Top Ten Ways Sucks

spiderskull98 is a good game, but here's reasons it sucks.

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1So Much Lag

Am I the only one who lags a lot? The cell doesn't go in the way I want it to -___- I can't play this stupid dickhead game anymore... I'm SURE the owner won't fix the lag problem.

I hate that problem. The blob just stays still when you want it to go in a direction. - spiderskull98

Well it's so much lag because it needs a really good internet to play properly like mines

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2So Confusing To Download Mods

Takes forever, and I got upset doing it - spiderskull98

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3The Player Moves So Slow
4Too Many People Using The Same Skin
5On Team Mode They Put You On The Losing TeamsV1 Comment
6Team Mode Is The Only Mode That Makes Sense

I feel the other modes are the same and Team is only different - spiderskull98

7There's Always Gonna Be Bigger Blobs

Jumbo and sirius never face this problem hehehehehe. agario definitely biased towards them!

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8Too Much Teaming

Yes this really is being a problem

I think this is a bit of a problem. It's hard to get big because teamers always eat you, even if you're wayyy smaller then they are. They're annoying.

FFA will slowly become an alternative to Party Mode,but without bots. - Epicsauce45

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9You Can Never Get Really Big

I've gotten up to #1 multiple times and my highest score is almost 19000.

Apart from Teams, never really survived because the bigger blobs always kill me off

The bigger Blobs kill you, so you just gotta hope for the best. - spiderskull98

My high score was 19068

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10You Change Your Skin By Username

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11To many mods/bots/cheats

If you need to team/cheat a simple game like agario your likely a complete douche nerd who spends his days on message boards reading about agario. Cool!

12Always A Random Character For The Blob

You can't have your own color. - spiderskull98

13It Causes Anger Issues

So do lots of games, what's different about this? - Cahtergah

14It is Unfair

Once you start, you are so small, that EVERYONW will be able to kill you right away, instead of trying to balance it out. Thank goodness was created.

15Team Mode Problems
16Way Too Many Limited Edition Skins
17The Videos Are BoringV1 Comment
18People that are Ten Times Bigger Than You that Eat Cells that Have Only Just Spawned
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