Top Ten Stupidest Songs

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Baby - Justin Bieber
Baby, baby, baby uh... This kid repeats the same thing like a broken radio..

The first time I heard my friend singing that... I thought I've heard the lamest, most boring thing ever.
He only says the same words over and over again. Not that I hate it or anything, but it lacks variety and artistic quality. Better listen to something else instead.


[Newest]Bla bla baby baby baby

2Friday - Rebecca Black
"It's Friday, Friday, gotta get killed on Friday... "
"Seven A.M. and I go back to sleep. "
"Why have talent when you can become a music artist? "
"It's Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday... "
The worst song ever just repeats itself over and over, autotune doesn't help either but their something intriguing about Rebecca, I saw her in the street and she has a better ass then nicki minaj
This song will never be good, first time I heard it I was laughing my @$$ off so hard then I realized she was actually trying and I started laughing ever harder. First time I heard it I thought it was a joke so that's then I listened to it again and my ears felt like they were bleeding I ran screaming into my room yelling "turn it off, turn it off"
[Newest]She sounds like a robot with the worst auto tune ever

3The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) - Ylvis
This song needs to rot in a hole like a "dead fox". I don't see how anyone and tolerate this song. It makes Gangnam style and "Baby" look like a masterpiece. I know this isn't a serious song or anything but what went through the dudes head when he made this horrible song. The point of the song is "what does the fox say" and I KNEW it would be horrible from the title. It's just a furry singing about what the fox "says". It's terrible I couldn't even make it through the song when I first watched it. It's just a terrible song that's just made me want to smash my computer.
I think we get it... Ylvis obviously doesn't know what a fox says so they choose to make a whole bunch of obnoxious noises to some how make their way up to number 1 on the billboards for quiet some time.
If you listen to this song you have wasted 3 mins of your Life and you will regret it!. And if you like this song there is certainly something wrong with you
[Newest]The fox dose not say that

4Best of Both Worlds - Hannah Montana
You mean the worst of both hells.


This song makes me want to rip my ears out - a very stupid song sang by a stupid singer


She took Van Halen's title! How could she! I voted this song because of that, even though I've never heard this robot!
[Newest]She stole Van Halen's compilation title!

5Barbie Girl - Aqua


if you listen to the lyrics its actually saying something important they tried to make the mood more dumb and poppish because that's what stupid blondes listen to and she was singing about that
I'd rather get stuck in a room of vicious dogs for an hour than listen to this twice


[Newest]I'd rather stuck in a room of pythons because it will be better than this

6Hot Problems - Double Take
Was anybody else holding they get into a car crash, the first time they watched this video?


I'm suprised it's lower than anything by Rihanna

7Umbrella - Rihanna
I don't know how it managed to stay at the number 1 spot for 10 weeks! I don't completely hate the song but I think it's very overrated
I despise this song and all of her other songs too!


I happen to like this song.. I think its great
[Newest]I never knew that "umbrella" could have 6 syllables.

8Girlfriend - Kabbage Boy
Even by parody standards, this song is hilariously and intentionally retarded beyond belief.

9I Wanna F*** a Dog In the A** - Blink-182
Hope you have fun with that, Blink...
This is a song? What the heck is wrong with these writers?!


It's really sad this song even exists. Why would ANY sane person want to do this to a dog?!?!


[Newest]WHAT THE HELL? Lost my respect for blink 182

10Fergalicious - Fergie
I agree every one of these songs are dumb as hell but then again they are made for teenagers and most of em aren't very bright any how don't get me wrong I was a dumb little bastard in my teens also and looking back the music I listend to was just as stupid except for black sabbath they are still bad ass!
Just kidding your awesome fergie

The Contenders

11Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus
First of all, WHY IS Coldplay'S PARADISE ON THIS LIST, THAT SONG IS AWESOME. Second, this is the stupidest song ever. Stupid lyrics, stupid time, stupid voice, stupid video... this song is the definition of stupid.
What? I love this song
We Can't Stop is WAY more stupider.

12Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

13Ebay - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Weird al shall not be on this list. Whoever put this on is an idiot
Weird al's songs are supposed to be funny and they are jokes. It's not a serious song.


14We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift
I'm really gonna miss you picking fights
And me, falling for a screaming that I'm right
And you, will hide away and find your piece of mine
With some indie record that's much cooler than mine -

Do I really have to Say something to this Crap?
I have a huge disliking to taylor swift, she humiliated harry styles (who I love very much) she honestly cannot sing, and all her songs are about breakups, ahh boring! Get something new to sing about! :))
Needs to be the number one dumbest song
[Newest]She is talented ):!

15Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO

16S.O.S. - Rihanna
This song is not that bad, but...
She can do better

This song is for children only! Not all people are children you know.


very repetitive song and its for kids only


Stupid song, sang by a stupid singer, written by an overrated, stupid songwriter
[Newest]Laugh out loud stupidest song ever my niece likes it she's three

18Stars Are Blind - Paris Hilton
try being worse, it's hard.


Oh I thought it was Starblind by Iron Maiden. I'm relieved because iron maiden is epic even if Starblind isn't a great song. But Stars Are Blind is a really pathetic song and Paris Hilton (NEWSFLASH! ) is equally dumb.
I love this song...

19Brainpower - Freezepop
Seriously, this song must've been written by someone who was on drugs or was trying too hard to be funny.


20Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? - Rod Stewart
No. I don't. At all. You look like a stalker in the photo they show. Probably because you are. But otherwise, he's okay. (okay singer. Or whatever. )
No. You look like a 100 year old pedo. Go to the doctor, you seem to have a sore throat
I Well See A Doctor If I Hear This Song


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