Top Ten Trappable Villains In Skylanders: Trap Team


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Wolfgang: I heard ya, and if you ask me, fans are so complicated... Not to mention girls..

Dreamcatcher: And Scratch?

Wolfgang: Get out!

Wolfgang does a good amount of damage and I like him more than any of my villains or sky landers.

He's a british punk undead wolf and I'm british, so this guy is awesome. PUNK RULES!

I love this guy and his rocker attitude

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Kaos is my favourite villain! I don't know why, he just has something about him that like!

Wolfgang is more awesome than Kaos but Kaos is far stronger in game.

This stupid guy couldn't hurt a fly without some weapon or magic!

He is awesome

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3Chef Pepper Jack

This guy is powerful and super cool. I see how he is a doom raider. Apart from Wolfgang, Pepper Jack is epic.

I love Pepper Jack because he is perfect for every situation. Aside from Wolfgang and Kaos, he is easily the best

I love him he's my favorite doomraider except for kaos and wolfgang

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The gulper has a great hunger for evil.

5Golden Queen

This girl is amazing so far she's my strongest villain

By far the Golden Queen has one of the most epic boss battles I have ever seen

Awesome she turns things to gold.

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I feel dreamcatcher has a geeky personality and she has braces but she has amazing powers and I love her other not geeky personality

Dreamcatcher may be bad, but deep down. She only wanted to have fun like a child

How is she so high she is good but many are better

She is my favorite villain that is a good spot for her.

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7Chompy Mage

He is a human who can summon green balls with eyes and big teeth. Who doesn't like that? Anyway, he's just cool to play as!

Dude, this guy can turn into a giant chompy. he should be number 1#!

This guy is way better than pepper jack and dream catcher I mean those two aren't even skylanders

He is a giant chompy

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8Bone Chompy

Well I kind of like him but a bit hard to capture say yes if you agree

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Pain-Yatta is amazing and I love his attacks. He has a very funny concept and can be found in the mystery box of DOOM!

Come on, Skylanders! Punch that vote button! I know you all love Pain-Yatta!

His attacks may focus on melee, but his candy attack takes the cake!

I gotta agree

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11Hood Sickle

He's pretty good because he can Simon ghosts and then make make them blow up. Who doesn't like a monster us killer who kills his pets

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Who doesn't like the original villians he should at least be 9th nonetheless he may be week but he is so cool

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13Broccoli Guy

Epic for healing- he is the only trapped villain I have that I use but hard to find to defeat. Also funny with his sarcastic comments on everything.

He is super funny, can heal your socks off, and has the best theme music! What more do you need...

Broccoli Guy is my favorite villain in the game and, name one person who doesn't like him.

Yum I love broccoli

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He is fast and op

15Cuckoo Clocker

His smash attack fully charged can do 1800 damage! Cuckoo Clocker should be higher on the list in my opinion

He could be higher but his secondary attack is weak but he has the best attack out of all villains.

17Bomb Shell
18Bruiser Cruiser

I found him strong but he is very slow

19Dr. Krankcase

He is related to sky rise from swap force

Is he related to Spy Rise from Swap Force?

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20Brawl and Chain

His attacks are great in battle, and he's easy to capture. Need I say MORE?

Brawl and chain: give me hugs

Best... Theme Tune... Ever...

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