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142Minecraft: Wii U Edition

It is a fun and creative game were you get to make and design a whole world and lots of worlds I suggest you get it and you can get new texture packs skin packs and more!

I love the game! It is so cool and you can build whatever you want and do whatever you want. I will play this game as long as I live!

It's just another Minecraft release on a different console...

V6 Comments
143Dragon Fin SoupV1 Comment
144Paddington: Adventures In London

This is the greatest game I have ever played great gameplay great story

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145Nintendo Badge ArcadeV4 Comments
146Shadow Fight 2V5 Comments
147Raven's CryV1 Comment
148Trainz: a New Era
149Cally's Caves 2

Super fun, and the game being so hard actually makes it more fun. Awesome game! - TaylorD4533

150Doom 2

Evil as all get up, a great double-barrel shotgun, and is one of the first FPS around. It has co-op, DM, single player...It's an archaic classic.

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151Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi 3V3 Comments
152Fire Emblem FatesV1 Comment
153Ice Age Village

This is one of my favorite games

Mokkao mokkaaa! Don't play worlds worst game I ever seen in my life it's a worst game ever even we importals is better than this

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154Saints Row: Gat out of Hell
155Halo: Spartan Strike
157Onechanbara Z2: Chaos
158Toy Soldiers: War Chest
159Dirty Bomb
160Sonic Dash 2 Sonic BoomV2 Comments
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