Top Ten Parodies of Mean Girls That Should Have Been Made

We all have watched mean girls, or have heard of it. If you haven't, your living in a hole. It has a classic theme of highschool popularity, the typical clique, simple plot, characters with emotional issues, racist jokes, and we find it very appealing.

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1Mean Boys

I think there was a trailer for it on YouTube, too bad it didn't become a thing - ToptenPizza

2Mean Rappers

Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, basically it would be really bad. - ToptenPizza

3Mean PuppiesV1 Comment
4Mean Goddesses

Aphrodite being Regina George. Not sure about the others. Athena could be Gertrude. - ToptenPizza

5Mean Instagramers

Popular instagramers making up the plastics, and a new member being Cady. - ToptenPizza

6Mean TopTenners

Not sure who would be what, britgirl is the most popular, but she wouldn't be a good Regina George, and not many people would like to see her get hit by a bus. - ToptenPizza

7Mean Old Ladies

Taken place in a retirement home - ToptenPizza

Here is a trailer:
April: Wow, Gertrude, your zimmer is so FETCH!
Gertrude: April, stop trying to make fetch happen!

8Mean Psychos
9Mean Middle Schoolers

Get the kids in my school, after all that is what the writer of mean girls based it on. - ToptenPizza

10Mean NerdsV1 Comment

The Contenders

11Mean Zoo Animals
12Mean Asian Girls
13Mean Kittens

Wouldn't have been so cute if it was such a thing - kristina381980

14Mean Total Drama Contestants

Heather would make a great Plastic... - Turkeyasylum

15Mean Monkeys
16Mean Cartoon Girls

Mandy (Totally Spies! ) as Regina George makes a great choice! - Fandomstuck

17Mean Loud SistersV1 Comment
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