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Iron Maiden
Well, before voting for Metallica blindly.. You might want to listen to maiden... Just once...
1) Something Heavy? 2 minutes to midnight, Montsegur, Where Eagles Dare...
2)Awesome riffs? Rainmaker, Afraid to Shoot Strangers, Dance Of Death
3)Superb Solos? The Trooper( YES, AGAIN), Stranger in a Strange Land
4)Excellent Intros? No More Lies, Fear Of The Dark...
5)Best Vocals? Flight Of Icarus, Run to the Hills...
6)Epicness and awesome lyrics? Hallowed Be Thy Name, Rime Of the Ancient Mariner
7) Real Heavy Metal? Any thing by IRON MAIDEN!
UP THE IRONS! From India
Iron Maiden is heavy metal at it's best...
They have better live shows, better songs.
They have the best bassist. They have a great singer, great drummer and great guitarists...
Their songs have amazing solos, intros, riffs, vocals, drums, bass, lyrics that have deep meaning, etc.
And the best of all - they have been consistent for 30 years... And are still kicking ass.

Up the Irons! From India.
Iron Maiden rule...
They have been consistent over the years... And they will go on forever...
I bow to Maiden... They influenced many a band... Up the Irons!
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One cannot resist such titillating lyrics as they lithe and throb from mastered instruments of pleasure as they seductively taunt and slowly tease all our most forbidden places with rhythms... Base lines... Solos... Versus... Unlike any prior... Like the naughty little girl... Lured so skillfully and willfully her most delicious desires... As each song, lip and breath... Move slowly working and working every sense of our being to a ones ultimate metal deliverance. Perhaps matched only by my pure carnal lust for all things naughty... Metallica is just that good.
No other bands can provide the energy that Metallica demonstrates. They have even perfected the heavy metal ballad through the years, which no other band has pulled off!
Metallica pretty much defines heavy metal for me. Metallica was the reason I started playing guitar. They are the reason I want to get a degree in music. Avenged Sevenfold are my next favorite but aren't as good as some other people Iron Maiden. I like where a7x is on this list. Four might be a little too high but top ten is good. But seriously though, Johnny Christ isn't nearly the best bassist ever. He just picks the guitar part on a bass. He is pretty much playing guitar on the bass. He is ridiculously overrated.
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3Black Sabbath
I can't believe you put them in third Black Sabbath are god's of of Heavy Metal Read this you other morons
Black Sabbath is an English heavy metal band formed in 1968 in Birmingham, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom, originally comprising Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler (bass), and Bill Ward (drums). In the early 1970s they were the first to pair heavily distorted, sonically dissonant blues-rock at slow speeds with lyrics about drugs, mental pain, and abominations of war, thus giving birth to generations of metal bands that followed in their wake. They are often credited with creating the heavy metal genre as well as the doom metal subgenre.

Black Sabbath was formed in Aston, a poor district of Birmingham damaged by bombing during World War II, under the name Polka Tulk Blues Band (soon shortened to “Polka Tulk”), later Earth. Initially a blues-rock band, Earth moved in a darker direction when the band, especially bassist Geezer Butler, being fans of the black magic novels of Dennis Wheatley, tried to make music to have the same effect as a horror movie or novel. Ozzy Osbourne wrote the lyrics to the second song they wrote together, “Black Sabbath” (the song name was inspired by a 1963 Mario Bava film), and Tony Iommi wrote a riff based on the tritone, sometimes called “Diabolus en Musica” (“the Devil in Music”). Later in their careers, Geezer Butler would write most of the lyrics to Black Sabbath songs In their Last Supper concert film, the band stated that the song is based on an experience Geezer had one night when he saw a black object at the end of his bed and noticed the next day that an occult book Ozzy had given him was missing. When the band found themselves being confused with another local band called Earth, they adopted the song title as their new name.

As the band evolved, they added more European folk elements and gothic flourishes to their sound, which was unlike any other group during their time. Their lyrics dealt with darker issues than most conventional rock. Towards the late 1960s, bands were into the peace movement and the dying hippie culture, whilst Sabbath chose to distinguish themselves by dealing with heavier issues; the occult, war, apocalypse, drugs, and gothic storytelling. Their music also conveyed a sense of anger and anti-establishment, the likes of which had not been heard before.

It was this mix of dark lyrical themes and a slower, ominous sound that made Black Sabbath a significant element in the genre that would later be known as heavy metal.

Despite their doom-laden image, much of the group’s early material featured acoustic guitars, piano, symphony orchestras, keyboards, and even horns. After the band’s first four albums, the group became increasingly psychedelic, experimental, and progressive, leaving much of their dark metal roots behind. The last two Osbourne-fronted albums, Technical Ecstasy (1976) and Never Say Die! (1978) left a lot of fans dissatisfied with the band, as drugs and alcohol abuse began to take its toll on each member.

Osbourne was fired in 1978 for becoming increasingly unstable and unwilling to work with the material that, by this time, Tony Iommi was writing more or less entirely himself. Osbourne started a highly successful solo career in 1980.

In 1979 Tony Iommi recruited former Rainbow members; singer Ronnie James Dio and bassist Craig Gruber. Gruber was recruited because Geezer Butler was unhappy with Osbourne’s departure, and was rumoured to have quit the band. Gruber was dismissed and Geezer rejoined. Black Sabbath’s first album with Dio, Heaven and Hell, proved to be a success, and saw the band’s highest American charting since 1975’s Sabotage. It was on this tour that Dio popularised the “devil horns” hand gesture, which has since become a symbol of heavy metal music in general. The album also marked the inclusion of Quartz’s guitarist-turned-keyboardist Geoff Nicholls (Nicholls has not been consistently credited as an official member, and has always been forced to play live shows from off stage (except on the Seventh Star tour in 1986 where he played on stage) supposedly for aesthetic reasons, but he has co-written many songs and has stayed with Black Sabbath through all subsequent incarnations, until he finally left in 2004. Adam Wakeman, son of Rick Wakeman, took over in 2005). Also during the tour, drummer Bill Ward quit the band for personal reasons (both his parents died within a rather short period, and Ward was struggling with alcoholism and other addictions). Drummer Vinny Appice joined to complete the tour and then record the next album Mob Rules, in which an early version of the title track appeared in the film Heavy Metal.

Ronnie James Dio and drummer Vinny Appice left the band after supposed disputes concerning the mixing of the live album Live Evil, and pursued a solo career together. Black Sabbath re-enlisted drummer Bill Ward, and, along with ex-Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan (who agreed to join the band whilst heavily intoxicated), released Born Again in 1983. It reached a respectable number two in the U.K. music charts, a success not seen since Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, ten years previously. However, the album was not received particularly fondly by critics or fans alike, and not even by singer Ian Gillan. The tour that followed was to provide a wealth of material for the spoof documentary on rock ‘n’ roll culture, Spinal Tap. Drummer Bill Ward was still recovering from poor health and so did not tour for the Born Again album. Instead, fellow Brummie Bev Bevan, formerly of The Move and The Electric Light Orchestra, took to the drumstool for the tour obligations.

Once the tour was over, Ian Gillan left the band to rejoin his Mk.2 Deep Purple band mates. From here on the line-ups of Black Sabbath changed relentlessly, with Tony Iommi being the only constant member. Between 1986 and 1995 Black Sabbath released 7 studio albums and one live album, including a reunion album with the Mob Rules line-up (1992’s Dehumanizer). In 1997 the original line-up reunited for a proper world tour (as opposed to the one-off Live Aid in 1985, and Costa Mesa gigs on Ozzy’s “Farewell” tour in 1992) and have toured on and off since.

In 2007, following the official disbanding of Sabbath in 2006, the Mob Rules line-up reunited under the banner Heaven & Hell and toured in support of Black Sabbath - The Best of: The Dio Years featuring three new tracks and a release of Black Sabbath Live at the Hammersmith Odeon, 1982. They released a live CD/DVD and released a studio album of entirely new songs in April 2009. Ronnie James Dio died from stomach cancer in 2010, his Heaven & Hell album being the last of his studio performances. Neon Nights: Live at Wacken was released the following year on CD/DVD.

On 11th November 2011, the original line-up of Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward hosted a press conference in which they stated they would be touring once more and recording their first album together since 1978’s Never Say Die! However, the tour was radically reduced in scale as Iommi sought treatment for Lymphoma. In early 2012 Bill Ward publicly stated he would no longer be involved in the upcoming tour and album as he had been offered an “unsignable contract”. Tommy Clufetos (Ozzy Osbourne, ex-Firewind, ex-Rob Zombie, ex-Alice Cooper) was asked to to join for touring obligations. Black Sabbath selected Rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk to record on their nineteenth album “13”.

VH1’s “100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock” ranked them second, behind Led Zeppelin. They were inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame and the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2006.

Aside from being arguably the first heavy metal band, Black Sabbath also directly influenced many later metal sub-genres with their sound and imagery. Examples can be seen especially in doom metal and stoner metal, which are directly descended from Black Sabbath’s original sound, with songs such as “Black Sabbath”, “Into the Void”, “Hand of Doom” and others showcasing Black Sabbath’s staple doom sound. Other sub-genres influenced by Sabbath’s sound also include speed metal and thrash metal on the opposite side, “Paranoid” and “Symptom of the Universe” are considered early examples of these genres. Black Sabbath’s lyrical use of hell, death, Satan and horror as imagery also greatly influenced heavy metal, as these themes are prevalent in nearly all heavy metal sub-genres.

In December 2008 Iommi filed a lawsuit against merchandise company LiveNation for continuing to use the Black Sabbath name and Tony Iommi’s likeness to sell merchandise, even after their contract had ended. On May 26, 2009 Osbourne filed suit in a federal court in New York against Iommi alleging that he illegally claimed the band name. Iommi noted that he has been the only band member for the full forty one years of the band, and that his bandmates relinquished their rights to the name in the 1980s, therefore claiming more rights to the name of the band. Although, in the suit, Osbourne is seeking 50% ownership of the trademark, he has said that he hopes the proceedings will lead to equal ownership among the four original members.
Black sabbath behind slipknot. Who came up with this list?
Geezer Butler, the Godfather of Heavy Metal. He wrote the first heavy lyrics, he is the best
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4Avenged Sevenfold
R.I.P REV awesome drummer was awesome in his parts of songs so sad he died
You know that M. Shadows voice is the same in the music video and live..
You know that Johnny Christ has awesome fingers playing the bass..
Zacky vengeance & Synyster gates can play the guitar right and left handed...
You that I've saved the best and lastly Jimmy the rev sullivan can play the drums awesome & can play the vocals at the same time.
M shadow has best variety screams and clear, rev (R.I. P) was the best drummer ever, syn and zacky are best guitar duo ever and johnny christ is the best bassist, no doubt about it best heavy metal band.
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Genius band! They are gods of Thrash and Speed metal. Dave Mustaine is great composer and great guitarist. Also Nick Menza, David Efelson, Marty Friedman, Chris Poland, Gar Samuelson and Chris Broderick are also great musicians.
Megadeth's albums:
"Rust In Peace"
"Peace Sells... But Who's Buying"
"Countdown To Extinction"
"Killing Is My Business... And My Business Is Good"
"The System Has Failed"

Are almost a definition of Speed metal and Thrash Metal genres.
Mustaine is also a god of Guitar riffs and solos. Before voting on someone else listen to:
- last riff of "Wake Up Dead" from "Peace Sells... But Who's Buying"
- intro riffs and solo of "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due" from "Rust In Peace"
- last riff and solo of "Hangar 18" from "Rust In Peace"
- solo and riffs of "Tornado Of Souls" from "Rust In Peace"
- intro of "Trust" from "Cryptic Writings"
- intro solo of "Sudden Death" from "Th1rt3en"
- riffs of "New World Order" from "Th1rt3en"
And many more if you can.

Now about the rest of the top:
1. Iron Maiden - not bad decision, they have awesome vocalist and many good songs, especially from they're albums "The Number Of The Beast", "Piece Of Mind", "Powerslave"
2. Metallica - I wish another band here, Metallica is great, but not such great like Iron Maiden, Megadeth or Black Sabbath. They have 5 good albums, and they sold out... but songs like "Phantom Lord","One", "Fade To Black", "Unforgiven", "Ride The Lightning", "Master Of Puppets" or "Seek And Destroy" occupy for Metallica a place in top 5
3. Black Sabbath - Legends of Metal, they first two albums were unbelievable, and the next ones were good too, they definitely deserves a place in top, and 3 is a good position.
4. Avenged Sevenfold - Really? A7X were average until they have changed to HARD ROCK, I say Hard Rock, not Heavy Metal. They're best albums ("City Of Evil" and "Avenged Sevenfold") aren't metal albums, and earlier albums do not occupy this place for them in my opinion.
6. Judas Priest - Innovators of heavy metal definitely deserve to be on this list. 6th place is good for them in my opinion (after Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Black Sabbath and Motorhead). "Screaming For Vengeance", "British Steel" and "Painkiller" are definitely great metal albums.
7. Slipknot - I don't like a lot Nu-Metal, but I must accept this place for them, because they are leading on the Metal scene in 21st Century.
8. Pantera - Another legendary thrash metal band... they're 4 albums from "Cowboys From Hell" to "The Great Southern Trendkill" are a big influence for many of metal bands today, but in my opinion place 10th or 11th is better for them.
9. Slayer - Another band, what I don't like, but they are important, and they deserve to be in top 15. Do they deserve to be in top 10? I don't think so...
10. Disturbed -What? At least better choice than A7X, but here's the same problem... only first album "Down With The Sickness" is suited in metal genre, next 4 are great albums, but Hard Rock albums, not metal, so Disturbed do not deserve to be so high here.

11. Led Zeppelin - You are kidding, right? Typing legendary Hard Rock band for the greatest HEAVY METAL BAND... I will leave it without comment

12. Motorhead - Definitely they deserves to be higher without them (Lemmy especially) heavy metal would die in 70s... they have leaded the new age and the have created Speed Metal, what was a base for a rest of metal genres (Power Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal etc. )
"Ace Of Spades" "Bomber" and "Overkill" are albums, what have made a history. In my opinion Motorhead deserves a place in top 5.

About choosing AC DC or Guns N' Roses I will tell nothing... someone didn't read the title of the list...
Should be top 5. Brilliant band dave is arguably the best guitarist in the world. The band has continued to perform at a high level and overcome adversity many times.
7th?! Bloody hell this band has to be better than metallica!
The worlds best comeback ever!
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6Judas Priest
Judas is the definition of heavy metal, when the NWOBHM started around the '70s they brought the unique sound of the heavy metal, fast and heavy riffs, with the double bass gunfight of the painkiller album, down to the earth basslines ready to kick you of the chair and Halford, that's right Rob 'METAL GOD' Halford, one of the greatest(i assume people still have taste) singer in the whole world, awesome vibrato and high pitched banshee screams that I didn't hear even in horror movies, and the deep epic and technically perfect sound and co-ambition of the band that makes a perfect ambient with the two guitars K. K and Tipton (as said before the first band to include 2 guitarist) so this is not about respect for the oldies this is about knowing facts and having a bit of musical taste to make a difference between HEAVY METAL like judas priest and almost metal like avenged sevencrap or the poor bastards from Metallica whom have gotten over the age, in their 40s and can't pull a quick song anymore... Cheers everyone RAM IT DOWN
wtf! judas priest is what straight up heavy metal is all about... I can't believe this, vox, guitars, drums everything about them is plain EPIC! jus listen to their unique sound... THAT IS METAL...!
should have been in top 5 at least...


Its so sad that about 60% of kids at my school don't know a thing about heavy metal, let alone the often overlooked metal gods, Judas Priest. All great musicians, and contributed a lot to rock and metal music.
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Maggot till I die m/
And seriously.. Look at your list..
Led zeppelin? Seriously? No doubt zeppelin is legendary.. But it's rock.. Not heavy metal.. Same goes for AC/DC
To me.. Slipknot is the best band in the world.. Their music is unique.. Long live the 8 and RIP Paul
For me it's world's best band... It's music is unique... Every time it comes up with new ideas... New hopes... And this band never disappoints its fans... It is an amazing band... It should have been in the first position.. And long live slipknot... And RIP paul gray
Best band since 1999 to hit the metal scene they have their own style and it involves heavy songs like diluted, my plague, scissors, iowa, and can also create songs like snuff, and sircle that's what I like most about them the have let the world know that they are the best because their songs have corey's hardcore screamo vocals and the next moment he has clean vocals that shows so much emotion slipknot deserves a spot in the heavy metal hall of fame!
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their music is heaviest. only this make pantera in at least 3. dimebag is legend!
pantera good! good
no respect for dimebag darrell?
Beast songs n albums like cowboys from hell and theyre very underrated
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Definitely one of my favorite bands for sure. Not the most talented musicians, but their songs are loved worldwide, and are timeless metal masterpieces.
Not top? How is this possible? The TRUE founders of thrash metal. All hail the slaytanic wehrmacht
Why these metal anti-gods didn't make it in the top ten is beyond any grasp of reality. With the combo solos of king and hanneman, the guteral screams and wails of araya, and drum master Dave Lombardo ( same level as Neil part and John Bonham). Four of the fiercest thrashers from show no mercys raw hate fueled lyrics all the way up to world painted blood. They have never let the hardcore fans down the same way so many other bands have (cough Metallica cough).
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I LOVE DISTURBED! Disturbed has saved my soul so many times! I can't get enough of Disturbed, they plain-out rule the world and blow away every other band! I am intoxicated with Disturbed, they are the BOMB! VOTE DISTURBED! People who don't like Disturbed don't know how to live!
Disturbed has been my best friend since the first album came out. David Draiman's voice just gives it the perfect effect. Man!
I like the sounds of Disturbed instruments. The lead singer has the perfect voice for rock music. I enjoy listening to their music, it is fascinating.
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The Contenders

11Led Zeppelin
led zeppelin rocks and going to california is my favorite song of all time and stairway to heaven, kashmir too!
Led Zeppelin is the greatest BAND of all time. They shouldn't be on the list because they're NOT heavy metal, they are a HARD ROCK BAND! There's a difference between HARD ROCK and HEAVY METAL! But for the sake of this list, THEY SHOULD BE NUMBER 1!
Led Zeppelin is one of the best rock bands however I have voted in the Heavy Metal category because I think a heavy metal is influenced by Led Zeppelin and other bands that were not strictly 'heavy metal' such as Killing Joke. The magazine Rolling Stone described Led Zeppelin as "the heaviest band of all time".
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AWESOME! If Led Zeppelin is the most classic rock band, Motorhead is the most classic metal.
Motörhead is far superior to half the bands above it. The only ones I'd pout up against it would be Black Sabbath. These are the bands who created heavy metal.
Whoever is singing in that band is a beast at this style of singing.


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13Lamb of God
You gotta be kidding me!
Log in 13th? It should be third.. Just behind iron maiden and Metallica!
Listen to laid to rest, walk with me in hell, black label and omerta to believe it yourself.. Also now you've got something to die for... I haven't heard a bad song by this band yet!
Lamb of God has some of the best lyrics I've ever heard in any band of any genre. They are one of the few bands I've ever heard whose music and lyrics come together like clockwork. They've had consistently amazing albums throughout their career and their live shows are nothing short of cathartic. I understand that it's competing with older bands that have seniority when it comes to this genre of music, but lamb of god is the best band all around when considering anything within the past 10-15 years.
What's wrong with you all! Guys! This is the best heavy metal band for me and I think it must be in the top 5 or not even top 5 but the first and you must listen first then judge they're really awesome!
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14System of a Down
Not even 15? System of a Down is epic! You need to hear chop suey, lonely day, streamline, I can go on forever naming great songs. I kinda knew metalica would be first (and I am happy about that I love metalica)bot System of a Down is epic and so is children of bodom.
Are you kidding me...?
Listen to chop suey, spiders, BYOB... And then rate rhis band...
What? This should be number #1... Darons guitar skills are awesome.. Combined with serjs and shavos music skills... Why... System of a Down must be at least intop 5 bands.. This band headlined download and had the most greatest audience of all time... System of a down rules... They are the best
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The Godfather of metal, he is the one who first created the devil horns hand signal that is now famous around the world as a symbol of heavy metal.
One of the greatest voices of all time, even in his last years.
Amazing, R.I. P A true metal God. Dio the most influential vocalist. Every power metal band takes a page out of DIO's book
Try to find another singer that can last 50 years in a business of young talent and still school the youngsters. He started singing do-wop music in the 50's and ended up being THE touchstone voice of heavy metal... That's nuts and pure talent!
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16Ozzy Osbourne
Regarded as one the pioneers of heavy metal, Black Sabbath was formed by Ozzy Osbourne (lead vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler (bass guitar), and Bill Ward (drums). Alcohol abuse led to Ozzy Osbourne getting fired and replaced with former Rainbow vocalist Ronnie James Dio, and enjoyed success with the release of Heaven and Hell in 1980 and Mob Rules in 1981. Throughout the late eighties and early nighties Black Sabbath went through a number of different vocalists and enjoyed small success with Headless Cross, Tyr, Cross Purposes and Forbidden, released in 1989, 1990, 1994 and 1995 respectively.
John Michael "Ozzy" Osbourne is an English rock vocalist, songwriter, and television personality. Osbourne rose to prominence in the early 1970s as the lead vocalist of the pioneering English band Black Sabbath, whose dark and heavy sound has often been cited as key to the development of the heavy metal genre. Osbourne left Black Sabbath in 1979 and has since had a successful solo career, releasing 11 studio albums, the first seven of which were all awarded multi-platinum certifications in the US, though he has reunited with Black Sabbath on several occasions, most recently in 2011 to record the album 13, which was released in 2013. Osbourne's longevity and success have earned him the informal title of "Godfather of Heavy Metal".
The light in the window is a crack in the sky
A stairway to darkness in the blink of an eye
A levee of tears to learn she'll never be coming back
The man in the dark will bring another attack

Your momma told you that you're not supposed to talk to strangers
Look in the mirror tell me do you think your life's in danger here, ya

No more tears
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Because Chuck reinvented metal after it had already been reinvented loads of times before. Death took thrash metal to new limits. It became the genre we now know as 'Death Metal' which is named after them for obvious reasons. Undoubtedly the best death metal band ever and arguably the best thrash metal band ever as well. They were very influential in metal and completely under-rated because of sell outs like Metallica.
The most famous death metal band that has sold millions of records around the world. Chuck Schuldiner may be one of the greatest guitarists ever to have lived.
I cannot believe that people would choose Linkin Park and Black Veil Brides over this truly amazing and influential band.R.I. P Chuck
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Sure, most people don't consider them to be heavy metal, but I just had to include them in this list, due to the fact that there such amazing artists, and a great band forever.
Its awesome! What music! What song! What voice! What guitars! What drummers! What guitarists! Your ears burst when you hear it.
One of the best bands around just look how long they been going!
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19Guns N Roses
Guns N' Roses should be in the Top Ten
Really Awesome, It should be on no. 1 instead of 19
American band, good and professional concert facility in future could be horsens musicart city in denmark
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20Five Finger Death Punch
Ivan Moody is under rated. This band has talent at all positions, amazing talent... The fact that their material continues to get better and better with each album should prove their worth of a top 5 spot for artists currently producing music. This list is hilarious because its more over voted than American Idol. Love what you love, but just keep fk'n rocking'!
You got to be kidding me. Five Finger Death Punch can't be the 45th best heavy metal band. 5FDP should join the top tens as well as Godsmack, Bullet For My Valentine, Lamb of God, SOiL, and also Drowning Pool, too.
How has this band not been added yet? Definitely in my top 3!
Listen to their new album American Capitalist, its EPIC!
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This band is awesome! Classic Rock Of The 21st Century - yeah baby! Guitar riffs, versatile sound and off course vocals! It's smthn amaizing I think, cause I've never heard something like Ari's voice. It's absolutely new wave in rock-music, check it out and you won't be disappointed!
Wow! What can I say about this band, that hasn't already been written on here. Yep! -AMORAL truly is the Classic Rock Of The 21st Century! I've been spreading the word, about them, to my friends, to try to get the band more exposure, in the U.S. we've really needed a fresh sound, for a long, long time... And AMORAL has done it! HANDS DOWN!... Best band ever! I absolutely agree... Ari Koivunen has got to be THE.. BEST.. SINGER.. IN.. THE.. WORLD!... These guys also seem to be down to earth, enjoy what they do, and fame hasn't gone to their heads -that's what makes them all the more awesome. -plus they have such great stage presence and can put on one amazing live performance!... So, if you haven't heard or seen them yet, don't miss out any longer! Go check em' out, on facebook AMORAL and also Ari Koivunen... I promise you, they will not disappoint!
The most versatile band I've heard in my life! BENEATH is one of the most completes albums ever! Goes straight to my TOP 3. If you love amazing music no matter the genre, then you should listen AMORAL. And they have one of the most talented composers and guitarists, Ben Varon, an awesome singer, Ari Koivunen but of course we cannot admire less, Pexi (bass), Masi (guitar) and Juffi (drums)! PERFECT COMBINATION!
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Unmistakable voice! Melodic riffs!
That moment when no one knows who you are..
Excelent voice. Mindcrime is the best concept album ever. Empire and Promise Land are fantastic.
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Rammstein is simply the best! I saw them live and it was by-far the best live act ever. Their music meshes with different aspects of different cultures and brings it back to face with a great heavy metal sound. Always entertaining and artful. LONG LIVE RAMMSTEIN!
Rammstein are metal gods! Maybe not the expected heavy metal or death metal, but they reintroduced a little used sub-genre of metal - industrial metal.
How about Rammstein is the only band I'll listen to out of the whole list.
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Anthrax is part of the Big 4 they deserve to be up there.
I love these guys way too much not to vote for them! They are for sure a top ten heavy metal band
They are one of the most underrated bands in heavy metal, despite being one of the Big Four of Thrash.
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25Bullet For My Valentine
Dude Bullet For My Valentine they are really cool
They deserve do be in the top 10
They are much better than Disturbed and A7x
What?! They have immense solos and the drumming is so fast this band is so much better than avenged sevenfold! Just listen to waking the demon, tears don't fall, scream aim fire, the end and so many more!
The most under rated band
They easily deserve to be in the top
Just listen to their songs they re amzing
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26Black Veil Brides
Personally my favorite band, love all of their music. All of their lyrics have a powerful meaning behind them, not sure why they get so much hate. Yes they wear makeup, but so does KISS and Motley Crue, not sure why it's any different with Black Veil Brides.
Black veil brides are just amazing I love all there songs and are the best thing that ever happened in this world! There lyrics and music inspire me and to be honest if you hate them and think one direction or other crap like that it better 'no offense' but you're wrong BVB are better!
I saw them pretty high up on a worst bands list. All I have to say is why? Meaningful lyrics, awesome solos, not a ton of screaming, what's so bad? The Mortician's Daughter-'I love you more than I could ever scream. "
In the end has amazing lyrics also. BVB army Rules!
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Even though they have a huge fanbase, I still consider them very underrated. Yes, songs like Big City Nights, Rock You Like a Hurricane, and No One Like You were very big, but that's the 80's. What about the 70's Scorpions? Polar Nights, Sails of Charon, Virgin Killer, Hell Cat, and Catch Your Train? All AMAZING songs that get overlooked, and mostly never even looked at. Even in the 80's they still had amazing songs like Tease Me Please Me, The Zoo, Raised on Rock, China White, and Blackout. Just an amazing band. I don't believe they deserve to be #1, but at least in the top 10.
Scorpions are fathers of German heavy metal, one of the best rock bands in the world. Although they ate way underrated, cause they are german band, they have a combination of talent, technical skils and masterpiece that make them best of the best!
Gods of Slow Rock... Totally Rock
. Klaus Meine one of the most influencial vocalist
Of all time
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Tool is the best! Wicked riffs banging drums and the voice! The concerts are great, they just play music, no BS about anything else. It all about the musics.
The lyrics and stories and meanings second to none!
Vote for Tool, they have changed my life!
Tool, at 24? Seriously? I'd think probably more in the range of a whole number somewhere between 0 and 2.
Tool has probably the most complex lyrics and song meanings of any modern hard rock/metal band. They based the song "Lateralus" on a complex trigonometric spiral pattern known as the "Fibonacci Sequence". These guys are crazy.
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Great band! Got ever album and not one is disappointing. I find it a shame that clear talent from these guys can be put so far below so many bands that just strut random chords and bash their instruments while growling and snorting like pigs.
I don't like it but my dad likes it so I can't put it last. I atulie like Iron maiden so I'am lucky
Outstanding in every single way. One cannot simply compare Helloween to any other band, simply the best band ever.
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Seeing such a great band in 45th place is shameful. Opeth to me is a top 10 band for sure, and this is coming from a person that has listened to thousands of bands, and that's not an understatement. Opeth is one of the few bands I can always turn back to when other music is boring me. Doesn't matter if I've heard the Opeth song 500 times already, I'll still enjoy it like it's the first time I've heard it.
Opeth is perhaps one of the greatest bands of all time... Their music is so thoughtful, they have their very own style which is simply mindblowing... Its a blend of metal and classical music... Mikael is probably the best singer you'd ever listen to...
Its so low in the list because it hasnt got a huge fanbase... But believe me Opeth takes metal to a whole new level... It should be amongst top 10.
Opeth has more musical ideas in a single song than most bands have their entire career. And no other band can move from smash-your-head-in heavy ("Demon of the Fall") to raw emotional beauty ("Isolation Years"), often within the span of 20 seconds in a single song.
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32Iced Earth
Amazingly Heavy and should be at the top 10.
Simply amazing.They play true HEAVY METAL, they should be at the top 10.
Definitely my favourite band and it is ridiculous how it's not on top 10, anyway this is a list of popularity, not greatness :/
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Sepultara used to be a great band. Now, with their new vocalist they aren't that great. But just listen to their older stuff like Arise and Morbid Visions and Bestial Devastation. Old school death/thrash classics. Just for the first few albums they should be much higher on the list. But, whoever said they are a "rising up band" doesn't know what they're talking about. Not trying to be rude to whoever said that, but, before you talk about a band (positively or negatively) it's always best to know the facts about them.
Used to be great, in my opinion they still great, well, the new vocalist wasn't the best bet for a trash metal band like Sepultura (Grave in english), but he still cope with the band.
And yeah, the albuns from original formation are simply great and good classics.
Top 10 at least if we are talking metal.
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34Alice Cooper
Brought theatrics into rock.

A true innovator musically as well as theatrically. What's more metal than a songs about dead babies, insanity, demons and the dentist drilling into your gums?
His stage shows are legendary!

35Skid Row
One of the best Heavy Metal bands of all time... They are really under rated.. But man are they awesome! And some bands here are not even Heavy Metal bands but are way ahead in the list.. Are you kidding me? Led Zeppelin? Zeppelin's a rock band.. And the last time I checked Megadeth and Metallica are still playing METAL not Heavy Metal...


Nobody.. And I mean nobody, is better than these 3 in Heavy Metal.
My favorite is SKID ROW though!
This band is incredible, I think they're under rated.. Sebastian Bach has got to have on of the best metal/rock voices of all time.
I love skid row, and I think they deserve to be at least near the top
More comments about Skid Row

Just a super awesome band!
Definitely the best of symphonic metal if not "heavy" metal.
Greatest band of all time! They sound like heaven!
More comments about Nightwish

37Children of Bodom
Bodom at no.39? You gotta be kidding me! They are my favorite band and Alexi Laiho is most talented guitarist now. Just look at his solos laugh out loud. Hate Crew till I die! Looking forward to their new album in 2013, Halo of Blood. :D
What are children of bodom even heavy metal common they are (melodeath and power metal)and where is dream evil that band gotta be 5-1
!.. Avenged sevenfold in 4!... Are they even metal!... Kill myself!... I don't wanna live in this world!... COB should be in top 5. Best Melodic death metal band of all time... No one can cross them!...
Hail children of bodom!... Hail alexi laiho
From Bangladesh with love & respect
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I can't believe my eye's, Testament ranked at #150! Sure they might not be my favorite metal band, but they certainly deserve to be in the top 10 spot considering they are TRUE metal and trust me that's a he'll of a lot more than I can say for the majority of the bands on this bogus list. You people that vote on this list think that you know metal, I hate to break it to you but you don't, you're all a bunch of POSERS!
This band deserves to be in the top ten. After most bands changed as trends changed they stayed pure thrash and still standing strong after all these years.
This band kicks more ass then any metal band ever will! The have possibly the best riffs I've ever heard.

39Van Halen
I don't understand how on earth is van halen on be on no. 30... Simply impossible... Should be in top 5. With the legendary EVN, it is way better than many of these bands mentioned above.
40th? Are you out of your mind? Van Halen not only ushered in the modern heavy metal era they where simply one of the best in the game.
I bet all the members of the bands voted above Van Halen are as shocked and appalled as I am.
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40Motley Crue
Mötley Crüe is an American heavy metal band who started his career in Los Angeles, California in 1980. They have sold over 80 million. Albums worldwide.

The name Mötley Crüe comes from a friend of the band said "What a motley looking crew." The band has been known songs like "Dr. Feelgood, " "Home Sweet Home" and "Looks That Kill". They are also known for their excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs.

The group consisted from the start of singer Vince Neil, bassist Nikki Sixx, drummer Tommy Lee and guitarist Mick Mars. In 1992, Neil kicked out of the band and replaced by John Corabi. He did however return to the band back in 1997. They've got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
I LOVE Motley Crue. They've changed my life. This band has many great songs for my "weird" taste of music.
Great artist, could be good for motley crue that they was smoking 5 cigarettes per. Day and max 2 drinks during the weekend, in order to preserve health and the clear singing voice
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Korn should at least be in top ten this band started a new type of metal munky and heads guitar is toned down 7 strings of mayhem and fieldys slap bass is recognizable from first record till now they change their sound every album which I like its just people keep wanting them to sound like the first two records again I personally don't iwant them to continue making different music with the korn feel and just to finish korn should be top ten by how amazing jonathan davis's vocals are from screaming to clean he's the man
Follow the leader itself made this band a top 10
Raised around this band and few others. I'm very bias but they should be at very very least, in top 20. Higher than System of a Down and slipknot who is no longer a band. They have out lived most of the bands that they grow up with, they even out lived disturbed. They don't just try to root down in the 90's they try to evolve and play with new music and see what they can do with it.
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42Dream Theater
Metallica, Iron Maiden and Slayer are good. GOOD not FANTASTIC or AWESOME. But Dream Theater R.If you want something heavy listen to the "Train of Thought" or "Awake" albums. "Images and Words" is not good enough when it comes to heaviness (still fantastic though). DT deserves to be at least at #20! Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Twisted Sister are rock/hard rock and not HEAVY METAL. At least Dream Theater is metal and not some ridiculous rock-band. Best band ever.
They are the gods or prog metal. Their songs are awesome
How is bon jovi metal? Or seether? Or ac dc? Or skillet? Idiots who vote for that kind of bands should read up on them and the genres that they play.
51? Seriously? These guys are the real deal, they're the gods of metal. Not even Maiden deserves to be compared to the awesomeness of the one and only, Dream Theater.
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How is mudvayne at 70 they deserve way better then that
Mudvayne should be no 8 at least come on
They are great band..
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One of the best guitarists out there and I'm loving the contrast of metal with the singers clean vocals. The number 1 reason I am loving them right now is that their drummer (Dave Mackintosh) delivers such an passionate and skilled drum beat and style. That is dedication and passion at its best. Rock On!
The fastest guitar of all time, a lot of good musics the inventor of power metal... Variares árulas of music... Just listen to a song!
Very multi-talented band, filled with raw energy and power.
More comments about DragonForce

Okay Iron maiden and metallica are good but Trivium are gods. Matt Heafy is one of the best vocalists ever in my opinion as well as being one of the best guitar players ever. Corey Beaulieu is just pure talent, his solos blow my mind every time I hear them. Travis smith may have left but he is an amazing drummer who can create intence beats and make it sound easy. Nick agusto is an incredible drummer and was the best replacement for Travis, His blast beats are inhuman. Paolo is an amazing bassist and can solo good as well. Do your self a favor and listen to Trivium. Kirisute gomen and Shattering the skies above are the songs that show them at their best. TRIVIUM FOR LIFE.
The only band I've ever seen that uses their talents to their full potential. Not only that, every single album is new and innovative while keeping the lyrics spot on, catchy, but most of all powerful and meaningful. I love how down to earth heafy is, his interviews, unlike a lot of other good metal bands, consists of proper English and very though out responses. For example, they never reveal a meaning to any of their songs, why? Because even though they had one in the making of the song they want each person to make their own meaning by listening to the song.
Tldr: talented, intelligent, innovative, powerful
These guys are simply the best. Their music is so intense and makes you feel all kinds of things. They should be number 1, I love them even more than metallica or iron maiden...
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Amazing power metal from Germany

47As I Lay Dying
For me it should be in the top five list... 59? ARE you kidding me! New blend with rawness in music... Different variations love it... The most sexy band ever... AS I LAY DYING. The name says it!

Should be on top these are the real defenders of metal I mean there's a lot of awesome bands but for a heavy metal band manowar are the best of allm/
ManOWar is not very popular in the US. I think it is due to a lack of familiarity with European mythology and history. It's not like you will get a history lesson from these guys, but you will definitely get the idea behind heavy metal. It's the concept that is heavy, not the sound. Good stuff. I can see why people don't like it, though. It's like fine dining versus McDonald's. Most people flock to McDonald's. Works for me. I would rather attend the concert with people who have passion for the music.
Man, if this isn't the truest and the best metal band ever, there is no metal at all. What have in your heads when you say that Slipknot, A7X and Disturbed are better than Manowar or Dio? If you say that, sorry but you aren't a banger.
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49Killswitch Engage
In this moment Bullet for my valentine and avenged sevenfold ahead of killswitch really wow? Disagree
KSE should be in top 5! Amazing talented band. Both singers have been awesome and songs have great deep lyrics.
Its KSE-enough said. How can you put a load of that crap above KSE. I'm a chick, KSE is my favourite band next to Children of Bodom and I can clearly see they deserve top 3 at LEAST.
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50Deep Purple
It is all about opinions, but it is an insult to hard rock history to place Deep Purple at number 50.A top 3 place at least
Greated hard rock as we know it
I don't believe Deep purple 47 ranking. Is the top five.
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51Mercyful Fate
King Diamond singing in a crazy heavy band with awesome riffs. After breaking up in the early 80's with two amazing albums to their credit, came back in the 90's to continue with 5 more awesome albums.

They are an awesome heavy metal band. Also, they are the type of singers that have most of their songs with screaming but some that are slow or not very loud.
Come on people! RED is one of the best rock/metal bands ever. Great music, great lyrics and great guys!
I love every thing about them, Great Guitar, great Lyrics, and I love their use of a strings section.

Godsmack should belong in the Top Tens list due to Sully Erna's vocals.
Listen to Awake, I Stand Alone, Whatever, Voodoo and Crying Like a Bitch. Their songs are very aggressive
Everyone of these bands quiets the music down so the singer can be heard more, well not GODSMACK. The song rocks hard till the end.
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54The Jimi Hendrix Experience
He may not come in this category.. But just voting to give some respect to real music as I see peopel shouting linkin park and green day

Volbeat is the number one band on the planet right now July 2013
This is one of the best bands there is ever made


This band should be number 1 always


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56Drowning Pool
Why is this on 70?

57In This Moment
In This Moment has been one of my favorite bands for years... They deserve better than this
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They deserve to be way higher on this list
Great Heavy Metal Band!

Miika Tenkula R.I. P you were one of the great ones.

60Twisted Sister
American rock band, good and professional concert facility for the band in future, could be horsens musicart city in denmark.

61Alice in Chains
Gotta vote for these guys, metal elitists will be quick to shoot me down and say they are not metal, but their music houses a bunch of metallic qualities like: brooding subject matter, heavy riffs, good guitar work, soaring vocals, heavy distortion and what not. Most of their work is metal in my opinion. I had to vote for them because they were so low... most people are quick to call them grunge but how is grunge a genre? How can you fit bands like pearl jam, alice in chains, nirvana, mudhoney, mother love bone, soundgarden etc into one genre? They have no similarities besides dark subject matter. Now I know they got some softer stuff like sap, unplugged, and jar of flies but that just shows you how diverse they are as a band and how they can go out of their comfort zone and do something different, which is a reason they should be up there in the best heavy metal bands. Along with the fact the band all did what they did awesomely, Layne and jerry could harmonize perfectly (never seen anything like it) Layne could sing like hell and was developing into a awesome songwriter and could make vocal harmonies on the spot without any thinking, jerry could write like hell and was a great guitar player, he could be simple, or complex in his guitar playing he was so creative, both their bassists (mike starr and mike inez) created some really cool bass lines! (starr was better in my opinion) but they were both awesome. Sean kinney also did some cool drum work. Finally their material: they wrote some amazing material, facelift and dirt are 2 of my favorite albums of all time :) All their work with layne was awesome in its own right.


One of the most underrated Heavy metal bands ever. One might argue "they are grunge music not metal" but Grunge was a music scene of Metal, Punk, and Indie not a genre. So Alice was heavy metal. They have allot of amazing songs with dark and allot of the time down right depressing vibes great vocals that send chills down your spine by Layne Staley and great thought provoking lyrics by Jerry Cantrel and Layne (more so Jerry) There lack of self promotion makes them very underrated.


Best metal/grunge band ever
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Lordi is just the best
The most people then I know they hate themes because of masks but the are cool I love themes great songs lyrics and videos
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This group should be in the top ten list! Every their album from W.A.S. P to Babylon is relly amazing! Blackie Lawless has a unique voice and his lyrics are so emo
Wasp helped create metal you bunch for them to be this low on the list is a polling and doesn't say much for today's so-called metal fans.
Dark, heavy, emotional, fast and Blackie's divine voice! What else?
More comments about W.A.S.P.

64Papa Roach

65Symphony X
I heard Symphony X for the first time live at the Gigantour in Cleveland, and they were amazing. If you haven't heard this band you should check them out.

66Asking Alexandria
Asking Alexandria is not the best band ever but they deserve a better score than this. They are one of the hardest working bands out there. Far more mature and talented than a bunch of all the new bands out there. Go check out there music, you won't be disappointed.
Killer band. AA are a very young band with all the band members being no older than 25. Very honest music with some elements of rock & roll and metalcore. After a few listens their songs begin to grow on you- very catchy groves and riffs.
Asking Alexandria is my most fave game in the world... I'm only 12 but take my word for it... It's the best music too me and all there band members are pretty good looking
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These guys have been rocking' since the 80's. Blood of the Nation, released in 2010.. Check it out. Awesome songs through out the whole album.
Speed metal born from this band with the song: "Fast as a shark". This is not a single band, this is a school of heavy metal. Blood of the Nation is an amazing album.
Really the best HM band after Iron Maiden. Musicians that make perfect heavy metal, and not only metalheads that try to make music, just like the 99.9999% of the other bands!
More comments about Accept

68In Flames
The best metal band. Just like that. Since I started to listen to them I was very surpprised, not just because the guitars rhythm but also because for the lyrics. What they say, their lyrics have changed the way a see metal, not just as another music genre but a life style for many people and bands that have done their works for many years, doesn't matter how bad things have happened.
How has no one voted for in flames. Best band on the planet over 50 songs worth listening to. Consistent pure awesomeness and should be at bare minimum top 15.
Amazing meaningful lyrics. Outstanding guitarists. Ever evolving sound. Listen to their first album & any other one & you shall see.
More comments about In Flames

69White Zombie
White zombie has some of the coolest riffs from their era and rob has great vocals

70Breaking Benjamin
They should At least be 10 on the list, each song they have sets an entirely different mood to the Last!
Breaking Benjamin is one of the best bands. They should be one of the top ten.
I can't believe I'm adding this. This should of already been put on the number one spot!
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Nothing beats these soulfly songs : 'eye for an eye' tribe, carved inside; blood fire war hate.

72Gamma Ray
Kai Hansen is one of the best Metalsongwriters ever. With Gamma Ray works his Talents perfect.


How is this band ranked so low. They are a difficult band to grasp at first ( if your close minded) This band screams talent extremly complex poly rythms, amazing catchy groovy riffs, very deep meaning behind all their songs. And fredrik thordendal can pull off some of the most complex solos in the industry. They don't showcase their individual talents excessively within the band. I dare anyone to listen to the Obzen or Nothing album start to finish you will be hooked. And if not you're probably not very open minded. Meshuggah for the win!
It really makes me lose hope for humanity knowing that Meshuggah, one of the best Heavy metal bands of all time, is currently #50 on this list. Such a shame, especially because not only is their music very technical and experimental; it's heavy too! So for those nerds who say "Nu metal is the best", take a look at Meshuggah, and then say that. I guarantee that you'll change your mind. If not, you suck.

Amazing band! Every song is good, heavy and every band member is so talented (especially the drummer and vocals).
Takes a track or two but then your hooked!
Best band on planet earth

76Amon Amarth
They are number one!
Guys I have one question? WHY 76 AMON AMRTH IS TRUE METAL BAND (best of dead metal). Try to listen Destroyer of Univers or Gurdians of Asgaar and you will see what I mean!

77Antim Grahan
Hallowed be thy name performed by Antim Grahan is way better than that performed by other metal bands.
Popular nepali band heavy met
Al and this is the best band in the south asia it is listed in top 5 in the whole asia
Neplese band are best we love them
More comments about Antim Grahan

78Dimmu Borgir
Its my fvrt band

79Cannibal Corpse
Best guitar. Best bass. Best drums. Best throat.

80King Diamond
Come on! King Diamond Should be at least #10. In the words of Jason Newsted: "There's no one quite like King Diamond".
Should be placed as number 100, go home and knitting a blouse

81Machine Head
Best band in the world. But this list still sucks.
Awesome band and unto the locust is the best album released in a long anyone.
GOD DAMN IT! How could Machine Head not be Top 15!
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82Blind Guardian
Blind Guardian is Underrated the only reason why this band isn't on top is becuase people are very closed minded.
Blind Guardian is an ultimate combination of Fantasy and Epic Power Metal
Andre Olbrich is probably one of the best Guitarists of the Eighties and Nineties. Metallica, Iron Maiden, Avenge Sevenfold and all the other bands on top of them (Except: Saxon, Black Sabbath, Dio, Iced Earth. ) have had at least ONE record I didn't like.
No question needed the others are frauds such frauds my god Guardian is god like

83Three Days Grace
Not so much metal but still amazing heavy rock band.
Love this band! 1
May not be too heavy metal, but the meanings of the lyrics and the way they are woven together is amazing.

84Bring Me the Horizon
A famous Metalcore band
BMTH IS THE BEST! Love ya Oli!

85Heaven & Hell
It is black sabbath with ronnie james dio
Is half of the Black Sabbath Legend. Make room at the top!

86Static x


Don't classified them as HM
But best musicians ever
Should be number 1

Why are they not on this list? Just why?

Everybody who loves metal just have to love this band. Really, Guys, whats up with you, are you all stupid?
One of the best bends for sure... I don't understand why are they on 96th place... ? It's disgrace

Where is Type O Negative!

Great band, good and professional concert facility for behemoth in future, could be the maritime horsens music art city in denmark.
I know one of the guys personally :D

92Escape the Fate
A shoutout to all the craigs out there

KREATOR IS NUMBER 83 AND AVENGED SEVENFOLD IS IN THE TOP 10 AND BLACK VEIL BRIDES IS UP THERE. I think some people don't know the meaning of "heavy metal" because a lot of the bands on here don't come close to qualifying as heavy metal. Vote for bands like megadeth anthrax accept judas priest black sabbath rainbow overkill manowar slayer. Escape the fate is not heavy metal -__- METAL LIVES m/
Heavy Metal legends, probably the best thrash metal band. Incredibly unappreciated and extremely underrated.
Those who do not knoe Kreatot... Go and f&$k urself

94Alter Bridge
If you're seeing AB in the top 10, I have achieved my goal in life! AB for life! M/
WHAT 95!? These guys are amazing. Probably my fave band
Faboulous live and awesome riffs. Melodic heavy metal at it's best


96Black Label Society
Zakk wylde gives excellent vocals and has plenty of emotion just listen to dead medow, blood is thicker than water. I also just love the riffs and melodies such as in demise of sanity or funeral bell.

Along with Faith No More/Mr Bungle, 'The Big Four', Mordred, Jane's Addiction and a few others they helped set the template for modern metal!

98Bolt Thrower

In my opinion the best band I have ever heard! Chino is an absolute lyrical genius and deserves a much larger following. The music from this band can evolve from sinister to Beautifully uplifting in just one track. They should be number 1 in any list!
Just listen to there song Elite

100Rhapsody of Fire
Many Good songs came from RoF like: Rain of a Thousand Flames, From Chaos to Eternity, Unholy Warcry and my personal favorite by them: The Dawn of Victory.
Luca Turilli > Hammet (As a Guitarist)
Fabio Lione > Dickensen (Lione has a higher octave peek)
Staropili > Holopenian (I like Toumas' "Imaginative Mind" but as a Keyboardists Alex Staropili kind of wins)
Rhapsody of Fire goes down as one of THE Most underrated metal bands in history

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