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The Best Summer and Winter Olympic mascots youth and proper games.
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1 Miga & Quatchi (Vancouver 2010)

The Vancouver 2010 mascots were absolutely adorable - if Mukmuk had been granted "full mascot" status, I would have given them 100 per cent!

The pair are both creatures of British Columbian mythology along the aboriginal peoples.

2 Wenlock (London 2012)

Love him or hate him these games are yet to come and he has already created a splash in the water.

Worst mascots ever... Looks like the offspring of the Teletubies and Dr. Who's Daleks...

3 Misha (Moscow 1980)

Used extensively in the opening and closing ceremonies. One of the all time favourites.

4 Cobi (Barcelona 1992)

Used as a symbol around the host city he was especially popular with Catalonians.

5 Vucko (Sarajevo 1984)

Great mascot, simple, positive and funny. Always stayed in the harts of local people and, I guess, worldwide. Shows the spirit of the town, and the reagion

A skiing wolf despite his species he is rather cute and according to the IOC "he changed the general perception of wolves."

It's cute and simple

6 The Fuwa (Beijing 2008)

These cute little things actually represent the animals of China and I love them for it. I mean, panda! You can't get more Chinese than a panda, and I'm Chinese-Canadian (no I don't like them just because they are Chinese)!

7 Soohorang (PyeongChang 2018)

I love him so much! Better than Tokyo 2020 mascot

Best mascot ever! Loved him!

My favorite mascot of all!

Best Hero of the games!

8 Hodori and Housini (Seoul 1988)

Hodori was generally much better known than Housini they were chosen as tigers are common in Korean legends.

9 Olly, Syd, Millie (Sydney 2000)
10 Waldi (Munich 1972)

The first official mascot, he featured several colours but not red or black due to the fact the designer did not want people to associate him with the Nazi party.

The Contenders
11 Athena and Phevos (Athens 2004)

Although nothing spectacular, Athena and Phevos were a simple cycladic-art doll inspired mascot duo. The nearly identical male and female mascots represented equality, participation, fair play, co-operation and brotherhood. Simple, eternal values.

12 Lyo and Merly (Singapore 2010)

Lyo the lion after the lion that was said to roam Singapore and Merly a merlion, iconic to Singapore as they are used as statues and fountains all over the island.

13 Miraitowa and Someity (Tokyo 2020)

I KNOW I like these two. Even more than any other Olympic mascot. They look like anime superheroes.

14 Neve and Gliz (Torino 2006)

These two are simple but memorable and many children enjoy using them to represent the olympics years later.

15 Yoggl (Innsbruck 2012)
16 Sam the Eagle (Los Angeles 1984)

Designed by a member of the Disney company, he represents the United States however he is confused with several other disney characters that are eagles named Sam.

17 Hidy and Howdy (Calgary 1988)
18 Copper, Powder, Coal (Salt Lake City 2002)
19 Shneemann (Innsbruck 1976)
20 Håkon and Kristin (Lillehammer 1994)
21 The Snowlets (Nagano 1998)
22 Amik (Montreal 1976)
23 Izzy (Atlanta 1996)
24 Roni (Lake Placid 1980)
25 Balam (Mexico 1968)
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