Top Ten Saddest Video Games

Ever played a game that made you cry all the way through? Then you might find it here.

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1Mother 3

This game hits me right in the feels. This and PMD are the only ones to make me start tearing, but this takes the cake.

In the FIRST CHAPTER, things already get messed up. Your mom gets killed by a group of Nazi like pig people who do biological animal experiments on a friendly creature. Your brother wants to kill the beast to avenge your mother, but goes missing. Even your father is so scarred he hits people and is thrown in jail.

Then we have chapter 3, where a little monkey gets abused by the bad guys to help them brainwash the peaceful village. He gets shocked and worked against his will.

Then, the village becomes greedy and, since you didn't fall under the scheme, everyone looks down on you.

In the middle of this madness, in your subconscious, you see your dead mother, and you follow her until you are falling off a cliff trying to reach her.

Don't even get me started on the ending. The villain (Porky) wants to destroy the earth itself. After you figure out the "world" you live in is a lie, you are thrown for the loop as you figured out Porky reanimated your MISSING TWIN BROTHER to become his mindless slave robot to help him destroy the world. He is immortal, so he wants everyone who doesn't like him gone. He then retreats to the ultimate escape, which leaves him trapped for eternity. You then battle your bro, whom you can't attack because of sadness. Your dead mom then calls to him to regain his senses, making him realize what he had done. He then commits suicide to "join his mom". You then are given the chance to recreate the world with your friends and father watching. This also leaves a time to reflect on what happened, as everyone says they are fine, but you are in pure darkness. Then the credits roll. There is even an end screen where you can see the logo change from a metallic logo to a pure wood logo with the "o" turned into the earth, implying that the world was restored.

I also forgot to mention the soundtrack, which adds another layer of emotion. Listen to the love theme. Overall, this game needs to come overseas.

This game is the definition of sadness I mean here's an overview of the story hinawa is killed by what's supposed to be a friendly creature that the pig mask have changed flint after finding this out beats up the villagers and is sent to prison in front of Claus and lucas then Claus go after the drago that killed his mother to avenge her and is killed then porky revives him brain washes him and practically turns him into a cyborg and during the final battle lucas by himself battles Claus but just can't attack while Claus is beating him to death then flint protects lucas and trys to get Claus to remember him and suffers major damage from Claus but hinawa who is spirt know gets Claus to remember his who he really is and after he fires a lighting bolt at lucas knowing about the Franklin badge and comments suicide HOW CAN U NOT CRY FROM ANY OF THAT this game show that Nintendo isn't just for kids and that mother 3 is one of the best games of all time

Oh, Mother 3. Mother and Earthbound were emotional games, but Número 3 tops them all. Let's start with the fact that a little boy is forced to go through serious emotional trauma when his mother dies. Then, his father goes temporarily berserk. And his brother goes missing. THEN, after going through some other sad as #%€ moments, he finds out that his brother was killed, resurrected as a cyborg, then forced to work with Porky, the main villain of the game (not to mention Earthbound). And when he snaps back into reality, he sees what he,s done and COMMITS CHILD SUICIDE. Wow, Nintendo. Just... Wow.

This is an overrated piece of trash game.

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2The Walking Dead

I don't regret playing this however the end killed me inside. I cry every time someone even mentions the ending and I wish it had gone differently but now we have season 2 and if the ending is like this one remotely I will cry harder than I did the first time. (which will hurt A LOT)

What to say about The Walking Dead. Amazing concept, amazing writing, and a masterpiece of a plot. A game I've spent hours playing, but even more discussing the ethics behind certain choices and the motives behind certain characters. Has a couple of issues but still worth playing for anyone who can appreciate a game that takes story, interactive film gameplay, and choices to new levels. With a finale that puts most other games to shame, Walking Dead sends you in, and out, with a bang.

Everybody dies! All of then characters who were growing on you and making you love them, get killed of some way or another, with only 3 exceptions!

Telltale is good with surprises but this tore my heart out

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3To the Moon

It is just the most wonderful game I have ever played. I will guarantee a very sad story, mixed with twisting feelings and tear-jerking experiences. There are many moments where you wished you could have done something, but since what you go through makes it impossible to see the past, but not change it, makes you regretting ever standing by to not do anything to change a life. It follows a very unique aspect, where instead of the common trait of video games letting you see what happens to a character going forward in time, to see them grow up and do something spectacular, this, in this case, you see a story gradually going backwards in time, to see a story between a man and woman who loved each other very much, but some secrets you find out about are found, and eventually, a horrible and heart-breaking secret is found out about the early years of the old man's years. It's extremely debatable in your mind about the ending, as the ending is both happy, but extremely sad in many ways. When the entire game ended, I reflected on the adventures of the two protagonists, and I felt very empty and sad inside that the story ended how it ended. If there was a whole trilogy or even 5 or 6 games made from this story-line and that sort of deal, I would be extremely sad, but happy to be able to see what I could go through this time around. I did my best to not give out spoilers, but there is absolutely no words to describe this game without saying anything about it, because I don't ever cry, but seeing this broke me... and I became more emotional and more sensitive to many things because of this game, and it was a good thing! To me, this shows a powerful message, as it shows to appreciate your memories and what you have right now, because you may not have it later on in life. And that you can't change the past, no matter how hard you try. It is just amazing, and I could write all day about this, but there is just about no way that I could do such a thing on this post. So the last thing I will say here is that if anyone has a chance of playing this game, at ANYTIME, don't hesitate or wait. Play it when you can, because it's an adventure unlike any others, and it goes to show that you do not need great graphics to make a great game. Sound, story and game-play are always essential to every great game, and this has all these traits, and more. It's amazing that this game could literally be turned into a book, or movie, but playing it as a game is most likely the best way to see this story. To actually interact with the game, build a bond, and to feel the emotions for yourself, so you can appreciate the game more. If only I had this for my console, I would be playing it over and over again with waterfalls of tears. There needs to be more games like this in the future, to show a great message, and to show appreciation for great stories, rather than explosions and gun-fighting. But seriously, the ending will kill you with emotions... I couldn't stop crying for 2 full more

How the hell is this not #1. They may make people want to kill me, but I cried more in this game than lee or (even sadder) Kenny's death (s). Jesus. That was the saddest game I had ever played. DAMN I want a 2nd episode

When I first booted up this game to play it, I thought I was ready for the game's sadness. I was wrong. The emotion of this game hits you like a truck, and unlike in many other games, sticks with you long after you're done. Play this game if you want to distraught for an evening.

This is the very best game I've ever played, and made me cry more than any movie or book. I can't explain how good it is without spoiling it, but just buy it.

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4Shadow of the Colossus

Music. The music... Those who remain... The sunlit light... And if this was a true story it would be so a sad and beautiful end. There is also a real philosophy you can pose on wander, at the end he lost everything and it's the way he will see it end.

Though I thought the very ending a let-down, the rest of the game was grand. The first game I have played that makes me question the motives of my character without stating his greed outright. - umbreon8

I was sad that Agros fell down the cliff but I still had hope that he survived and voila! He did survive.

5Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

He finds out he's aging rapidly and that he will die many years before all the people he's met and fought beside, and that he has one more mission. He's fought in war all his life and he accepts that he will never have the normal life he wishes he had. He almost dies twice, to the point where I just had to put my controller down and think about how much he's been through on the microwave part. When he's fighting Ocelot at the end, on the last portion you just realize that it's two old men fighting because that's all they know how to do. And in the climax of the entire series, Snake pulls out a gun, puts it in his mouth, and pulls the trigger. Not gonna spoil the ending for you, but it is a 70 minute cutscene and is the best ending in video game history to me. How is this not the most downright depressing game ever. - EGBrett

Man! The ending sends a chill up ma spine. The best stealthfighter puts a pistol in his mouth and pull the trigger. A real dad story ending.

6The Last of Us

Before this I never had an emotional connection to a video game. I had never cried because of a video game. I had never really been too attached to video game characters. I went into the Last of Us expecting a pretty good game, but what I got was totally unexpected. I connected to Joel and Ellie and the whole story more than I ever have to something like this before. I cried within the first ten minutes, and numerous times after that. Let me tell you, I very rarely cry in real life or from movies, and never from games.
Halfway through, I realized something. This was a very dark game, and not just because of blood or violence. See, at that point I still had high hopes for a happy ending though. If you like stories with a convenient storyline and happy endings, you will not like this game. It's really a beautiful story, but it's very difficult. It's dark, cold, paints humanity in a cruel light, doesn't really have any heroes, and will leave you feeling very empty. So, if "sad" is what you want to call it, then yes. It is by far the saddest video game.

One of the strongest elements in The Last of Us is its ability to convey incredibly heavy themes in beautifully understated ways. Whereas other games on this list go straight for the jugular with their tear-jerking, The Last of Us allows the player's emotions to build gradually, eventually erupting when you least expect it. From the heart-breaking opening to a perfectly-acted argument in an abandoned ranch house, this title stands above the rest in its ability to really get under your skin.

I was stuck between The Last of Us and To the Moon. They are both very sad games. But I had to give my vote to The Last of Us, as even the first ten minutes of the game can make you cry. And the emotional connection between Joel and Ellie was just so sad throughout the game.

I was so attached to every character, and the intro built me up so that I cried when Joel's daughter died... I could not stop crying.

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7The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Knowing that this came from the Zelda series, is actually quite surprising. These games are known for their amazing stories, game play, and characters. However, this game was known for the emotions. Just thinking that there is no hope sometimes gets overwhelming. A fantastic game to play

Depression and death are everywhere in this game. Nomatter how fast you are, you can't help everyone's problems. Somewhat out there is going to die. Not to mention every time you look at the moon, it's staring at you back.

This and ocarina of time. No shame I shed a tear or two when I finish them. Like in oot when link hands the ocarina over to Zelda

I have this game I've have played it a lot its super sad I brings tears to my older brother eyes plus mine!

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8Red Dead Redemption

Stunningly gorgeous and evocative, I personally consider this title to be the "Huckleberry Finn" of videogames. Without making him the "perfect action hero," Rockstar has brilliantly crafted a protagonist that we can both question and care for. Red Dead Redemption has everything; intelligent writing, memorable characters, and an absolutely unforgettable crescendo. This may be written all over this webpage, but I truly believe it when I ask "why is this not higher on the list? "

I cried when this happened a man that traveled from blackwater to deep Mexico just so he can kill his once best friends and save his family only to after a few days of freedom get shot 30 times in the chest
In one of the most beautiful deaths of all time

Saddest game I ever played. John's death was sad and a masterpiece.

9Heavy Rain

Especially Ethan's death was one of the saddest things that people saw in the video game history warning spoilers ahead he was in deppression and he lost one of his sons if his second son shaun dies he will always commit suicide - whodafuqisthisguy

Never played never will but one thing...


One of my best games I have ever played. The story and the music as well as the protagonists suit perfect to the game.
Moreover the bunch of endings force you play the game again and again until you have seen all beautiful endings.
The whole game take part in a sad world where a father must test himself how far he goes to rescue his son from beeing drowned - riskful games, mayhem, kill people and then self-sacrifice.
But the most suprising end is the moment where you see who the origami killer is - and why the origami killer does all this, because of the tragic and maybe saddest moment a child can be involved.

10Fallout 3

I had to download the broken steel dlc for this game to have a different ending, the first ending made me sad and was unexpected, the closing narration made me cry. This game is the best!

The depression factor of this game is just too much for me. I'm impressed that PBG is able to have such a good mood while playing the game. - xandermartin98

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11Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness

I love Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness and Explorers of Sky... Not to mention the ending was so sad! The Special Episodes in Explorers of Sky Were also very Sad. It's a Very Beautiful and Fantastic game. (P.S, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky was also the very First game I have ever Cried to)

This is the saddest one for me, even though the other one are also sad this one just felt the saddest

Though you can say main character and grovyle both end up surviving the sacrifices of those two are some of the most heart wrenching in vg history the game is unimaginably underrated

Gets me every time... - letdot52

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12Silent Hill 2

Having to go through and see what james did and how he has so much hope that his wife is still alive just to possible kill her again and the pain he went through is sad

13Mass Effect 3

The most sad game I've ever played. I cried a lot and it's "just a game". You must play this trilogy! :')

Mass Effect 3 and the entire Mass Effect series was an emotional roller coaster. The character death of Mordrin Solas had me crying for a whole 20 minutes. And also the ending which is extremely emotional. 3 games and unless you decide to destroy the Reapers and all synthetic life, end up dying. A tear jerker game to be sure.

14Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Before I played this I had never cried because of a video game. Through the course of the game I became so attached to Zack and his relationship with Aerith that I forget for awhile how it had to end making it all that much more saddening at the end. This should be top ten or at least above Call of Duty Ghosts.

First of all, why are Call of Duty games on this list. Secondly, why is the Walking Dead, a point and click game that isn't sadder than games like Portal in concept as a whole and only has a sad ending. If we are gonna talk about sad endings, fine, so be it, but this is ridiculous.

(SPOILERS. If you have played FFVII you can read this though) Crisis Core is what really drags you in. You start with a happy go lucky character and slowly you start losing your friends, your mentors and as you procceed, they start hunting you down because you were caught after the battle with Sephiroth and taken as a test subject. While you tried to leave and take Cloud with you, they are hunting you down because you carry classified secrets of ShinRa's human experiments and you only want to go back to your girl. In the end of course, all FFVII players know what is gonna happen, and it is gonna be the climax of all the saddness throughout the game.

Part of it is that you know Zack is going to die if you've played FFVII

15Half-life 2

Imagine, walking through a city, watching your fellow people get beaten and mistreated for the smallest reasons, as you hunger for food instead of the minimal rations they give you. No freedom, no friends. Into the Resistance you go, seeing good people work as hard as they can to make a difference against their suppressors, yet it amounts to next to nothing.

Half life 2 and all its episodes have unexpected endings.

16The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

So sad when midna leaves

17Bubsy 3D

I heard that video game sucks.

Just seeing how painful the graphics are is sad - ikerevievs

Yay! Cardboard box with psycho art land!

18Cave Story

Toroko, who is undoubtedly the cutest, sweetest, kindest, fluffiest, adorablest and cuddliest widdle bunny-wunny ever created in a video game, dies at the hands of someone literally worse than Hitler about midway through the game. And it only gets worse from there.

You have been warned. - xandermartin98

19Halo Reach

Everyone dies... Then it's your turn.
It was an emotional roller-coaster the first time around.

20Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

The ending is the only thing that has ever made me cry about a videogame, and for a game to actually make you feel that way makes it absolutely fantastic

And when he pulls down his hat and he's crying...

This game brought me to tears. SPOILER ALERT The ending is just so tragic with Hershel saying goodbye to his sweetheart Claire for a second time when she goes back to the past to die. And the fact that he completly breaks his normal calm and logical persona as he cries for her to stay while knowing that she can't. Then when Hershel sobs and takes his hat off, I completely lost it crying. And Luke leaves at the very end! If you have play the PL games, you end up really wanting the characters to be happy, especially Professor Layton himself. The game really is the best PL title in the series and one of the best DS games ever made!

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