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61 Land Ho! Land Ho!

Quirky and full of great imagery love the sailor imagery on this track that's what the doors do better than any band to me they create whole realities in a few minutes

62 The Piano Bird The Piano Bird

Wow, this is the greatest post-Morrison track, and it isn't here... That's awful, should be at least on the top 50

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63 Tightrope Ride Tightrope Ride
64 Stoned Immaculate
65 Orange County Suite Orange County Suite

Definitely the best for me. The lyrics are great the background score scorching but the best part is how jim has handled this song. A masterpiece

66 A Feast of Friends A Feast of Friends

Only on American Prayer, Jim recorded some poetry before moving to France and the other 3 recorded the music after he died and released it a few years later I think. Also called the severed garden, this is a brilliant song. Taken from Jims favourite classical piece, Albinonis Adagio in G minor, Robby plays the orchestral number and really compliments Jims words, Albinonis work and completes the doors work perfectly, ending an era beautifully. Another easy one for aspiring guitarists, but very effective.

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67 Who Scared You Who Scared You V 1 Comment
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