Top 10 The Prodigy Songs

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21 Funky S*** Funky S***

THE BEST EVER... How can you possibly hate on this song? The tempo, baseline, beat, and everything is awesome!

22 Fire Fire
23 Rat Poison Rat Poison
24 The Day Is My Enemy The Day Is My Enemy V 2 Comments
25 Fuel My Fire Fuel My Fire
26 Run With the Wolves Run With the Wolves

Great song. This, Piranha, Smack My B**** Up, Outta Space & Voodoo People are the best

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27 Shoot Down Shoot Down
28 Their Law Their Law

What we are dealing with here is a total lack of respect for this track. The best.

29 Get Your Fight On Get Your Fight On
30 World's on Fire World's on Fire V 1 Comment
31 Climbatize Climbatize

Probably the best one from all albums, but people prefer Omen which was played in kids T.V. like Cartoon Network between cartoons thug life

32 Narayan Narayan

Despite Narayan being 9 minutes long, I can listen to all of it over and over again.

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33 Wild Frontier Wild Frontier

Brilliant piece of music I'm sure it hasn't had enough time to be at least top 5.

34 Wake Up Call Wake Up Call
35 Hot Ride Hot Ride
36 You'll Be Under My Wheels You'll Be Under My Wheels

I remember hearing this while playing NFS MOST WANTED. That made me hook up to this fantastic song.

37 Rhythm Bomb Rhythm Bomb
38 Jericho Jericho

Just amazing, so original. Could listen to this for hours. - DeadAsian

One of the firsts

39 Wind it Up Wind it Up
40 Android Android

Original Old Skool- Only those who know the score will vote for this! Zo/

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