Best Rappers of 2014

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101TwiztidV1 Comment
102South Park Mexican

He's lyrics are off the charts

105Jarren Benton

Why is Jarren Benton not on here?

106Foreign Yankee
107Asher Roth
108Brother Ali

He's amazing, really political and opinionated, and his songs make you think. Come on.

109Jay Electronica

He is coming out with a mixtape called "Don't Expect Nothing" and he will show everyone he is the future of rap.

V1 Comment
112Shotty Horroh

Guys a beast on the mic, like an English mgk.


Rittz is a WAY better rapper then a lot of people on here he is real fast and he is a good rapper he should be in the top 5

114Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll is a really good rapper he is inspirationational and has good music he has gotten me through tough times he should be in the top 5

115Brabo Gator

Not well known but flawless lyricist

116R.A. the Rugged Man
117Topaz Jones
118Fredo Santana
119Isaiah Rashad

Top Dawg's newest member, he's still the underdog at their camp. He's gotta shine brighter than his TDE brothers doubt he'd get to Kendrick's level but DAAMN Cilvia Demo was a solid SOLID album

Look out for this kid! Laugh out loud

120Action Bronson
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