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101Skylanders: Superchargers

True true. No offense, but this is a RACING game that I played ar my friends. I got bored after 3 minutes. No offense, but I don't like this game and I don't think ill be playing the next one unless it has Spyro. What a boss.

I gave it a chance. It crashes every time I play.

Ok, up to swap force, the games were good. Now we have THIS garbage. Skylanders is now a money grabber for Activision. I got to play this and I couldn't even play for 3 minutes it was so boring.

Best awesome cool amazing

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102How to Beat Up Donald Trump

This game should be at the top it's so awesome you click a button and it punches Donald Trump I mean everyone hates Donald

I think this game is very educational and should be compulsory at school to play at minimum 169 hours a week. - gdvirus

Haha I don't even know this game but donald trump sucks

I don't even know what this game is, but I am so voting this one!

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103MLB 15: The ShowV1 Comment
104Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

This was very fun. I am sad to see it so low on the list

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105Mother Wii U

I think this is that earthbound beginnings game

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106Fran Bow

I love this game. There is dark twisted themes, but it is amazing!

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Earthbound is a great game, but it came out on virtual console in 2014 so why is it on here?

This didn't come out in 2015... It came out way earlier.

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108The Good Dinosaur: Dino Crossing

Probably THE best game in existence, better than jesus sorry mate but its alittle beter thern u

109Stella GlowV1 Comment
110God of War III Remastered
111Rock Band 4
112Yo-Kai Watch

Pokemon Wanna-Be but I'll give it credit for making my friends like it.

I live in Japan and I played this in the Japan ver and it was awesome

People think it's a rip-off of pokemon but I tried it and it's brilliant. I LOVE IT!

I love this game!

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113Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

This game is cute! It has an incredible art style (clay), cute characters and great remixes.

It lacks abilities and flight, and it's a bit hard, but otherwise, 10/10.

Terrible compared to any kirby game

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114Halo: The Master Chief Collection

First of all this came out last year, and second of all the release was terrible. - MRniceguy583

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115Pro Evolution Soccer 2016V4 Comments
116MotoGP 15
117R.B.I. Baseball 15
118The Order: 1886

Half of these games haven't even come out yet.

Easily the best looking console game ever, but that's where it ends.

Proof that looks aren't everything.

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119Prey 2

Why did they cancel it deserved to be made

Too bad the first one was so good. - htoutlaws2012

Oh my gosh! I found a copy of this game! Comment 'cheese' on Resident Evil 7 if you want it!

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120Yoshi's Woolly Island

This game don't deserve this. There's a yarn yoshi out there

It's call yoshi's wholly WORLD not Yoshi's wooly island

I like Kirby's Epic Yarn better. This game is not as good.

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