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Michael Jackson
No one is giving MJ a sympathy vote... Are you crazy? Anyone saying something like that does not know what an amazing range he had, how he could control his voice, or what he could do with it. His vocal range was a 4 octave of a tenor, he had an amazing vibrato and sang across just about every genre of music... It is one of the things he is known for. It's sad that some just don't know enough yet comment or merely dismiss him because he was a fantastic dancer as well and somehow they forget what he was originally known for, which was singing from a very young age with the soul of an experienced adult. The emotion and passion he sang with was so authentic and palpable. I am tired of seeing some people discount him when he was both a fantastic singer as well as dancer. He was the complete package as an artist.

Just because your favorite is someone else doesn't mean that it's right to belittle an artist that clearly was an amazing singer or ignore facts that have been in evidence for decades as is the case with Michael Jackson. I don't even know who some of these singers are but that doesn't mean I am going to belittle them.

I love both Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson. The both, to me have insane vocal range and could do so much with their God given talent as vocalists but if I have to choose, it is Michael for me.
Michael Jackson was great. His death was horrible and sad but some say he could still be alive. He was still awesome.


Michael Jackson is the best singer in the world. No doubt about that but people are loving Justin Bieber. This is just foolishness. You have to vote Michael Jackson. He is the greatest ever ever ever king of every thing in music. He is dead so what he is still alive in our hearts. This I am saying to every Michael Jackson fan. I am the greatest Michael Jackson fan ever in the history of the world. I love Michael Jackson very very very much. Michael Jackson is the greatest singer of all the time. His name will be remember ever in the history of all the centuries. His all songs were very very very nature loving and very very very sweet. I love them very much.
I agree. Michael jACKSON HAS really cool songs. His quality is awesome. Literally!


Started in the Jackson 5 being a superstar then and then going on to sing songs such as thriller and billie jean, you can't go against him! The King of Pop
Self proclaim don't leave that out. That's what he called himself and demanded MTV to address him as so, no one gave him that title he gave it to him self. Where in Elvis's case it was given to him by other singer's and entertainers and he never care for it and denounce it many times. Of all the great compliments given to Elvis by all the great people in the business all your boy and I do mean BOY had to say was they call him the king why not me. So there you go a little history lesson for you. And one more thing Bill Bailey created the moon walk not your boy just an impersonator nothing of his own.


[Newest]He Was Awesome! I can't Say how much I just can vote to him!
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2Freddie Mercury
How could you not vote for Freddie Mercury? Just imagine his lovely, bright character, his sweet sense of humor and is adorable, unique voice. He is the idol of a whole bunch of now beloved musicians like Lady Gaga..
So come on Darlings..
Perfect Singer! I never even heard of the guys at number 3 and 2. Every Queen song blows me away!
I know you heard of the number 3 and you know and I know where should be. The truth will set you free.


Freddie Mercury is the greatest vocalist and singer of all time. Why? That is because he has a unique voice that can simply not be replicated. The most unique and most beautiful voice that has ever graced this earth. There is no vocalist before or after him, that I could think of, that can sing the song "The Show Must Go On" or "Who Wants to Live Forever". What makes him so special is beyond my understanding. Maybe its his tone, or maybe its his accent. Whatever it is, it is the most amazing thing ever recorded and nobody will ever be able to pull it off.
[Newest]Freddie is the best, that's it. He has written songs never before heard, made some of the best harmonies known to man kind, and has a voice that cannot be replicated. he is just amazing
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3Elvis Presley
I was a teen when Elvis Presley began singing, but very few of his songs appealed to me: I grew up in a family of classical music lovers. Last year I found a station that played nothing but Mr. Presley's music, including the several takes required to make a master that satisfied him, his live concerts, and informal recordings of his in-studio and at-home jam sessions. I'm 64 years old, and I've never heard anything like Mr. Presley's voice. I still don't "like" everything he sang, but he has no equal among recorded singers. He could, and did, sing anything. When I read that the great tenor, Placido Domingo said, "He had the voice I wish I had gotten", I listened a little harder. Musicians themselves still place Mr. Presley at the top of their lists of excellent singers. If you don't, you haven't listened to the whole body of his work. Frank Sinatra sang for 60 years and recorded three times as many songs as Mr. Presley did in his scant 23 years-career, but even his magnificent voice pales beside Mr. Presley's. We lost him too soon, to overwork, to the damage his grueling schedule did to his body, and to the emotional damage caused by the isolation that was the price of his fame and of the ardent devotion of his legion of fans. We are the poorer for his loss, and music was deprived of the chance to grow from whatever his next inspiration would have been. I repeat, if you don't agree, do some listening -- there are more than 800 pieces of Mr. Presley's music to hear several times, to study, before you put his name anywhere but at the top of the list of outstanding singers of recorded music.
I couldn't say it as nice as you did... he will always be the king no matter what
Elvis Made Music As it is today, Without his great moves, Looks and Music, What Would Today's Music Be Like, a No1 Single By Rebecca Black's Friday.
Very attractive and sexy for his time. Beautiful voice, good entertainment. Would be in top 10
Would be in the top ten? Have you ever really listen to any of Elvis's music I mean really listen not just hound dog and don't be cruel. I mean the guy has more gold records than anyone charted more than anyone photography more than anyone copied more anyone never made a movie that didn't make a profit and the freak they got as number 1 was nothing but a poor Elvis imitation. People what's up with this crap you know who's number 1 I know who's number 1 and everyone on this list know's who's number 1 so stop insulting ELVIS he deserves better. These one dimensional singers don't belong on the same list with a three dimensional singer. I hope the blinders have been removed.


[Newest]Best singer ever! Not only was his voice so good, but so were his songs, his guitar and piano playing, his dance moves, and I know not many people think so, but his movies too.
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4Whitney Houston
I love the range and how good you can control the pitches so well
She's the best singer I've ever heard! The most beautiful voice to listen!
I her. She was not only a great singer but she had passhion for it. If only she didn't do drugs. Just because she dose them doesn't mean she wasnt the greatest singer of all time. Love her
[Newest]She is known as the Voice enough said
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5Amr Diab
Amr Diab took the Arab world to a higher level & he is a Must artist for the music-lovers. He started of 1983. 1988 he was marked as the best Egyptian artist. 1998 he was the first arabian artist who went international with his smashing hit Nour El Ain (AKA Habibi)
He sings in arabic, but his music is been translated into more than 7 languages.
Nour El Ain (Habibi) 1996
Awedony 1998
Amarein 1999
Tamally Ma'ak 2000
Wala Ala Baloh 2001
Ana Ayesh 2003
Leily Nahary 2004
We Maloh 2005
Ne'ol Eh 2007
Wayah 2009
Aslaha Btifrik 2010
La' Btestahel & El Helm (Comming very soon 2011)
Amr Diab is the king of Arabic music
He is the best selling middle eastern artist of all time
According to BBC, he has ruled the Arab music world, specially Egypt and the Middle East, since mid 80s, continually breaking sales records. His songs has been translated to more than seven different languages. The three-time World Music Awards Winner, Amr Diab, is the Founder of Mediterranean Music.
I love this man and he is the legend. King of eastern music
[Newest]Just went to listen to this guy I never heard of. Gave him a chance, but he don't belong anywhere near #5, not even near #50.
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6Robert Plant
Robert Plant had a true quality of Rock in his voice, like he sung Rock itself. He could sound crazy, beautiful, disturbed... whatever he needed to fit the song, and the passion he sung with is unbeatable. Certainly the greatest singer in the Rock Genre and probably the greatest vocalist of all time.
It's really sad that Plant didn't get on the top ten...
he is by far the greatest rock and roll singer of all time, and will always be emulated, but never surpassed. He is much too original to ever be forgotten for his contributions.
I think that Robert Plant is good but still he has a good band to follow him, jimmy page and john bonham, but still Led Zeppelin is the best band of all time
[Newest]This guy rocks. He's just amazing
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Girl You Are the QUEEN of music. I don't see why you haven't got the top ten hammered down. Your Great! Just keep the great music comming. Love Ya! Madonna


I LOVE Madonna. Singing is not all about how good your voice is. But what you do with your voice.



Sarah Geronimo can sing in different genres... And she's good at all of them. And when she can't do something, she'll admit it and not struggle to do it because she know she can't unlike Charice.


An artist who has stood the test of time and had an unbelievable impact on the music world. Will surely go down in history as one of our time's greatest performers. She is better now than when she started 30 years ago.
[Newest]! She is rated over many other good singers.
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8Paul McCartney
great vocals.... great songwriter!
The Beatles changes music forever. Paul McCartney also has a much better voice than MJ. He really should be higher up on this list, if not #1.
Why isn't he top, he has an enormous range, but not only that, he has got an extremely good voice, the best singer of all time in my opinion
[Newest]Lets put it this way. He sounds better then his partner Kanye and has like 50 years on him. he is an amazing singer

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9John Lennon
he should be number one
listen to 'girl', 'a day in the life', 'imagine', especially 'mother'
all very emotional
really grips your mind
Great person, good vocals, Innovator
When you listen to lennon's voice in the early beatles like twist and shout and help his voice is like none other. Then later there's come together and jealous guy and he doesn't even sound the same but he still sounds awesome. John lennon obviously deserves to be in the top 5 alongside paul or the beatles weren't the best band ever
[Newest]I love John lennon his so talented and all of his songs just go straight to your heart
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10Jared Leto
His vocal range is amazing. Almost nobody knows what is his range, But everybody knows that is the best. I love Jared, his voice and 30 Seconds to Mars.
Jared is able to show a large range with his voice. He can go from a harsher rock sound, to a punk sound, to a sound completely unique and all his own. It would be very hard for others to show such range (including some of the people higher up on the list). You can recognize his sound, and he has extreme passion, and his lyrics have MEANING. Truly inspirational. Clearly should be in the top 10. Easily in the top 5. In my opinion, #1
Amazing vocal range that doesn't sound cheesy... Amazing vibrato, and low range and insane high range energy and screaming! And best of all its all original...
[Newest]John is the best because of his massages he sent to lovers who get his song he is just the best
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The Contenders

11Celine Dion
hey, celine dion must be in top 1..
because she has the greatest voice ever!
no one can bet her! and her song my heart will go on is hte greatest song ever!
Surprised that Celine is not in this. One of the power house voices to be reckoned with.
Top 5. With Whitney, Mariah
As THE best selling female artist ever, her voice speaks for itself and is far superior to Mariah's or Whitney's
[Newest]Celine Dion is one of the most powerful, most sincerest vocalists ever!


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Damn, those dislikes are real.

I don't know this person, but based on the dislikes of the supporters, I'm assuming that this dude can't sing, like what that other person said...


Absolutely stunning voice and someone who knows his stuff! This man is going to go far! His new Album titled Rhydian, is out now and already sold over 300,000 copies!


Rhydian sings with so much passion and emotion. His live performances (many on youtube) will blow you away!


13Steve Perry
"The Voice" is none other than Steve Perry, one of the greatest singers of our time! His vocal range is second to none and he can sing anything! Steve's talent seems to be appreciated more and more as time goes on by his generation, as well as new generations. Timeless and awesome - that's the voice of Steve Perry!
Steve Perry is the consummate performer! He can sing ANYTHING; he's not boxed in by one particular kind of music. Remember, Steve Perry is "The Voice" and he will go down in music history as one of the very best singers of our time, bar none!
People must be blind if they don't vote for steve perry, one of the great majestic singers of all time. He still writing and producing music till this day. Don't stop believing hold on to that feeling, put him the top 2 make him #1 HE DESERVES THIS. I WILL BE A FAN FOREVER.
You are so very totally correct! He is the best singer of ALL TIME!
[Newest]No contest. Steve Perry should be #1.
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14Axl Rose
Axl should be number 1! How can you compare welcome to the jungle and Chinese democracy to michael jackson? Both are really powerful songs. Axl still has it!
Axel is no doubt the greatest front man in history. He had an amazing voice which is sadly overshadowed by his disputes with Guns N' Roses. Still doesn't take away the fact that he is up there with the Rock Gods. 20 years later he still is the best!
I've heard many 1000's rock bands, and I'm sure "Axl is the best singer ever"
[Newest]Guns n roses rock n roll
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15Chester Bennington
Chester=the best. PERIOD. No one even comes close to chester, he can sing everything and has the ability to scream better than anyone and can just straight up sing... Go Chester, go LP, go Dead by Sunrise(name of Chester's side project)!
I think chester bennington is by far the best singer of modern day. He gives LP songs the edge that no other song has. No one can really compare to Chester Bennington. His voice is the most unique and powerful voice I have ever heard... Chester Rules!
Chester is "THE BEST. " He is absolutely the best. It does not matter how many albums sold; how many concerts attended; whatever. His voice is so much better and he really gives it emotion. He's also a great person, too. Listen to "Given Up. " Its like a 15 second huge scream. Its amazing. This guy deserves #1, no doubt.
[Newest]Chester is the reason for my metal obsession.
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16Tamer Hosny
Best singer alive today. The KING! Easily better than Michael Jackson! Obviously, Michael Jackson has got no nose... Laugh out loud! Tamer Hosny will beat anyone! Anyone, trust me.


He is most popular singer in the middle east
He is Egyptian
And he is known in middle east as king of generation
He has 8 singing albums albums as he is also acting he has 3 films
And he is composing songs and also writing songs for him self and for anther singers
Tamer hossny is the star Almnrba the sky Arabic singing as he was able to reach its position has not reached many of the artists who work in the area long ago tamer hossny deserved to win and deserves to be up to first place it has genuine talent and good sense of the delicate and good performance, I love tamer With all my heart


[Newest]He really deserves to be the best

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Justin bieber, shakira and britney spears better than Eminem?
Who vote for them don't know nothing about music.
Eminem is above Sinatra, Beyoncé, Aretha, Adele, Christina Aguilera, Jon Bon Jovi. I mean, he's good, but his voice just can't be compared to those music legends.
I love every single song eminem has wrote favorite would have to be NOT AFRAID, STAN, CRACK A BOTTLE, LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE, AND MOCKING BIRD
These guys don't really know the music! How can shakira be better than eminem? Come on
[Newest]Marshall Bruce Mathers is the best. End of story. 'Stronger Than I Was' is one of his best songs in my opinion, it shows his musical range. He can sing, and rap. He's amazing, hands down. He should be number 1. Deuces.
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18Frank Sinatra
A lot of clueless people out there. Frank is hands down the greatest entertainer of all time
Should be number one. The was he brought a story into a song and put emotion into it is unrivaled. His vibrato control is the best of any singer past or present. The beauty of his breathing technique is so subtle and unappreciated. My vote for top 3 of all time.
Beautiful smooth. This describes the man and the voice. Would definitely make the top ten
[Newest]This list is full of morons, Eminem is not a singer. Sinatra is in the top five, not just because of his voice but his influence. People need to wake up to reality.
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19Jon Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi sings about what is real and what is going on in the world. Bon Jovi sings with energy, emotion, and relationships.
Jon has incredibly powerful voice and he's also a great rhythm guitarist. Songs like My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms give you thrills.
please! JON BON JOVI is the best still they keep in the top to all the songs RESPECT! ^^ long life to BON JOVI the big, the best of the world
[Newest]Eminem isn't a singer. He's a rapper. He's badass. But he just doesn't belong with the singers
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20Katy Perry
My favorite songs by Katy Perry are
1. Firework. (I wrote this comment on July 4th 2012)
2. Teenage dream
3. I kissed a girl
4. Part of me
5. ET
6. Wide Awake
7. The One That Got Away
8. California Girls
9. Last Friday Night
10. Hot n' cold
You seems like a fan who only pays attention to her singles, ignoring completely her really good songs... Most of those not even stand on my Katy Perry TOP 50... Those songs are great, but she has far better songs... My opinion, of course...
No offense, but I think Katy's voice can get a little robotic after a while, unlike others on here. I respect the many achievements she has done and made but that's just my main problem with her.
YES! YES! YES! I love this girl! I definitely think she should be ranked higher. She has always been a favorite singer of mine and probably will always be! She is so talented and I am so happy for her that she has been so successful with each one of her albums-I mean she has had like 5-8 singles and hits on the radio and worldwide for every album-now that is one of the most impressive things I have ever heard of! Keep up the awesome work Katy!
Can someone give me a song that shows that she has good vocals that makes her deserving of being in the top 25 of this list, just because someone has a lot of singles doesn't mean the deserve to be on the best singers list?


[Newest]She is the best... Of all other female artists... She is "POP QUEEN"... Her voice is like of an angel... I really love her... My dream is to met her... And I can do any thing for that...
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21Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey is an inspiring singer! I'd love to be like her. She has many hit singles including 'always be my baby', 'bye bye', 'I'll be there' and hit Christmas single 'all I want for Christmas is you'. Although my favorite song of Mariah Carey is 'Hero' because every time I listen to that song it reminds me to never give up no matter what. Also it shows, the soldiers in war are all really having a hard time. But the most amazing thing is she actually wrote the song. When I listen to Mariah singing it(on You Tube)she shows great emotion and I believe she actually means what she is saying.

Mariah Carey is not like many other singers today- she doesn't just create an 'upbeat' song to make a lot of money and to have fame but because she wants to show why she is singing and why she became a singer in the first place.
Mariah can really sing her songs
Have any of you people heard her sing? She has a range like nobody else, and she is also HOT HOT HOT!
[Newest]Mariah carey is the best! Should be number 1
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22Layne Staley
Layne's voice was one of a kind. He sang with such emotion and such soul. He delivered all the time. He should be number one. Not 13. There is not another singer that can match the power and conviction of Layne Staley.
So unique. Gives me chills to hear him sing. He left way before his time.
Layne Staley belted out lyrics with pure emotion. You can actually feel it in every note. His music touched souls and changed lives. His live performances were stellar as he gave 100 ~~ of himself... Body and soul! He may be gone, however his music will always live on.
[Newest]This list is a joke. Layne had one if the best voices in rock. He is one singer I can listen to all day and never get sick of his voice. He sang with such soul and was a beautiful person. He was never given his due. He was written off as a junkie. Well so was Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. And they immortalized them! Layne rules. He was the best and will always be missed by his fans! RIP BEAUTIFUL!
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Beautiful voice and amazing music. One of the best artists of the new millennium.
What the-
Why isn't Adele at the top? In my opinion, she deserves to be number 1! Adele is amazing, for she puts soul, heart, and feeling into her music. She inspired me to sing, so bring her to the top people!
With the people already on here adele definitely deserves a spot
[Newest]Yes I'm not stupid 💖💞💜❤️😍😘😎
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24Sarah Brightman
Sarah has one of the most amazing voices of all time. She is by far better then the singers above. She is not only classically trained but can sing other genre like pop/rock etc. She can sing aria's made for the coloratura, the lyrical, and the dramatic soprano. How many singers can pull that off and then switch to an entirely different genre of music in a single concert. I saw her live and she was amazing. In fact her song "La Luna" takes amazing skill to even pull off. She sings it so lyrically but then she brings in her dramatic power and just sings out those high notes. A question of honour is extremely difficult starting off with the aria from La Wally and then going into a more pop rock tone and then ending with pure dramatic soprano opera. Love that song.
Sarah's vocal tone is unrivalled in beauty. Her passionate and insightful interpretations in all types of music (including classical, jazz, musicals, folk, pop,and classical crossover) transport the listener into a dreamscape of intoxicating beauty and have won her the most devoted fanbase imaginable. She is officially the biggest selling soprano in human history and beloved by those whose hearts are ravished by the unique voice of the Angel of Music.


[Newest]Character of sarah is more than these cheap singers, you can't compare it...
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25Sonu Nigam
Best singer ever in India but I can't believe that he is ranked below Mika. Please vote for him wisely. He deserve at least in top 50.
The versatile and best singer in India. He has all the potential for any type of singing in all Indian language and English too. Able to sing any type of song able to sing in different voice uniquely. The most deserving voice from India and very popular among all music lover around the world.
He is God of singing. He is best not in India all over the world. He can sing any kind of song in any language. Who understand Hindi little bit they knows his quality. He has all qualities to be best all time.
[Newest]I love you sonu nigam
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His voice is special, and he's the best performer I've ever seen my life
A unique voice with astonishing range. This talented Russian singer is also a gifted songwriter and composer. The depth of emotion he gives to his songs reaches into your very soul. He will move you you, brighten your mood, or bring you to tears, but he will never leave you untouched. Once you fully experience him, you will never be the same.
He is not only a great singer but also he inspire good feelings. I can listen him for the rest of my life.
[Newest]Incredible falsetto that sounds strong, clear and energetic.

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She has special voice
Rihanna has an unique voice and she deserves be on top 10
She is my favourite singer. She is perfect and her songs wonderful. Diamonds is the best.
[Newest]She is a beautiful singer

Beyonce is the best.. She should be on the top. Her singles like single ladies and halo cannot be beaten.. They make you want to move... Shes the best and I am her biggest fan.. Love you beyonce
OH HELL. NO! They call her Queen Bey for a reason, because there is Queen Bey and King Michael. 1 and 2! She should be second only to Michael. Have you ever heard the song Listen? Listen to Listen and then go listen to songs from the people you have put above her, who's singing is the best?! Plus, she can dance at the same time without lip syncing! She had the best song in 2002 with destiny's child, 2003 (Crazy in love), 2007 (Irreplaceable) and 2009 (Single Ladies). First woman to headline Glastonbury in 25 years! Everyone knows who she is, everyone knows the uh-oh dance and not to mention "to the left, to the left"... She is one of the most famous women ever to walk the face of this Earth. One word, BEYONCE!
Beyonce placed 30? What? You gotta be kidding me. Beyonce is definitely one of the most inspirational, astounding, beautiful, warm-hearted, funny, diligent, and powerful singers and entertainers of our time. From her Destiny Child days to where she is now, she has always shown great commitment and passion in her music career as well as her fans, including ME! I love many songs by her, especially Crazy in Love, I Was Here, Listen, and, ah so many! She can rock it on stage, dancing in those high heels and still can sing and reach every single note without even taking a breath. I love her so much as I am one of her many admirers, and may she be blessed to continue to make many more great songs and inspiring people around the world from generation to generation
[Newest]She should be 2nd
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29Enrique Iglesias
Enrique is the best singer of all time. He sings from his soul and no one can be compared with him. He is even better than Michael Jackson. He deserves to be on the top. This list is wrong. Love you enrique!
Enrique is best no one can beat him. He has quality in his song, he deserves to be no1 unfortunately this list is wrong. First listen Michael jackson and then listen enrique, you will realize that enrique is best 4 ever
Enrique deserves to be number 1. He can sing way better then Michael Jackson. This list is so wrong.
[Newest]Best singer in music history. I must say
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30Tose Proeski
He was, is and will always be the best singer for me! He was Macedonian Angel and still is. I listen his songs every day and I'm asking, why God took him.. I need you, and we all pray for you, every day.. Love you, forever!
No one is born as he is... Superior voice features, the pure heart of a great humanitarian... Because God took him to be his own guardian angel... Rest in peace... We love you Tose!
Took the Balkans by storm, left too early. Will always be remembered by his heavenly voice and great character, was always people's favorite.
[Newest]He was the best Macedonian and also Serbian singer. His every song was huge hit and is now. :(

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31Josh Groban
Josh Groban is NOT only an amazing opera singer, he is also one that has crossed over to many genres. He can make a song be relatable to anyone, and not just one age group. And well... Just listen to his own voice. Technically speaking, he literally IS the best singer of all time. His voice is extremely powerful, and the way he hits those low bass notes, and then goes into his higher range in the next second is nothing short of remarkable. A voice like Josh Groban's simply shouldn't exist. He could out sing the best when he was only nineteen, and now at thirty, he's still amazing... And his voice hasn't even fully MATURED YET. (The male voice reaches it's peak at 35-38). Oh, and by the way, he is also the most consistent record seller, according to Rolling Stone Magazine, in the past ten years. He also has a charity to give money to arts programs that are lacking funds. So he has a heart, and talent to boot.
No one has ever moved me like the voice of this angel. His music touches my soul. He sang me through a depression. He can always lift my mood. His live appearances are a zillion times better than his cds and his cds rock the earth. he has an awesome personality and is an all around good guy. There is no way you will ever do better than Josh. He is one of a kind and no one will ever fill his shoes.
Whenever Josh Groban sings either on T.V. , live at a concert, or even on the radio, it is like you are listening to magic being made. His tone is so pure and powerful, it's like he's reaching through the stereo and giving you a hug with his voice. Honestly, just pull up a song and listen to him. He can either rock with Sting, or serenade someone with Michael Buble, and it's amazing. He is the one artist I know who can cross over into so many other genres, and not just opera. One might say that he's just another Pavarotti, but I don't believe Pavarotti ever had teenage girls crying out to him alongside grandmas who said, "Oh, he's such a nice boy! " Even if Josh doesn't make it to the top of this list, he simply deserves to be on here. The emotions he brings out using his voice are nothing less than remarkable.
[Newest]Josh Groban is one of few who can reach those high pitch and that low tones. He's got an amazing voice and he can sing really advanced stuff.
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32Kurt Cobain
How can he be this low? That just boggles the mind. A complete grunge legend, maybe one of the first and few grunge singers to actually have semi-clean vocals at times. Amazing.
Father of Grunge, an example and inspiration to a big number of today's bands
Simply the best! Thank you for all, Kurt. We will always remember you...
the men is just amazing, maybe not in a stetic and impecable kind of way, but his voice really reaches anybody's soul
[Newest]Disgusting that he isn't #1 to be honest
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33Taylor Swift
Taylor swift is just amazing! she deserves to be at least in the top 10. I love her! her songs are about what she feels like, and she knows her fans are dealing with the same thing. its like shes looking at our diaries or reading our minds.. thats how awesome taylor is
No offense, but I have to disagree. She's beautiful and she's got a great voice but all she ever seems to sing about is breaking up. She's not very creative in her music. It seems like break ups are all she ever sings about.
Taylor Swift should be number 1! She has the best voice and I hope I grow up to be just like her! (and she is so pretty).
Taylor Swift is definitely not number 127 she is definitely number 1
She rocks and EVERYONE in the entire world knows it
She has more fans than anyone can count and P.S. I am her #1 fan
So whoever runs this website better make taylor swift #1 because she without a doubt deserves is and no offense but taylor swift is a better singer than miley cyrus but miley cyrus should be #5
[Newest]Taylor Swift it's the b best and the most beautiful singer. I just love her songs and obviously her voice. I LOVE YOU TAYLOR SWIFT!
More comments about Taylor Swift

34Bruno Mars
he is the best! his voice is amazing and he is really pretty and nice. so I think, that he is on of the best. Bruno Mars YOU ARE my special singer!
Why is he not in this list? He should be ranked higher, seriously. He can sing high notes AND he was the youngest Elvis Presley impersonator professionally at the age of 2. Later in his teen years he started impersonating Michael Jackson (which means he can moonwalk) He's also a songwriter, producer and many more! He has a good personality and good sense of humour ;) And his performances are never boring!
He is my favorite singer... Bruno Mars! YOU ARE THE BEST! I loved his songs. Just the way you are, Grenade, lazy son'
[Newest]Joking that he's in 31? He ought to be in THE TOP TEN! His voice is amazing and there is nobody like him. If I'd get a chance I would make him first in the list! He sings all kind of songs and he deserves to be in the TOP TEN! Love him... !
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35Lady Gaga
No artist since Charles Baudelaire, the cursed poet, had managed to express with such magnificence and lyricism the beauty of the dark side of the human soul. Where most artists are paddling in shallow lyrics and soppy feelings, Lady Gaga reaches deep, right to the core of our hidden self. She steps where no-one dared to step before, and expresses with simplicity, honesty and charm the very emotions that the self-righteous society is striving to suppress with prudishness.

Lady Gaga isn't just a talented pop singer, dancer, actor and composer. She is a poet and a philosopher, the starting point of a new school of thought whereby humans are to understand their part of shadow and accept that they are born this way.
Gaga.. Your "romance" is "born" within you.. With whom I want to " marry in the night ".. With your "Judas".. I would like to see your"Alejandro" sitting on the "Edge of Glory" and want to "Dance" and talk with you on " Telephone ".. Seeing you.. I am so " Starstruck " watching your "Poker Face".. "You and I" would watch "Paparazzi" clicking our photos.. This is the "Love Game"!
I was scrolling down and down looking for lady gaga and I can't believe she's all the way down here. I love her so much and the reason for that is because well, there is many different reasons. One of them is that she really devotes herself to her little monsters and her music. She also has the most beautiful voice. Another one is because she helped people get through really tough times with the messages in her songs. She helps us express ourselves and accept ourselves for no matter who we our. These are the things that make her stand out but their is something different and special about her that makes her unique. She has really showed the world how wonderful she is. I love lady gaga to death and will do anything for her. She is so talented. I love you mother monster. Paws up!
[Newest]I don't like her I don't know what you like about her singing
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36Bruce Dickinson
This guys scream is enough to knock Michaels Jackson's nose off.
Amazing singer with a huge range. Can sing high and rival Di'Anno's earlier work, or sing low and replicate Blaze's work.
Best metal singer along with Rob, tate, kiske and dio
[Newest]This guy is an amazing voice, he should be on the top ten
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37Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin is easily top ten material. No offense to people ranked higher, such as Elvis, who had a more profound impact on the music industry than Aretha Franklin but she is a much better singer than Elvis. It is also completely ludicrous that people such as Justin Bieber and Eminem are ranked higher than Aretha Franklin simply because of popularity. Those two have barely any singing talent whatsoever. People need to vote on these lists based on criteria and not popularity.
Whoever voted for Justin Bieber rather than this amazing singer should probably seriously consider jumping off of a very, very steep cliff. Rolling Stone magazine voted Ms. Franklin as the number one singer of all time. Justin Bieber (who is FOUR spots HIGHER on this list) was not even mentioned in the conversation. There goes my little rant about you dumbasses that make me vomit.

Now on a more positive note, Aretha belted out notes better than any other artist ever could. She was a role model not only for all women in the singing business, but also, all singers. She sang with all her heart and soul, not holding anything back. Aretha was, and forever will be, an icon of what actual music can be. Beautiful voice, unbelievable passion, and limitless soul is what made Aretha the greatest singer of all time.
There is no one on the planet that can sing like this woman and I doubt there ever will be. Her songs are instantly recognizable and provoke a mad scramble to the dance floor. There will be be no one like her for a long time to come. Her only equivalent would be Michael Jackson.
[Newest]A shame that this great singer is as misclassified!

She's absolutely the most original, and the greatest performer, with powerful voice that leaves us shocked and amazed. She's definitely number one, she can sing her heart out and she sings her own compositions which make her even better.
She's cool! And very attractive. She can dance and did many things like a playing a guitar etc.
She has done lot of things to help little children and she is great in using vocals and also a great belly dancer
[Newest]I just have one word for her AWESOME that's what she is
More comments about Shakira

39Stevie Wonder
Why is he not in the top ten stevie should be in the top 3
Not my favorite singer, in fact I'm not a big fan of his music. However, this is a list of the best singers in the world and Stevie is without a doubt worthy of the top five. In my opinion I would put Elvis first, John Lennon second, Stevie wonder third, Robert Plant forth and Freddie Mercury fifth. But that's just my opinion peace and love.
Original voice, one of a kind. Great entertainer. Inventive.
[Newest]He should be number 1

40Christina Aguilera
She's a so talented singer, beautiful girl, wonderful mother and simply very kind person.
Hum... There sould be a problem with this Top Ten List. Like, Christina is so much better than Madonna, for example. But ain't a list that changes the fact that she is the best. She has a POWERfull range and she is SIMPLY THE BEST. SORRY.
Christina I think shall be above any other pop singers in any list in terms of singing. Simply because Christina really know how to sing and artistic enough to become a legend.
[Newest]She is such a TALENTED person! Christina has a huge gift, that no one could ever miss.
More comments about Christina Aguilera

41Amy Lee
One of the best voices I've ever heard. Just awesome. You never get bored, always the felling when you heard it first...
Amy Lee has amazing and beautiful voice which is definitely is loved by us!
Amy lee is the best rock singer I've ever heard... She writes her song herself that is called talent and the way she dress is just awesome... Her songs are just epic
[Newest]Amy Lee has such an amazing voice! Sweet and clear but powerful and strong all at the same time. I love her tone and the thickness of her voice! How can she lose to Madonna and Rihanna? And Eminem? He's not even a singer he's a rapper..
More comments about Amy Lee

42Chris Cornell
Why is Cornell not higher on the this list? In terms of vocal range, songwriting ability, stage presence, diversity and longevity he is easily one of the greatest singers of all time. Admittedly Soundgarden never quiet achieved the popularity they were capable of, Temple of the Dog has become a forgotten treasure and Audioslave was over before they began. Really, Chris Cornell left before their debut album was released and came back after it was successful. His solo career seems unfocused with too much trying to be a poor man's Jeff Buckley. Chris Cornell could have been much more but he's still a legend.
My favorite vocalist of all time... I love all of his bands from soundgarden to audioslave even temple of the dog... My all-time favorite. I know that whitney houston is a great singer... But people are all obsessed with her now because she died! That's not right, you might brag that you have all the 45's of houstons, but did you have that before february 11th? Now people are gonna be buying up all the donna summer cds (even though I love her voice) half the people that have all her cds have never heard of her since a couple of days ago. But I'm not bashing any of these singers, and I pity anyone who does. No one should be bashed for their talent. People who do put down other people are jealous who have nothing better to do... Perfect example: justin bieber. You either love him or you hate him... I personally hate his music (I'm a grunge head so I hate new music) but I think he's an alright person. Turning into a douchebag, but he still has potential and people shouldn't bash other people for their talent. All these people make money... Can you say the same for yourself "f****** hypocrite! "(line from clerks) peace out!
He deserves to be at number 1 in my opinion
The guy has got the best voice in rock history
He is got a huge vocal range only in chest voice
And He can pull it all off live and beautifully
Some are even better than the studio
To me cornell is a god of singing and he deserves to be at the top
[Newest]Chris cornell deserves top ten, extremely powerful voice when hitting high notes
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43M. Shadows
I think that Avenged Sevenfold should be better known. They are a great band! And M. Shadows is amazing!
Man if anyone can hit the notes like him at the end of "I won't see you tonight part 1", I'll bow to them. That my friend, is unreal.
Two Words... Avenged Sevenfold... None better... Never will be.
[Newest]For all the hard rock fans and otherwise too... You should listen to Avenged Sevenfold!

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44Bill Kaulitz
Bill Kaulitz has a totally unique way of expressing himself on stage. He does not need back-up dancers to get the audience's attention. When I first heard his voice I felt like I was in heaven. He writes great lyrics. He has an awesome voice, even live, which is pretty hard to find in a singer. He supports PETA and he loves animals, he loves his fans and, together with Tom, Georg and Gustav, he does his best to make us happy with their music. I am forever in debt to them for this.
There is something in his voice that makes me get crazy for him.
And he is very very nice with is fans..
Thank you Bill, for make me happy!.
Yes, Bill Kaulitz is not only a beautiful person, he has a beatiful soul, an amazing voice and he IS ESPECIAL, AND AMAZING, sincerely, the most good person that I know.. He's just what I love, and all who strengthens me. It is simply the reason of being breathing. Congratulations to Who might one day look into his eyes and hear an "I love you, " I hope that gives the due value. Ace fans who really love him, who has a real and strong love for him, not desist from your dreams, and if people tell you to stop love him, do not listen, just follow your heart.
[Newest]He is the best...
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45Ozzy Osbourne
Unusual, unique but amazing voice. Brilliant singer.


Ozzy has always had a great voice. It has never changed.




[Newest]This is the Godfather of heavy metal.. He should be in the top.
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46Rob Halford
To see Rob Halford down here is almost disgraceful. Along with Geoff Tate, Dio and Bruce Dickinson; he belongs in the top 20 if not top 10.
I have no arguments with MJ and Freddie on top but who the heck is Rhydian and how do people have the nerve to rate him higher than the Metal God?
Hell, that Rhydian guy has only released one album which amounts to nothing.
Rob Halford has been performing since 1974, astonishing people with that awesome voice. He had a range of 4 - 6 octaves and could easily change his style to match the music. From sweet, soft, sad songs like Dreamer Deceiver; Blood Red Skies; Last Rose of Summer and Beyond the Realms of Death to vicious snarling metal tunes like Breaking the Law; Hell Bent for Leather; Delivering the Goods; etc. He could reach notes so high, it could make fine crystal break. I'm talking about Dissident Aggressor; Painkiller; Sinner; Exciter, Ram it Down and the mac-daddy of Priest songs, Victim of Changes, where his entire vocal range is showcased in all its glory.
So come on guys, vote up the METAL GOD!
You all Are NUTS! How can anyone ever compare singers like Michael jackson and axl rose with the Metal God Rob Halford?! In his prime he had a vocal range over 6 octaves and tell me who else in the world had a better falsetto wail/tenor voice than him, huh? I'm sick and tired of people not giving Heavy Metal music the honor and respect it deserves. Rob Halford is the greatest Metal singer and the greatest singer/frontman of all genre of all time.. If he is second then he's second only to Robert plant and no one else and don't you forget it! Metal God Rules!
You know, I like Iron Maiden more than Judas Priest and Bruce Dickinson has an amazing voice but, Rob Halford I must admit is superior. Sorry Bruce.


[Newest]The 5 top artists should include rob halford, freddie mercury, ozzy osbourne, bruce dickinson, and robert plant.
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47Myles Kennedy
84? Are you kidding? Eminem? JUSTIN BIEBER? OMG Guys... The world falls to pieces... Who can vote Justin Bieber more than Myles Kennedy? Bah...
I have to say that I'm not exactly a fan of Myles Kennedy's voice, I'm not a fan of AB either, but it's impossible to deny what a great singer he is. He truly has an impressive vocal range, making it some times hard to believe it's the same person singing a whole song with parts where he sounds so different. Live he's outstanding, giving, most of the times, almost perfect or even perfect performances which are charged with emotion. I just had to vote for him.
Myles musical ability far outmatches anyone on this list. You cannot even compare these people to him.
[Newest]Myles kennedy has the best vocal range how can he be at tank 51?!
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48Billie Joe Armstrong
No one, ever will be such an amazing artist as BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG

There's a contest between Billie and Reverend Strychnine Twitch and Wilhelm Fink... but I pick Billie.
The List makers do not know or have not yet listened to BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG,
A voice like he has got is just incomparable, its a big shame that people like Chester(who know only to shout), Michael Jackson(who is a disguised male, Madonna, Celine Dion and others...

You can listen to wake me up when September ends for a better knowledge of how good he is...
Or listen to 21 guns, Macy's day parade, good riddance basket case,...
Just any green day song...

[Newest]He needs to be up there... Definitely one of the best voices ever!
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49Avril Lavigne
She the coolest singer ever. Her PUNKY look and her own style, shows and proves that she is the most fab singer. Her songs have rocking beats and all her slow songs like complicated, when your gone, etc are so damn touching. You may find her a girl next door and the very next moment a princess. Her voice is awesome and I think that she deserves to be among top 30. Her videos are perfect and depict her cool lifestyle. She is the coolest girl vid her great voice. Love her. And can't wait for her next song.
I think can't find any one to compare with her! She has many fan in all of the world!
She's my first idol. Avril is the most admired female singer now. I will love her forever.
Even though I live in china and I am chinese. BUT I will try my best to support her.
[Newest]This is my idol
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50Matt Bellamy
If you really think that Mathew Bellamy deserves to be this low on the chart, simply look up MUSE- Micro Cuts. After that, If you really, really think that Matt is not one of the best singers IN THE WORLD, then you are obviously a fanboy of some sort.
Honestly, looking at this list and many others is just saddening. Too many times have they put singers such as John Lennon, or Kurt Cobain too high. When singers like Matt Bellamy are ranked low. I guess it's more of a popularity contest than actual singing? Don't get me wrong, they're all great singers, but if you have Kurt Cobain (Just an example) at number 45 (Referring to Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Singers of All Time) when Matt Bellamy isn't even on the list seems wrong in my opinion. I mean, since when does making you one of the best song writers of all time make you one of the best singers of all time? (John Lennon is ranked higher than Freddie Mercury on that list... ) That's like saying, the best reader is the best writer, sure they're very related and being a great reader helps your writing, but it doesn't necessarily make up for the talent for writing. What I'm trying to say is, people need to stop picking their favorites in these types of things. Yes, song writing is a big part in being a singer, but you can be the greatest song writer in the world and not be a good singer. Some of these lists aren't even factoring in technique and skills such as range, control, pitch, breathing, doing extra things (which Bellamy does a lot) such as interacting with the crowd and playing another instrument (multitasking). I believe live performances are more important than anything since, a great singer will be better live then they are recorded. Which, Bellamy does a lot. And we all know Freddie was possibly the best frontman in history.
Matt can do anything he wants with his voice. He has a wide vocal range. Just listen to songs like Micro Cuts, Stockholm Syndrome, New Born, Supermassive Black Hole, and Exogenesis Part 1: Overture, and YOU'LL SEE WHY HE SHOULD BE #1!
[Newest]He's definitely one of the best English singers of all time!
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51Steven Tyler
Should be #1
Deamon of screaming
Amazing range
Amazing variety of songs
Wonderful song writer
Go listen to dream on, the other side, mama kin, don't wanna miss a thing, deuces are wild, nine lives, you see my cryin, trip hoppin, monkey on my back, and dude (looks like a lady) and you'll start to get an idea of why he is the best(i didn't put all these because they are my fav. More because they show a lot of variety)
he should be number 1 what a beautiful sexy sultry voice. He makes the
women go mad and the guys wish they were like him. No way he's number 72.
Will some of the artists voted higher then him be that way at 63. He's
amazing and forever young.
No way how is that possible... The first song I learned how to sing Sweet Emotion and It was not very easy I think he has a great voice
[Newest]Taylor Swift, Enrique Iglesias and loads of other people are better than Steven Tyler... Good Joke
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52Ronnie James Dio
Please tell me how Kelly Clarkson and Britney Spears are above the living legend: DIO?
Dio's name means God! And he is the God of singing! His career spanned decades and he never released a bad album! From his first album with Elf to Master of the Moon, I enjoyed every word that he sang! Dio may be dead, but his legacy will live forever!
Best voice ever heard. Every rock fan should know this name. He was really a god of singing. Unfortunately, only the good die young!
[Newest]He died in 2010 give him a break
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53Elton John
His voice is great and in spite of it's changes, it still be great. It was high and tender in Elton's youth, than it became more mature and now it's absolutely individual and looks just cool. He has a wonderful voice and I vote for him)))
In early 70s his voice was amazingly versitile and would carry an amazing range, his vocals pure and raw showing his absolute talent as a singer.
In later years, his voice grows in maturity, emotion, and power, and his ability to carry the tone and emotion of a song straight into the hearts of the audience would become almost unmatched. The depth of his voice can easily bring a tear to my eye, and that almost never happens to with other performers. Quite simply, this man possess a talent and voice that only changes to the better with time, and is easily one of the absolute best in the world, and my all time favorite artist, singer, and performer.
Elton is an amazing artist and has rewritten music history, his range and depth only improving, listening to the song then him live is amazing because he sounds even better in concert, I do not know why he is not number one but I feel, after dedicating his life to this career and producing masterpieces like "You Song" "Daniel" "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" and more he deserves the top spot on any list!
[Newest]One of the best pop artists. Should be in the top 10-list.

54Ville Valo
cause his voice is very colorful, huge, high gifted and not a least Ville loves what he does.
Ville is simply the best singer I've ever heard in my whole life, and I've listened to H.I.M. since I was 12 because it's just amazing
But its so sad that ville is a so underrated singer, he and his band H.I.M. deserve more recognition than they get
Not only is Ville Valo a beautiful person, he has an undeniable talent for writing lyrics. His baritone voice can be manipulated and he can give literally any song his own style, weather it be Neil Diamond or Black Sabbath. HIM definitely deserves more recognition for what they do, because they are without a doubt one of the most down to earth bands I've ever had the please to listen to.
[Newest]His voice is so "alive", being not just a musical instrument, but a living creature..
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55James Hetfield
This God Is Better Than Michael Jackson By Miles... The Vocals In Master Of Puppets Are So Much Better Than The Ones In Thriller
Lol, the fact that you're comparing only two songs shows that you don't know anything about Michael jackson. some could argue that the second half of earth song is one of the greatest vocal performances of all time
I fell down from my desk after seeing him under lady gaga. Find another game guys.
WHAT THE HILL IS AMR DIAB DOING IN TOP 3 this man sucks in a very disgusting way and by the way james is far better than Michael jackson just listen to FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS
[Newest]People should vote best person and he is the best
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56Bob Marley
Bob Marley cures your sadness/depression/anger all in one song, if any artist can do that he totally and completely deserves to be the greatest singers of all time. Listen to redemption song, it'll make your day.
Agree. He was at ease with love songs as well as revolutionary
ilove my life... because I listen Bob Marley =)


[Newest]Legend always remain a legend
More comments about Bob Marley

57Bob Dylan
Justin bieber over eminem and bob dylan what hell is this list. He is a legend of all times
SO unfair! GO and see the rolling stone magazine!
What the hell is Bob doing on 100! He's a legend undoubtedly! He isn't just the greatest singer he's the greatest song writer! He deserves top ten at least!
[Newest]Bob is not a great singer, but maybe should be higher than 57. As a writer/poet/entertainer/humanities spokesman, I put him NUMBER ONE,
More comments about Bob Dylan

58Demi Lovato
Demi lovato is the best! Keep on going! You would get to the top 5 your songs are superb and so great that I listen to them everyday! I love you Demi!
Are you kidding with me? DEMI SHOULD BE NUMBER 1. She's so amazing and inspiring. She is both a hero and a great singer that deserve a better place in this top. Think of what she have been through and then look at other artists that always use autotune. DEMI = the best.
Definaely the best singer to come from Disney in recent memory. She is heaps better than Gomez and Cyrus and actually better than most mainstream singers older than her. Demi is very talented, beautiful and a great role model too!
[Newest]Hey! Demi Lovato is one of the best singers ever! And one of the most inspiring people ever!


Pink is one of the only modern artists whose songs actually have some sort of meaning. Just Give Me A Reason is one of those songs which their lyrics make you want to go "I know right? "

"Try" is one of the most inspiring songs ever written. (The other two being Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia and Stronger by kelly Clarkson.)
"When there is desire there is gonna be a flame/When there is a flame someone's bound to get burned./But jsut because it burns doesn't mean you'll die/You gotta get up and try, try, try.

And most of all, this song is arguably the best song ever written, why is it not popular like Gangnam Style...


This song perfectly describes many strained relationships, no matter who or where or when. The lyrics are concise, perfectly timed, allegorical, anything you want. This song also perfectly describes my feelings towards my abusive mother who I cannot escape the reins of.

"Tie a knot, in the rope/tryin' to hold, tryin' to hold, but there's nothing to grab so I let go..."

"I think I've finally had enough/I think maybe think too much/I think this might be it for us/Blow me one last kiss

You think I'm just too serious/I think you're full of s***/My head is spinning so blow me one last kiss

Just when it can't get worse I've had a s*** day/you've had a s*** day/we've had a s*** day/I think that life's too short for this/Want back my ignorance and bliss/I think I've had enogh of this, blow me one last kiss."

"You will pay for your sins/You'll be sorry m dear/All the lies, all the whys/will be crystal clear"

P!Nk needs to be higher up on this list. At least the top 10.

Obvious I would think. She is so talented and has traveled through 3-4 genres of music with success in each one. Obviously she has skill.
[Newest]Why is pink not in the top 10? She is awesome and the colour pink is loved everywhere meaning her name is extremely appealing!

60Mick Jagger
Mick.. WOW.. Mick should be at the top of this JOKE of a list.. Mick is the best front man a band could ever have, I seen him in Regina twice.. Ran half the length of the football field SINGING and didn't miss a beat.. If you can find a singer who started in 62 and can do that that well.. Look me up... MICK IS THE BEST


Words cannot describe my utter disappointment in god for letting you morons put Mick Jagger as 105! I guess no one has any good taste anymore...


[Newest]I HATE HIM! TOO REPETITIVE AND BLAND! I apologize to all the fans who love him-wait no I'm not-you don't have good taste if you like this guy!

61Eddie Vedder
Number 97? What a crime. Never has there been a more distinctive, soulful voice than Eddie's. He feels every song he sings which in turn makes you feel as you listen. Eddie and Chris Cornell should be in the top 10.
99?! Well this guy deserves way more than this.. His voice is one of the most powerful I heard.. Pearl Jam is a super awesome band.. Cmoon guys... Vote for the king
[Newest]Best rock voice of all time. His baritone coupled with the passion he delivers makes him the most believable artist I've ever heard hands down. Even though I have so much respect for many of the other performers on this list, what places Eddie even further ahead of everyone else is the depth of the lyrics he writes. He's in a class all by himself.
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62Tom Chaplin
Tom Chaplin is undoubfully one of the best singers of our age. He owns the most pure and beautiful voice, a brilliant and really impressive vocal range, being able to fill a room with enchantment just with the sound of his own vocals, not using a mic. We listen to a recorded performance, we find it amazing.. We see him singing live and we get totally blown away, as he sounds even more flawless! Adding to these so very rare gifts, have to highlight the fact of him being so honest and crystal clear... He's so passionate, giving all his heart & soul, no artifacts whatsoever. Just him, his heavenly voice - and we do believe that if Angels exist... They sound like him for sure.
He just... Flawless and so inspirational. And I'm sure he'll still continue evolving more and more!
Tom Chaplin has such a powerful voice! He sings every word clearly and is able to convey the message and tone of the song through just his voice. He is truly a gifted man, yet so terribly underrated nowdays for reasons I cannot simply fathom. He has such great range! If you've ever heard 'She Has No Time', you cannot help with be impressed with him.
He is able to connect right with your heart, and that is why I think he is the best singer of all time.
He has the voice of an angel. He can reach high notes like no other. Plus, Queen invited him to perform It's A Hard Life with them, a song that hadn't been performed live since Freddy Mercury died, simply because no one on earth apart from Freddy could hit such high notes. Well, now we know the great Tom Chaplin can.
[Newest]Incredible, flawless voice. Amazing live, delivers every time.
More comments about Tom Chaplin

63Arnel Pineda
Arnel Pineda can sing anything, any note, any pitch, any sound. His range, versatility, and quality are second to none. I have not seen or heard anyone with versatility! He is one of a kind!
His voice is unbelievable, he can reach any tempos of genre of music. W/ his age right now it's amazing how he can still belting out w/ powerful voice. I think to compare him to other singing artist young and old male or female he has the best vocal of all of them. I also enjoy him singing difft. Songs who sounds exactly just like those other legends. I watched all his old videos it's so addicted like you don't want to stop just keep looking' for more covers of his. I liked him bec. He is humble and probably the only lead singer that is still faithful to his wife. He is a person that easy to get along w/ an inspired by his team mate band bec. Of his humility. He also helps a lot of needy children back n the Phils and try to inspired them all, have a chance to get better and be somebody later on their life. He simply a great artist person to follow to be hopeful in life.
Arnel has a golden voice, he is gifted, has unmatched ability to sing ballads to hard rock... A chameleon voice. He can be the lead singer of any band because he can sing anything.
His VOICE soars... And so his jumps! He is the only TENOR who can jump high onstage, thus a new vocabulary called "AIRNEL" was formed. He is a total performer with a lot of energy onstage.
His story is also inspirational. A once homeless street kid from Manila, chosen to be the lead singer of the iconic American rock band "Journey". Fairy tale still happens... Don't Stop Believing!
[Newest]Arnel is good in singing so I vote him
More comments about Arnel Pineda

64Adam Levine
Grest songwriter and singerof all time, with the best well-known songs and amazing to watch in concert!
Adam Levine is the singer for my favorite band. Love him, love him, love him. He is so amazing, he should be top 10!
How can Adam Levine be in 91? Are you guys crazy!?!?! HE should be at least at no.15 or no.10
[Newest]Okay, I'm not a fan of all his songs and I don't think he's QUITE top ten material but he has a great, distinctive voice and deserves to be higher than this.

65Morten Harket
Truly one of the most beautiful and unique voices in the world. No-one holds a candle to Morten Harket. Not now, not ever.
A truly gift from God, no one can sing like him, the tone of voice is beautiful, when He sings He touches your soul, unforgettable, magical, you can feel passion in His voice, once you will listen to Him you cannot stop, the one and only!
Nobody really comes close. Morten was born with a gift that no other has. A true tenor. Sometimes you can't even tell if he's singing in falsetto or not, drifting right into the top notes with such ease and crystal clarity. And when all others sing in his upper chest range, and find they reach their weakest point - well, that is when Morten's is at his strongest point. Should really be in the Top-3. He has all the best ingredients for tone and power. Master of the ballad. Also has the best falsetto in pop-history. Would be good to hear a couple Opera tracks by Morten too, like "E Lucevan Le Stelle", "Torna a Sorriento", or "Vesti la Giubba". Do that with power and we've got to be looking at least for the all time Top-5! :-D
[Newest]Morten Harket deserves top 5
More comments about Morten Harket

66Johnny Cash
Johnny cash should be at least top 10 his songs are so relate-able to everyone his voice is amazing like really he's not even top 100 that's not right he should be some where in top 10 the hurt, ring of fire, walk the line, jackson, folsom prison blues, give my love to rose and get rhythm are just pure genius songs he's amazing people who haven't listened to him or those you should go and listen to those songs right now or some of his other amazing songs ok cause johnny cash should NOT be 114 he should be at least top 10 if you listen to some of his songs you will understand how AMAZING he is I love him <3 R.I. P
Johnny Cash all the way down here? That's insane.


His cover of 'Hurt' proves what an amazing singer he is and how emotional he can be.
[Newest]An Unique Voice. you should listen his "HURT"

67Jim Morrison
I don't know how Jim Morrison got to the bottom of the list. I know he's not the best but at least top 5 material right..


Jim like invented rock n' roll
strong, clear, authoritative, musical, expressive, warm, sincere... number 1 for me.
[Newest]I feel like the reason he isn't higher is because it's 2015 and no one has any idea who the doors are. I'm 15 years old and I think it's a shame that they aren't at least known if not loved in today's industry

68Bryan Adams
Bryan Adams should be in top 20 at least. Surprisingly some of the irritating singers like Lady Gaga are above him in ranking.
You are right, I thought he would be in the top 10 list, I don't know how people prefer some of the cheap singers, who are rated on the top list, amazing
come on people you know him


Bryan adams is my second favourite singer, rright behind Hatsune MIku. Normally, I listen to Japanese Pop, and Korean Pop, because I don't normally enjoy these days english music. Bryan Adams is the only actualy singer I can stand to listen to! He's me and my moms favourite
[Newest]Honestly, I only came here to see him in #1. Greatest singer of all time. And handsome of course!

69David Bowie
The most artistic and charismatic male singer of our time! His voice, his phrasing and a play with tone gives limitless broadness in music! He's also a wonderful actor in his songs!


bovie is always creative in his songs through which we can see his inner desire for dreams and the love deeply rooted for human being.
he might being called a liberting,but,how should i care,the one thing i should know is that he is really excellent


has anyone listened 2 some of the singers at the top of the list compared to this guy... they got nothing on him he creams them easily... he's great
[Newest]One of the best pop singer, most people who vote here know nothing about music...

70Jennifer Lopez
She is the best female singer
I don't believe this list
She must be in top
She has a very good voice and she is so talented
More than this singers that are in the top of the list
She is the best latino star in Hollywood..
She is Queen..
I think that jenifer lopez should be in the top ten. She rocks
[Newest]It's not true jennifer is very better

71Shreya Ghoshal
If you still doubt if she is best singer, listen to: Broken Promises by Shreya Ghoshal - Ek Deewana the.
That is just one but there are end less list of this godly voice!

Her voice takes you away to distances you never been.. Just travel with it.
She is the recent sweetest voice of india. She has a very sweet voice and she sings in many languages.
I have listnt her voice shreya is best singer all over the world her voice take away from our life often I listen her song alone and all my tension take away
[Newest]Shreya is best female singer in the world

72Kelly Clarkson
The best singer I have ever heard! She can sing any genre, from R&B to metal to bubblegum pop to soul! Everything. She has an incredible range and an especially amazing to belt out high notes. And she sings even better live than in the studio. Not many singers can do that. There's a reason she won American Idol and became so popular - because she can really sing!
Kelly Clarkson, Stevie Wonder, and Pavarotti are lower than some of these other people? Really?
She's got an soft side and a dark side, and isn't afraid to show either one. Her songs are strong and powerful and hit the deepest core, and are very heartfelt. She sings from the heart, and can do a sexy growl, a soft sweet high notes. You name it, this bubbly, yet feisty Texan can sing it all.
[Newest]She is a really good singer but props not the best

73Charice Pempengco
Charice has a powerful and emotional voice.. She has a vocal range that is out of this world and she can hit every note with out fail. The thing that makes Charice one of the best singers in the world is the fact that she is so much better performing Live.. The Essence of Charice, which is so not the norm, is LIVE Performance.. She incomparable LIVE.. She is arguably the best LIVE Performer to date..
Charice has a voice that moves you, and when you realize that she can sing every genre of music from Rock to Opera it blows you away.. She gives you goosebumps and takes your breathe away.. Not many can do that.. She opens her mouth and Angels take notice, that's how beautiful her voice truly is.. No matter if she is singing a power ballad or pop song.. She's Stunning.. Her voice is flawless, and breathtaking.. I could go on forever talking about the Greatness that is Charice..
I have never tired from listening to her voice I find it uplifting. She is refer at a "Gift from Heaven" when she was entertaining in Italy. lea Salonga declared she is "insanely talented". Charice has charmed various Asia nations with her voice and I think Mainland China, Russia and the Latin America's are enchanted by her.
Charice is a the only artist I have ever followed intently. Her voice and personality make me do it. There's something in her that I can't pinpoint, something magical that when it hits you, that's it! You're enchanted forever. There had been instances that I express praises for her aloud with matching shaking of head in disbelief even if I was alone in my room watching her on YouTube. I just had to let the emotion out. One of the greatest singers indeed, if not the greatest in her generation.
[Newest]Her singing is amazing, its too bad she is now a tomboy
More comments about Charice Pempengco

74Bon Scott
What the hell is the problem with all you ignaroids, bon scott had the greatest voice of time.


To be able to scream such raw sound and then to come back with cheeky smoothness is amazing
Bon scott would beat all of em in a showdown way is he not number 1 way damn it way
[Newest]This tough whiskey voice should be under top 5. So much soul, rock, blues, dirtiness, etc. styles in one voice united. How could he not be under top 5

He's got the greatest falsetto in rock history... Amazing range... Unsurpassablle charisma and presence... Easily the greatest frontman in history... And those who doubt his vocals listen to "lemon"... The greatest vocal performance in history
Bono should go down in history for having the best voice, I have been to many u2 concerts and he totally mind blowing live and believe me I've watched lots of bands but none come close to bono I love him so much he's truly a rock god.
Come on bono 86? Such a great vocalist in 86th?.. This must be a joke... The band that has won the highest number of awards of all time 22 grammy's... And in 86th position?...
[Newest]Amazing singer and songwriter
More comments about Bono

76Serj Tankian
Empty walls, gate 21, sky is over, all belong to a unique voice.
The most astonishing voice I've ever heard. Definitely the best armenian musician.
he has veriety and definitely unique OUT OF THE WORLD
[Newest]He shouldn't have went solo. he was much better with System of a Down!

77Justin Timberlake
Honestly, one of the best MALE singers of all time. Should be A LOT higher on the list, like top 20. The girls love him and most guys whether or not they want to admit it he has a killer voice plus he gets all the girls guys dream they could get.
His voice quality is different from others... Too good!
Where is he?! Timberlake is totally the best singer. He seems to have just the right voice for his different songs. He expresses how he feels in the best of ways, and I can relate to him a lot. You are crazy to not put JT on here. And what about Timbaland and KanYe West? Your list makes me sick.
[Newest]All of you.. Justin is the best. You are peace of crap.. You don't know anything about music!

78Nat King Cole
There's lots of singers on this list whose music I prefer over Nat King Cole's but that wasn't the question, now was it? Yes, he should be number 1 or at least very close to it!
Trying to claim anyone as "the greatest singer of all time" is extremely arrogant--I'm voting for Nat not as the greatest singer (how could anyone ever presume to know that? ), but because he is certainly much better than everyone listed above him.
Nat King Cole has the most beautifully opened tone EVER! He is, of course, pre-rock... Nat, Ella, Billie, Nancy, Sarah, Frank, Vic, Bing and Pops are on a planet of their own... Only Lennon and McCartney has the jet fuel to get THERE! Miles, Benny, Duke, Glen, Brubeck, George, Ira and Cole dwell there TOO!


[Newest]Is Axl rose really better than the best singer who ever lived? -11 kid

79Adam Lambert
Adam lambert is the best of the best. Why he is 218? He can sing opera and rock and blues and pop. He can sing! He always promotes others as the best, but he is the best. He just don't see that. Some day I hope everyone will see this! He is the Best of the best. This is the One. He is the Living #ONE. Thank you
Most Phenomenal Voice since Freddie Mercury. Incomparable! Best singer in the music biz TODAY! Asked by Brian May & Roger Taylor of QUEEN to perform with them at the MTV EMA's... The crowd went WILD!
Incredibly singer. Super Sexy. Has an new album named Trespassing coming out in February or March of 2012.


[Newest]Adam lambert probably should be in the top five...
More comments about Adam Lambert

One of the true greats of all time arguebly the best male voice and the smoothiest dance moves ever seen
Huh yup its fun. Its just kidding' everyonn usher... At 83 OH MY GOSH he deserves no. 1 man just off me without usher
The Best R&B singer and Pop also should be at least in the top 10. This list is so damn wrong.
[Newest]Usher is the best voice for Sonic the Hedgehog, and he is one place below Chris Brown, the best male voice for Pac-Man ever!

81Ariana Grande
I may not know so much things about her but recently I have been listening to her music, she sings really great. She is also a beautiful and nice person she has a great sense of style. She comes up with great songs and not Afraid to she her personality or her feelings. She is young and I think she deserves to be on the top ten, I bet it would mean the world to her if she knew that she is on the top ten. Ariana all the way!
She is a good person. She is:
Extremely talented
She can reach the whistle register like so many of these people can't
She sings PLEASENT songs
She does not need bad publicity hrm hrm *Miley Cyrus*
She loves and credits her brother for support
Is a kind person
She is not kind! She is spoilt and insufferable and cannot write good songs!


Ariana Grande is the best singer on Victorious. She is such an amazing singer. On Youtube it has her singing Rolling in the Deep acapella and it is amazing!
[Newest]She should be on TOP

82Ray Charles
COME ON! For god's sake, Demi Lovato is ahead of him! Great singer, piano-player and one of the most infuential artists of the 20th century.R.I. P!


How is ray not on top?!? He is the best musician and singer of all time! He invented soul and was considered THE genius of show business. And being behind Corey Taylor makes me want to throw up.
Any song he sang was filled with sexuality and rhythm
[Newest]Ray charles is awesome


83Ann Wilson
Ann Wilson is the best female singer. When I heard about this list I thought: "What about Ann? " she should be "Alone" in this list. Besides I cast my vote for her "Straight On" and when you think about this list, you know now "Who will you run to" vote for because she's a Magic Woman's voice and I Never would think on someone else for this list. There's The Girl Ann, way to go... You made These Dreams sweeter with your voice!
Madonna ranked higher than Dreamboat Annie. Ann Wilson is a rock star not a pop star. Madonna does not have a song that comes close to anything HEART has done. Have you people lost your minds. Were talking about the lead singer of one of the best rock bands of all time not a cheap pop star.
Number 30.. No offense to anyone listed here but she was the 1st and still reigning QUEEN of Rock. If you like studio altered vocalist than vote for Madonna if you want a true legend with the voice of an goddess than vote for Ann. I have seen almost everyone perform in the last 40 years but the Only concert I go to every year is to see Heart and as soon as it is over I can't wait for the next concert.
[Newest]She still sounds great

84Chris Brown
I don't like this rating at all. Chris brown down to 76!
What is chris brown doing in the last place... Are you 'kidding' me... Um an Egyptian fan... Tamer hosny and amr diab are in the top five... Seriously I am disappointed I mean how does a man with a voice like him doing here?!
Chris brown is one of the most sexiest singers on earth, he should at least be in the top 50!


[Newest]Chris brown is better than anyone on this list come on

85Jay Sean
I don't agree with this opinion.. This singer should be in the top 150... This singer has good low notes... His voice quality is good too..
He should be in top 10... His voice is perfect
I love jay sean songs he looks very hand some we are from indian group
[Newest]His music is so soothing. I don't know why he is so under-rated. He is far better than Justin Timberlake.

86Barbara Streisand
The incredible trills of her fortissimos riffs shake the soul of anybody that has one. While she doesn't have the deep timbre of a Dinah Washington or the piercing soprano of Melanie, her artistic command of the mid-ranges stands supreme among the singers of her youthful era. Even in this era, only Celine Dion can sing with such majesty and power.

If you just formed a nation, Barbra is the one who's singing your anthem.
wow! no one compares to her, I am
a female impersonator of many singers, she is the one singer I have to concentrate and focus on the most. many singers I impersonate come very easily to me
she is the one that takes the most
concentration, her length of holding onto those notes wow!
I can hardly believe Barbra isn't in the top 5 - she has the purist pitch, tone, flexibility, resonance and range of any singer in the era of electronic recording - she is the singers singer. She is of such a higher standard then most of this list - Listen to her in her 20's and 30's on you tube - so many beautiful songs made so because of her voice. Pamela R
[Newest]She should be a bit higher

87Klaus Meine
Klaus sounds great on every song. His combined ability to deliver Hard Rockers (ie: Pictured Life, Blackout) and Beautiful Ballads (Still Loving You, Holiday) is simply better than ANYONE else. And he is better live than in the Studio. I've seen him feed off the crowd and dominate songs. He is fantastic.
Klaus has a very unique voice.. the most suitable voice for ballet rock songs.. has a very high tone voice.. he's the best singer EVER!
Who can sing the songs of Scorpions? Only ONE man - Klaus Meine. And in fact his voice is still the same since the seventies. And still he trills away like a nightingale after operation in the eighties. That is why his voice is the most unique in the known Universe.


[Newest]My favorite. This is the GREATEST!

Akon is a great entertainer, his songs make us so relax and feel good. You should listen his music then you will would like to listen it every day.
All the singers are singers just for fame. But you are the singer to all the fans in the world
I'm just a singer trying to entertain
Because I love my fans
I.E. , why you are the best singer according to me...
Akon Is The Best Singer In The World. That Songs Like Right Now, Chammak Challo, Angel, Burn That Bridge, Crank It Up, Sexy Bitch, Beautiful, Boomerang, I Just Had Sex, Takin It Off etc. Is Best In The World That Songs Are Amazing And Very Rocking. I Think Akon Is The Number 1 In This List. Because There Songs Is Very Very Amazing. I Really Love You Akon And I Think You Are Best Singer In The World.

Your Fan And I Love You.
[Newest]It is impossible to be better than akon hi is without a doubt in my mind a lyrical genius with a great voice to go along with it

89Selena Gomez
Please vote for her I think she is the best singer of all time I just love her I want to see her at the top 5 I just love her songs her voice is also so sweet loovee please give her all your votes everyday her nabeel
She is the best female singer to ever live guys. Some of her songs get over 100 million views and way more likes than dislikes. I understand most girls are jealous at her because she is dating, or was, Justin "idiot" Bieber but very few liked both. She is actually the only singer of today to make some of my favorite songs the rest are classic songs. Her song "who says" is actually my favorite song.
I think selena gomez is a great singer she is number 23 for top 25 celebrities she rules she is beautiful selena gomez works on the show wizards of Waverley place.
[Newest]SELENA GOMEZ, I think she is the BEST. she must be at the top not at 89.
More comments about Selena Gomez

90Ian Gillan
Going solo seems to be a labor of love more often than not, and it's an opportunity for an artist (frontman or otherwise) to delve into unexpected genres or styles. Deep Purple's Ian Gillan is no stranger to the solo project, with many of his personal endeavors of the past 20 years taking a more watered-down approach to the Deep Purple tradition. Gillan's latest album One Eye To Morocco, shows that the singer is perfect & might be returning to form. Gillan is still a capable vocalist, but the edge that was present in songs like Highway Star is gone at this point. At the age 60+, this shouldn't be a huge shocker and edginess probably wasn't the singer's intention anyhow. For me, he is the No. 1!
why did I have to scroll so far down, I mean he's not even on the first page!
i was gonna vote for Robert Plant or Freddy Mercury, but seeing Ian so low on the list ill just vote for him

come on, no one can sing Child In Time exept for Gillan
he's also one of the best live singers

he also performed the role of Jesus in the original Jesus Christ super star btw
The number of singers that had the chops of Ian Gillian in the early 70's are very few in numbers. Showboating a powerful, masculine voice Ian also had screaming high notes, the likes of which had never been heard before. While the few other male singers that could hit high notes sang like girls (i.e. Robert Plant) Ian had a strong hold over the low notes as much as the high notes and he delivered them both with machismo.


[Newest]Ian Gillan deserve to first 5!

91Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse should be in the top 10!

She's amazing!

Why is the people always putting her down because of the drugs? Her voice is very nice! I LOVE HER!


I should've given my vote to Elvis Presley, but I couldn't. Even though the King is actually the best singer that all the planet has ever known, this girl could sing and write.
As a songwriter, she did what few, few artists (aka: Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Mark Knopfler) could: she took songwriting to another level. Even from the artists I mentioned, she is probably the one who writes with her heart bleeding in passion and can pass exactly that not only to the lyrics, but to the voice. She had a rare way to sing, she was a black woman in the body of a young, beautiful (yes, she was), white girl.
Maybe people still don't understand MJ was truly the number one as a performer. People are still confused about singing and performing. I hope that does not stay and Winehouse goes to the top 5 she deserves in this list.
Ok, she should be a top 10. Come on people. Are you nuts. Plus she makes REAL music. Not plastic.
[Newest]Yes! I vote for Amy, because, "Amy, don't you go..."

-From "Amy" by Green Day

92Roy Orbison
These kinds of lists are just boring and disrespectful. Can you imagine a list of the 100 best tennis players of all time that has roger federer at number 100? What a joke. The vast majority of artists on this list, including michael jackson, would be embarrassed to be rated above the big O. Furthermore, pretty much everyone in the music business that's mattered, eg presley, dylan, bono, springsteen, the beatles etc, has already spoken of roy orbison as being the best singer in the world. And that's the bottom line.. The opinion of ones industry peers holds a little more weight than speculative wannabe lists such as this. Nice try, but roy orbison was, is, and probably always will be, the best singer in the world. End of discussion.
It amazes me that roy is at 101, I mean listen to his music, even elvis presley said that roy orbison was the greatest singer of his time. his voice was so smooth and his lyrics on songs like blue bayou really get to you. I listen to a lot of metal and death metal music but I know true talent when I see it.
Years ago I was deeply impressed with Orbison's singing... His songs "struck a chord" within my soul and left such an indelible impression that I have recently rediscovered him again in later years and now have an even greater appreciation for his incredible talent and ability to stir your inner feelings... He truly is the Soul of Rock and Roll!
[Newest]His vice can be powerful in high pitch and/or softly

93Ruki (the GazettE)
Ruki is awesome, he can sing any kind of music, he can transform his voice from distortion to clean, just like changing guitar effect.. Awesome
The god of vocal...
he has a typical voice,
he as well has a beautiful face but charismatic...
success for THE GAZETTE,
death voice of the gazette! I think it's just about time for him to go to the top! Go Ruki!
[Newest]Someone who deliberately, tastefully, and skillfully puts such emotion into everything they sing... that's Ruki. I feel like I've been looking for such a passionate voice for a long time, and I've finally found it here. Somehow, he always seems to care about what he's singing, and it never waivers. Some artists can reach that level of emotion, but to sing at that level so consistently is a voice to be admired. Thank you, Ruki. Treasure that voice of yours and your artistic eye and ear, because it brings such beauty to this world.
More comments about Ruki (the GazettE)

94Corey Taylor
O.K. if I am not hallucinating, Corey Taylor is behind Justin Beiber. How? He sings for 2 bands, he can go from hard rock to soft rock (ex. The Nameless. ), and does not have about 2 million dislikes on youtube.
HOW HOW HOW?!?! How is Justin Bieber *puke* and that manslut Günther higher than this pure miracle who can scream like the devil and sing like and angel?! I mean Günther cannot sing at all >:I I am pissed off now. LONG LIVE #8! AND SLIPKNOT
I was stuck in which to vote between Eddie Vedder and Corey, but this guy is just amazing.
It has a wide range of low and high voices. His scream is unique, Never listened to someone with that quality of voice.
[Newest]How is anyone higher than him on this list? Seriously?
More comments about Corey Taylor

95Toshi - X Japan
His voice isn't classically amazing but it has such power and emotions.

You can never hear his voice and mistake for someone else because so unique and different, I'm not from japan and I can't speak Japanese but his voice gives its own translation because you can feel his meaning in your heart even if not in your head.

I'm sorry if my English is bad but I hope you understand what is my meaning.

X japan love from korea
I love the band X Japan! His voice is amazing I listen to them all the time I will never get tired of there music! His vocals are amazing, he has so much meaning in the songs he sings, and his voice is very unique, can't mistake it for anyone elses! The day I discovered X Japan was the day I found the true meaning of music in my opinion! ~
His voice can show so many emotions, it can easily make one cry. X Japan was a legendary band, and their songs really have a meaning.
[Newest]I can't speak Japanese, but his voice so wonderful..
More comments about Toshi - X Japan

96Janis Joplin
I had no idea Demi Lovato and Britney Spears are so talented! I think Janis should be a little closer to #1 than #136.
Yep, faith lost. I guess Taylor Swift is better than Janis Joplin. She's not 1 but top 15 would have been suitable. 88 though? WOW.


Really? 51? Holy S...
[Newest]Jennifer Lopez, a better singer than Janis Joplin? Who's voting - 7-year-olds?

97Regine Velasquez
Ms. Regine is not only an only a singer but she is A PROFESSIONAL SINGER because she is known as the ASIA'S SONGBIRD and she lived in the Philippines because PNoy is not only a singer but they can be a Professional Singer like Charice Pempengco. Ms Reg can also HIT the High Notes that she is singing like Mariah Carey's song and also to the other known singer.


She's the music's greatest treasure )
no one can ever beat her.
One of a kind, gold and platinum albums, great audience in concerts, many blockbuster movies. I think she is the only singer that can sing well with high notes even suffering from harsh voice. A spectacular singer indeed. A singer that sings full of emotions and feelings that you don't have to look at her. Fabulous and low-profiled singer. She even do not forget to help those people in need.
[Newest]The best singer of all time regine
More comments about Regine Velasquez

98Sarah Geronimo
A talented singer like Sarah Geronimo should be flaunt all over the world. We should not deprive people around the world to hear Sarah Geronimo's wonderful voice. She's a great performer and never boring... She can also dance... What else can I say except she's remarkable and surely people supports her.
Sarah geronimo is really gifted and even though she encounters trials she knows how to overcome them because GOD is with her not like the other singers... Their voice is useless because GOD is not with them
She is versatile in all different type of song
All people like her voice... Is different to the other artist now
[Newest]Very talented and underrated. She should be considered for a higher rank.
More comments about Sarah Geronimo

99Hayley Williams
Duh. Hayley. She shouldn't be top 100, she should be top 20. Okay, so her voice, compared to others is THAT good, but you have to understand she has no head voice. Which is a disadvantage to her. However, she can still sing as well and even better than most of the singers out there. Although one's voice might be important, it is also crucial that you have really good stamina to sing. Hayley has both of them. She runs while singing all of Paramore's songs and she is always able to sing well even after running around the stage or even headbanging. I mean, THAT uses a lot of energy. But she still can sing. SO WHY IS SHE PUT SO LOW, WHEN HER VOICE IS SIMPLY BRILLIANT? I'm confused, really.
Number 109? Surely the world has gone mad!

Her vocals are amazing and so are Paramore - she should definitely be in a much, much higher position than this. I mean, Justin Bieber above the amazing, inspirational Miss Williams? Come on! What is going through your minds, people.

Paramore's live performances are among the best, full of energy and excitement! She knows how to get the crowd going!
my hayley! you are the best singer of all time! at least she should be near Amy Lee! or in the top 100!
[Newest]Not much of a paramore fan, but she has an amazing voice

100Sam Cooke
I live in Mississippi, and Soul and the Blues are very popular around here. And I remember the first time I heard Sam Cooke, I was with some friends and it came on the radio, the song was "A Change Gonna Come", and it spoke to me so deeply. All the emotion he put into the song, it was simply amazing. He could almost whisper at times and then hit the high notes gracefully, and switching between those like the flick of a switch. I love Sam Cooke, and I hope others can learn to also. He may have passed away in '64, but his music is still loved today. You know what they say, "The shine outlives the star. "
One of the best voices ever recorded, you felt every note he sang, so great he was nicknamed Mr. Soul. In my opinion truly one of the greatest singers of all time.
What I don't understand is how The Rolling Stone - A highly respected magazine - has Cooke at #4 on their list, and you guys have him at 99.

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