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James Hetfield


What makes Hetfield a good singer is how unique he is. Many other band singers have tried to imitate his voice but it is so complex and sophisticated that it is just too difficult to master. Some might have the growl but are unable to get the soft tone down while others get the soft tone but are unable to get the growl down. James Hetfield has the full package. A truly unique musician, singer and individual.
What the hell guys, 55 only? Come on I mean James should deserve better than this... Just hear The Unforgiven III, Fade to Black (my personal favorite), Master of Puppets and one I bet you can't help being a fan of James Hetfeild.
Metallica has registered 5 albums continuously in the #1 of Billboard 200. Okay, maybe Michael Jackson sings better than him, but out there he doesn't have to play guitar for 8 minutes or more... Playing a guitar as well as singing and screaming at same time is very difficult, specially when you are holding a heavy one... I am not saying That James is better than Eminem or can dance better than MJ but he should "DESERVE" better than this..
How is this guy not #1? His vocals are so good that every time I listen to Metallica, his voice really stands out. I don't think anyone can march his voice. when I hear him sing ONE, James' voice is so good that I fall off my chair and start wippin my head like a maniac. plus, look at the band he started. lars, kirk, and cliff were awesome but he was above all of them
it's not always abt hittin difficult notes.. a good singer is the one who matches his singing style perfectly with the genre of his/her band or whatever.. and james is spot on..his vocals give u that feeling that boy this is real METAL!!!
It's not just essential for a singer to be great on recorded singing, Hetfield is obviously great because he sings live terribly good. And his voice and loud has not changed so much during the years, which makes him a great singer.
His voice has evolved, but incredibly fit all the songs, the voice of master of puppets is perfect for master, but not for nothing else matters, I don't know any voice that fits like this, and his lives are... Awesome!
Some of the earlier stuff is probably why he's down so low, but his voice since the black album has gotten SO much better. He has at least a three octave range! He should be up higher than this.
Come on, Taylor Swift shouldn't even be on this list! She just puts out the same crap every time! Who cares about your ex boyfriend! James is so unique and can adapt to any rock genre.
Dude he's leading Metallica he should be in the top 10. It's a shame that people are voting for their favourite singers who have never tasted the hard work which they had put in.
This ranking is crazy.. Go and die man! I'm totally tortured by the above names.. I need to relax for a day after this now! James at 55? I suppose its just a random numbering!
The Best Vocal EVER
He plays very difficult notes with Rhythm guitar and at the same time sings amazingly.
Papa Het is very very very good singer in his genre, but not only that. I think, it is not about the ability to sing every note correctly only. He has a great charisma, he can take the crawds, he is able to rise from chairs thousands of people. So, for me, he is the best.
Are You Kidding Me? Just Open The List Of Best Bands, You Will Find METALLICA on top Which Is Just Because Of This Great Vocalist
He have a great, beautiful and powerful voice. He can sing perfectly in loud and fast songs, as well as calm and melodic songs.
He is so dumb! He is so stinky! He is the most ugliest person ever! His talent percent is only 0.1%, such a dummy! I really don't know why this idiot is 47, he must not even be in this chart!
James Is One heavy Singing Guy And Should Be Way Up The Top In The Top 5 Or Something He's Far More Talented To Be Number 47
there would be no great metal bands right now if it wernt for hetfield and metallica they inspired so many bands


Come on he is better than shadows which band is first in top ten rock band list
People just check out that list
Pf... It's just that people don't go down this far, because He'll be higher. Metallica Rocks, enought said


I think he should be higher in this list because he has a very special voice that really fits in their music
james hetfield and anthony kiedis should be in the top ten, but i didn't see brian johnson there either


Kate perry, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Madonna are better than James Hetfield?
why did I have to search to find James Hetfield. He should be at No2 at the bare minimum
James is far far better than rihanna or katy perry or anybody else. This ranking sucks
He's just awesome! And his voice is perfect! Nothing left to say.

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