Top Queens of the Stone Age Songs

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No One Knows
Great song, a poppy melody added with insanely intense hardcore drumming by legend dave grohl make it one of the greatest songs of all time


this song has a great rhythm to it.


There are no doubts about it! No One Knows it's just genial! One of the best tracks ever made in all music industry!
[Newest]Great Song, "Everybodys knows"

2Go With the Flow
This is one of the only songs I can listen to repeatedly and not get tired of. The drum rhythm is amazing and makes the song sound very epic--the guitar has a very unique and cool sound, too.
Awesome song. Video was amazing, guitar sounds too good and drumer did a great job. Vocalist was great. Go with a flow song sounds better than the best
The best love song ever written... and the truest.

It rocks hard and is deep in it's meaning. The beat is steady and sticks in your mind forever.
[Newest]"This song drives you, literally starts inside of your chest and tries to get out of your body... "

3I Appear Missing
Desert Rock at it's finest. Any true QOTSA fans will recognize this as their best song. This is by far their dreariest, deepest, and most enchanting song yet. I have heard this song over fifteen times and am still being blown away by it. No One Knows is bad-ass, but this... This is a masterpiece. 10/10
If you didn't know this by now, there's no helping you. Best song on the new album.
Unbelievably deep, poignant, more layers than Shrek's onion. Incredible songwriting. When listened to you genuinely feel like you're listening to the greatest musicians in the world playing a song they spent 50 years writing.
[Newest]The only song that length 6 minutes but feels like 3! Simply amazing!

4Song For the Dead
DRUMS! This song kicks so much ass. I love to play this on guitar and I love listening to it. Josh Homme and Dave grohl. This record is so tasty, whoever loves this album has to check out Them Crooked Vultures
The start of this song makes it - Grohl is INCREDIBLE! The venom that the band play with in this song makes it. It truly is one of the best songs on the album and a song that I continually go back to when listening to QOTSA. Listen to it on your way into work and you feel like a million bucks!
If you've seen it performed live, you understand. That's all I need to say. If you haven't then be sure to

5Little Sister
the drums sounds addictive in this music. there's no way you can't like it.
Jam block sounds sweet and awesome vocals from josh this is their best hit by far no competition
Don't know why, but the melody of this song suddenly pops up and runs through my head for at least an hour or two every single day - and it has for months now - I LOVE it!

63's and 7's
I love no one knows, but 3's and 7's got my vote because of the incredibly simple but awesome guitar riff. Also, I don't really like go with the flow and believe this should definitely be ahead of it.
Great! I was between go with the flow and this! Era vulgaris is the best album! I really do like this song!
I've tried and tried to get other people to listen to QOTSA, but they all HATED 'No One Knows. " Anybody who actually started listening to them only did after hearing 3's ^^ 7's.
[Newest]This has so much energy to it that it's really hard to hate

7The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
I love the queens, and this is my favorite of their songs. They seem to have a love rock n' roll, they pay homage to it one moment and tear it apart next.
Easily there best track and I would say Rated R is their best album.

One of the best tracks of that decade and in recent times. Very Under rated in my opinion.

8In My Head
WHAT?! IN MY HEAD in 14 th place?... It should be in the top tens...
This is one of the few songs that mean so much to me. I get a feeling I can't explain when I listen to it.
This music is great! I can't stop listening to it

9You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire
Is that Dave Grohl knocking on the door? Well, open WIDE - because from those first few seconds, this is an awesome, rocking' song!
Killer Song! The nicks vocals are very powerful, and the guitar riff are simple, but amazing!
One of the best driving rock songs I've ever heard. Reminiscent of 'Song 2' by Blur.
[Newest]Wanna get pumped up? Listen to this song while driving, makes you wanna go 100 mph. Great live as well

10Song for the Deaf
Their best song. It blows me away every time I hear it. You can't predict what will happen next and the riff is just amazing
Creepy and awesome, the bass guitar and the guitar, drums, and homme vocals are excelent! Its a great song

The Contenders

11Make It Wit Chu
Defines the "roll" of rock and roll. Definitely an amazing song that absorbs your entire mind into it and you lose your self in it. All the keyboards, guitars, vocals, drums mashed together to make a masterpiece
in a moment of euphoria I downloaded their entire catalague. I already knew and loves their hits like no one knows and little sister. After repeated listen make it with chu is a total masterpiece. The laid back vocals, the hypnotizing rhythm guitar, a perfect drum tracks and the improvise solos just makes it for me.
I can listen to this song over and over and over and...
[Newest]Come on this song should be higher example in 5 or 3

12First It Giveth
This song is so cool its an awesome drug songs and the lyrics are awesome! You really shouldn't miss this song its off Songs for the Deaf and its probably the best song on that album

13Feel Good Hit of the Summer
awesome stuff really, the real statement of the genious in the simplicity of Qotsa's songs, they're are ridiculously good but keep it ridiculously simple compared to a lot of stuff out there, thats why I love stoner, its all about the "wave" of the song, playing the genre urself only makes it much better =P heads up, in two years time my stoner band is gonna open for Josh at glasto!
This song should be so much higher than 13th! Great catchy song! Easily my favourite qotsa song!

14If Only
this song is very addictive... I love it!
Awesome song! Very underrated I consider this song to be their best. so catchy! Josh Homme's opening guitair riff hooks me every time.
Only found this when they reissued the first album, absolute gem...

15Sick, Sick, Sick
"No One Knows" is easily number one, but I know that this song is a very closer second.

There is nothing else in the world like it!
Man, it's pretty upsetting to see such an amazing song so low down on this list. This deserves to be in at least the top 10.
I would kill hordes of zombies with this song!

Had to vote for this, should have been higher. Not sure if its there best song though.
Just absolutely amazing - the intro is breathtaking

17Regular John
Really underrated song. One of my favourites.
This is the good one, it should be higher
My favorite song ever by any band!

18The Sky is Fallin'
Best song, Heavy guitar with beautiful melody ("Close your eyes and see the sky is falling" part) makes this their best song

19I Was a Teenage Hand Model


21My God Is the Sun
If you are a truly a QOTSA fan, this should be at the top with No One Knows, one of their best songs and one of the best rock songs ever!... Like Clockwork 2nd best album only behind Songs For The Deaf.
The BEST song of their new album. All day I can't get it out of my head. The main riff of the song in addition to Homme's voice absolutely hynotizes me. This deserves to be at least in the top five of Qotsa's best songs made untill now.
I can't believe that this is so low down. Its easily worthy of the top 5.
[Newest]The best song on the new album. Why so low?

22Gonna Leave You
Fab song. Really catchy chorus, smooth guitar melody and nicks vocals on this tune are pretty damn great. It's QotSA surf rock!

23Better Living Through Chemistry
This song is wonderful... It puts you in a trance... This is not a typical song by them, it's very unique to queens and brings something new to their collection of music.
Come on people! Play it on guitar and you'll fall in love with this song. Great song great song. Bring this to the top and slap everyone in the face who doubted.
Seriously? Seriously!? Not even top ten? This is the kinda tune that elevates a 'rock' band to something so much more.

24I Never Came
So many feels in this song.

25If I Had a Tail
This song just makes you want to move, all the while feeling a sinister vibe. Love it so much. Powerful Lyrics. "Expensive holes to bury things"
Almost feels like I'm listening to the Rolling Stones' Gimme Shelter. Instrumental brilliance.
Epic intro and details throughout including big thumps and guitar riffs

26I'm Designer
This song has the perfect balance of an awkward yet catchy riff, and on top of that it has just awesome lyrics. Some say it's not their best song.. Counterproposal: I go home and jerk off.

27The Bronze

28Auto Pilot
This at #33 and God Is The Sun at #31?! They should be top 5.
A LOT of idiots with bad taste in music..
Awesome song! The beat and the rhythm are very cool! CanĀ't stop listening! Love it!
My best favorite! Can't believe is so low in the list

29Mosquito Song
Should be number one. Like nothing ever written before. Pure originality in ever aspect. Lyrics, orchestra, singing, everything about this song is just perfect. One of my all time favourites in any genre.
A beautiful piece of music. The orchestrated instrumentals creates a very unsettling mood, perfectly suited to the song. Art at it's finest.

30Everybody Knows That You're Insane

31Hanging Tree
No one likes this song? I believe this song is one of their best because of the awesome bass and the almost epic kind of feel to it. I think this song deserves to be at the top of this list for sure.
The best song ever

32In the Fade
This song is just beautiful. The chorus is so dense and satisfying. Lanegan and Homme's vocals work so well together and the bass and guitar fit together brilliantly. Half of the top 10 have nothing on this song.
Good Lord...62nd?! It must be some sort of sick joke for this song to be so far down the list. Top ten for sure. Brilliant song in just about every way. Beautifully layered and never sounds exactly the same twice (if that makes any sense).
Can't believe this is so low on the list, amazing pacing with great vocals and simple lyrics that make you want to sing along every time and feel the hopelessness and freedom this song brings to the table.

33The Fun Machine Took a S*** & Died
It would be as popular as song for the deaf and song for the dead if it had a proper release, but they kept losing the track. Must listen, this song is amazing from start to finish!
This song is absolutely amazing. There is no doubt that it is underrated and deserves to be much higher on this list.
This song should be top 5 definitely

34You Can't Quit Me Baby
There needs to be more songs in the top ten from the Queens' first album. Not the least of which is this song. Very catchy.
This song is so intense. It hypnotizes you the whole way through.

35Fairweather Friends
Love this song, reminds me of A Brave New World from Jeff Wayne's Musical War of the Worlds.
This should be higher on the list... I mean Dave and Elton John... Great sound and lyrics

36Turnin' On the Screw
Awesome riff, awesome beat, awesome feel, awesome everything! My absolute favorite qotsa song.

37...Like Clockwork
The title track off the latest and GREATEST album... Homme and company never disappoint and continue to amaze.
This needs to be higher on the list... Seriously.
Such a good song.

38Smooth Sailing
Great the guitar parts and the lyrics are amazing!

39Into the Hollow
A very underrated song, yet one of their best.
Shows a side of Homme rarely heard. This song does great justice to his vocal range.
It's the sound that Queens of the Stone Age was born to create! It's from Era Vulgaris and just sounds so smooth. You can listen to it so many times over without getting sick of it.

40I Think I Lost My Headache
One of the best Queens' songs In my opinion. It lures you in with really weird and awesome guitar melody, and then the amazing riff kicks in and it's fantastic. Also love the vocals, the slide guitar, the keyboard and the 2 minute brass outro witch still wakes me up in the middle of the bloody night
Weird, and fantastic at the same time!..

41How to Handle a Rope

42Tension Head

43Do It Again
Way to low should be in top 15 at least!
I would have put this in top 10 easy
Simply deserves first 5

44God Is On the Radio
Amazing breakdown and solo with a catchy verse and chorus. A great listen on a great album. It is a very underrated song that should be given more credit.
SO COME BACK ANOTHER DAY -- BEST PAUSE EVER -- AND DO NO WRONG. Amazing soloing on this song.
I know that god is in the radio, checking the station.

45Misfit Love
This songs introduction is perfect. then it slowly progresses and has an incredible payoff ending like "my designer", "leg of lamb", and "you would know".
Awesome dance tune with a great feel. Every single instrument compliments the others perfectly. The intro is out of this world. One of QOTSA's best tracks.
Check out the performance at the Henry Rollins Show. Wicked Tune.

46River In the Road

A true masterpiece in every way. The song illustrates the duality of life through masterful lyrics and evocative melodies. This theme is mirrored by what amounts to two songs beautifully arranged.

48Monsters In the Parasol

49Suture Up Your Future
Just amazing, so emotional and hypnotizing, most surprising from all of their great tracks.

50Tangled Up In Plaid

51Run, Pig, Run

52The Blood is Love

53Someone's In the Wolf
"No One Knows" is obviously number one, but this song needs to be in the top ten!

If you have not heard this song, you absolutely need to!

54Keep Your Eyes Peeled
What the hell?! 53rd place seriously?! This song is amazing, massively underrated and deserves to be much higher on this list.

55This Lullaby

56The Vampyre of Time and Memory
Dark... Takes the listener to a place where the layers of consciousness are peeled back ever so slowly with reckless abandon.

57Era Vulgaris

58Quick and to the Pointless

59White Wedding
QotSA version is actually quite good... and creepy.


60Never Say Never
What a great choice for a cover song! It felt as if they wrote it, yet when I compare it to Romeo Void's version, it still sounds like a completely distinctive and different song.
Just love everything about this song. But what really caught my attention well of course the lyrics. And is a great song to drive to.

61Broken Box
Just pure fun and power. great great song.

62Long Slow Goodbye
Genius songwriting. josh really knows how to make very simple things amazing. great way to end lullabies.

63Leg of Lamb
What a great choice for a cover song! It felt as if they wrote it, yet when I compare it to Romeo Void's version, it still sounds like a completely distinctive and different song.

64Burn the Witch
Burn the Witch... Burn and Ash to Bones
Burn the Witch... Burn and Ash to Bones (8)
Drum drum... Drum drum
Bloody good song that is very catchy, could listen to it all day.

This and 'No One Knows' go very well together.

65I Sat by the Ocean
The guitar from the start of this song is simply amazing. This and Smooth Sailing (both from their new album) deserve to be in top 10! It doesn't beat No one Knows, 3's and 7s, In my head or Give it All from their previous albums, but they are amazing still
This song easily deserves to be in the top five. in my humble opinion, the best song off of their album, incredibly catchy and reeks of crunchy, melodic, homme-esque riffs. One of the few songs that gets replayed once I hear it.
Agree this song should be MUCH higher on the list. My favorite. Lots of emtion. If you have ever had a bad relationship due to someone lying then this is your song. Brilliant and sad.
[Newest]Love LOve love LOVE! Listen to it every night!


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