Top Ten Ways to Get Banned from Animal Jam

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21Personal information

This always gets you suspended. One time, I gave my pass away, and got suspended plus hacked! But you wanna know what annoys me? Hq bans YOU for giving your pass away, and DOESN'T ban the person that hacks you just because you're the one who gave your pass away. But still! They did wrong too right? They shouldn't just get suspended, they should be banned for life!

Kids, why can't you keep your stuff away from people? Didn't your parents and teachers teach you that? Don't give away your info! Stupid kids

Well asking for a user is ok, but you can clearly see in on their name tag.

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22Saying a bad word

I already put bad words at the top. That's okay though. I just think it's better to pay a little more attention to the list so you'll know. Again, it's okay.

Saying a bad word leads to danger a jammer can say a bad word and be ok if another jammer says it they can get banned this means jammers might have lags and glitches to do this! so that jammer will be banned and the jammer is first said will not be banned but emailed and problably can't play animal jam for a week!

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23Fake gifting

Someone in jamaa may say if you gift me I gift or u gift I gift this means if you gift them they will gift you back but one time when I was in jamaa I saw a owl saying gift me I will gift you back so I gifted this jammer a rare but they never gifted me back then also blocked me for no good reason never trust jammers you don't know!

I gifted someone a crossbow and they gave me a FROG RUG FROM JAMMART FURNITURE!

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24Sharing passwords

AJ does not want you sharing passwords because of people being hacked not even with your best trusted friend.

25Using Free Chat as a way to say bad words

I was actually able to say pee and poo and kill with free chat

What's and about poo and pee? Or crap?

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27Telling people to kill themselvesV2 Comments
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