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1Reza Pishro

King of Tehran - 021

King of Persian rap

Reza Pishro! Shahe Tehran! In Iran we have a lot of amazing rappers. But! The thing about Pishro is that he has perfected himself in every possible manner instead of just focusing on one branch of rap. His music videos are admiring, he composes great beats, and he has at least one song in every subject of rap that has achieved great success. His voice is also unique. His rigid voice awakens you in great enlightenment. Last but not the least, he is a humble man which multiplies the love and respect his audience has for him by a thousand times. Overall he's the best thing that has happened to Iranian Hiphop.. and who knows? Maybe the world.

Love pishro a lot

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He is one of best rhymers of all time. Listen to rap god and you will see who is really the best

Eminent is the best no question about

Definitely the best rapper of 2013-2014. nas is a better rapper overall though - Totalbeasto001

Yea he's really good you deserve it you deserve more than that too

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3Kendrick Lamar

It's early in the year to tell who's the best. But if this year is anything like last year, Kendrick will more than likely be making some of the larger impacts on hip-hop. This list shouldn't involve people like Eminem or Nas. They've already been through the ring and proven their skills and will forever be known as some of the best to ever do it. Eminem & Nas don't have to make any more impact on Hip-Hop because they've already made their impact.

Kendrick's flow and lyrical skill are very relevant for the hip hop of our generation, The current rap game needs more rappers like Kendrick, Eminem, Nas, J. Cole and people like that because rappers like Young Thug, Birdman, Chief Keef and other more or less trap music type rappers are poisoning the rap game if Pac and Biggie and rappers like them were still with us they wouldn't know what the hell to do with our generation of. Kendrick is the gift for the future

He will dominate this year especially after not winning a Grammy that should set him off even more

This list is bull. I'm not big on rap, but I do like hearing it but usually the 90's rap with Tupac, Biggie, Dre, and Snoop. I can't stand rap now except for Eminem and now Kendrick. This guy will be the rapper that saves rap. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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I love you hichkas and I don't belive pishro is first in the list you make him

His father of Iran rap and God of world rap I love you HICHKAS

Father of the Persian RAP

The most influential Persian rapper there is, in my opinion. Meaningful lyrics along with a unique voice and exceptional flows. Definitely one of the most talented rappers I know.

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Drake is terrible... His old stuff was sooo good but he is to much like Lil Wayne a fake rapper who only cares about money clothes weed and girls. Eminem, Kendrick, yelawolf, and slaughterhouse would kill young money any day 😁😜

What drake is not terrible he's the best rapper today period all these other rappers just curse don't mean they re good

Get Drake off the list. He's fake. - Buxom69

Drake is the best

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He is the best Iranian rapper.

He's my hero, I love him.

Best Rapper Of Iran

He's the best even if he doesn't sing anymore

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Ho3ein usually known by his amazing style. every time a new track comes out it makes a big blow! I think his first point is stunning style and flow then his special voice.

Ho3ein is Persian Rappers In Iran. King of Persian RAP With Gang & Weed Style! Very Very Good Text and Vocal In All Music.

Best rapper please vote him

Ho3ein is number 1

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8J. Cole

Cole is the best mainstream lyricist we have today (you can swap Kendrick and cole for the 1 & 2 spots, doesn't matter) plus he's a great producer. He can do it all, he stays consistent. I've never heard a bad verse/song from this guy, he's gonna be here for a long time building a great legacy.

I have just recently found out about J. Cole and I am already really interested and I wanna buy all his music he is really good this rank is good for him

J Cole and Kendrick are the best. Both have meaningful lyrics and verses and there topics aren't about sniffing coke or hoes like most rappers, listen to crooked smile and you'll know what I mean

The game needs cole I hope he never retires

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One of the most powerful Persian Rap. Iran LOVE SADEGH.

He is very famous because of his best text, he is always an honest person and he show it in his text in a good way, he can be the best rapper but he is too young for it, now he is twelveth in the world and it's good too😊

One the best Persian rapper

Honest Man Of Rap ^__^

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The best rapper in the world

The Most Famous Persian rapper

I live you boy

Yas can't be quit

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11Kanye West

Kanye should be in the top 3 his music is way better than 2 chains and lil Wayne because unlike them his music makes sense and doesn't repeat itself with the same 1 word the whole time his music also has meaning unlike 2 chains and lil Wayne who rap about nothing

Not after what he did to taylor swift - andre56

Besides the taylor swift ish kanye west is good real good

12Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is horrible. When I listen to him all I hear is a cat with a seizure getting stuffed down a garbage disposal. He is clearly a bad influence to our young people these days. Get this fool off the list. I bet Iggy Azalea is better than him.

Lil Wayne is funny. Made a sharp turn down, not even a hill. Anyways anything after carter ii should of been postponed to a later life where real music hasn't been played.

Lil Wayne is the best rapper I have ever know in my life and he is the best in the world

Wayne used to be a good rapper with the potential to leave a lasting legacy. Too bad he quit rapping in 2008. Now he just days the same thing over and over to different beats and hopes you idiots don't notice. Now he's ruined drake and nikki too. But I understand where he's coming from, why make quality music when you can recycle the same and make more money? After all, the dumb are mostly intrigued by the drum. - bagudrsi

Lil Wayne is the best

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What Jay-z should be second he's awesome at rapping

He is one of them rappers that you wanna listen to he is part of what rap USED to be Nas pac biggie (even though pac and biggie are dead) and Jay Z and Rakim are clearly the best

Should be up there

He is better than all other rappers I love him

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14Amir Tataloo

Tataloo is the best

You're the best ❀️

Bieber of Persia has so many haters

I love you man

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15Shahin Najafi

The best Iranian rapper

He is the best

God of pain rap

He is the best rapper on the world

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16Meek Mill

Meek Mill is the best all time rapper if anything Kendrick Lamar should be first but then him second without a doubt he is one of the best rappers in the world atm should at least be in top 5.

This chart is so inaccurate he's definitely number one

Meek Mill is so dope most of my songs are by him

Has to be at least top ten

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17Wiz Khalifa

Man he's really good try to get this dude to top 5 if you have anytime go listen to his music

Why is my boy Wiz not in the top 10?

Wiz Khalifa has always been great.

This guy is the boss he should be like 3 or 4

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182 Chainz

Where's Chief Keef Though?

No 2 chains should not be here

2 chains is past hiz prime. Should be retired rite now

2 Chainz is awesome he should be higher than #5

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Too good not to be on top ten.

He is superb best rapper

Nas should be like 5 or 3. rap music would be crap without rappers like him

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2050 Cent

He's been here since the beginning and is considered one of the most powerful rappers in history

He is genius and my favorite

King of rap... Sexy voice

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