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41Wall of Stone
42Mox Lotus

Tap: infinite mana source, then if you are running green, chuck out an Omnathe, Locus of Mana, your green mana doesn't drain and you have an infinite/infinite creature. if your really mean you can put a basilisk collar on it, or try and gve it infect

43Gisela, Blade of Goldnight

Megaphone angel. Prevents all instance of 1 damage. The mana cost is high, but not nearly enough to counteract 10 flying general damage per pass.


Wanna kill a (insert thing here) no problem!

45Storm Crow

Literally the most broken over powered card ever printed. what even is this WOC?

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46Sol Ring
47Goblin Charbelcher

Card Name:

Goblin Charbelcher

Mana Cost:


Converted Mana Cost:




Card Text:

3, tap: Reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a land card. Goblin Charbelcher deals damage equal to the number of nonland cards revealed this way to target creature or player. If the revealed land card was a Mountain, Goblin Charbelcher deals double that damage instead. Put the revealed cards on the bottom of your library in any order.

A deck with only couple of lands And lots of mana making cards, this is an instant win making ~40 damage

48Kozilek, Butcher of Truth

Strongest card x+x+ damage!

50Rite of ReplicationV1 Comment
51Elvish Piper

For 4 mana, you can play an elf and play ANY creature for one mana
Get this out quickly and it's game over

52Domri Rade

-7 You get an emblem with "Creatures you control have double strike, trample, hexproof and haste"

53Advent of the Wurm
54Archangel of Thune

Also, spike feeder, and then horizon chimera and fathom mage

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For 7 mana, a 3/4 with infect and can assign combat damage regardless of being blocks or not? Plus considering pretty much every good infect deck has a hand of the praetor and other such cards, it's gonna be pretty easy to up it to a 5:6 and beyond. Longest game lasted for me: 6 moves

56Goldenglow Moth

One drop, block and you gain four life. Combined with Ghostly Possession, you have an invincible blocker that gives you life. Plus it's a moth.

57Krenko Mob Boss

Card text:
Two red mana two colorless
Legendary creature: goblin warrior
Tap: put X 1/1 red goblin creature tokens on to the battlefield, where X is the number of goblins you control

It may not look like much, but soon you'll have 15,101 goblins and your opponent DIES!

58Mons's Goblin RaidersV1 Comment
59Sliver Hivelord

This works great if you want to play with a all sliver deck

60Young PyromasterV1 Comment
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