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1Phil TaylorPhilip John Taylor, better known as "Philthy Animal" Taylor, was an English rock drummer in the British Rock 'n' Roll band Motörhead from 1975–1984 and 1987–1992 recording eleven studio albums and four live albums, including No Sleep 'til Hammersmith and Nö Sleep at All, between them.

The most dominant darts player for the last decade and a half - xanderh

Best ever especially when you 8 world titles
In a row, and hits two nine darters in one game, I don, t think no one else would achieve what phils done.

What why is Ted Hankey 9th?
Phil Taylor is #1 No brains really, 16th time world champ,
10 time Grand Prix champ and 6 time Premier league champion (i think there
Will be a 7th time).

Good luck daddy, you stay my idol forever, meet u at Malaysia...

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2Raymond Van Barneveld

No 2. 5 world titles and beaten Taylor more times than anyone

only fourth because four of his world titles came beating second rate bdo players. but proved himself in 2008

The only player from the continent that has been a top player for many years. And still is a to payer.

Raymond Is the real number 1

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3Eric Bristow

5 BDO titles and 10 BDO titles, the epitome of darts in the 1980's - celynwelshy

Can't believe Bristow is this low. Five world titles against top players, a man who ruled the sport before his protege, Phil Taylor, overtook him. One of the greats.

I had the pleasure of playing against Eric back in the 1980's when he was undisputed king of all darts. Virtually unbeatable.

Best player my hero

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4Michael van Gerwen

19 perfect darts, never performed before this man is already a legend. He now won the Premier league vs Taylor and atm I think he is the no1.

The young talent!
Won the world Grand Prix of 2012 and reached the final of the PDC World Championship 2013.
Almost hit 2 nine darters in a row: he only missed the D12 after 17 perfect darts.
I'm sure we'll see more of him in the future.

When he has his day, no one beats Mighty Mike

I think that Michael is the best because he has been the Guinness world records and he is my favourite player

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5John Lowe

3 world champs and 2 world masters, legend - celynwelshy

three world titles all won against the best players in the world

Had the pleasure of playing doubles with John in 1985 when he came to Australia. A great player and good bloke.

Must be higher then no8. Lowe/Bristow/Wilson all brilliant

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6Adrian Lewis

Most naturally gifted darter in the history of the sport!

At times, he plays like no one. Not even Phil.

Huge Aidy Lewis fan, unbelievable natural talent. Hopefully he will add to hid two world titles in the future - mrtisonholiday

"Most intelligent active darter"

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7Dennis Priestley

Dennis the menace has 2 world titles and 4 other final appearances - celynwelshy

only won two world titles but would have certainly been more if it wasnt for phil taylor

8Jocky Wilson

the colourful scot always gave 100 percent should have won more than his two world titles

The best thrower non the less. At least top 10

Just died not so long back nice guy

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9James Wade

2nd most successful PDC darts Ayer ever. Record 3 9 darters in 1 calendar year still unbroken. Not been out of top 10 since he entered almost 10 years ago! Machine like, reliable, no fuss, brave and unwell man and for that I actually rate James in top 3

People forget how young he still is. Only 32 has at least another 20+ years at the top level and he has already won everything except for the World title. Consistently averages in the 98-105 range and leads the field when it comes to doubles. Well underrated by the Sky commentators and pundits.

How is he below Lewis? Wade had beaten Lewis nearly 30 times including major finals and Wade has 8 majors compared to Lewis' 4.

Just got that something

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10John Part

won three world titles two of the in the pdc

Darth Maple is a former three time champ and was Taylor's most feared opponent in the early 2000s. Many consider the big Canadian as the best counter ever seen in the sport.

"Darth Maple", the greatest non European dartsman with 3 world titles - celynwelshy

Why do men like this not win more? Answer, Phil Taylor

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11Bobby George

the darts personality! (Well maby Mardle... ) - celynwelshy

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12Gary Anderson

Great player, high scorer and finisher, great bloke, the best is yet to come for gary

The greatest natural talent the game has ever seen - ocheaye

Great player, high scorer and finisher, great LAD, could see him do very well!

Twice World Champion

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13Peter Wright

Can't find him in this list don't know where to put him but definitely deserves a place

Must admit I do not like this bloke. Plays for Scotland even though he is pure English just for international darts, arrogant and a poor loser. Darts is a game for gentlemen and he is what is wrong with modern darts. Good though, no doubt. - mrtisonholiday

He's has his own style and he stands out by not only his style

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14Vincent van der Voort

Fastest player in the world of darts! Great player

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15Leighton Rees

first ever world champion. the godfather of professional darts

The big Welshman hit the first ever 10 dart leg and 170 checkout on T.V.. Up there with the big guns of the 70s and 80s. First World Champion and was a major, major influence back in the day. Alongside fellow Welshman Alan Evans both were the best partnership in the World in the 1970s.

16Ted Hankey

One of the smoothest natural throws out there, something every new player should look to emulate.

Out of his element in the PDC. Not capable of playing the big boys on a weekly basis

17Dave Chisnall

Pure talent and such a nice guy. May be dumber than a bag of rocks but I love watching him play. - mrtisonholiday

18Kim Huybrechts

One for the future, definitely will have a lot of battles between Lewis, van Gerwen, Webster and Wade in the future!

He's on his way becoming a legend

Can beat anyone on his day. Belgium's best player so far. Still very young, World Title is possible for him one day.

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19Mervyn King

Next to Hankey, the worst sport and the worst ambassador to the game ever!

20Terry Jenkings

Just a great darts man who always does well and should be further up this list.

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