Best Rappers of 2014

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He is one of best rhymers of all time. Listen to rap god and you will see who is really the best
Eminent is the best no question about
Definitely the best rapper of 2013-2014. nas is a better rapper overall though


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2Kendrick Lamar
It's early in the year to tell who's the best. But if this year is anything like last year, Kendrick will more than likely be making some of the larger impacts on hip-hop. This list shouldn't involve people like Eminem or Nas. They've already been through the ring and proven their skills and will forever be known as some of the best to ever do it. Eminem & Nas don't have to make any more impact on Hip-Hop because they've already made their impact.
He will dominate this year especially after not winning a Grammy that should set him off even more
Kendrick is dope as hell and a great lyricst. I'm really glad Drake isn't on this list.
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3J. Cole

Drake is the best and there is no question about it
Drake is a lyrical genius, his metaphors are constantly stuck in my head.
He music can be related

5Tyler, the Creator

MGK is a newcommer but hands down will one day be as great as Eminem.

72 Chainz

8Juicy J

Macklemore is one of the best and most inspirational rappers I have heard.

10Kid Cudi
Kid cudis music you can relate too so much and he's better than all these rappers on the list because he is unique he does his own style of music and makes it work none of these rappers could ever dream of being as dynamic as cudi period.
Hear his new album
The realest rapper of all time
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The Contenders

11Meek Mill
Meek Mill is so dope most of my songs are by him



14Kanye West
King of the game

Realest rapper next to wiz

16Big Sean

17Nicki Minaj
Will take rap away from the males


Best female rapper ever

18Schoolboy Q

19Kid Ink
Kid ink is the best hands table flipped have you guys heard he'll and back and Nevada gave a f### you would probably change you minds then.
The best rapper of my whole life!
Most trillest rapper in the 21 century

20Mike Shinoda
Good vOice and perfect All rounder 😃😃
Deserves the top ten at least.

21Dizzee Rascal

22Mac Miller

23Joey Badass

24Dizzy Wright


Listen to in my mind

27Earl Sweatshirt

28David Dallas
Great New Zealand artist

29Brotha Lynch Hung
Locc 2 the Brain everyone, Locc 2 the Brain.

Best ever. Lyrics from 80s are still better than most lyrics today.


32Jarren Benton
Why is Jarren Benton not on here?


34Snoop Dogg/Zilla/Lion/Doggy Dogg

35Foreign Yankee

36Asher Roth

37Brother Ali


39Sagopa Kajmer
He is best rapper in world

40Jon Connor
This whole list is a joke without Connor at like #1 or 2... depends on how Shady's doing. So far this year Connor wins with 1 freestyle and a mixtape. Quit sleepin on him.


42Lupe Fiasco

43A$AP Rocky
Most dope of all fashion killa

44Jay Electronica



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