Top Ten Reasons to Hate the Pittsburgh Steelers


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1They think they're better than the Patriots

They are better than the Patriots! Total Super Bowls - Steelers 6, Patriots 3. Superbowls in the last 8 years, Steelers 2, Patriots 0. Year in and year out, they have the best Defense in the NFL. All the Pats fans say is, Tom Brady, Tom Brady, Tom Brady! And yes, he is good, but lets not get carried away, Tom isn't even the best quarterback with those initials. That would be Terry Bradshaw, the man who lead the Steelers to 4 superbowl titles in 6 years. I know the Pats fans think they will catch the Steelers in the up coming years, but be serious, you haven't won a superbowl in 9 years, your time is over. Suck it!

They are better than the Patriots, because the Steelers never had to cheat to win any of their six super bowls - Cody__JamesZ

Let's break this down; when it comes down to franchise history, all patriots have to say is tom Brady and the 3 super bowls they won 10 years ago. Steelers have 6 plus more hall of famers. The patriots cheated for those 3 championships and haven't won one since they got caught cheating. And nobody cared about that joke of a franchise until 01

Because they are - Mariomaster63

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2They are the dirtiest NFL Team

Pittsburgh loves to place the blame when it is another team but NO response when it is one of their players in the wrong.

Fact good reason see what happen to Carson Palmer in the 2005 wild card game

Steelers are by far the dirtiest team in the nfl. Their game plan is always the same, take out the best players on the opposing team and we will win the game. And the NFL not only condones this behavior but supports it by allowing the officials to make calls that are ALWAYS in favor of the steelers. We have witnessed games where the Steelers have body slammed opponents and have not been penalized, we have seen numerous opponents dragged off the field with cuncussions with no penalties against the Steelers, yet when there is the slightest possibility of a Steeler being injured in any way there are severe penalties called and enforced. It's not the Pittsburg Steelers that suck, it's the NFL that sucks for allowing the Pittsburg Steelers to continue playing football with their lets killem mentality.

This is a fact.

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3All thier fans talk about is Superbowls

Six Championships? I Hate the Yankees, but their fans do not go talk about their 27 rings, unlike the Steelers fans, who brag about their six rings, like @$$holes! They need to know that it does not last forever!

wow six, ROthlisberger won two (cuz of a fluke). Bet ya can't name the QB who won the other 4. So suck that Pittsburgh - ZachW97

If you try to debate with them, their only response is " 6 RINGS". They don't seem to get that saying "KISS the RINGS" isn't an argument...

They're the only thing that matters, though - Cody__JamesZ

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4They think Rothlisberger is the best QB

I agree he's not the best quarterback, but in general this list is rude because it is just about hating on the Steelers. I am a steeler fan and most of that stuff isn't true

Rothlisberger is not the best QB if he play in the 80s we would have never heard of this man

Who would want to take time out of their lives to hate a team that can't even beat Tim tebow

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5Because they are better than your team.

They are better than every other team - Cody__JamesZ

This doesn't even make any sense

Can't beatem guys? Joinem for super bowl LI, I live in Pittsburgh

6Their QB is a Rapist

And Michael Vick is still on the roster. A rapist and a dog abuser. Classy, character matters

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7They brag when they win

Every team brags about wins what a dumb excuse for a reason.

Too bad they won't be able to win next season!

Steelers be like (oh my god we finally beat the raiders in 5 years we the best team in the NFL)

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8They suck

That's a stupid reason to hate them. And statistics show that they are in the top 5 teams this year.

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9"Steeler Nation" has more bandwagon jumping front-running idiot fans than the Cowboys ever did, and it's not close.

This list us the most made up piece of dung I've ever read in my life, with the exception of the comments that follow. No team has bigger bandwagon fans than the Cowboys! As soon as they start losing, you can hear crickets the size of Texas. Steelers fans are among the most knowledgeable about their own teams history. Most of the negative statements are from envious fans.

Bingo! This and #2 are the two biggest reasons I can't stand them. Their fans have a very distorted view that the Steelers are the best team in the NFL every year, even in years when they're not a playoff team. Which thankfully is every year of late. Hello last place in the AFC North!

They be Steelers fan who claim to be die-heart Steelers fan but went I asked them who was quarterback before Ben rothlisberger they just stand there to them it like I giving them a hard math question

How is this not number 1

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10They whine when they lose

Every Time they lose they want to fire the coach. I'm already hearing to get rid of Tomlin chants especially after the Tampa game. I love it actually

... And they lose ALL the time, so the they whine a lot.

Man We should of beaten the patriots - ZachW97

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11They think if you like football you should like the SteelersV1 Comment
12Everybody likes them

Easy to like the Steelers, class organization, thanks in part to the Rooney family. - Cody__JamesZ

Not everybody like the steelers because I like the seahawks now the major part of the world like the steelers but not everbody

with thier walmart polomalu jerseys - ZachW97

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13Polamalu sucks

An amazing player that plays 4 games a year before sitting out the rest of the year with a skinned shin. Dude is as frail as a glass house.

OK this Pisses me off. He has long hair. Get the hell over it. He is or was an amazing football player if you have ever even watched him. He deserves credit so screw all of you jerk offs.

he talks like a girl for christ sakes - ZachW97

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14Their fans try to talk s***

Some kid was talking trash and he thought troy P. position was blocker. - ZachW97

Steelers fan be bragging year in year out ( oh we got the number 1 defense) well I sorry but number 1 defense doesn't mean nothing if y'all can't make the playoffs

Steelers fan try to talk mess but I hope they realize that they only won 1 playoffs game after super bowl 45 if y'all bring that up then steelers fans won't say any more

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15They rip into other fan bases for counting Pre Super Bowl Era NFL Championships

Steelers fan better be careful all the cowboys have to do is win a super bowl then they be tied with the Steelers

Whoever said "Pre-Superbowl Championships do NOT count! They didn't even... Sorry Pack" blah blah blah is a moron. It was not a "different sport," and there were like 20 teams, not 6.
The Packers were actually good. The Steelers... - AlGalaxy

Pre-Superbowl Championships do NOT count! They didn't even have facemasks back then. It was a different sport, plus there was like 6 teams in the league then. Sorry Pack, most of your championships are meaningless.

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16Coaching is out dated.

The coaches just think they're "all that", they don't really coach

17They hate the Ravens

So? So what? The Ravens aren't like THE franchise. (And neither are the Steelers) - AlGalaxy

Of course they hate the ravens because the ravens have a three game winning streak on the steelers

No they are not! Second best... Maybe!

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18They hate the Patriots

Uh you hate the patriots too if they scores 55 points on your team

Yes. Your point is? I do hate the patriots. Go cry about it.

Patriots have better sportsmanship

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19They can't catch

Really because we have 6 super bowl rings that beg to differ

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20They think they are so cool when they win by 3 points.

(Oh My God we finally beat the raiders we the best team in the NFL) shut up just because you finally beat a teams since 5 year's ago does not make you the best team in the NFL

Doesn't really matter, if you're a strong team in the 4th you're a great team. A win is a win.

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