Most Overpowered Magic: The Gathering Cards

Think Power Creep has gotten way out of hand? These span the whole of MTG.

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1Platinum Angel

"You can't loose the game and your opponents can't win the game. " Simply protect it, let it sit there, and you win. Case closed.
Jaces' good ability takes way too long to pull off (12 loyalty)...
Black Lotus is good only on turn 1 and only with the right mix of cards...
Blighted Agent is also "other card dependent" and is too fragile.
Platinum Angel simply has to exist and you win. Turn 1 Llanowar Elves, Turn 2 Tinker = Platinum Angel on 2nd turn.

The only disadvantage of this card is maybe its mana cost and the fact that your opponent/opponents will completely rage when you use this card of over powered awesomeness. Just if you own this card, make sure nobody steels it from you, I learned this personally!

Come on! Ancestrall Recall? Time Walk? CONTRACT FROM BELOW? They are way cheaper cards that basically make it so that YOU WIN THE GAME. I mean, you have no hand, draw contract from below.. DRAW SEVEN CARDS FOR TWO MANA AND AN ANTE CARD! How likely that you are going to lose that ante card if you just have ANOTHER SEVEN CARDS? Plus, since you're playing ante, with contract from below, you're almost guaranteed to win your opponent's ante card. Not as flashy as platinum angel, but incredibly good.

True platinum angel is completely overpowered but in tournaments it just highlights your creatures as a bigger target therefor personally I disagree.

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2Black Lotus

Wow. Can't believe this isn't at the top already. Such an overpowered card, there is a reason why the original printing is worth several grand.
If you play it right, you can have a turn 1 win. - Kazzong

With a little bit of luck and playing it in the right deck you can win turn 1. Definitely the most broken magic card of all times. Can't see why platinum angel is the top and not this card.

Of course its on this list. While what it does is pretty pathetic, its HOW its used that is the problem. If you draw it early, it effectively puts you ahead Three turns on your Mana Base. - Aigloblam

Dark ritual is pretty broken, but this is completely.

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3Blighted Agent

Cranial Plating + Cheap Artifacts + Blighted Agent = Kill by 4th turn. - Aigloblam

I have a deck built like this and it takes out Tier 1 decks all the time. It only cost me about 50$ to build

4Avacyn, Angel of Hope

An 8/8 that's indestructible and makes all other creatures you control indestructible too game winning card right there.

8/8 for 8 mana that has flying, vigilance, indestructible, and gives all other permanents you control indestructible is definitely overpowered.

Play it, use it, win with it

5Jace, The Mind Sculpter

4 Abilities instead of 3, Planeswalker so he is harder to deal with than a creature, And if you can keep him alive for 5 turns, its pretty much game over. - Aigloblam

4th? Really!? This is the best card of the world!
4 habilities! And the last hability? GAME OVER-OVER and more OVER!
Come on Jace!

This is so good it is band in its own block. Throw in a soul ring and you can have it out on turn two.

No deck and they are out and it's not that hard to get

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6Emrakul, The Aeons Torn

Emrakul is the most directly powerful creature in magic full stop with his only opponent being ulamong the ceaseless hunger an 11/11 or 10/10 with the ability every time you attack exile the top 20 cards of your opponents deck. Emrakul story wise is also the most powerful with the ability to drain the life force (or mana) out of anything in it's path making it a mindless being of utter destruction. Plus Emrakul can never be really truly destroyed while there are some combos that can be done to send it to the graveyard it is sent straight back into your library while being pretty much impossible to exile (on the battlefield). Best card in my opinion, vote for Emerakul the aeons torn!

Emrakul, The Aeons Torn, in my mind is the best creature in the game of Magic. This is because it is a 15/15 with flying and protection from all colored spells.
Because of this, it can only be destroyed by a colorless 15/15 with flying, and there is only one of those, and that would be Emrakul itself.

The most powerful card in MTG at the moment. Yes there are several ways to deal with it, but it still has more abilities than most anything, and gives you an entire extra turn if you hard cast it. In a good Ramp deck, its a killer. - Aigloblam

IT can be block by any creature with flying or reach. Protection from color spells only are instants and sorcery. Till a great card though.

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7Iona, Shield Of Emeria

Instant death to any Mono deck. Simply find a way to drop it for cheap and you can totally stall out any mono deck that's been made. - Aigloblam

Iona all I need say

8Eldrazi Monument
9Quicksilver Amulet

Got a 10 cost game changer in your hand on the 5th turn? This will let you drop it in for 4. Definitely overpowered. - Aigloblam

I also had a dragon deck this thing pumped out dragons every turn.

I have this on my dragon deck. Talk about dropping 2 utvara for the cost of one. =)


Protection from everything, put back into library after death, 10/10, basically and invincible powerhouse

Protection from everything... PROTECTION FROM THE GAME RULES (Smashes opponent's face through table).

"Protection from everything"...

Put this in your sliver deck and win.

This should be first

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The Newcomers

?Scoria Elemental

Totally overpowered! It's only five mana, and you get a six one with nothing! That's like, a automatic win! So OP.

?Skysnare Spider

A 6/6 creature with both viligance and reach has got to be on this list

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The Contenders


All green decks would be screwed without it

Pure awesome, it makes all green decks awesome, it is what makes up everything green.
Without it everything would be black or blue or white, I don't mind red

Why forest when you can have savannah, or taiga, or tropical island, or bayou? Pretty much infinitely better!

All 60 cards are forest = turn one win.

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Best milling card ever, an honorable mention is jace memory adept


Makes any Artifact instantly available, and that means any artifact that can win you the game is right there, ready to go. Including this in your deck gives you 8 chances to draw the card you need to win. - Aigloblam

14Phage The Untouchable

With so many ways to get at least one creature though, She can spell disaster for anyone. The only reason she isn't higher on the list is her traitorous ability to kill YOU also. - Aigloblam

Although she has the chance to kill you, it's easy enough to summon her from your hand, then you've basically got deathtouch on both monsters and players.

15Time Walk

If you play it in the right deck and right way, you can pretty much change the whole game. How many times did you need that one mana? Well with time walk you can do it.

Pay 2 mana for an extra turn? I mean come on!

He is right, I mean come on in a blue white control deck its a huge advantage.

I mean take an extra turn for 2 mana

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16Worldspine Wurm

15/15 of course it will make the list and even if you've killed it you have 3 5/5 worm creture tokens to deal with

17Ancestral Recall

Three cards... For one mana. Creatures are good, but jeez this is powerful

1 mana. Draw 3. Instant.

Sure, Black Lotus is expensive as hell and extremely powerful in the early game, but Ancestral Recall is major reason that Blue as a whole got nerfed earlier in MTG's history. Drawing 3 cards for just 1 blue mana at instant speed with no downside is just plain broken, no matter how you look at it.

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18Akroma's Memorial

This artifact gives all your creatures flying, first strike, vigilance, trample, haste, pro black and red. Which basically it's saying they get op when that card comes into play. End of story


Need Islands to play the most of the Other Overpowered cards

Tropical island? Volcanic Island? Tundra? Underground Sea?

20Blightsteel Colossus

Forget Blighted Agent. This thing is an 11/11 with infect and trample. If your opponent doesn't block, they automatically lose.

11/11 infect trample and indestructible it's a straight beast

Plus it can be played with cards like Tinker or Quicksilver amulet for a lot cheaper. Use mirrorworks and you have two on the board for 2 or 6 mana.

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