Worst Computer Animated Movies


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81Ice Age
82Ice Age: The Meltdown
83Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
84Strange Magic
85Space Chimps 2: Zartog Strikes Back
86The Lego Movie
87Rise of the Guardians

...Guys. What are you talking about? This movie is ranked 81 out 88 on this list. Please stop trying to convince people that this movie is bad. To most people with taste in movies, this one is simply great. Please stop posting your petty complaints because no one cares.

This should NOT be on here. Zootopia is a great movie!

This SHOULD be on here. Zootopia is an unfunny, preachy movie that just tries too hard.

Lame puns, moralizing, and Shakira. Not the ingredients for the greatest movie ever.

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89Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
90The Ant Bully
92Finding Dory
93How to Train Your DragonV3 Comments
94Hotel Transylvania

I like this movie a lot. There really isn't that much horror in it, and some toilet humor in it though. Other than that, it's still good.

95The Book of Life

The title is a lie, but the movie is okay.

97Toy Story 3

This movie rules. My baby sister and my dad love it a lot. My dad annoys me with it. He annoys me ALL THE TIME!

The ending was terrible, but otherwise it was great - Gunner224

And this is the highest grossing animated film of all time I HATE this movie when people say it is their favorite I think I want to explode I cannot stand all the praise it gets!

A disappointing way to end the franchise

98Toy Story

That's racist! This movie is good and racism is not funny. Anyway, who the heck is Connie Ellis?! Is she someone who helped make this movie? This guy right here is racist.

I hate Connie Ellis because she is black.

Connie Ellis is an ugly black woman that turns into a troll

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