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41Shrek the Third

One of the worst sequels to an animated film you could ever construct. Filled with lots of toilet humor, sex jokes, and most of it just feels a little rushed. Don't take your kids to see this movie, or any of the shrek movies for that matter. They're not for kids (just because it's animated does not mean it's for kids! Not all the animation in the world is for kids).

This is were the Shrek series really went south, lame story and lame villain prince Charmin.

I liked it, but out of the 4 movies I will say this one is probably my least favorite. Shrek is love, Shrek is life. - Garythesnail

Worst movie ever

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42Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

No way! This movie is really great. Not as good as the books but still great. It is not THAT violent, The Lion King is just as "violent" as this. I don't think its boring at all!

Take this off! It has a great soundtrack and beautiful animation, it can be slow but it picks up, And it's not that "violent" at all.

Great animation but worst movie I have ever seen I walked out thirty minutes into the movie beware of awful

Way too violent to be animated and a kids movie! It also had 30 seconds to mars songs in it.

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43The Hero of Color City

The movie was good you shall be peeing in a bucket

This movie is pretty good, and has a nice plot and songs.

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44Shark TaleV2 Comments
45Shrek Forever After

This movie was good, the video game sucks, but the movie is well done! - docreywashere

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46Norm of the North

Worst movie ever. I will never watch this movie ever again because it made me sick.

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47Monster House
48Ratchet & Clank
49Ice Age: Collision Course
50Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost KingdomV1 Comment

These random new animated films are filled with too much potty humour! Oh for the love of Woody and Shrek! - metaldude8

Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas might wanna burn this movie to the ground.

52Meet the Robinsons

Never seen it but my friends say it is terrible so don't watch this movie

53The Angry Birds MovieV1 Comment
54Go!Animate: The MovieV1 Comment
55Kiara the Brave
56Open Season 3
57Gladiators of Rome

Oh, what was that about?

58Everyone's Hero

Yerk! I hate talking objects like baseballs, bats and other dumb things. This garbage is more like "Get me outta this ball game! "

59Over the Hedge

What moron put this on the list. It's awesome and hilarious!

Whoever Put This Here Watch The Nut Job As A Punishment

This movie makes Bruce Willis who played as a raccoon stupid and repulsive.

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Cheap animation and nobody cares about a 1980s anime based movie what was the point of this movie

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