Top Ten Scariest Things In Video Games


Bosses can be scary, levels can be scary, heck even just... things can be scary so here is the top ten SCARIEST things in video games. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Giygas - Earthbound
Is there anything here that has not been said before? I mean, really, with the release of earthbound on virtual console, everyone knows how disturbing this boss is. The fetus theory everyone has spread across the net is just a coincidence, as proved by the creators, but it is true that this boss was inspired by a murder scene he saw as a little kid that traumatized him for life. That face has haunted my dreams for years. Who has it not? Oh, and, the music. Have you ever heard what would happen if pyramid head and the re dead made a band? Yeah, that. But really, you all know how scary this boss is, I don't need to explain more.
No matter what, no other boss(or kid's games for the sake)can get scarier than Giygas. Have that EXTERMELY disturbing face. Also the music is worth a mention. What's worse is his origin. He was based of a childhood trauma by the game's developer. Now THAT is a disturbing boss!
Giygas was based off a movie the creator saw as a child on accident, it left him traumatized for life. Now that's scary.


[Newest]He's like a fetus.

No seriously.

2Regeneradors - Resident Evil 4
The breathing... The unstoppable nature.


Scared Me so much especially the ones with spikes. When I was on the island all I kept hearing was the breathing. even if they werent around...


[Newest]Yes finally wiped out the regenerators! 'Comes back to life'. Crap!

3ReDeads - Ocarina of Time
They are undead skeletons with rotten flesh hanging off their bones that make a horrible scream before they being to maul you and eat your brains.
The redeads from wind waker were scarier, because of them and that scream I hate the earth temple.
They kinda hump you death laugh out loud
[Newest]I was so scared of them in the 3D version cause they looked scarier. And the screams, I didn't play the game for several weeks because of that. The part about them humping you was kinda funny.


4The Moon - Majora's Mask
It has a face... That stares at you... For 3 days... And wants to kill you...
The moon just looks through your eyes and pierces your soul. It is always looking over you. Its just purely terrifying.
Have any of you SEEN the one in the remake? It looks more angered and insane than the original! Look it up!
[Newest]I always wonder if it would just drop out of the sky and murder me.

5SCP-173 - SCP: Containment Breach
Many heart attacks were had.
The other SCPs are scarier but oh well
A good creepypasta as well

6Fast Zombies - Half Life 2
They are really creepy... but luckily I have been playing this game for a long time
First words out of my mouth when I first saw this thing " AHHH! What IS THAT!? What IS THAT!? What IS THAT!? What IS THAT!? What IS THAT!? What IS THAT!?

7Mad Piano - Super Mario 64
You see a piano. You walk towards it. Then BAM! It opens up showing teeth and jumps at you!
Gave me a heart attack with this one
I find it quite humours

8Slender - Slender
Can everybody please just realize that his name is SlenderMAN, not just Slender
How isn't the being who changed the word "fear" in videogames as we know it not higher on the list? This was the first game that made me freeze in fear without even trying to.
Slenderman should be 1st. I mean its scary as hell... Well at least for me. Like I've played it a few times but every time I play it, I start breathing heavily and I start panicking. Not sure why that happens
[Newest]I know right make it 1

9The Aliens - Fallout 1, 2, 3

10Endermen - Minecraft
I agree cause I could never kill them because they teleport and they sound strange and scary and worst... PURPLE EYES! I don't get why they die in water.
The eyes. The eyes. Purple has never been so scary
How many times have you looked out the window and seen those purple eyes floating and disappearing in the dark?
[Newest]And have you even heard the new scream? Ugh so creepy and loud

The Contenders

11Snacker the Shark - Banjo-Kazooie
I was so afraid to go into the waters of Treasure Trove Cove.
Whenever he starts to attack, the Jaws theme starts to play.

12No Ammo Black Ops Zombies
I agree, having no ammo means to run around the map without harming the zombies.
I put this on here so I vote
When I'm out of bullets, I use a knife, but if I'm at round 10 or higher, forget it

13Lavender Town Theme - Pokemon Red/blue/yellow
I can not sleep
Scariest music ever! Its used a lot in creepastas
Because of this, over TWO HUNDRED children commuted scuicide


14Freddy Fazbear - Five Nights at Freddy's
He catches you completely off guard, like when your looking for one of the other animatronics, and when you feel safe (when both doors are closed), I only got jumped by him once, but I made sure it never happened again!
If he laughs again I'm gonna freak out
I almost got an heart attack by it
[Newest]It's kinda creepy when he laughs.


15Herobrine - Minecraft
Fake, not real, false, phony, stupid.


He sucks all he does is teleport
One time I was building a house lalalalala boom

16Stalking Creepers - Minecraft
Once I was minin' diamonds once I finished I walked out and went to my house. My bed is by a window. I woke up and I saw a creeper staring at me with those DARK Lifeless Eyes. Luckily I managed to kill it.
It scares the heck outta me when I turn around and they're right there about to explode
They are THE scariest things in Minecraft

17Mooshrooms - Minecraft
Scary, yeah right, who put this on this list seriously. What someone have a fear of mushrooms or something?
Mooshrooms are not scary
They are not scary, until you think about them more. Why are they like this? And if the game had a different graphics style, then it would look TERRIFYING.
[Newest]Who the heck put this here

18Secret Message - Sonic the Hedgehog CD
Scary. Just scary.

I will have you look up how to activate the Easter egg, but the message itself gave me nightmares. It consists of Sonic with a creepy look on his face, creepy boss music, and a letter in Japanese. The letter says "Fun is infinite with SEGA Enterprises. Sincerely, Majin."

However, if you do this on the Japanese/European version of Sonic CD, the music will change to a more lighthearted theme and it will actually seem quite funny...

The U.S. version is the one that will scare you.
This creeps me out
The music, creepy sonic, the message, all CREEPY!


19Big Daddy - Bioshock
I almost ran into one once. Scared the crap outta me.

20The Flood - Halo
Surprised this isn't top 10
Probaly very creepy back when released.

21Hunter - Left 4 Dead
When they trap you, they get your blood out so brutally. How can the survivors survive that?


Agree, they pull your blood out your body.


How do they survive getting trapped ok he is not scary but the tank is different

22Clickers - The Last of Us
Me and ellie hate this thing

23Ghost Cars - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Weird seeing a smashed up car driving around a forest with no one in the driver seat

24Barnacles - Half-Life
One hit with the crowbar and they are all dead.
I start to vomit when I go near them

25Mad Jack (Factory Boss) - Donkey Kong 64
I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt this: First boss with a well weaponized armourdillo (pun intended) was a breeze.
Second boss with a vengeful fire breathing Dragonfly on roids. Once again was easy.
Third boss. Your stuck on a 4x4 map of towers altrrnating in colours of blue or white like a chessboard.
Some reject 50ft Jack in the box that jumps from tower to tower trying to not only squash you, but throws fireballs at you, shoots lazers from its eye, and turns invisible.
But that sorta stuff didn't faze me it was a maniacle laugh that haunted me. It wasnt til I turned 15 that I had to settle the score.

26Adam MacIntyre - Dead Rising

27Wallmasters - Zelda Ocarina of Time

28Tails Doll - Sonic R
Sorry I forgot what its called but a very bad game goes creepy. If you pick tails doll and do something like tag sonic last he will come out of your T.V. and KILL YOU!

29Elegy of Emptiness Statue (Link Version) - Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask
Man, I can't get any sleep with that statue staring into my soul.
Some people also thinks that it's scary because of the Ben drowned thing.

30Princess Peach - Super Mario
Truly scarer then Giygas (sarcasm)


Really her she is not scary o com on remove this one ok if she was so scary browser won't be trying to get married to her

31Ghost Easter Egg - Super Mario 3D Land
Find this world in World 4-4. it's creepy, right?
Really very creepy. I hope Nintendo would remove it.

32The Sa-x (Metroid Fusion)
Those footsteps and creepy ass music. *shudder*

33Necromorphs - Dead Space

34Dead Hand - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
When I was little and I played this game (Zelda being my favorite series of all time. Played them all) I was afraid of the dark. I had to have my brother walk me everywhere. Even at age 15 they still creep me out. They were the mini bosses In The bottom of well and shadow temple that had 8 hands come out of the ground and a big pale fat creature would come and kill you
Why isn't THIS higher!?


Why Nintendo?! Please just sell Deadhand to Silent Hill and get this over with. I think he'd do quite well in the Silent Hill games.

35Game Over Music - Sonic CD (US Version)
Sonic CD was a great game, but the US soundtrack was so darn creepy. Especially the boss music...


Japan: You lost? Well, try again! It doesn't matter!
US: You lost? Well, rot in hell, you could even complete the game.

36Beyond Hell Valley Sky Trees - Super Mario Galaxy 2
It is a scary secret and it will give you nightmares
Hate iPhones. Pressed on accosent


37Game Over Screen - Donkey Kong Country (GBA)
Even if you complete the game in your SNES, it even puts the game over screen, like if they congratulated the kongs and then beat them up because they are actually enemies


38Dr. Andonuts' Magicant - Radiation's Halloween Hack

39Mangle - Five Nights at Freddy's 2

40Moblins - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
The guys where when you think everything is normal, you start to move and out of nowhere, one charges at you with a spear faster than ever. So scary!

41Scp-895 (Camera Disruption)

42Monsters Creeping Down That Dark Hallway In Silent Hill

43Beating Heart of Liberty City - Grand Theft Auto IV
Funny because is not scary
More weird than scary

44Crimson Head - Resident Evil
Don't EVER forget where you killed a zombie. For when you return to that spot, they become a crimson head! Really scary when you wander into the kitchen or basement thinking it's all cool since you already "disposed" of the zombies only to find there are bigger, faster, stronger versions of what you killed. They have definitely made my heart jump into my throat more than a few times.


45Kerrigan - Starcraft

46Subway Stations & Tunnels - Fallout 3

47Deathclaws - Fallout Series

48Marx Soul - Kirby Super Star Ultra

49Scarecrow - Arkham Asylum
Body Bag Part Had Me Like.

0 0

50Nihilanth - Half Life
He is just a big baby with a big head and an arm on his chest (like almost every creature in Half-Life).
The huge flying thing only scares me.

51Grunt - Amnesia
They make me play the game in 10 minute sessions. They are unstoppable so all you can do is hide and hope they don't find you. Miles scarier then anything on this list.

52Drowning - Sonic the Hedgehog
That music was so scary and watching Sonic struggling to breathe.

53Ghost Girl - Grand Theft Auto V
She appears at 11oclock man she scary
The ghost at Mt. Gordo that appears only at night.

54Guardians - Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
Of all the games I've played, this portion scared me the most. And yes, I have fought Giygas.

55Submerged Castle - Pikmin 2
The music is creepy, the boss is creepy, everything about it is creepy! It makes Giygas seems like Dora The Explorer.

56Link Statue - Majora's Mask
The Link statue is part of the Ben Drowned theory, which has not been proven to exist

57Jump Scares - Every Game Eva

58Weeping Angels - Doctor Who
Why do they even smash open a maze when thousands of indestructable statues that stalk you when you aren't watching.


59Golden Freddy - Five Night's at Freddy's
This thing is just terrifying! When it jumpscares me, I will always say "NOO! MAKE MY GAME CRASH INSTEAD! AH! ".

60Andross - Star Fox
Um, what? Yeah, the SNES version WAS creepy. But seriously, in my opinion, Andross from Star Fox 64 was scarier.

Did the guy who add this play Star Fox 64? You'd know what I'm talking about if you actually did.

61Mob of the Dead - Call of Duty Black Ops II
There is hung bodies everywhere!

62Skulltulas - Zelda Ocarina of Time / Skyward Sword

63Hunter - Prototype
What man? Can't you guys remember this rude dude, whose entrance skipped your heartbeat once

64Ghouls - Fallout

65Spiders - Minecraft
I get surprise all the time when I don't see them around & pop out. I hate them, because they go on above you always 😳
They are bums I mean not because I'm scared of spiders but think your minding your one business but then a spider come and killed you

66Boss Battle - Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

67Zone 3 - Off

68Tingle - The Legend of Zelda

69Majora's Incarnation- Zelda: Majoras Mask

70Amnion - Silent Hill Homecoming

71Super Mutant Behemoth - Fallout 3

72Numbers Station - Fallout 3
Can predict the death of Gary Coleman, the death of the British queen, etc.

73Porky Minch - Mother 3
He is not scarier than bonnie

Bonnie is scarier

Who put porky minch and mooshroom delete it!

74Blood - Any Video Game
Mondo mole from earthbound scares kids away
That's really what I'm worried about. The blood.

75Walker Jumpscares - Walking Dead

76Granny Rags - Dishonored
One time I was looting her house and she snuck up on me. scared the hell outta me.

77Suitor - Amnesia: The Dark Descent

78The Feeling That Glados Is Going to Kill You - Portal 1/2

79Death Scenes - Shadow of the Colossus
You see the colossus face and it is beyond creepy

80Bloaters - The Last of Us

81Hunters - The Last of Us

82King Bill - New Super Mario Bros. Wii
When he's around, your like "doo doo doo doo d-OH MY GOD!
Giant Bowser scares me more
This is the reason I only need 1 more star coin on Bowsers castle


83Magolor's Soul - Kirby's Return to Dreamland

84River Twygs Bed Theme - Super Paper Mario

85Waterwraith - Pikmin 2

86Battle Against the Masked Man Theme - Mother 3

87World of Nothing - Super Paper Mario
Its not really scary but more eerie and the song in no way helps

88Cave of the Past - Earthbound
I like lost underworld more

I like the song

I like the chomposaurs and wetnozaurs and ego stones

89The Distortion World - Pokemon Platinum

90Super Dimentio - Super Paper Mario

91Sonic. Exe - Sonic. Exe
Is this even real? Or just some false hoax? Because I don't know but I NEVER want to lay eyes on this

Sonic cd has a 100 percent real creepypasta that is realer than herobrine
The creepy face

92Vemon Scare - Lego Marvel Superheroes
You walk into a corridor and you stand there waiting to run thought, smash boxes and kill the bad guys. Just as you run off. The screen starts to flicker. You might think that something's wrong happening with the disk of the console. Suddnely venoms face fills up the screen with music that sounds like its belong to a horror movie. Before the screen flickers again and he vanishes. After that everything comes back to normal. Wait. Did I forget to say that this is a Lego GAME?!
It's a Lego game, but it still creeps me out!

93Gigis - Monster Hunter Tri
Those things are scary! I'm just running around, fighting a super boss, then these little blue worms stick to your armor and suck your blood!

94Needing to Beat Halo 2 On Legendary With Every Skull On

95Voldo - Soulcalibur
I don't know if its just me, but he creeps meh out :-(

96Hell Lords - Vapour

97Samantha Maxis - Call of Duty
In one map I forgot the name Samantha was the demonic announcer in world at war and she said to me in a creepy voice "DO YOU WANT TO PLAY" I was really scared

98Hunters - Halo

99Happy Mask Salesman - Majora's Mask

100Plumbers Don't Wear Ties - Plumbers Don't Wear Ties.
This game is horrifying! It has realistic graphics, but it's a slideshow! The storyline is stupid, and this game gave me nightmares on how horrible it is!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) laugh out loud I'm just kidding. This game isn't scary but it sucks though.

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