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Jared Leto


First of all I think that no other singer has a better voice than Jared because for some it's just some guy singing in a band but it's much more, it's feelings that you can hear, and his voice on acoustic covers like Where the Streets Have No Name it's just amazing.
Then, I think that it's not someone who'll do like other singers you know, he's dressed in his very fantastic way () and haircuts are changing all the time and it's a funny person, it's someone who would ignore his Family (The Echelon) just because he is in a rush. And my final word is that this Echelon system is something that no other band could give to their "fans" because they call us family, they like us, they're talking to you just like if he knew you for some time and he never grow olds!
It's an amazing man also because he has the guts to defend his dreams, to go to Haïti and to show that these families need real support, to warn the world against pollution and ice melting (and went to Greenland for it), and denounces war casualties, lies and crooked-men. He is very good at composing songs to bring people together such as Kings and Queens or Closer to the Edge and the video clips he makes are amazing! And not to forget he is an amazing actor.
So 11th? Come on Echelon!
Jared leto is simply a person you do not want to miss. His singing is charged of glory and passion. He is an extremist if we can say so, extreme low range and extreme high range. He may sing anything at all, with any band at all and you still recognize who is Jared Leto. In fact we cannot say what singing style is Jared Leto, cause Jared Leto is his own. He is just different. Cause Jared doesn't shoot for something, he colonizes it. He gives it his all, he neve stops working to achieve perfection. His voice is like no other, I with a great musical range can say so. No one has ever sung before like Jared Leto, he is just unique in very special ways. Jared's voice has a meaning, and creates something deep within you, besides consciousness with his lyrics. Besides being a singing prodigy, he is a great human being, unlike most rockstars. He will always stop and get a picture with you anywhere anytime.

I've heard everything. Rock, Metal, Pop, Reggae, even Rap, and have never ever heard a voice like Jared's. I know there are some great classics like Mercury or Jon Bon Jovi, but Jared is just different. Jared rises above.
I don't know. His voice is just perfect. I like the color of his voice and 30 seconds to Mars altogether. I think he's and excellent singer and deserves to be respected and known for it. He writes great songs and preforms them remarkably. People shouldn't talk before they hear one or two of his songs and hear the range and strength of his voice.
Jared has an amazing voice. When you listen to the unplugged version of 'the Kill' for example you can hear how deep and emotional his voice can be. He sings with passion and dedication. He might not be one of the best singers in the technical way, but he's one of the best singers when it comes to being authentic and emotional.
Jared Leto is very good live it's not always bout the vocals, it's about entertainment live, unless he is in a studio. Jared Leto really does well with his clarity and vibrato. He can get very high and low vocals. They sound very smooth and fluent and crisp. When he sings lower in sounds flawless same with his high vocals. He has good techniques and good range. He can scream to without it sounding cheesy.
Jared being sexy as well as a genius is the best singer of all time. His voice when singing This Is War just gives me chills. He explores the different levels he can sing and it's just truly breath-taking. When I saw them live for the first time, I didn't sing as much as I thought I would, I was just mesmerized by this amazing man in front of me and the sound around me.
His voice is the most inspiring voice in the world. It's only his lyrics, that make me feel better, they make me want to jump and touch the sky. WHen I listen to his music, I have a feeling that I can do anything that I want, I can do everything to follow my dreams no matter what. I know, that every member of the Echelon will understand me, cause Jared have created a really big family. Thank you, Jared, and not only you, but also Shannon and Tomo, because with your music I will fight for what I believe in.
Since the very first songs of his band - 30 Seconds To Mars- he had the really good vocal skills cause all we know that to get popularity and respect from the people damn hard if you have nothing besides your appearance, without any talent. But it's for sure this person is dam talented and in so many spheres but now about the voice voice has risen through all his career as a frontman of 30 Seconds to Mars and now it's just the one of the most beautiful and stronger voices in the whole world for sure ;) so my "voice" is certainly for Jated Leto's voice ;)
He sings amazing. More than amazing. When you listen to his voice, it's like - it's an unbelievable great feeling you can't describe. Whatever he sings, it's brilliant. He can sing everything: from punk rock to completely unique. All in all, his vocal rang is great, and when he sings, you can hear stories. You feel all the pain - or the happiness from a song which has a story. And that's in all songs of 30 Seconds To Mars. And when you still don't believe me, take some time to listen to his voice. Then you can share my opinion.
I've seen 30 seconds to mars 8 times... Met them all.. Jared is so talented, just a taste of what he's about.. Charity work, profits from songs went to charity.. Acting, writing, producing, directing... Dedicated to the core! And yea his range is absolutely unbelieveable.. Just listen to Alibi(this is war, album)... All his albums are different sounds which he pulls off completely. He's clever, down to earth and his fans he calls his(family) mean everything to him.. Very funny n witty and eye candy which is always a plus! Hail to mr Leto! :)) x
We all love Jared. He's a part of 30 Seconds to Mars. And this band is a part from our lives. Of the lives of the Echlon. He loves what he does and more than 8. 5 million loves that too. His band is much more than a band as itself. Jared can express so much emotion with his songs. I've never heard anything like that before. You hear the music but also you can feel it. In my opinion 30 Seconds to Mars is the best. Jared is the best.
- J.O.
Jared's voice is versatile and unbelievably amazing! He is not just 'a good singer', he is 'THE BEST SINGER' on this planet! Jared worked his ass off to be where he is now and he deserves a high level of recognition! I am voting for Jared Leto not only because I LOVE 30 Seconds To Mars, but because his songs and singing personaly inspire me and make me who I am. GO JARED! THE ECHELON FAMILY LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU! ~ From Dasha xx
Alright, how could possibly someone doubt Jared's unique talent?! He's the most awesome guy in the entire universe and his talent is completely indescribable. Whenever he's on stage, nothing else matter either for him either for the Echelon. His energy and passion and contribution to music deserves everyone's respect. Jared will always be a hero to me no matter what the others think. Jared is like my older brother! (':
When I hear Jared's voice it feels like I'm in heaven and I can forget the world around me. Nothing counts apart from him and his voice. He fills people with enthusiasm. His lyrics are true and they have a meaning. I don't no anyone who has such an amazing voice like Jared Leto. He let his heart rule and he speaks one's mind. I love his voice, I love Jared Leto and I love 30 Seconds To Mars because he(they) can touch my heart.
Hm. What can I say? He has an amazing voice. That you recognize anywhere. He writes all his songs, and sings them as the part of himself with a magnetism that grips me as incomparable. He'll lull you with Alibi, shake you with The Kill, make you jump with Closer to the Edge, take you to battle with This is War. Can't get that elsewhere. Oh, and Nobody ever made screaming sound like music before. Not before Jared Leto.
He is amazing singer! I love all 30 Seconds To Mars's songs! He have an amazing voice... So VOTE JARED LETO! He is the BEST MAN I've ever seen! Just remember Moscow concert(10/12/10) IT WAS AMAZING! Good luck Jared! I wish you win!
What can I say about Jared? This man is MULTITALENTED! His voice is amazing... He touches my heart and soul...! But he's more than a fantastic singer... His performances are the best... When he's on the stage he rocks it! He gives everything! Everything he does he does it with passion! He's also a great actor, songwriter, director, model... But most of all he's the sexiest man alive! :))
Jared Leto as the most amazing voice I have ever heard in my life. He puts so much handwork, passion, energy and talent into every song he writes and sings. I sometimes find myself tearing put because his voice is so beautiful to listen too. When I hear his voice I feel like I'm having an out of body experience and the world just melts away and it's only me and his songs. Jared deserves this then any artist out there
Incredible vocalist. Brilliant range. Every word he sings passionately. He always gives 110% with every performance he does as a whole nevermind just vocally. Love his voice. I found that at least in one occasion during listening to Alibi one of the album tracks that I easily got lost in the song with his vocals alone. A brilliant vocalist is a brilliant intepreter of the lyrics and he certainly does that
He has an amazing voice and also his range! He can sing all different kind of music! He has such a unique voice that u can hear him at the radio and u will know its him. He's not only an Excellent singer, but also he's an incredible actor and director. HE'S THE BEST. He must be the number 1! His song are awesome and the way he sings them is unbelieveable! I thnk he is the best singer at this time, definitely!
We have seen the whole musical career of Jared, and I may say that he has made big improvements in his voice, not only in his range but in the way he writes. The first CD "30 seconds to mars" was not that amazing as "this is War". I gave my vote to Jared cause he ist a dude who achieves everything he wants, not only as a singer but as an actor, and Director. Great job Jared
Ma piękny głos, gdy tylko Go słucham mam ciarki. Potrafi zjednoczyć się z widownią za co bardzo Go cenię. Nawiązuje z nimi kontakt I z wzajemnością.
Koncerty 30 Seconds to Mars przeobrażają się w wielkie rodzinne wydarzenie dla Echelonu. Jego wokal jest niepowtarzalny I wyjątowy, głosem wyraża wszystkie emocje znajdujące się w utworach. Śpiewa z prawdziwym oddaniem I pasją. Zasługuje na miano 'Best Singer of All Times'.
~ Maja, Poland
He sings with so much passion. He loves his fans. He treat them like family. His voice is amazing. He deserves to be number one!
He deserves... A men that suffer what he suffered and still could show to everybody that doesn't matter what happens in your life, you can win and show want you think to other persons!
Jared is a great, fantastic singer... I love 30STM, I saw they in Atlantic Pavillion here in Portugal and I will see they in Optimus Alive 2011 :P..
Im a big fan of 30STM ;) and Jared is so hot, cute, beautiful OMG *_*

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