Top Ten Movies that Make You Cry


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This movie truly is sad and happy in different aspects. The death of SO MANY... the LOSS of a great love (Jack & Rose) And just the sinking of the ship itself. I feel touched, and also empty when I'm through with this movie. It's just the greatest movie ever. And the ENDING will ALWAYS make you cry like a CHILD. Outstanding cast and director. And James Horner is an amazing musician.


Titanic is saddest movie ever not just because Jack died in Rose's armes cause he wanted her to live, it's saddest cause 1 500 people and children died and most of them didn't even have a chance to save their lifes!
I normally HATE romance movies, and NEVER cry during a movie no matter how sad it is. But when I watched the Titanic for the first time, I couldn't stop crying when the ship began to sink and everything that happened afterward. This movie is now on of my favorite movies ever!
[Newest]Can be described in just one word "AMAZING"

2The Green Mile
John Coffey did nothing wrong. he was Innocent, Innocent, INNOCENT!


Love this movie... I am in heaven I am in heaven... The end is just awe inspiring... Tom hanks is a master
Saddest movie ever for me. None of the others come close.
[Newest]I like every singly thing about this movie.

3Marley & Me
The ending gets me every time I watch it. Owen Wilson talking to marley saying he's not the worst dog, the wife sitting there crying, and the son watching tapes of the family and marley having fun gets me very teary. But when marley gets the injection and closes his eyes, niagra falls. My dog (also a lab) went the same way.
I only watched it once, but that was enough. Most of the other movies on here I've never even seen, but I'm already positive that this one should have won for saddest. Like, EVER!
that dog even though kinda bad at first but then he is one of the family , and when a family died you cry


[Newest]Had never cried that much watching a movie, great movie

4The Notebook
I cried so hard to this movie! :'( never seen a movie so sad! The end of the movie made me cry like a little baby! :'( and I couldn't stop crying until 10 minutes after the movie had ended!
This makes me really cry :_( :'(( I really really love this move, ill be forever watching this movie until I die then share this to my love
I cried so hard my city could her it. My baby sister came in my room and said you are a baby. I could not stop crying for half in hour and I will watch this forever. After watching this I have so many emotions.P. S best movie ever seen and if you like to cry this is a movie for you and I am 18 going uft for life since what what
[Newest]I cried... A lot. This movie was a sad but happy kind of movie

5The Passion of The Christ
never ever cried so hard in my life!


Some movies make you tear up. This movie makes you SOB. Never have I seen a movie so emotionally exhausting
They showed this on Church at Easter... Man I bawled.


[Newest]... I feel like a badass for not crying...

But I also like gore so...

6Old Yeller
Watching this and reading the book makes me break out in tears loves and idont do that very often
When they shoot him I about lose it

7E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial
I cried when E. T died and when he was going back to his home planet. But it was a great movie but it made you cry in some parts and laugh in others. It was one of the best movies I have ever seen
The only thing sadder than this was the Atari game.
I know I cried in the same exact spot


[Newest]This movie is SO overrated.

8Bridge to Terabithia
I never really cry in a movie and I have seen many sad ones. But this movie was the first to make me cry when the girl dies. It depressed the hell out of me for two weeks.
It was so depressing. That movie made my heart shrink
When the girl dies my heart turns to ashes like if someone has burned it.
[Newest]This movie made me feel depressed when Leslie dies.

9Schindler's List
It's not just one scene, it's the entire film. It's made in such a way that moved me to tears.


I believe this can contest Titanic EASILY.
Better music. Better directing. Better acting, even.
And also a sadder true story :( this should be number 1.
How is this just at number 9. It should be number 1. This movie is amazing and extremely sad.

Oh my god, I remember when I just cried my eyes out while watching this movie. It was so sad when Bruce Willis sacrificed himself to save the guy his daughter loved. So sad...
I can't believe this isn't on here... I cried for days during and after this amazing, incredible film. Saddest thing I've ever seen. I love it.
Lets be honest, we all know how Passion of the Christ is going to end
[Newest]I just love this movie! I watched it over 15 times and every single time it makes me cry...

The Contenders

11Forrest Gump
Makes me cry so much every time. I can't stop watching it either it is just so sad. Watched it several times already and still haven't gotten tired of it!
This movie made me cry... And Titanic didn't make me cry.. I NEVER cry about movies... D:
This movie changed my life

How is it that disney always know how to make us cry? Like in the fox and the hound when the old lady leaves the fox behind. Gets me every time and I'm 20.
Bambi's mother was shot and killed by a hunter! Then Bambi is yelling/crying for his dead mother! Total tear jerker!
I cries when the mom died

13Brian's Song

14A Walk to Remember
Why did she have to die?! I cried like a baby.


I just finished watching it, never cried so much in my life. Such and emotional movie, one of my favorites now. :')
Never cried more in my whole life of a movie! This one of the best cry movies ever I just simply loved it!

15The Fox and the Hound
More than 20 years since the first time I saw it and I still cannot watch this movie without breaking down in tears... Multiple times.
BEST FILM OF ALL TIME I CRIED SO HARD, so sad, never be a better film

16The Shawshank Redemption
This movie is just simply AMAZING.

This movie made me cry tears of sadness, but also tears of joy!

It made me realized that, "Everything happens for a reason. "

I would recommend everyone to see this movie!

~ It'll blow your mind ~
Quite possibly the best film of all-time. If you haven't seen it, you must. You'll be happy, after viewing this extremely well-made motion picture.


17Toy Story 3
I was totally confused, sad, and mad ALL at once! Andy HAD to give his toys away, I was expecting him to give them to his kids! Great movie, sad ending
The only movie that made me cry in my whole life, and I'm rough as chuck norris, man
This movie has a lot of heart. One of the few next to Bridge to Terribithia that made me cry.
[Newest]Now I wanna bite Andy. Jerk,


19Hachi: A Dog's Tale
This movie is easily number 1 here. I saw a lot of movies from the top ten, they can't even reach the cries of hachi
If you are a dog lover... You'll surely cry in this..
This movie is so sad made me cry a million times. RIP Hachi :'(

How is this not higher?! The opening montage of carl growing up made me cry so much!
I cried the whole movie!

21A Beautiful Mind

22My Sister's Keeper
Absolutely touching story line. Really humbling movie that makes you think about the ones that you love in life and the lengths you would go for their sake.


23The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
it is so sad I cried so much just to imagine what they go through and what the father has done. Also what the Nazi do to the Jews it makes me so angry and sad. SUCH A GOOD MOVIE
Me and my friends watched, only to end up crying on the kitchen floor. One of us didn't even finish watching it since she couldn't stand the idea alone. I just hated the image that movie carves into your head when they show you that door, that door!
I had to read the book first and I was crying the entire time. it was so sad when the two boys die... and I'm only 12!
[Newest]The saddest movie of all times

24Monsters, Inc.

25The Blind Side
Its really make me cry when I just sre his mom hugging him I love the film so much and make me knows that people must love you however you act
Amazing movie true do unto others moments

26The Lion King
It is a good movie if you have not seen it watch it with your kids and grandkids and toddlers too.
I cried of sadness as well as happyness. Truly amazing movie!

27Dancer In The Dark
Extremely tragic, it wrecks you emotionally. You think you can get through it, but it is very difficult to watch and emotionally overwhelming. It will stick in your head for days afterwards, a no comedy fix will be able to help.

28The Man in the Moon
The one with Reese Witherspoon




This is like one of the only comedies where you can cry about it is just so sad with all the growing up and deaths it's just overall a great movie
Never thought I'd cry in an Adam Sandler movie, but it was so sad, the bit at the hospital it heart wrenching.

Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey


33Love Actually

34Deep Impact

35Where the Red Fern Grows
Why must the good die young. This is one of the greatest movies of all time and the red fern growing on Dan and Ann's grave was beautiful.
no matter how many times I watch this, it always gets me


36My Girl
Once you have kids that age, it has to be the saddest

37I am Sam

38Grave of the Fireflies
I've teared up in movies before, but this is the only that made me cry. I bawled the first time. A truly moving and profound film, not just sappy sentimentality.
WHY THE HECK IS THIS SO LOW! This is way sadder then Titanic and basicly a bunch others in the top ten! Only 0.2? Come on!
Basically the saddest film ever made. It will rip your heart out with a spoon; slowly and painfully.

39The Color Purple

40The Road
I watched after I heard that The Last Of Us was based off of it. Seriously never expected to be tearing up as much as I did during the movie. Makes you appreciate what you have now a whole lot more. Going to read the book now!

41The Pursuit of Happyness
40! What is this movie doing at #40 on this list!
I love this movie and although it has a happy ending still it can make anyone
Cry. The scene where will smith and his son spend night in public restroom and also the end scene are really emotional... Vote for this movie guys!
Will Smith and his son Jaden are INCREDIBLE.
Forrest Gump is nice too.

I bet this one will make you cry like a Baby.. :'(

42Remember the Titans
My favorite movie! When Julius has to see Gary in the hospital its so sad!


43Sling Blade
when Carl (BBT) talks about burying his premature baby brother in a shoe box when he was still moving around! so sad! And at the end when he has to go back to mental hospital for the rest of his pitiful life!



45Steel Magnolias
I lose it every time when the women support Sally Fields and she just can't help but let her emotions out. So raw and powerful

46Edward Scissorhands

47The Phantom of the Opera
I admit, I cried and I don't cry over anything. I ' love this movie, this is definitely my favorite, and I just love it. If you have never watched it, you must go watch it!
This movie has made me tear up at the end. Very rarely do I ever tear up during movies but this one got to me.. Very good acting and singing! I highly recommend it!
I love this movie so much. Every time I watch it I cry. And I don't normally cry over movies. I highly recommend it! There is also really good singing in it too.

48Boyz 'N the Hood
When Ricky dies it is so tragic, He would've moved on to University and made something for himself, but the Stupid Ghetto didn't make that possible


It was extremely sad when Ricky died. Especially since he was going to change his life around. I cried SO HARD it was terrible
I cry every time Ricky dies.

Its when a little boy thinks his dad is always with him but, he's not. And he goes to a thing to sing and he thinks his dad is singing with him. And the judges think something is wrong. Because its just him singing now with his dad. And his dad died in the marines or army. Then, one day the little boy found out his dad wasn't with him the whole time. It's a really good movie, and I balled my eyes out.

50P.S. I Love You
There isn't a movie that'd make you cry from the starting till the end.
And all this coming from a guy.

It is a must watch to revive and validate your emotions.

51Savannah Smiles

its sad cz he just wants to be like everyone else and nobody understands exept coach

53Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
It is so sad when Frodo leaves the shire!

54Sophie's Choice

55King Kong
Yeah, poor giant ape. If that was in NY, I'd be like, "MMOMM! "
Poor ape, he was just out of his enviroment and they killed him. He's just an animal!
Only the 2005 version.

56Gone With the Wind
I read the book and was not bothered/upset but when I recently watch the movie I cried all the way through it.


57The Straight Story
Best movie I've ever seen. So touching and I cried so much. If you haven't seen it, you have to. You wont be dissapointed!

I remember when I saw this at age 7 but now at age 13 I cry so much I can't watch the movie!


not only is it so sad, but its quite possibly one of the best movies EVER!

60The Adventuires of Milo and Otis


62Cinderella Man

63The Departed

How is this #54?!?! Seriously the saddest ending ever.

65Moulin Rouge
My all time favorite movie! Just finished watching it for the 9th time this week... Touching story line and amazing songs! Plus, Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman are so cute together!

66Terms of Endearment
Yes! This movie is a tear jerker. Flap- your a big jerk!

67Sweet November
Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves


oh when harvey milk dies and when james francos rolle sees the all the marching people I just cried my lungs out

69Field of Dreams
Maybe just sad for people with daddy issues, but for those of us with them... damn


70Michael Jackson: This Is It

71Saw III


73Saving Private Ryan
As a Veteran, and in the beginning of that movie when the old man (Ryan) went to his Captain's grave, I lost it completely and when the Ryan Brother's mother was notifiied, I lost it again.

74One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

75Time of the Gypsies

76The Deer Hunter

77The Butterfly Effect
Do you ever cry at ending? The best one you will ever see with back sound!

78Charlotte's Web (1973)
When charlotte died I couldn't hold my sorrow it reminds me of my brother a little bit. how would you feel if a friend of yours died.

79Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
"The Air That I Breathe"... Perfect song choice at the end. Great movie with a great soundtrack. Steve Carell's best performance for sure.
Come on, this movie made me sob! I'd tell you about them, but I don't wanna spoil it...



82The Host

83To Kill a Mockingbird

It's sad and good and true

85Seven Pounds

86Malcolm X


88Menace II Society




92Le Temps Qui Reste

93Body to Body


95The Way Back

96Revolutionary Road
A very powerful and depressing film starring Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio. I was depressed for weeks after seeing it be

97The Hours

98Romeo and Juliet (1968)

99On Golden Pond

100Napoleon Dynamite

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