Best Smite Gods

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Great for chasing down enemy gods.

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Great for getting in and out of fights quickly as well as lighting fast strikes if built right


She never dies and she kills everyone.

If you build her right she can't lose in a 1v1... Less useful in teams fights though.

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Is great because you can get rid of half of someones health in about an instant.

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By far the most underrated assassin in the game. The 3, ult, 2 combo is unbeatable and the 1 is an excellent retreat/chase.


A god with 7 abilities is automatically a broken god. Not to mention he is a badass.

Awesome, complex play style with amazing damage


Easily one of the best due to his stun and with his buff ability

48He Bo

Highest combo damage in this game.

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Little guy runs like a rhino, throws hat. Little guy becomes big guy. Big guy kills little people. Turn back to little guy. Little guy has little umbrella. Enough said.

52Zhong KuiV1 Comment

Just too OP with his 3 pretty much being zeuses charges his ult a snipe and his escape being a pull too

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Fun god. Can kill soneone stupid quick if you have the right items.

With atk speed buffs and atk power buffs plus the spell that increase his dmg done with his basic atk makes him 5 to 6 hit with basic atk will kill any god

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