Top 10 B-movie Stars


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The Top Ten

Bruce Campbell
Bruce is the best B movie actor. Loved him in the Evil Dead series, Man with the Screaming Brain, My Name is Bruce, and Bubba Ho-Tep. He's just great, he is the king of the B movies.
The King has held the title since Evil Dead and Army of Darkness
All Hail the King, shop smart, shop S mart!
how could he not be #1? The Evil Dead series is the epitamy of B movies

2Erika Eleniak

3Michael Dudikoff
He made his name famous with the American Ninja


4Casper Van Dien
Love his line in that movie kill them kill them all

5Mark Dacascos

6Lorenzo Lamas

7Antonio Sabato Jr.
I just voted for him because he's the only one I've ever heard of.


8Dean Cain
Superman =D I love the series x'D He's a great actor in that serie. I remember when I stayed up the whole night to watch it. It's sad that it isn't on the television any more =(

9Gary Daniels

10Frank Zagarino

The Contenders

11Kathleen Kinmont

12Shahrukh Khan

13Lou Diamond Phillips

14Daniel Bernhardt

15Rutger Hauer

16Cynthia Rothrock
Cynthia Rothrock me long kick and great she discover be in Martial Law 2, this by excellent fighting and film Tiger Claws. She is great job to foots.
Brilliant Martial Arts Superstar


17Angie Everhart
Not as good as Erika Eleniak but still very hot B-movie Star.


18Dean Cochran

19Jeff Fahey
Jeff is my all time fav, love him loads xx

20Carol Alt

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