Top Ten Stupidest Songs

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Baby - Justin Bieber
Baby, baby, baby uh... This kid repeats the same thing like a broken radio..

The first time I heard my friend singing that... I thought I've heard the lamest, most boring thing ever.
He only says the same words over and over again. Not that I hate it or anything, but it lacks variety and artistic quality. Better listen to something else instead.


[Newest]Stupid song by even stupider singer and listened by millions of the stupid teenage girls. How wonderful!

2Friday - Rebecca Black
"It's Friday, Friday, gotta get killed on Friday... "
"Seven A.M. and I go back to sleep. "
"Why have talent when you can become a music artist? "
"It's Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday... "
The worst song ever just repeats itself over and over, autotune doesn't help either but their something intriguing about Rebecca, I saw her in the street and she has a better ass then nicki minaj
This song will never be good, first time I heard it I was laughing my @$$ off so hard then I realized she was actually trying and I started laughing ever harder. First time I heard it I thought it was a joke so that's then I listened to it again and my ears felt like they were bleeding I ran screaming into my room yelling "turn it off, turn it off"
[Newest]Can't argue with that one.

3Best of Both Worlds - Hannah Montana
You mean the worst of both hells.


This song makes me want to rip my ears out - a very stupid song sang by a stupid singer


She took Van Halen's title! How could she! I voted this song because of that, even though I've never heard this robot!

4The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) - Ylvis
This song needs to rot in a hole like a "dead fox". I don't see how anyone and tolerate this song. It makes Gangnam style and "Baby" look like a masterpiece. I know this isn't a serious song or anything but what went through the dudes head when he made this horrible song. The point of the song is "what does the fox say" and I KNEW it would be horrible from the title. It's just a furry singing about what the fox "says". It's terrible I couldn't even make it through the song when I first watched it. It's just a terrible song that's just made me want to smash my computer.
If you listen to this song you have wasted 3 mins of your Life and you will regret it!. And if you like this song there is certainly something wrong with you
I think we get it... Ylvis obviously doesn't know what a fox says so they choose to make a whole bunch of obnoxious noises to some how make their way up to number 1 on the billboards for quiet some time.
I could've written this in a music. If it plays at a party, I'm out. Bye. I heard it on my phone, on YouTube, and burned it.

5Umbrella - Rihanna
I don't know how it managed to stay at the number 1 spot for 10 weeks! I don't completely hate the song but I think it's very overrated
I despise this song and all of her other songs too!


I happen to like this song.. I think its great
[Newest]Rihanna can do better

6Barbie Girl - Aqua


if you listen to the lyrics its actually saying something important they tried to make the mood more dumb and poppish because that's what stupid blondes listen to and she was singing about that
I'd rather get stuck in a room of vicious dogs for an hour than listen to this twice


The vocals are awful, and the song is for rich, dumb blounds.

7S.O.S. - Rihanna
This song is not that bad, but...
She can do better

8Fergalicious - Fergie
I agree every one of these songs are dumb as hell but then again they are made for teenagers and most of em aren't very bright any how don't get me wrong I was a dumb little bastard in my teens also and looking back the music I listend to was just as stupid except for black sabbath they are still bad ass!

9You and I - Lady Gaga
The picture alone made me soil my pants.
This is actually her best song in my opinion...
I love this song you peeps are cray cray

10Hot Problems - Double Take
Was anybody else holding they get into a car crash, the first time they watched this video?


I'm suprised it's lower than anything by Rihanna

The Contenders

11Girlfriend - Kabbage Boy

12I Wanna F*** a Dog In the A** - Blink-182
Hope you have fun with that, Blink...
This is a song? What the heck is wrong with these writers?!


It's so stupid it doesn't even get a "listen to sample"
If this thing had "listen to sample", I would have lost faith in iTunes.


13We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift
I'm really gonna miss you picking fights
And me, falling for a screaming that I'm right
And you, will hide away and find your piece of mine
With some indie record that's much cooler than mine -

Do I really have to Say something to this Crap?
I have a huge disliking to taylor swift, she humiliated harry styles (who I love very much) she honestly cannot sing, and all her songs are about breakups, ahh boring! Get something new to sing about! :))
I will never like this song, like ever
[Newest]Needs to be the number one dumbest song

14Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus

15Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

16Diva - Beyonce
Thanks God, Rihanna's trashy Umbrella is in the top 10 so now I hope this idiotic song will be in it. Beyonce looks like real NO Talent here


17Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO

very repetitive song and its for kids only


This song is for children only! Not all people are children you know.


Stupid song, sang by a stupid singer, written by an overrated, stupid songwriter
[Newest]Laugh out loud stupidest song ever my niece likes it she's three

19Stars Are Blind - Paris Hilton
try being worse, it's hard.


Oh I thought it was Starblind by Iron Maiden. I'm relieved because iron maiden is epic even if Starblind isn't a great song. But Stars Are Blind is a really pathetic song and Paris Hilton (NEWSFLASH! ) is equally dumb.

20Ebay - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Weird al shall not be on this list. Whoever put this on is an idiot

21Brainpower - Freezepop
Seriously, this song must've been written by someone who was on drugs or was trying too hard to be funny.


22Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? - Rod Stewart
No. I don't. At all. You look like a stalker in the photo they show. Probably because you are. But otherwise, he's okay. (okay singer. Or whatever. )
No. You look like a 100 year old pedo. Go to the doctor, you seem to have a sore throat
A song that from rod stewart that newer will be forgotten, good and professional concert facilities in future could be, horsens musicart city in denmark

23I'm a Korean - Rucka Rucka Ali

24I'm a Gummy Bear - Gummibar

25The Duck Song - Bryant Oden

26Gangnam Style - Psy
Repetitive, stupid, and annoying. You probably don't know that Psy trash-talked America, right?!
This song is awesome it is like my favourite song
Pretty much the dumbest song ever in the history of songs existing

27Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce

28Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO
A real disaster it really really really really really sucks, it s so disgusting and inappropriate and SGJ
They are the to " sexy" as McDonald's is to "health food"
This song is so stupid! I wanted to rip out the radio every time it came on.
[Newest]This song is actually good, and to all you haters you are just jealous, so do what you do I am not going to waste my time on you.


29Ego - Beyonce

30Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj
Seeing 30 Seconds to Mars above, let alone on the same list as any song by Nicki Minaj is quite frankly insulting.
This song is garbage in it's purest form. Horrible rapping with random computer noises and nonsensical lyrics does not a good song make.
This song is terrible. Not only is it repetitive with it's monotonous lyrics, it is also an extremely bad influence on today's highly susceptible generation.
How is it down here this is the dumbest song ever
[Newest]10 seconds of this song will have you jamming thumb tacks in your ears.

31My Moment - Rebecca Black

32Pom Poms - Jonas Brothers

33Disturbia - Rihanna
It most be after Paris hilton, stupis song

34Whip My Hair - Willow Smith
How the HECK could this be so damn low?! What's so special about whipping your hair back and forth?
A repetitive song about whipping your hair + an annoying rich girl with famous parents + a stupid young audience = THE WORST SONG EVER! Same with all her songs.

35Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis
What?._. This is a good song, looks like someone have a bad taste in music.
I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who can't stand this song

36Orange Crush - R.E.M.

37MacArthur Park - Richard Harris
You know its bad when I would prefer to listen to Rebecca Black. This is the worst song ever made. People try to argue that pop music is not what it used to be. They are wrong, because this song hit #2 on the pop charts!
Sooooo bad... ("someone left the cake out in the rain..I don't think that I can take it, 'cause it took so long to bake it"...etc.)

38U.G.L.Y. - Daphne & Celeste

39We Built This City - Starship
Jefferson Airplane transforms into Jefferson Bubblegum.


40This Is Why I'm Hot - Mims
Every song on here, except for Cyanide, are horrible! This song annoys me to the point I want to kill whoever has it on!


41What's New Pussycat? - Tom Jones
Tom Jones can do better

42I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred

43Cyanide - Metallica
I hate this song! (But then again, I do hate Metallica in general) and to the dude before me, you do realize, that you had to vote for this song before you could share your opinion, right? If you ask me, I'd say that's pretty counter-productive.

44Disco Duck - Rick Dees
He probably laughed all the way to the bank....

45No One - Alicia Keys
Favorite song love it what is wrong with you

46Yesterdays - Guns N' Roses

47Red Solo Cup - Toby Keith
Not all rednecks like this song. I don't and I'm a redneck.
I can't believe people like this song; only rednecks and douchebags love it...

48Crank That - Soulja Boy Tell 'Em
The most garbadge and over rated piece of crap ever. This song makes no sense. Soulja Boy is not even real rap, it's more like carrying some garbadge down the street.

49Sunglasses At Night - Corey Hart
Who wears sunglasses at night?


50Muskrat Love - Captain and Tennille

51Sometimes When We Touch - Dan Hill

52Chinese Food - Alison Gold
If you thought Friday was bad, well guess what the guy who helped make that disaster is back.
" I love Chinese Food" YAY

53I Love You - Barney
I hate you, you hate me,
Let's go out and kill Barney
With a big machete and a slice of the head,
Sorry kids but Barney's dead!
I hate you, you hate me, lets chase barney up a tree and slice him kill him through the night, Sorry but I killed barney!
That's my version.


54Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round' The Old Oak Tree - Tony Orlando and Dawn
Another group who laughed all the way to the bank...

55Paradise City - Guns N' Roses

56Paranoid - Jonas Brothers
When it comes to this, tell your children to listen to Black Sabbath's Paranoid. Not this preppy pop garbage.

57Swagger Jagger - Cher Lloyd
Put this on #1 please. This has got to be the most annoying song ever.
Cher Lloyd is the whiny awful singing chav version of Cheryl Cole. Terrible self absorbed song.

58Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm - Crash Test Dummies
Dumb. if this was 10 years ago when more people knew what this song was it would be number 1. Just look at the name of the song. My mom thinks it stupid. My brother thinks its stupid. I think it's stupid. But surprisingly my dad thinks it isn't stupid. Just like the opinion before mine says, look up the lyricks and you will see how dumb it is. The only list this should be number 1 on. Come on people vote for this song. Nough said even though I said a lot.
Just so dumb and dumb and dumb and dumb and dumb. Just look up the lyrics
This is the fith vote this should be in at least the top ten. I don't know how this is the crash test dummies most popular song when it is so dumb. Once terse was this kid. Just already tells you how dumb it id
[Newest]So dumb. Way dumber than baby. Thus should be #1

59Sussudio - Phil Collins
Ordinarily I like Phil Collins but this was one extraordinarily dumb song with a dumb name and a meaning that none of the bimbo disc jockeys could or would explain. I wish I could go back and time and prevent the recording of this piece of trash.

60Maniac - Michael Sembello

61Having My Baby - Paul Anka

62Bread and Butter - Newbeats
"I like bread asnd butter, she likes toast and jam, oh my baby left me, for another man..."
singer is a very fat man singing in a falsetto voice...

63100 Years - Five for Fighting

64A Beautiful Lie - 30 Seconds to Mars
The only list 30 Seconds to Mars should be the top of.


65Blue - Eiffel 65

66Whistle - Flo Rida

67Harlem Shake - Baauer
It repeats the same thing
Piece of poop for shallow dumbasses

68What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction
How? Why is this annoying it is like awesome. I'm gonna cry now

69Louie Louie - The Kingsmen
never did get this song. me gotta go ,we gotta go. Go where,the restroom. Repeats Louie Louie,too often.

70Muscles - Diana Ross

71Feelings - Morris Albert

72The Rubberband Man - The Spinners

73Save the Best for Last - Vanessa Williams

74Damaged - Danity Kane

75Doin' Your Mom - Fatty Spin

76Ai Se Eu Te Pego - Michel Telo
Just listen to this before voting... It's absolutely ridiculous and is in all Europe. This is the most repetitive song I have ever heard, the Brazilian version is bad but the American version is a real torture.

77Everything at Once - Lenka

78Aquarius - The 5th Dimension

79Got To Give It Up - Marvin Gaye

80The Motown Song - Rod Stewart

81It Isn't, It Wasn't, It Ain't Never Gonna Be - Aretha & Whitney

82Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses

83Nightrain - Guns N' Roses

84Freak - Estelle
Estelle is a Freak
Thank goodness that none of t-swifts songs are on here she rocks and inwas named after her hey destiny emma nicole and all of my fellow friends from wcs district

85F*** You - Lily Allen

86Flea Fly - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Flea fly off of me onto my dog!


87Starships - Nicki Minaj
Duh we all know starships were meant to fly and reach out and supposed to touch the sky

88Cockiness (Love It) - Rihanna

89Hello - The Beloved

90Die In Your Arms - Justin Bieber
He has the girliest voice ever. Rather than have him die in my arms I'd shoot him first.

91Killa - Cherish

92#selfie - The Chainsmokers
This isn't even a song.

93Mr. Brownstone - Guns N' Roses

94Street of Dreams - Guns N' Roses

95You Could Be Mine - Guns N' Roses

96Don't Cry - Guns N' Roses

97Who Made Who - AC/DC

98Dance Little Sister - Rolling Stones

99Massive Attack - Nicki Minaj
good theme for House... bad song otherwise. I can't listen to it for more then 30 seconds before wanting to pound my head off a wall!

100Pork and Beans - Weezer

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