on a orange! He just acts annoying!

WORST. SINGER. EVER. Not even a contest there. I mean, he really sounds like a true girly girl
I hate how my school is putting some of his "music" (it's not even actual music) in the hallways during the four minutes, and I might be okay listening it to the first time, but seriously, the repetition incinerates my ears.
Yeah this should be at the top nobody likes him! He is just a bad singer who just got famous through his looks. Now every person can't find what true beauty is because its not having a Flicky fringe and swearing at camera men but now it is! Bieber is a disgrace
I once played Bieber music over the phone to my friend, and he thought that it was Taylor Swift! This is the worst channel, aside from maybe Guptill89.
[Newest]I just don't like Justin he turned out very horrible

Totalbiscuit (or Totalhalibut) should stop treating his opinions as fact, because they're not. Just because you hate a game doesn't mean everyone else does and it certainly does not mean it shouldn't be sold. Your opinion isn't the end all of opinions and therefore shouldn't be treated as such.
TotalBiscuit is an arrogant twat who thinks he's better than everyone and will insult people on the slightest of provocations.
Jesus, he's self righteous to the extreme. He hates anything that doesn't fit in his tiny bubble. He's a right twat to his fans.
[Newest]Puts on a fake radio voice. Actually has a "Geordie" accent. Need I say more... ?

He thinks he's so great, he's rather overly conceited and his "rapping" isn't even good. He also does the same "dance moves" in every video. He tries too hard and he's nearly 10 years old... Sad.
I JUST PUKED FROM WATCHING 1 SECOND OF HIM! Ugh he wants to date girls when he's only like 4. His singing is bad.
I personally think he's trying to get his life over with too quickly. He's starting things too early for his age. I don't think he's a good singer, either.
[Newest]He sucks, and 3 year old girls are drooling to see him! He can't rap, and he's so ugly!

I've been watching Youtube videos for a while but just within the past year or so I started following certain "you-tubers. " Shane Dawson was the first one I watched and at first I was really into his videos, but lately I've lost interest. Next one I started watching was Jenna Marbles' channel. I absolutely love her! She's my favorite! By far I have to say, my least favorite is iJustine... I've given her a chance and just can not stand to watch her videos... She doesn't make me laugh, nor can I relate to what I call "good girl humor" she uses. Jenna Marbles on the other hand always posts videos I can relate to and I am guaranteed to laugh my ass off!
Every single video she makes is just her showing off, honestly I just think she likes how her face looks on camera.
She thinks she's funny and she promotes every apple product because she probably gets money from it. I absolutely despise her. Some say I am just jealous, but that is not the reason. I tried to keep an open mind and watch her other videos, but I just can't. Her humor isn't funny.
[Newest]She's nice, I like her

8Benji (itsJudysLife)
No job, spends his wifes money like water, but "regulates" her spending, know it all, loser father, loser husband, tiny dick (that he's proud of), doesn't care that his wife isn't satisfied, its all about him. COMPLETE LOSER!
Arrogant, selfish douche that thinks the world revolves around him while he does nothing but live off his wife, grocery shop and cook the same three things over and over. This man is a disgusting human being.
Whether he's trying to explain to you how breathing is good for you (especially if it's organic breathing and not GMO breathing), whining about "babysitting"his own children, lying about working, mispronouncing every single word that comes out of his mush mouth, stealing other people's recipes and calling them his own, acting as though eating starch, dairy, and cheese for every meal is healthy, claiming green juice as his own creation, making other people wait justoso he can get some attention at the airport, swinging his tiny taquito in his daughter's face, or criticizing his wife at every turn, there's very little to like about Mr. Judy's Life.
[Newest]Ignorant who thinks he knows it all.
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1. Fans are annoying. Saying every youtuber who plays the same games copy him.
2. He isn't even funny. When I watched his videos It felt like watching paint dry.
3. VERY repetitive and drags on a lot. The videos I watched were his happywheels let's pat, and all he did was shout "I DON'T CARE" in front of the screen... Not funny... And when he's playing Amnesia and finds a gold statue called, "Stephano" he stops what ever the hell he is doing and creates a fake voice for it, picks it up and literally the next few parts of the lets play is just HIM talking to this golden statue...

Worst Youtuber EVER! He does not deserve 11 million subscribers.
Fakes being scared, screams too much, makes immature unfunny jokes, acts as retarded as possible to entertain his "bro army", which mainly consists of 8-12 year olds. Do not attempt to say anything negative about their overlord on any of his Youtube videos, your inbox will be filled with "your just jealous" replies.
I actually used to like him, but he seemed to become more immature as he grew in popularity! Don't even get me started on his fan base! They attack anyone who has a negative opinion of Pewdiepie, and anyone they assume to have copied him! Most of his fans are annoying little kids who have nothing better go do than worship their idol and tear apart anyone who has an opinion of him that they don't approve of. I even saw some of them here, trying to defend him and making a fool of themselves in the process.


[Newest]Everyone saying his fanbase consists of kids, last time I looked, I'm 15.

He's always raging and ranting about stuff that isn't even from the 90's!
He's biased about a lot of things and doesn't get a lot of information about certain things. He also has done 4 positive reviews on mlp fim saying the exact same thing in each one.
He hates on pretty nuch everything. But out of all things he doesn't criticize mlp?


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Legend of YouTube, disliking Modern Sonic games. Just watch his Sonic Adventure 2 review, and your ears will DIE!

Spoilt little brat who is exploited by his money whoring parents.
He is so spoiled his parents give him every thing he wants. His smile and voice is annoying. And he is a terrible actor.
His videos do not make sense either like on the spy episode. How does the mother not here the beeping sound that the glasses make.
He is a spoiled idiot who will die if he ever goes camping
[Newest]He's like 4! Why does he have 1 million subscribers!

I don't even know this youtube channel, but when I saw jonasbrothersmusic I immediately voted for this to be the most annoying, because jonas brothers are the crappiest band I have ever heard. they can't play instruments or sing.
idk who they are but the name is annoying


Ummm its the jonas brother ujj


A couple that films themselves for the entire day, to piece together the least boring 7 minutes. Watch as they talk about weather, film their cats, drive to buy stuff, talk about the weather some more, and start meaningless conversations that go nowhere. This is a perfect example of why YouTube needs a feature to block all content from specific channels.
Most of their stuff is pathetic. Honestly, if my boyfriend did anything like that I would kick his ass to the curb. She isn't much better to be honest
Their videos are pretty much ALL boring. I clicked on it once from the YouTube top page and they LITERALY do nothing. I don't like them.

15Jay Schuerman
Jay is the most laziest and disgusting looking man! You can't respect a guy who doesn't even try to work to support his family, lives off of his wife's income, walks around the house all day in pj's or paint splattered clothes, constantly picking his nose and can't even be bothered to shower or shave... Seriously, he looks like a big hairy Sasquatch! He just looks like he would smell. The only thing you hear or see him do on a regular basis is go the the gym to get his "swole" on so that he can then turn around and eat a big plate of dog food slop that he makes for the kids and himself. The worst is when you hear his wife tell him how "hot" he looks... Seriously, what the hell?!
I definitely agree about his life style. I think they lack conversational skills. so silly. I don't know what they saying to each other. blah, blah. I am concerned about Phoenix. Pitiful. Neither sam nor jay speak English to them. How are they going to learn proper English. Mostly every word Phoenis speaks comes from his mother's mouth. Unless they get those children out socializing, they are in trouble. The screaming is nuts not cute at all. I cannot understand how people enjoy their channel. Their viewers are strange.
Jay is a loser who will do anything to avoid working. I can't believe a grown man is not bored to death sitting around the house all day with his wife and kids. He and Sam do nothing to try to educate their children or help them grow. I'm concerned about what is going to happen to this family once the few views they have dry up because clearly, Jay and Sam refuse to work. Sam can barely be bothered to put a bra on before noon.
[Newest]Jay and Sam have reached a new low with the Ford car scam.

Ugh... Always steals videos from people, doesn't talk about something interesting and always makes fun of people
He actually used to be funny, then he started doing these boring pod casts that no one cares about


Just because you don't have a sense of humor doesn't mean this channel's bad



A rapist combined with a VEVO. What more to say?


20Dora Rocks
Gr, I hate this channel! He always makes people become Dora fans, makes videos showing his reactions to Dora getting cancelled and Justin Bieber getting arrested, and it's always NO! He even said he was going to leave YouTube, but guess what? HE DIDN'T! He lied to his haters! He showed his reaction to bondfan94's channel getting terminated which was "YES! YES! " Bondfan94 is back on YouTube, which is good. His "Free Dislike Videos" are all free like videos, and his "Free Like Video" (which was a bunch of Dora stuff by the way) was a free dislike video! He also tried to ground his haters, which he doesn't have the authority to do! And the worst part? He does it to annoy people! That's right, he doesn't do it to be funny, but he does it to annoy people, which he really does a great job at! How does he have 74 subscribers or any subscribers for that matter! He is one of the worst things that has ever been created!

More like dora sucks.
I will get this to number one! Thank god she got terminated on YouTube on August 4th 2014!!!


The guy have changed a lot now he advertise spam which is damn annoying and his tour with the band is godly awful that's my opinion. His vlog changed from interesting to major pointless adverts I have no ill feelings towards him. It's just so many lies and fake ness I've seen with his response etc etc but oh well in the past
Charles is the most boring, dumbest child ever. His vlogs are annoying and pointless.
I LOVE watching somebody's life! If your going to vlog do something unique not boring.

I understand some of his opinions but seriously he says to people with depression to get over it. He puts all of his problems on social media so people can re-assure him telling him that he is right about everything. It is good that he has a warning at the start of all his videos saying that if you do not like offensive content you should not watch his videos but people are allowed to have opinions and whenever something negative is said about him he throws total fits.
You're joking, right? There are SO MANY RUMORS about him! If he really "throws total fits" then he would've killed himself by now


He is literately insane. I saw people being very respectful and expressing their opinions and then he just goes ahead and calls them retarded.
This guy literally told an abused girl she was whining. Literal human compost, this guy.
[Newest]Actually, I find him funny. It's all comedy and offensive humor

Very rude person. Not to mention racist. OK, she doesn't like Madonna but why the hell she felt an obligation to create anti-Madonna channel and diss her in a very rude, vulgar way. Also, she disrespects Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Celine Dion and Christina Aguilera, plus numerous artists outside US. Real Uneducated Racist

Videos are fake, the guy doesn't brush his teeth and makes misleading video titles just for views.

An troll who treats Call of Duty as a sacred religion. What is the world coming to.

he likes to ruin all great bands and he said that jonas brothers is better than them


another band troller! Good GOD when will they drop off the face of the earth?!


He may sound passionate but he does hardly any research, he just finds an article and rambles on about it with what he thinks off the top of his head.

28Shane Dawson
The absolute worst that YouTube has to offer. Talentless, tasteless, stupid, and offensive. His popularity is baffling and terrifying all at once.
There are great male YouTubers out there, Pewds, Rhett and Link or Markiplier are just a few. They're quirky, creative, hilarious and entertaining. Now, I was watching Pewdiepie when he mentioned Shane Dawson, who I immediately looked up. I was so disappointed! He was whiny, offensive, and just everything you don't want in an online entertainer. Next to Miranda Sings, I would call him the worst famous YouTuber
He isn't funny. He's immature and pathetic. Not really sure what the attraction is to him
[Newest]He tries too hard to be funny

He thinks he's so intelligent, but all he does is whine about the things he hates. What also makes him annoying is the fact that he thinks he is right. He is so close-minded that he believes anyone who disagrees with him is an idiot. Although I'm not an atheist, I could tell that he gives tolerant, open-minded atheists a bad name. He is no better than a religious fundamentalist.
Sums up militant atheism, a bunch of over inflated egotistical highly illiberal unintelligent hypocritical idiots who see themselves better than everyone who disagrees with them and gets at people for not being liberal and equal and yet gets and smears everyone who disagrees with him.
A total douche and a half.

30Sam Pepper
He is a rapist that takes advantage of females and there is something that needs to be done about it. It is some crap that people aren't sending him to jail. He may be "famous" but doing things like that to women says a lot about the person... like maybe that they are a piece of crap that people keep stepping in and then can't get off there shoe. He is an ass hole that needs to go to prison!
Why isn't this rapist higher on the list? He should be number one.
He sexually harasses innocent women

31Matthew Santoro
Ughh. He is so annoying! He tries way too hard to be funny and just comes off looking like a total idiot. And most of his facts he picks out aren't really that interesting. He just cannot be taken seriously.

A fake VHS opener that needs to be terminated this instant!


She tries to come across as a sweet, darling "English rose", but she's actually a nasty spoiled brat with entitlement issues who wears too much makeup to hide the face full of pimples she has from her revolting diet of candy and pizza (look at her squishy, toneless body and her cankles... Ugh). She's talentless and lazy, her lifestyle is nothing to aspire to, her "anxiety issues" are simply a marketing ploy (and completely irresponsible, as she's spawned a generation of 14 year olds who don't comprehend what an anxiety attack actually is yet now claim to have them), and there's no way she wrote a word of her book beyond the brief dedication page, which she apparently labored over for an entire day. Her grammar is appalling (every time she says "me and Alfie" or "me and Louise" I want to punch my monitor in frustration), and she affects a posh accent at times that's cringe-inducing because it's so obviously fake and not her native dialect. Her house is also constantly filthy (she keeps her Guinea pigs in her kitchen where they kick sawdust and poop all over the place), and she's a terrible role model for young viewers who can't seem to see past the phoney image constructed for her by Gleam. Hopefully she'll be forgotten in a couple of years once she's over 25 and no longer considered cool and relatable to tweens and teens.
I used to be supporter of Zoella's channel, but in the end she showed her true colours. I have just one word for her and it is LAZY. Because yes, she has 6 million viewers and she barely updates three videos per month and when she does on her main channel (you know, the one that actually made her rich not the pointless vlogs one) the video are completely awful and basic Everybody could do the same "Hello everybody, it's me again and this is what I brought recently" AKA what brands sent me. I have nothing against being sponsored or stuff because that's how you make money but her videos are completely empty of information and when she gives some those information can be tragically wrong (suggesting high coverage foundations like they were BB cream or just giving descriptions completely wrong about the products). She is taking so little interest in her viewers I wonder why they keep watching when she brought the same stuff every time and blinks her big eyes and everything should be alright. It's not. It's not for a beauty blogger that never updates her blong or her main channel. And she basically hides herself with words like "well, I never claimed to be a beauty expert" yes but you got your money with that and all her "funny" videos are seriously terrible. She could have used some of the money she got from her ghostwitten book to get some fashion degree or something but no, she prefers to keep herself a basic ignorant. YouTube is full of interesting beauty vloggers that actually have experience in that field and can give helpful tips, but they are not as cute or quirky as her.

I won't start with the anxiety stuff because it is another big excuse to me, I have anxiety myself but I won't ever open my vlog with "Hey, sorry if I didn't updated yesterday, I've gt anxiety and everything was a mess" when you can simply say you were busy with work stuff. At first I thought her was an active campaign to help peple but it's just "hey, you can judge me, I have anxiety". NO, YOU ARE LAZY.

I do hope people realise it and stop watching her because she has no respect for her viewers and for one that build her 'empire' on being genuine but it's just fake information from the tip of her make up brush to the bottom of her terrible book that she claimed hers till the Penguin spokesman revealed the truth.
Self-deluded idiot, who contradicts everything she says/does. Unbelievably vain and annoying. Can't stand her laugh, can't stand her constant comparisons to all things "tiny"... Even though she's not, in fact, small. Soul sucking twit who cannot take criticism of any kind. You know she's never read a book in her life, and she gets a book deal. Suddenly, she's trying to sell the idea that she has always wanted to be a writer and she's written since she was a child.. Five minutes later you learn that she has a ghost writer essentially doing all the work. She's lazy, dirty, sick all time... Can't manage to follow through with anything... Yet deems herself a 'perfectionist'... Delusional. Now that I've given an accurate description of what this filth is... Let me state the biggest reason I loather her: SHE IS ACTIVELY TRYING TO MAKE ANXIETY A 'TRENDY' THING TO HAVE. She's also diagnosing and giving out advise that she's unqualified to give. She's vile.
[Newest]I Hate her I don't know why..

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The most narcissistic woman ever! Spends money on herself every single day, dresses like she is a Real Housewife and the only place she goes to is the post office for gifts from subscribers and Taco Bell for dinner. She has had so many cosmetic procedures done she is unrecognizable, Botox, lips and boobs pumped up, looks like a blow up doll.
The most selfish and lazy woman I've ever seen. Spends thousands on herself weekly, then brags about what she bought on YouTube. Doesn't work, doesn't cook or clean. Takes her kids nowhere except to a water park a couple of times a year. Total waste of a human being.
She is the most stupidest person I have ever seen on YouTube. She spends the most money on crap!
[Newest]Lives an unrealistic and fulfilling life. Needs to purge her crap and find real friends. Keeping up with the Jones is going to lead her and John's finances into bankruptcy court.

This guy a douche and a motormouth.
Abusing thumbnails, titles, and probably anybody he gives birth to, sxephil is an attention whoring crybaby who initially got fame by using viewbots.
Exploits women
Has to make all his videos sexual
Annoying titles and thumbnails
Just wants attention
How does he have subs?

His pop-culture observations are outdated and unclever, mostly because he's middle-aged and a bit "past it". He also has the worst toupee on YouTube. He was once a somewhat well-known figure skater and would probably be better suited creating a channel devoted to that.
If it was a child, then it would be fine by me. It's the teen and adult bronies (pegasisters not included) that suck.

37Chris Crocker
He's always upset! Thanks to him I used to think he was a girl when I was younger. And he's crying when he's giving his "Leave Brittney alone! " thing. Ugg!
His fifteen minutes ran out a few years ago. He's now become the poster-boy for "irrelevance".
Why should we leave brittney alone when shes all autotune laugh out loud

38Luke Gartrell

Why is he annoying? That guy looks fine to me especially when he talked about the Power Rangers series as well as the cast. I don't know why people hate this guy.
MrWeenie sounds like a complete retard. He watches Children shows and reviews them like they are Shakespearean novels. His voice is the most annoying thing ever as well. He is the human embodiment of all the posts about nerds who live in their parents basement and post blogs all day. This guy has never nor will he ever be intimate with anything other than a hello kitty doll. I hate this phucker. He is a waste of flesh and life.
What is the purpose of MrWeenie? I would like to believe that he is actually mentally retarded and people watch his videos out of pity. His voice is horrible. His jokes are stupid. His analysis and reviews are completely horrible. I couldn't sit through more than two minutes without wanting to shoot my computer. I literally cannot stress enough how much a D-bag this guy is and how annoying everything about him. He is the Anti-Christ

Their annoying, all they do is just sing. Singing in California won't get you anywhere. Just wait how they are when they grow up.
Cimorelli are lovable and talented ❤️


42Miranda Sings
Colleen Ballinger has a lot of talent, but her Miranda character is played-out and repetitive at this point (and had very limited appeal to begin with). I hope she throws the red lipstick and ugly costume away soon and ditches Miranda in favor of opportunities that allow her true talent and amazing singing voice to shine. She deserves a lot better, and it's kind of sad that she's in danger of being stereotyped as "Miranda" if she doesn't make an effort to move on.
I just looked up some of her videos to see what she was like. I will never again. I'm sure she as a real girl is amazing but Miranda is not for me.
Whiny and conceited, I think she isn't funny and doesn't show talent. Therefore, no reason to watch her videos.
[Newest]Not funny at all just like what

43Game Theorists

Miley sucks at raping! She ruined the whole song. I use to look up to her but no, she became this girl that is a bad role model for kids. She is so annoying!
First of all, Miley is showing us who she is. shes been a badgirl since she was younger but then she got the hannah Montana role so that's when everyone started to look up to her. she is just showing everyone who she really is. I don't see your album out in the market. BECAUSE YOUR JUST A HATER that's TIRED OF HATING YOURSELF!
Ugh. Miley Cyrus is just terrible. especially when she's trying to rap...
[Newest]Watch the video stop Miley if you like smosh and hate Miley Cyrus


I'm pretty sure she shouldn't be called a "You Tuber". She doesn't post regularly, posts most videos in 2 parts (probably for the extra money), and mainly posts update videos to say she's still alive. Even then they're still at least a month apart. If she does post a video that's not an update, it's a brand deal. Her "kittens" need to get a grip and realize she thinks she's all that and isn't as amazing as she might seem.
Just no. Okay? So much no.
Ahh she's SOOO annoying! She does not deserve any subcribers. She used Sam Portorff just to date his best friend, Kian. She said Calum from 5sos is ugly on twitter, then bragged about having the guys phone numbers. She also got a male 5sos fan kicked out for no reason! 😖😤👿 She also posted nudes when she was 12 and started wearing makeup at age 10. Like dude, her parents NEED to stop her already!

Good points about sex and stuff but hardcore feminist which is a no no
Feminist Nazi, so annoying

48Cult of Dusty

Or similar. Possible pervert.


His name is retarded doe.


He is boring, and talks about the same thing in every video. He tries to hard to act "tough" especially in his look books and music videos. Nowadays, only hormone crazed 12 year olds watch him, usually only for his looks. He isn't that attractive, and I'm a teenage girl! His personality and his dazed fans make me want to bash my head into a brick wall. He is honestly delusional.
He's almost tolerable when he tones down the "himbo" schtick, but his short films are dire and his acting is wooden and embarrassing to watch. And when he attempts to sing... Egads! Awful doesn't begin to cover it. He's also aging badly, has a Cro-Magnon forehead, and his hair resembles a Chia-pet on steroids.
I think he is very good and interesting and has a lot to bring to the internet

Swoozie actually so funny though :')
HE IS NOT ANNOYING! For annoying he should even be near this list! He should be #13882 for annoying ness.


Coolest guy I love his videos fun and not boring for once.
He shouldn't be on here

She used to be very funny but as she got bigger she seems to have gotten more annoying. She does still put out great content but it seems as if he tries a bit to hard.

He doesn't exist anymore so What is there to hate

I hate this bitch but he keeps on trolling others but then I trolled that sucker. Laugh out loud it was fun. He got what he deserves. I think I will do it again. I showed him who is boss. Now he won't mess with me again. Now I am going to troll him again

Actually makes some good rants and is quirky, he makes skits that feel like the early YouTube era. He makes very opinionated rants, and curses a lot, some say he is a narcissist, I would agree. However, I agree mostly with what he has to say, so I can't say anything bad about him, but I can understand where the flak and distaste comes from.

I know not to take his gaming seriously, but he tries way too hard to be funny and it falls short every time.
He's awesome but he can get annoying laugh out loud

"How To Follow Your Dreams" "Shower Routine" REALLY? REALLY?
I personally love Nicki!

All of these YouTubers who have young fans need to remember that things they idolized as children are irrelevant to them as adults. most of these YouTubers are going to have a horrible awakening soon.
If I could watch his videos without the commentary I would but his voice is that obnoxious that I just bring myself to do so
Every time that laugh goes through my head, 10% of my brain goes dead..

Obviously should be number 1 on this list... Then fred

Her mean-spirited attacks on Kirk Cameron, are uncalled for, half the time, & her overall anti-theism, is infuriating!

O2L is awesome people like them for loving people for who they are and yeah sure they are not creative but they are amazing
Most of their videos are rip offs of other popular YouTubers, very full of themselves and don't even attempt to make good videos anymore because they get fangirls for just sitting there.
They're like the 1D of YouTube.


His teeth, his gummy smile, and his grating voice are repellent, and his video uploads are utterly devoid of talent, intelligence, or anything resembling wit. He seems to think very highly of himself and often primps and preens in front of the camera (the state of his hair being a particular obsession). His accent (ie: "ovver" instead of "other", etc. ) is irritating to listen to. He clearly aspires to wealth, status, and fame, but he's a legend in his own mind. Pointless, indeed. Go away, Alfie.
Why is he not number 1 most annoying? He doesn't have any talent whatsoever. Just scroll through his videotitles, its just crap and nonsense. He looks stupid, and he is so annoying. , I get so angry when I see him in other YouTubers videos. But I know the meaning of YouTube is to create your own content, and you have the power to do anything you want, but he is the only one who doesn't create anything witty, smart, funny, interesting, original or good. He is just like his channelname, really really pointless. And his book... oh my.. what. Really what, its like a kids book. So stupid.
Just like the name of his YouTube channel: he's absolutely pointless and irrelevant
[Newest]Well he's actually saying something true about his videos they are POINTLESS

Annoying screaming and Unfunny Stupid videos about heskey, that's why I dislike his videos
Rubbish. All he does is sit around and play FIFA all day. Doesn't deserve 8,000,000 subs.


Heh, I actually like KSI. Should not be on this list


UMG I hate you


She thinks shes so cool but shes just a stereotypical girl who wears the same thing everyone else wears. looks basic and loves to show off her "thigh gap"
Showing off her thigh gap, I got a damn knee gap but I don't go around saying, Hey guys you wanna go look at stuff through my legs because they so skinny.
I only know her from dancing with the stars, we get it, you were bullied.
[Newest]She used to be so much better.

I disagree. He's incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable in several fields of science, surely smarter than any of us will ever be. He brings up valid points and thinks things over critically, only exhibiting thoughtful opinions and useful content.
His disgustingly misogynistic ideas only help to enable and condone the Sam Peppers of the world

Umm let's see she has no subscribers and she thinks she is cool she can't sing she sounds like a Moise when she sings Friday and uses way to much auto tune like we don't now she doesn't what the heck yes we do know sorry I'm 14 I don't cuss online
She sings worse than Justin Bieber
Rebecca is a funny person, she makes good videos.

69Trisha Paytas
Perpetuates a stereotype of women being idiotic, cake-faced, sex objects, with loud annoying voices and ignorant minds.
YouTube's answer to Anna Nicole Smith. Except Trisha is charmless and revolting. Poor Anna Nicole must be rolling in her grave.
Maybe she is a good actress, but she is promoting stupidity. I will never watch one of her videos or support her.


Stupid 14 year old who acts sassy online but is about as naive as they come and just cusses and that's where the "sass" comes from sass needs brains and witty comebacks
That's right, I hate how he asks..

72Sam Schuerman
Sam And Jay run neck to neck with their silliness. Neither of them act like an adult. Laughing about inane discussions. My big question. Who are these minions who think they are wonderful, amazing, cute, best parents ever created. On and on.


74Giovanna Plowman
She sucked her tampon :///////

Who ever wrote this about all these amazing people is the biggest hater there comes why would you hate on someone to bring them down Anthony has more talent in is pinky then you have in your entire body stop the hate
Literally don't understand the hype. She may be nice to fans, which I can respect, but her videos do nothing for me. I don't find them to be funny or interesting.
Boring as hell! Doesn't have anything to say! Enough said

While I like him most of the time, his parenting skills leave a lot to be desired. Allowing the kids to run free without any forms of safety equipment? Um, have they not heard of brain injuries due to a fall off a bike or off the back on a motorbike? And his children, especially the youngest girl. They are the most spoilt, obnoxious kids I have ever seen and don't get me started on pushing their whole religious beliefs either...
I like him and his adorable family. he shouldn't be on this list
I watched one of their videos for over twenty minutes thinking that they were intentionally being annoying and at some point they would explode or get hit by a car so the audience could cheer... Then I realized... Nope... Wow... This is what they mean when they say that taking selfies will turn you into a narcissistic sociopath. Ah the American dream.
[Newest]It just doesn't seem genuine

I feel like she has no real experience in the world. She has lived in a bubble her entire life and loves to talk about how awesome she is. She is the definitely of a twat. No. You don't have haters. You are legitimately hated.
Kalel is just a preachy, lying, spoiled brat who contradicts herself constantly. She posts sexy photos for her ten year old fans, changes her style and personality often which is fine, but then goes on deleting sprees to hide her old life thinking we'll just forget about her last phase. I could go on forever.
I cannot stand Kalel, who seems to be a commitment-troubled, fame-chasing charlatan.


Can't stand her either, only reason she's famous is because of Anthony -_-

His trolls are repetitive and dull, basically ass kisses Activision.

He had got his account hacked into Now its his channel is called Time4NRG I thought he gone forever until I saw his video on my wall.
-Talks about random S*** about games that make no sense.
-Doesn't even know what he is talking about.
-Worst game reviewer ever

All of his comedy is over-used jokes he got from Facebook. Any latino understands me.
Hate him. He doesn't even speak English on his videos.
I really hate this idiot. Part of the spreading Latin American Internet cancer, full of funneh mehmehs xDdd and so mainstream I have to keep listening about this and other crappy Spanish-speaking YouTubers like "ElRubiusOMG" and "Werevertumorro" at school, even from my friends. I hate all of them, unfortunately my little brother likes those idiots and Latin American Minecraft YouTubers and spends too much time watching their videos. Germán is one of the most popular "vloggers", and he is one of the most annoying, too.

81Kisha Jaggers

82Tyler Oakley
He used to be somewhat likeable and relatable, but his YouTube fame has gone to his head and he now comes across more often than not as a rather smug and over the top caricature of his former self. He's mostly intolerable in his current incarnation and his fake laugh is like nails on a chalkboard. He seems like a smart guy who might go places if he can move past his current cartoonish image and dial it down a notch.
Saw him on the 475 limited Woodward Smart Bus in Detroit, Told a lady her job as a financial analysis at Blue Cross Blue Shield is boring. Talk at a guy on and on about his fame and connections with celebrities, and how he's better than all the other riders.
I vote to euthanize him and everyone subscribed to him.

83Troye Sivan
I don't even know why he is on this list. He is such a great person
One of the best YouTubers!

84Corey Margera

because he is very annoying and stupid

They are like, what- 10? 9? And they have a completely unfunny account, they actually made fun of 9-11, but the thing that crossed the line was that:
THEY. MADE. FUN. OF. KSIOLAJEDEBT. The best youtuber on earth. They are SO not funny.

A. Your not funny
B. Your 9 YEARS OLD and
C. You take the mick out of ksi.


Two words..."Fake actors". If you don't believe me, look at one of their videos of them rehearsing.
The guy is an annoying monkey with a serious temper.
This kid needs to go into rehab and take medication.


Horrible camera, no personality, ugh
Eats a bunch of random crap. And super annoying Japanese. probably owns a Toyota and should not be behind the wheel. She eats trailmix like a cat. Poping in nut in her mouth at a time. ahhh I can't stand her stupid Asians

A sad middle-aged lady who tried to make it in showbiz and ended up on YouTube. She can actually sing fairly well, but now makes a living wearing green lipstick and acting like a fool on the internet. She's more annoying than funny, and her "career" is like a cautionary tale forecasting the future for most of the current crop of marginally talented YouTubers.
Shes just weird as hell
She thinks she's awesome! She's not! She's STUPID! Have you seen her do the Cinnamon Challange?!?!?!

91Skrillex Vevo
Skrillex is good... His three hits, I mean.


Very low quality videos, just another Minecraft YouTuber with no personality.
How dare people add him?
Of course, you can have your own opinion :D but how is he annoying at all?
Yes, I will admit I am a Team Crafted fanatic (no surprise there! ) but please, can someone tell me why you think he's annoying?


He's always so angry and loud in his videos.

96The Young Turks
They don't really do their research. In one of their videos about women in Muslim countries wearing hijabs, they actually said that Lebanon is STARTING to have Christians in it. It's obvious that they don't know their history, because they make the stupid assumption that everyone from the Middle East is Muslim. Christians have been in the Middle East for two thousand years. Their ignorance is unbelievable.
Shock news is what they report, anything that'll make a BIG title to get more views and get in peoples' faces... which is even easier because they often make it to the front page of YouTube. Cenk's not a bad guy on his own, but Anna and the other recurring guests talk with an annoying tone that make them sound self-righteous and just plain irritating.
Shallow analysis. They seem incapable of doing actual research, and instead choose to comment on commentary shows. They have nothing to add to effective dialogue.

Definitely a bully, compulsive liar and a bit of a psychopath. She blocks any fans that don't kiss her arse. Nasty nasty little brat
Gabby is a self centered bully who licked zoella's ass to get popular on YouTube.

Used KSI to gain subs then acted like he was too good. He joked saying he didn't know him and ditched him and gain subs. It's good that he lost heaps of subs because of KSI. So GudjonDaniel the arrogant back stabber should be in top ten

99Marcus Butler
Use to work at his software development firm, and he used to make me work from 8:00 to 6:00 and pay was very poor, and would always travel, and leave the Employees to run it.
His videos are STUPID! He rants over a hate comment, he is SELF CENTERED, and he says SEXY FACE! I used to have a crush on him! (Now my crush is on caspar Lee) STUPID AND POINTLESS VIDEOS AND WHY 3 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS?!
I feel like the only one who hates Marcus



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