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July 29, 2015 - This is to know the hottest and most desirable male singer artist in this new era. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson sang, the world hoped.

Michael Jackson danced, the world smiled.

Michael Jackson laughed, the world laughed.

Michael Jackson died, the world cried, but sang, danced, laughed because we know that's what he would've wanted.

Michael Jackson was Michael Jackson, and always will be.

We are all Michael Jackson when we cry, sing, dance and laugh.

Mikey you are the only person that can make me laugh cry sing dance all at the something. You are the best that ever happened to me. You are the beginning and eternity of everyone who sees you, hears you, feels you, knows you, loves you.
I love you and Forever more.
Michael Jackson sang, the world hoped.

Michael Jackson danced, the world smiled.

Michael Jackson laughed, the world laughed.

Michael Jackson died, the world cried, but sang, danced, laughed because we know that's what he would've wanted.

Michael Jackson was Michael Jackson, and always will be.

We are all Michael Jackson when we cry, sing, dance and laugh.

Mikey you are the only person that can make me laugh cry sing dance all at the something. You are the best that ever happened to me. You are the beginning and eternity of everyone who sees you, hears you, feels you, knows you, loves you.
Michael Jackson is the sexiest man in the world because he is shy and gentleman for every woman. WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL. FANS FROM GREECE. MICHAEL FOREVER HANDSOME
[Newest]Michael Jackson has always been good looking to millions of people over the years!
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2Enrique Iglesias
No one can match enrique in his singing talent, hotness or in anything else.
He is the best
Love you enrique. You don't know how much it hurts when we don't find your songs. You are the best ever.
Why is Enrique way down here? Every time I see him on T.V. , I just have to pause it and stare at him for few minutes because of how amazingly sexy he is. I can't keep my eyes off of him for one second because of his gorgeous face.
[Newest]He is the sexiest singer that I have ever seen

3Justin Timberlake
I would've chosen Michael Jackson, but it says right now. Also, hatcher234 needs to check themselves because Justin Timberlake is not the only one who can sing and dance at the same time. That is a common occurrence now.
Justin Timberlake is absolutely amazing! He has shaped up into an absolutely amazing person, and truly seems to light up the general atmosphere anywhere he goes. He is very talented, and has worked hard to become the pop icon he is today!
awesome male performer like no other! I like the way he groove!
[Newest]His voice is amazing!

He has a breathtaking, soulful voice and so much lovely freckles. He lives the music and I love his music.
Menowin with the most soulful voice I have heard in a long time! Not only does he sing fabulously, he can dance as well... And how! A very handsome young man with crystal blue eyes! A must to see!
I love his new cd "White Chocolate" What a voice, beautiful!
[Newest]I love his new cd *White Chocolate* What a voice, beautiful! Haha! Yes MENOWIN is beautiful singers *

5Josh Groban
Beautiful. Masculine. Man. His talent, his intelligence, his wit, his humility, his amazing good looks, his love for the arts, his philanthropy, the love he has for his dog, need I say more? I can't find anything wrong with him. He is perfect.. Call me Josh.
He's gorgeous, funny, intelligent, talented and an all around amazing guy. I can't think a single reason not to like him! Who could resist those big brown eyes and curly brown hair?! He will forever be #1 on my list
Yes! He's desireable, he has all the qualities that any desireable man could have and more besides. He is the complete package! I'd love to have him as a personal friend too. He's kind, thoughtful, good to look at and has the most gorgeous voice around! He is loved more than he realizes.


[Newest]Josh is the favorite of mine. He is very well liked and can sing with passion. His ability was beyond his years when he first started out. He kept his family involved so that not hard feelings were felt by an outsider. Just love his style of music.

6Adam Lambert
No male singer has captivated me like Adam Lambert has! From the first time I saw his beautiful face and heard him sing, I was hooked! There are a lot of good looking male singers out there I'm sure... I just haven't really noticed, especially, once I saw this gem of a man. His voice is as captivating and beautiful as he is. He is definitely more entertaining to watch than anyone I have ever seen since Elvis! And after listening to his many interviews from around the world, I am convinced that this guy is the whole package. He is gorgeous, sexy, mega talented, honest, sincere, articulate, and genuinely loves and appreciates his fans! He is MY MOST DESIRABLE MALE SINGER OF THE WORLD!
No one singer today is as authentic, humble, honest, and giving as Adam Lambert. His voice is magic and his eyes are hypnotic! Look out world.. Here he comes!
[Newest]He is so inspiring and entertaining I absolutely love Adam lambert. So good words can't even describe his voice.
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7Ville Valo
What can I say about Ville Valo? Well he's an extremely talented, intelligent, witty, forthright, committed, passionate, intriguing individual... Not to mention very easy on the eyes. The music he creates has a soothing effect on the heart and soul, he has cleverly fashioned his love for 80's music, poetry and rock/metal into an amazing sonic art form!
Ville is simply the best! He has such a beautiful face and deep, dark, sexy voice, so yeah you cannot resist to that ;]
Ville is ravishing with his tousled hair, smoldering sage green eyes and slender, tall body
[Newest]Even without seeing him you know the dude with such a voice is definitely hot!

8Jesse McCartney
Yes he is a amazing singer! And actor(: who wouldn't vote for him! He needs to be number one because he haves a beautiful voice and its good!. He is pretty HOT!.
I will always and forever love Jesse. He has amazing talent that is just unbearable to ignore.
he's a miracle. he writes his own songs, he's written "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis. he is an AMAZING singer: he can even sing better live then the studio recordings. he's got a big heart: he supports MANY charities for kids who are sick and visits them regularly. he's very kind towards his fans and love them very much. he's also funny like hell (:
[Newest]God he is handsome and talent I love him

9Jarvis Cocker

10Freddie Mercury
Now, before I say anything, he was NOT the leader of Queen. There was no leader. They were all a quarter of the band.
Freddie was just an amazing guy, so wonderful. Cannot be beat. And I knew he'd get number one.
Freddie was the absolute definition of sex. He was simply one of the most beautiful and inspiring men of all time.
Forget about the teeth, forget about the AIDS, he was smoking hot, could whip any crowd up into a frenzy and oozed enough sex appeal to make a young girl feint!
[Newest]Music died when Freddie died.

The Contenders

11Rhydian Roberts
Watch him for yourself...

no words needed.


He is very masculine but not in a macho way and has an intensity about him that draws you in. He is intelligent and articulate and has a lovely voice.

I love his music and he can dance he is nice In person

13John Lennon
He was gorgeous in the first half of the beatles' career and was overall an amazing man. We miss you John!
He looked like an ugly girl

14Hunter Hayes
Hunter Hayes should be number 1! He's adorable and has an amazing voice! He's way better than any of these other ones.
He's so ADORABLE. And on top of that has a voice that will just make you melt!
He really is overrated. And I'm glad I think it. Adam Lambert is by far the best.

15Sonu Nigam
Sonu Nigam is one of the most diverse and trained singers I have heard in quite a while. He is often known to go the extra mile to further enhance his voice. This includes traveling to higher altitudes to better his breathing so he has a deeper breath to pull from during his singing. His range is also quite ridiculous. He can do so much with his voice that most singers on many continents cannot because he is a very technically advanced singer.
He is like human synthesizer and his voice is like velvet. He is an institution of music with lots of knowledge of music of different genre.
At the same time he is so handsome and stylish a complete package.
These Hollywood singers have nothing on Sonu! His voice is literally the sexiest thing you'll ever hear and the best part is he sounds as good if not better live! Oh and he's really cute with a great sense of humor ;) he's too sexy
[Newest]He is most sexy singer in this world after Michael Jackson.

16Elvis Presley
Look at Elvis, especially in the late 50's /60's ( he was so... Charming and gorgeous in those movies " he hated the plots of those movies ", but I think the Hollywood screen /cinema brought out the sexy, beautiful, warm, loving, vulnerable rythmic, Elvis that he was!
There could not be any other #1 on this list. Elvis forever!
What about michael hutchence. He should be in the top 20.

17Bill Kaulitz
Bill is wonderful- more inside then out and is shines through in his deeds and his words and that makes him beautiful, at least to me.. No matter how he changes his style- he's still Bill.
the sexiest man alive! beautiful voice, bautiful face and great character!
Perfect nose.. Awesome lips.. Deadly eyes... WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED? Oh and the hair... What beautiful hair.. Even though it's all spiked up...
[Newest]He has the most beautiful eyes ever.

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18Greg Pritchard
Greg is eye candy- for sure; very handsome and sensual, but also just a really nice, caring, kind & endearing personality! I've traveled to the United Kingdom three times to see, hear and meet him... So far-laugh out loud Gail
Definitely the most desirable on the list for me! He is handsome and sweet AND he has an amazing singing voice! Youtube is needed here people! Search him now- you won't be disappointed!


Most Desirable, sure he is and has the best voice on this planet, just remember the name, and we told you about him, when he is famous notice I said when not if.


19Michael Buble
His voice is amazing. Unlike these people (some) who cannot truly sing. Just listen to his vibrato.
Laugh out loud sexiest man alive! I don't know how Justin Bieber is higher than Michael Bublé! Just listen to his voice, it makes me melt!
How is it possible that Michael Buble ranks lower than Justin Bieber? Has this world gone mad?
[Newest]Amazing voice, great presence, wonderful demeanour

20Morten Harket
He is the best, no one can sing better than Morten, he has the most beautiful voice (and face) on earth.
No voice is better. It's hard to find sleep with his voice in my head. He's the one and only! He looks amazing good - he is such a charming man. He just has it. Sexiest man alive on earth.
He is the most beautiful man and singer on earth, he deserves the first place
[Newest]Why is Morten not higher on this list top 10 easy

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