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181Deus Ex: The Conspiracy
182Genji: Dawn of the Samurai
183Bakugan: Battle Brawlers

This is the game that made buy ps2, it was awesome, mix between rpg, strategy and party game, and cell shaded graphics look amazing, and spoiler alert, sequel sucks.

184Pets Catz 2
185NBA Street Vol. 2
186Fight Night Round 2
187NBA 2K11
188Splinter Cell: Double Agent
189Dark Cloud

this game is AMAZING. for a 2002 game it has great graphics amazing story and I LOVE CUSTOMIZING WEAPONS

Number one game of my childhood. I love the music, the setting, the caracters, everything

190Madden NFL 2006

Madden 2006 is great!, It makes even newbies look good!

191Grand Theft Auto
192NBA 2K7

It's a great basketball game, and it taught me so much knowledge about basketball. Well I also love Shrek games as well as wrestling games as well. - Undertaker15-0

193TNA Impact!

Never buy this game I have played it I will never again play this game you will throw it after playing it just 2-3 minutes please please please! Never buy this game

194Time Splitters 2

This game blows people minds. the best game ever for ps2. should be in the top 5 - leinad0116

One of my all time favorite PlayStation games.

All of the Timesplitter games should be here as well as Second Sight (made with the same art style and company). Fun shooters that deserve the 4th title that was hyped for eons ago.

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195Dynasty Warriors 6V1 Comment
196Burnout Revenge

More amazing and addicting than most modern video games. - jake33

197Fatal Frame 2V1 Comment
198Sims 2 Pets
199Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Awesome graphics and finishers.

200Rise To Honor

Too bad this game is not well known. Because is really a good game set in Hong Kong and San Francisco and fight against goons.

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