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Shake It Up
My younger sister (8) watches the Disney Channel a lot, and while I loathe a lot of shows that they run, Shake It Up is my least favorite. I could rant for a long time about this show, but I think the worst thing about the show is that none of the characters seem to actually like each other at all. Sure, Rocky and Cece claim to be friends, but they constantly fight and act like they really hate each other, to the point where I'm uncomfortable watching the show. I always tell my little sister that if anyone ever treats her the way Rocky treats Cece, that person isn't her friend. The rest of the cast is no better; everyone seems to enjoy beating up on each other. The only exception to the terrible cast are the German twins, Gunter and Tinka, but they don't even seem like they belong in Shake It Up in the first place.

Besides the characters, the dancing is very unimpressive and the idea of a T.V. show about dancing teenagers really feels like it was stolen directly from Hairspray. The jokes aren't funny; by jokes I mean "Rocky's snarky comments about how stupid Cece is".
The one redeemable thing about Shake It Up is still Gunter and Tinka. Dressing up like strange rip-offs of Lady Gaga and Nikki Minaj, coupled with their ridiculous accents, somehow makes the show a lot more bearable despite how out-of-place they are. They're also the only ones who ever get to say anything remotely funny.

In conclusion, it's just a poor-quality and weirdly mean-spirited show.
I think this is an okay show but the show I dislike the most would be "I didn't do it" and does anybody notice that most of the bad shows are on Disney
I've done a variety of dance (specialized in ballet) and I can honestly say that the main dancers on this show like Cece, Rocky, Gunther, and Tinka, can't dance at all. They do some jumps and robotic moves, but I can't even call what they do hip-hop like they say. The facial expressions they make during the dancing makes me want to punch them, and Cece is a whiny and self-cenetered brat โ€" which is exactly who most Disney show characters are painted to be because apparently, it's comedy now-a-days. But Cece's the worst of them all. Rocky isn't even a likable character or role-model, even if she likes school and excels at it. These girls like to act and pretend to be much older than they are, and are horrid best friends to each other (they fight and get into drama all the time. ) The laugh-track plays at every non-hilarious "joke" on the episodes, and overall, kids and teens would be better off going outside to ride their bike than sitting around to watch this show. Very immature; though I applaud Disney on choosing a dancing plot instead of singing.
I hate it because they act like a BRAT and thing that they say WEREN'T funny they need to fix up and they laugh about stuff we don't even get waste of time :@ WHY BOTHER?
[Newest]Very boring I almost felt asleep watching it and I was not tired

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2Dog With a Blog
Just when I thought the Disney shows couldn't get any worse, out came this one. This is hands down the dumbest show I have ever seen anywhere. The jokes aren't funny, none of the actors can even act and the worst of all is the plot of the show - dogs that can talk. Wow Disney, I really didn't think you could get any worse. This show takes the worst elements of "Jessie, ANT Farm, Austin and Ally and Shake It Up and combines them into one show of utter nonsense.
To the guy who said that this is not true and we need to keep are comments to our self... THIS IS THE TOP TENS EVERYONE IS GOING TO COMMENT!


I absolutely hate this show. Like really, a dog that has its own website on a computer. The big brother acts retarded, I mean how can your little sisters be smarter than you. But my last sentence is for disney channel. If you're running out of ideas then take some votes. Don't make stupid shows like dog with a blog!
It is very possible for a younger sister to be smarter than her older brother. That is not a good reason to hate a show.
Very stupid and boring and the plot is terrible
[Newest]Just when I thought there couldn't be anything worse.
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3A.N.T. Farm
This show is by far the worst damn show ever. What kind of lessons are they trying to teach kids? To what be untalented and unfunny people on television? The show has terrible lessons... Actually no lessons at all. Like that episode where the principal trapped all of the A.N.T.s personality into frozen yogurt, and Chyna had to save them by eating them. WHAT THE HELL! That is one of the worst disney ideas for an episode ever. And don't even get me started on the characters!

Chyna- A nice girl, but stupid. She is just a prodigy is music, how can she be learning high-school math, english, physics, E.T.C. and she is not funny at all! Trying to make jokes or is she trying to make me vomit?

Olive- Well at least I know why this one is in high-school! But she is a damn know-it-all! She acts like that she is all that but she ain't! Plus her acting is terrible, and someone break the news that her dancing sucks! Like her.

Fletcher- An awkward and annoying guy, that of course has a crush on the main character. And like Chyna he is only a prodigy in Art not math, english, or whatever. So again why is he in high-school? Learning all high-school subjects? Plus he is so boring, and not one ounce of funny is in him.

Lexi- What! They ran out of an idea for a nice cheerleader. I give her the fact that she can sing pretty nice, and can go way better than Disney. And why is it the cheerleader that is mean? I mean seriously this is a terrible example for cheerleaders!

Paisley- Yay! Another dumb blonde from the street that is a cheerleader. I swear if I see another dumb blonde on disney I will throw up. This is another terrible example of cheerleaders.

Cameron- Don't even get me started on this dumb character.
You're right, my cousin's girlfriend was a cheerleader in high school and she never acted like Lexi.


This is the worst show ever! I hate Gibson he over acts! This show tries to be creative like SpongeBob or something with funny creativity, but it just gives horrible jokes that are over acted and not even funny. Chyna is too full of herself and randomly starts singing for no reason. Olive bores me to death. Fletecher is dumb, annoying and in my opinion is a perfect match with Olive. Gibson over acts, tells the worst jokes and there is no point to his character. Angus is too fat and his character is not funny nor charming. Camron Lexi and Paisley are the ONLY main characters I can even stand!
There was only ONE moment I could actually stand on that show, and it involved Cameron and Lexi. When Cameron is hiding in the closet and sees the clown, and Lexi comes over and Cameron makes that hilarious face. I laughed a lot! But there are NO funny jokes besides that on that show. It's just dumb.


TERRIBLE SHOW! Talentless, unfunny, just a waste of my time! Do not bother with this show! You have no life if you watch this show!
They have to watch the shows to know if they'll have interest in it or not! And this is a place where you can post your OPINION. It's not fact. If you can't handle other's opinions, why are you on the internet? You're gonna get hurt feelings a ton.
[Newest]Well, that's 30 minutes of my life I'll never get back!
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4Austin & Ally
Why don't the people over at Disney just hire the Good Luck Charlie writers to write all the shows? I'm not saying Charlie is as good as Full House or Rosanne, but it has good morals, touching moments, and (seriously lacking in all the other Disney shows) PLOT!
Austin and Ally is at the top of my list because you can instantly tell the writers don't know what the f they're doing. The characters are NOT all supposed to be the same, dammit. I've watched two episodes, and pretty much the same thing happens:
Ally gets an idea. The secondary characters nod in agreement. (Hooray for total lack of conflict. Way to go Disney).
I mean, look at That's So Raven. Raven gets an idea, Eddie usually is the opposing character, and Chelsea is Raven's never-fail sidekick. And, of course, there's Raven's love/hate relationship with her psychic abilities. These are the basic elements of a comedy show! Looking back at Austin and Alley, it makes me wonder if the writers are even qualified/educated enough to write anything that resembles something, I don't know, normal?
What scares me is that a lot of young kids (who don't know the old Disney) actually think these shows are good. There's no redeeming content and nothing that suggest the characters are actually likeable/qualified to be a roe-model for young kids. Kids these days are learning that it's cool to not care about grades, and that it's okay to hate on your best friend (Shake it Up), and it's totally cool for six year olds to go around wearing designer boots and bedazzled jackets (Dog With a Blog), and High School is a total play ground with no real world teen struggles (ANT Farm), and that being fashionable and thin as a rod is the norm (pretty much all the Disney shows), and that eating disorders are a joke (Shake It Up took a good stab at that one: A model said something like, "Oh, I could just eat you two up... Well, if I ate." I mean really? This shocked me the most. Just when I thought Disney couldn't get any lower).
Think I've made my point. I hope somebody from Disney reads this.
The actors can't even act! I'm sure there had to be better people than them in the auditions. Why would they even pick Ross Lynch? He can't sing or act! Don't even talk about the songs! They're horrible and the show isn't even funny! I can't believe Disney is stupid enough to find these type of people.
To the person who said that we were old men and women, I am 12. I hate every Disney show except Gravity Falls. I'm not "too old" to understand them, I understand that these actors can't act and that the plot lines are terrible.


Let me start out by asking a few questions regarding where this is placed. 1) Why is this higher than Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, Cory in the House and basically every other show on this list. I Don't quite understand how this show made the top 10 for best Disney Channel shows ever.

2) What was going on in the person's head who made this show? I don't not think that this show deserves to be this high in the list. I am not saying that you are not in titled to your own opinion I am just saying that I don't particularly like this show.

I am not actually bothered by many of the actors, hence the word "by many". There is really only one actor I hate on this show. Laura Morano. In my opinion I just don't really like her. I love Ross Lynch, and I am okay with Raini and Calum. Laura in my opinion can't sing. Her voice is like she is talking with just more breath behind her voice. She always makes the weirdest faces when she sings and smiles way to much and way to over the top on the show. It's like she doesn't know how to not smile when anyone says anything or does anything that is remotely positive.

The shoe in general is not that bad. The first season I actually really enjoyed. It was funny and had a pretty good story line. Every episode was different which I liked. It gave the show variety. Then once the second season came, Ally came out of her shell. She basically changed everything about herself. If you look at how she dressed, how she looked, how she acted, it was completely different. I really liked the old Ally. The one who you could tell had a secret crush on Austin but was still shy and vulnerable which made you like her. Once she conquered her stage fear, she became a completely different person. A person I didn't like as much. After that, every single episode was about Austin and Ally's relationship that for some reason never actually worked. It was no longer about "she writes, he rocks, together they might just make it" it was now about "she writes, they both rock, they are sometimes and sometimes not in a relationship, but Austin has a record deal and Ally sort of has a career, so they might just make it". This changed my way of looking at the show forever.

Once the second season kicked off Austin's music was still good. After Ally started singing her own songs, every song that was on this show was no longer stuck in my head like it used to be. There were a few songs I will admit that were good, but it was never again like the first season. In the 1st season every episode had a new song, and each on of those songs I would sing until the next one came along. The only really good songs in the second season were "Timeless and Steal your heart".

None of the characters really sent a good message like Austin sent out the message that if you steal someone else's song you can become an overnight sensation, which doesn't really ever happen. Ally sent out the message that you can conquer your fear, but then your whole life may change. Trish sent out the message that was even if you are lazy, bossy and mean to your friends, you can still get hired and re-fired a lot. Dez didn't really send out any messages. He was just there to be funny in my opinion which didn't really work out after the first and part of the second season.

In conclusion, I feel that although Austin and Ally is not a terrible show it does not deserve to be in 8 place for best Disney Channel Show.
[Newest]Shut up bastards

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5Fish Hooks
I HATE THIS SHOW SO MUCH its stupid, gross, and not even funny. Its way to stereotypical, And is a copy of spongebob!
No words can express my intense dislike of this show. I, for one, find this show far more annoying than all others on the list. Too bad all good disney shows ended when I was a kid. Now all the shows are either crappy, uninteresting, or just plain stupid. Honestly, whenever my baby cousin watches this show, I feel myself getting stupider
Seriously the last 5 shows I liked and I can't believe you people hate these shows. These are kids shows... By the way.
I hate Fish Hooks Because they try to Copy SpongeBob and they try too be Funny but there not and I really Dislike How they do that but that's just
[Newest]Too disturbing to even talk about. tose three lil fish gonna kill me
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Probably the worst show on Disney. It is extremely stereotypical and is a little bit racist. Let me start you off.


Jessie - Poorly acted by Debby Ryan. I thought we was OK on the Suite Life, but now suddenly her acting is TERRIBLE. She has to crack a joke about everything that happens. And she doesn't even have a Texas accent! Oh, by the way, in the story, she's supposed to be from Texas, which she constantly refers to in about every episode. I would give her a 0.1 out of 10. Ok, so she's from Texas. Where's the Texan accent?!? So, her character got kicked out of a cab and got hired to be a super rich family's nanny. What the heck? That doesn't happen to people in real life! And if you are a nanny, don't be as inconsiderate as Jessie is! Jessie lets her spoiled bratty kids do whatever they want, and it is such a wonderful example for kids these days.

Emma - Emma is the stereotypical dumb blonde. So this is her life: Texting, Dating, Boys, Texting, Dating, Boys, Fashion, Clothes, Money, Texting, Dating and more boys. So this is the example for some little kids that may be watching this? Acting and jokes are also very poor. 1 out of 10.

Luke - Luke is the girl obsessed cutie Justin Bieber boy. He tries to hit on the 20 year old nanny, but fails constantly. It's supposed to be the comic relief, but I don't get it. Poor acting and joke skills. 1 out of 10

Ravi - THIS IS MY LEAST FAVORITE CHARACTER! He is a stereotypical "stupid" Indian boy who obviously has never been to India in all of his life. His accent is very fake and he keeps on making fun of his own heritage. For example, "Ice-cream? In Indian we call it soup! " Insulting to Indian people and poor joke skills. One heck of a comic relief. And he has this lizard pet. I don't get it. Poor acting and joke skills. 0.00001 out of 10.

Zuri or Suri, not sure: This is another stereotypical character. She is African-American and has the "Oh no you didn't attitude. " Her jokes are not funny and she gets whatever she wants by threatening others. Can't wait to see what happens when your kid decides to flip another kid over their shoulder. But she could be a better actress, JUST GET HER OFF THIS SHOW!

Bertrum - The lazy stupid comic relief butler. I don't get why he's there. Poor acting and cheesy jokes. 1 out of 10.

In reality this show stinks. Don't bother turning it on. The show is stereotypical to people, heritage and New York City. Yeah, you heard me. I live in NYC and people don't beat up old ladies over cabs. That is crazy! New york is not a rude city. That's just the facts.


Overall show rating. -100 out of 10.
Emma is also Holly Hills in Diary of a Wimpy kid... So shes a good actor, but in the show your right. I mean why take a good actor and make her a dumb nut!


I have a question for all you people that think the plot is normal:would you let a total stranger that you just met on the street 5 minutes ago babysit your kids? I wouldn't and any person with a brain wouldn't either. Jessie should be in college, not taking care of a bunch of rich spoiled brats that don't even respect her. The thing that really bothers me about the show is how mean and rotten and disrespectful the kids are to the adults and they never get told off. Jessie- she never even punishes the kids and pretty much gives them everything they want. What 18 year old even has enough money to GET to New York on her own? Shes not even qualified to be a nanny. Emma-All she ever does is text, talk about fashion, and make other girls feel bad about themselves by telling them how ugly, stupid, and bad dressers they are, including Jessie. She has this insane logic that shes the prettiest most popular richest smartest girl ever born and has to make girls feel bad about themselves because they aren't her. Honestly, I've seen girls way prettier than her. Zuri-the biggest brat I've ever seen in my entire life. She gets what she wants by threatening to beat people up and it works because for some reason everyone is scared of her. Why would anyone be scared of an 8 year old? If she was my daughter she would be in her room grounded every day for disrespecting and insulting people like that. Like her big sister, she is always putting down people that are overweight, older, ugly, or stupid. If you don't believe me, watch the first version of the episode "Quitting Cold Koala" on you tube. She throws gluten filled pancakes at a kid with Celiac Disease and, of course, Jessie just sits on the other side of the room and watches her bully the poor little boy (you wont see this scene in the episode when it plays on Disney channel because they took it out). Luke-he's disgusting. All he ever does is hit on Jessie with sexual jokes that aren't even funny and I'm guessing he's done it to many more girls, and they are always talking about how gross he is. Disney needs to get something through their heads:not all boys in the world are gross, rude players that sexually hit on girls years older than them and never bathe. You don't ABSOLUTELY NEED young kids using sex jokes on every show you make, especially on a network that's suppose to be for kids. Do you guys even know how to MAKE a children's t v show? Ravi- he is just really annoying. Its really insulting and racist to the kids from Arabian countries like India that watch this show to have a kid from their home country insulting their heritage. How would you feel if someone came up to you and started making fun of YOUR home country or race? And why do you keep making the kids call him lame and boring. You know, just because a kid is smart, doesn't mean they're a big nerd and they deserve to be called out because of their knowledge filled brains. Bertram-He is really the only one I like on this show.I feel sorry for him because of his constant overweight and baldness put downs from the kids that obviously couldn't care less about hurting his feelings. Mrs. Kipling-i feel like you made a transgender joke of the poor lizard.I mean that the whole first season they thought it was a male lizard, but they found out it was a girl the whole time and they started making sexual references to how the baby lizards were made when they crashed in South America. Disney Channel PLEASE TAKE THIS SHOW OFF!
Easily the worst show airing on Disney Channel. It is blatantly unoriginal, uninspired, offensive and stereotypical. 'Jessie, ' the
"adult guardian figure" of the show, is a failed musician who ended up being kicked out of a cab in the middle of New York City and somehow managed to end up being the nanny of a family of rich, spoiled brats and their famous parents. Believe me when I tell you that does not happen. If you want to get something, you WORK for it. Jessie gets paid more in a week than I may make in my whole life, and all because she was too irresponsible to pay for cab fare. Great life lessons!

Emma is the obligatory rich, blonde boy-obsessed teenage girl that has plagued many a Disney show to date, but in Jessie's case, she is a protagonist. Bland, awfully scripted and acted, and not a speck of originality to be seen anywhere. Next.

Ravi is the stupid, fake accented, Indian nerd. He serves as nothing more than comic relief and the rest of the cast's chew toy. There is an episode which revolves around Luke and Zuri being mean to Ravi and him warning them of extreme misfortune them until they have paid off all of their 'karma. ' So... He pretended to curse his two siblings and forces them to pay off debt in physical labour? It was just a harmless prank they played on him. They hung his sleeping bag on the door so he was sleeping standing up. OH NO! Well, lucky for him, it could have been worse. Luke planned to "leave you in the lobby in nothing but your tighty whities! " So... They were going to leave him in the lobby in a public apartment building, exposed in his presumably skimpy, embarrassing tighty whities, leaving him victim to humiliation such as being photographed, recorded, receiving wedgies and being pantsed. Not to mention it is mentioned in one episode that Ravi receives frequent wedgies in school, and doubled with the fact that he still wears briefs (when they are in their peak of unpopularity) makes him nothing more than your stereotypical nerd. If I met him, I would wedgie him so hard I'd rip his briefs off of his body.

Zuri is the African-American 'sweet little girl' alpha bitch. That is all there is to her. She is the most one sided and unrealistically irritating bitchy character in perhaps this whole show... And that is saying one hell of a lot. She thinks she's hot stuff? She's only, what, 6? Someone will teach her.

Luke is the annoying, 'hot stuff' immature 13 year old kid that tries to act cool and fails 'comically. ' He is the 'cool kid' of the boys in the family, despite being ridiculously stupid and, actually, not much cooler than Ravi. He is just as small, also wears briefs, has a squeaky voice, and isn't even capable of beating up Ravi as proven by the wrestling episode. I actually PREFER Ravi to this irritating mother. You know what I said about ripping Ravi's underwear off of his body? Trade that for a flagpole, full-rise briefs 3 sizes too small, a large audience, and a forced pants peeing while being the subject of humiliation and pranks for many years to come and you have a fitting punishment for Luke. Maybe Jessie could try this when she tries to be 'assertive. '

Bertram is the lazy-ass butler who acts like a complete suck up while his bosses are present. Enough said.

All in all, this show is a train wreck, and is not worth your money, or time. Avoid at all costs.
^ what did you expect people to comment on here? Its obviously meant for people to "talk smack" about horrendous shows, listen to your own advice and shut up, what are you even doing here you whiny twat.
[Newest]Luke is a pervert and the show has a lot of stereotypes.
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7Jonas L.A.
There are many shows Disney shows that I can't stand, but this one and Corey in the House stand out as the worst. Jones L.A. tries to be a watered-down version of a teen drama, but it fails horribly. It's not like there were many good teen dramas floating around to begin with, but this show is one giant "snooze fest" with bad acting and boring storylines.
Jonas L.A. is a horrible show, it is about three boys who think they are all that and who are in love with these random girls and have parties all the time and this show is so bad it was already taken off Disney after a few months.
I just don't really like it, but I'm not going to say your just too dumb to notice like other people on here. Jonas brothers were better on there first show. I still like nick jonas the most. This is my opinion.
[Newest]I used to love this show!
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8Hannah Montana
As if the jokes weren't horrible enough, they constantly have laugh tracks playing in the background.
This show was never good, it was always and forever bad. I don't understand why they made a show this horrible pass, but whatever it's over anyways. Thank God.
This show sucked the life out of me! Miley Cyrus you can't sing, you can't dance and you definitely can not act so please oh please get off my T.V.
Of course, this is one of Disney's worst thing to ever air on television and it still is. This sitcom has failed to impress Disney fans worldwide. Hannah Montana is just one of the worst sitcoms I have ever seen. Why do so many children look up to Miley Cyrus as a role model? Seriously. Miley not only destroyed Disney's image, she destroyed the VMA awards. Where's Mickey Mouse right now? Disney Channel has gone off to nowhere else.
[Newest]This was the best show ever I miss it why do people hate it like seriously my dad even likes it๐Ÿ˜‚ it's old Disney and that's what I miss
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9Crash & Bernstein
I give kudos to anyone who manages to survive watching and episode without crying from the quality. The theme song is some remix/rap and the only words are their awful names 'Crash' and 'Bernstein'. It is absolutely not funny and overdoes it on the laugh tracks. The main characters are all bratty and gender stereotypical. The puppet looks like a rejected muppet and it apparently becomes the coolest kid in school. The puppet is a jerk and gets everything he wants, and the kid acts like he's the only person in the world who comes from a family largely consisting of girls. They use fart jokes and potty humour and Disney advertises it as a brand new live-action comedy. Don't waste your time trying to watch even one episode of this, you'll have a better time watching tellitubbies in German. No wonder it is on 17th place and the show's only been running for a little while. It still deserves to be even higher on this list though, possibly even 2nd after Shake It Up.
Let me start with the theme song, Crappy Rapping. Then the story, a rejected muppet becomes some kids brother, friend, thing. Seriously, if you show up to school with a purple stuffed puppet, then you will get beat up. And seriously, the puppet is so annoying getting in everyones business, joining the wrestling team and beating up everyone, and he becomes rich or something.
O m g so not funny it is all about this stupid puppet and his dumb friend I am telling you just plain STUPID.
[Newest]I hate this show

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10Phineas & Ferb
I'm sorry but this show is just lazy. It's the same stuff everyday! Boys build something cool, Perry beats up Doof, Candace tries to bust her brothers and fails and everyone sings. Every. Single. Episode. It got boring real fast.
Wrong. They don't teach kids to be creative. It teaches kids that you can break the rules that state you have to be a certain age, make your older sister look like a fool, and lie just to be creative. The animation is great, though, and I actually sort of thought that when they knew what animation was, that they broke the fourth wall. Oh, yeah, and filler is very abundant.
This might be the worst Disney cartoon ever created. If you want to make a good show, add more story lines, not the same plot over and over again! The parents are HORRIBLE role models, the main characters make horrible puns, Candace is the most annoying female character EVER, and the villain- ugh, his VOICE makes me want to PUNCH THE T.V.! Oh yeah, and there is WAY TOO MUCH SINGING! Sometimes, this show acts like a little kids show from excessive music and singing. You don't always have to educate people with singing! Perry is the only good part of the show, and he really should be the main character of the show, since he's the ONLY GOOD ROLE MODEL IN THE ENTIRE SERIES! However, sometimes the Agent P story lines ripoff Kim Possible.
Again, there's nothing original here, just them building something, magically disappears, candace tries to bust them and fails, Perry isn't exactly any better, though, he's more exciting than the rest.
[Newest]They have the dumbest and most inattentive parents in the history of mankind
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11So Random
This show is the worst! It's really stupid, not funny, and annoying! Also, the new actors they hired are terrible! They over-exaggerate everything! They think they're really funny but they're not! It's not the same as Sonny with a Chance! They should've made the show Mackenzie Falls. That would've been better.
It's a MAD for Disney Channel, AND WHY?! All so random does is make corny crap scenes and load fats of crap and the characters have an IQ of a GIANT BALL OF BOOGERS COMBINED. I would've even watched more episodes and changed my mind if Demi Lovato was in it, but she got into rehab
This show is pathetic and highly derivative. It's not funny in the slightest and quite frankly teaches kids to be nothing more than back-chatting, precocious little brats.
I've only seen the show once, and that was more by accident than design, however I couldn't believe the blatant racial stereotyping that is rife through this show. If people wish to know where kids learn subliminally how to hate others based on cultural differences and racial stereotypes, then look no further than the Disney Channel. And what's worse, the canned laughter that runs incessantly throughout the show just reinforces the outdated idea that this kind of lazy and often offensive humour is somehow ok.
[Newest]Look all of you guys are just hatters.

12Liv and Maddie
I absolutely hate this show. I couldn't even finish watching one episode. The acting is over done, but that happens in other Disney channel shows. They jokes where bad, the characters where pretty bad as well. I hate one character is always glorified (Liv), another character is just a "back up" (Maddie) and there is a loser, or dork, or what ever they want to call it (joey). Joey bothered me a lot, because they put in all this stereotypical stuff, and made him really not enjoyable to watch. And I also hate how they end the title with "A-Rooney". I under stand that "Rooney" is their last name, but it just sounds really dumb.


To the other replies: he/she never said anything about being a good actress. Aren't people allowed to have their own opinions? You don't have to feel inferior to not like something. I'm horrible at acting, but it doesn't mean that I'm insulting every single actor out there.
Okay, this should be higher on the list. This should be number one.

Liv - Stupid dumb blond stereotype. Wow, nice going Disney. Do I even need to say more?

Maddie - An annoying girl who only cares about winning. Then she breaks her leg and what bother's me about that is that she says "I thought I was invincible, but I guess I'm not." Wow. What's even worse is her laugh then snort. Oh great, glad she was taught how to have manners.

Joey - The most annoying person on this show. I have a lot to rant about this character so, let's get started. 1: He thinks he's the most amazing person in the world, trying to be so manly and awesome. I remember him saying "Yeah that's right I shave. Spread the word". What is this show trying to teach kids? That you have to have facial and body hair to be cool? Wow. 2: I cannot stand the fact that he alters anything to fit how he wants it. I remember one episode, he "beats" Maddie in basketball and all of a sudden he says "I am retired from all competition" so he can never loose to her.

Parker - I'm actually okay with this character. But I'm annoyed that this character says "What I want to know is why I can't poop with the door open! " Uh, gross.

Mom - Okay, in the Cheese Brat festival she get's into her kids' heads and tries to make them loose. Yes mother, what we need to be doing is stealing away out kids confidence.

Johnny Nimbus - I know he is not a main character, but he bother's me so much. He has to narrate every single thing. I also hate how he is so loud, and his voice is just LOUD! Also I won't hold this against him but instead of saying "Ni Hao about that" you should say "Ni Men Hao" but I don't expect everyone to speak Mandarin.
It's called sharing an opinion! Have you not read the other comments and replies on here?


Its basically Hannah Montana with twins and the "famous one" overacts
[Newest]As a twin, I don't like it when twins are played by the same actor. You couldn't have found any twins to play them?
Well COME ON. Dove Cameron is hot, especially as Liv. But Maddie can be hot too. And it's called Acting for Two. Look it up at T.V. Tropes.


More comments about Liv and Maddie

13I Didn't Do It

First off, Olivia Holt, you got the looks (on photoshoots) and autotune makes your voice sound absolutely lovely. (The Radio Disney Awards don't mean anything, if you want to win, you might as well just publicize your song all across Disney every hour and you're guaranteed a win! ) But honey, you can't act. On Kickin' It, you looked decent because Kickin' It was on Disney, and heck, no one on there can act. You looked like the best actress on there actually, and I watched Kickin' It out of comic relief. Your corny jokes and fake laughter was fine, until you reached the more higher standard of Disney Channel. Now you look terrible, and your true acting chops have showed. YOU CAN'T ACT. Your acting makes me cringe and I actually changed the channel. Your co-stars can't act either, or maybe it's because your pure awfulness made them look awful too. The plot of the first episode made almost no sense, and I cringed at every part. The laughing track went off every two to three seconds (I COUNTED) and the jokes weren't even funny. Olivia, you tried too hard that you looked desperate for attention. I get it. You want the same attention Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Bridgit Mendler, Miley Cyrus, Debby Ryan, Demi Lovato, and who else have but you couldn't because you were on Disney, which is technically a Disney Channel reject channel for guys and nobody gets famous or popular on there. Well your so-called rise to stardom failed and your few fans are probably eight to ten year old girls who want to sing and have auto tuned tracks just like you do. Congrats. Next time, try to nab the lead role in a good show next time and you just might find yourself releasing an overproduced pop and autotuned album like the others and then turning bad after you decide Disney is not the life for you after all.
Not one single laugh. "I Didn't Do It" is just concentrated on bad acting, bad dialogue, terrible in-studio sets, poor timing, and no respect. If this were a cartoon, things would look different so that it would look like a Phineas & Ferb episode.

I think a Disney needs to disassociate with It's A Laugh Productions, AKA the company which produced Hannah Montana, Dog With a Blog, Liv & Maddie, etc.
Ok the plot is awesome: 5 best friends that care for each other and help each other. But disney ruined this show! No wonder it is the least popular show on disney.

Lindy - the "responsible one" of the group. Although she complains and throws a tantrum if she doesn't get what she wants. Without her phone, she went nuts because she apparently has "reminders" on her phone like what, she goes on episodes without her phone. Also, she ruins her friends' plans. Garrett needed snowboarding lessons, and she pretended she needed them because she liked the instructor. She hurt her friend! And Olivia Holt, YOU can't ACT!

Logan - the apparently dumb kid who everyone loves. He gets a job just like that, and being irresponsible he needs a job, and money. But Lindy took that job away! She complained she put "hard work" into it but if she did, in the other episodes, you would've seen her working on it. Logan may be dumb, but has an even dumber sister.

Garrett - the smart one of the group, or cautious one. Can't even complete a puzzle! His character is so bizarre. Worse than Delia. I can't stand him, but I hated the snow episode where Lindy decided to take his instructor away, and let him get hurt, that's NOT COMEDY, OR WHAT FRIENDS DO!

Delia - every show has this. EVERY SHOW HAS THIS! Apparently the "dork nerd geek loser kid" for the main characters to make fun of. I swear she's just like Joey from Liv and maddy. It amazes me how unique she is, and not afraid what anyone thinks. But add all this weird kid stuff, and now she's nothing but a stereotype.

The "fashionista girl" - (I don't know her name) - she's so annoying, comes with a new outfit everyday, only like boys in tuxedos, and is apparently Lindy's best friend, when she rolls her eyes at everything Lindy says. They made friends by pushing Logan. And why does Lindy hate him, that's her brother, but she treats him like a hobo. And the fashion girl complains she can't go on vacation without her makeup, what then don't GO! It's suppose to be the Watson family vacation anyway!

What bothers me more is the parents and adult guardians on this show, there's not one adult that watches these kids. They go skydiving just to get rid of a kid who wanted to be their friend. They tried to steal a letter at the post office. They almost got arrested for stealing at a school trip. NONE OF THESE SCENARIOS INVOLVE ANY ADULTS AT THIS SHOW! Also it's full of stereotypes. Like how come all the girls like every boy they see? I thought the fashion girl only liked boys in tuxedos, but this shows very fake, so it doesn't matter I guess. And the acting is fake, and forced. The actors who play Logan, Delia, and Garrett could act a little I guess, but I HATE LINDY AND OLIVIA HOLT! Also, how come they get away with everything? This should be called "I Get Away With Murder" because "I Didn't Do It" has nothing to do with the show besides a quote from the pilot. No wonder this show is more unpopular than Girl Meets World which hasn't even aired yet! Sorry you had to read this long blog.


What on earth kind of show is this? <--- my reaction when I watched an episode. What is this teaching children? This show is about teenagers who lie and do stupid stuff and get away with it all. This show is teaching children that it's okay to do dumb stuff because if you act like these people you can get away with murder! It's not funny at all.._.
[Newest]The acting sucks so bad and Lindy (correct me if I'm wrong) is a terrible person and she ruins almost EVERY SINGLE THING AND SHE IS A MORON!
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14Sonny With a Chance
I can stand watching most of those shows in this list but Sonny with a chance is not something I could handle, for real. Horrible acting, horrible jokes, horrible storylines, just stupid, cheesy and childish. Demi Lovato is so overrated. I'm so sick of the fact that there are people a million times better than her and she's more famous just because of autotune, a cheesy Disney show and the fact that she used to have an eating disorder.
This show sucks. Do I need to spell it out for you?
You don't have to be so rude about it. I think sonny with the chance is a unique and amazing show. it's the best!
Demi Lovato is so amazing! But although a great show it could get boring sometimes, but was funny otherwise. But I HATE wizards of waverly place. selena dumbez was only famous because of Justin beiber! She can't even sing! And she's only famous/on news for a stupid person who is actually willing to date her or be her friend! I'm glad demi is over her! Phew! And at least sonny with the chance is better than wizards of waverly place, but its still not THAT great. I couldn't find the wizards of waverly place on this list. (probably because its too bad to even be considered :) so I did sonny with the chance!
Personally believe Sonny With a Chance was one of the better Disney Channel shows. Demi Lovato wasn't horrible at acting and it's much better then anything on Disney these days and did make me, along with the rest of my family, laugh quite frequently. Personally I don't believe it should be on this list at all but people will like what they like.
[Newest]That's not even on anymore!

15Good Luck Charlie
This is the best disney channel show currently and should not be on the list
You people r crazy! I love dis show!
The laughtrack goes off every damn 5-10 seconds.
[Newest]This show should not exist, because of how the fans constantly boast about it, and compare them to better shows like Jessie or Austin & Ally or even I Didn't Do It. It's also incredibly gross. Just watch the study date or dentist episode.
Jessie and Austin & Ally have gross parts too. Almost ALL these shows do. I keep thinking maybe people wouldn't hate these shows so much if they weren't gross, stupid, teaching terrible lessons, or if they actually had original ideas. Way too many times these shows have ideas that have been done to death. I wanted Liv and Maddie to be different, but then it got gross too. Plus people hate it for other reasons too. Why is it so easy to hate EVERY SHOW EVER MADE?


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16Wander Over Yonder
Get that show off the list! It's the best show on Disney Channel. Wander is cute and funny. And sounds just like Felix on Wreck-it Ralph.
Of course, if the show has a positive message it's considered "stupid" and "annoying" by today's society. Because people are so concerned with looking "cool" that they can't stop and actually BE NICE for once. This is my favorite show ever and whoever put it here is dumb.
This may be way down at 93 now but watch, this is gonna end up in the top 10! This isn't just bad, terrible, horrible, etc. There is NO human words to describe how awful this show is. No wonder most kids 5-15 are becoming spoiled dumb brats! I can't even believe kids are watching this crap and even worse: liking it!
This is by far the most stupidest show ever. All I did was watch the promo and I hated it already. Wander is not cute he's just an idiot. His horse is just as bad. Even the theme song is stupid. The only reason I watched an episode is because of the animations. If you haven't watched this show then don't even bother. If you wanna watch it you're wasting your time.
[Newest]Off the list. Now.

17Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
It's a kids show, what are you expecting, a joke around every corner, seriously, that's why they called it Playhouse Disney.
This show is a disgrace to the mickey mouse character, and most shows on disney channel are a disgrace to entertainment. (exception: Phineas and Ferb, its one of my favorite shows ever)


its rubbish doesn't make sense wizards rules
[Newest]Hey, what are you expecting? It's a children's show! I'm not saying that it's better than old shows, but it's not that bad. There are so much worse shows. It is meant for children around the age of 4-8, I would say. If you watch this at the age of 13, of course, you would say that it's stupid, because you know all of the things that are taught there already. I think that young children can really learn something with this show. Also, as a musician, I can say that the music is pretty good, it's simple and catchy.
What's stupid is that it turned Mickey Mouse into a show for 4 to 8 years old.


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So this is my opinion on Violetta after watching all 3 seasons.

Let's start about the bad pairings:

Herman choose Angie in the end. Now, if you are an Angie fan, you must agree that ending up with Herman would be something very low that puts shame on women. Because Angie wasn't a second choice, she wasn't even a third choice and not even a 4th, accepting ending up with Herman after he was about to marry 2 times and already married 2 times. Four women before her, shows disrespect for herself. Where is her pride? What does Disney teach us? That a women can wait for years for a man, and he accept it only after 4 marriages doesn't work out? Women should be strong and have more respect for themselves. Women should never be a second choice, that is not true love but sympathy and out of pity.

Priscila - I see her jealousy of Angie something natural and how real human being would react. I personally wouldn't allow for my husband's ex to walk around all the time near us. Especially if she obviously still have feelings for him, and to have a step child that encourages these feelings. Unacceptable. Angie should have known this. Herman got married, she should have concentrate on her career, and sure, she can see Violetta whenever she wants but what she does it's disturbing

Ludmila - She is my favorite character really. Even though she grew up with all the presure Priscilla gave her all her life, she's strong and realistic, she doesn't cry around and prefers to put up a fake smile when she'a sad. She's strong! Don't blame her actions, because that what happens when you grow with pressure to be perfect. Another aspect why I'm sorry that Herman and Priscilla didn't have a happy ending is because Ludmila would really need a father like Herman! I really liked their father-step daughter relationship. Also Herman could've changed Priscilla into a good women too. Sadly Angie had to mess up everything

Leon and Violetta. Yet again for women's sake. What does Disney teach us? In real life, relationships don't work out. This show would've been perfect to teach us that there is life after breakups. Because every each of us gets through this. it would've been great if Violetta set up a good example how to be strong and continue life. At first season Violetta couldn't choose between Leon and Tom. There is no such thing as loving two. You either love one or don't love at all. In season two both of them gets into a relationship. If they would really love each other, they would never fall in love with someone else. This is not true love and is a unhealthy relationship. Violetta is weak, and young audience will learn the same.

I like "Alex" he would've been the perfect person to end up with Violetta. Think about it, they both lied their fathers to enter in the studio, lies & complications. Remember when Violetta pretended to be called Olga? They have the same history and passion. Also he is sweet, talented and a good person. Even if he tried to make Violetta forget about Leon. Can you blame him? He was right. And let me remind you, that's what real life people do, try everything to be together with the one we love.

I like Gregorio a lot! Maxi and Nati are a cute couple. Fede and Ludmila are my favorite couple. The only one I hate is Angie and sometimes Violetta really annoyes me.


Ok, so this is my opinion of the show, please don't be offended in any way..

I think that Violetta is first of all a show that is very poorly dubbed. I can only talk about this from my location, which is Germany, but the voices are pretty annoying too. I'm not one of those people who've only watched one or two episodes, my sister watches this everyday. I've seen the majority of episodes from the seasons that have been shown here so far, simply to be able to build an opinion. The storyline is, to be honest quite boring and mostly predictable. In the first season it's Tomas-Leon-Tomas-Leon all the time. The fact that Violetta can't decide who she wants to be with is quite unrealistic. Also that she seems to be constantly involved with two boys at the same time. When it is Leon and Tomas in the first season, Tomas is simply replaced by Diego in the second season. And-of course she falls in love with him. Also the fact that everybody seems to like her too. Most of the other characters are displayed in a very precise way, their character traits are mainly positive, which makes all of it so unrealistic. Also Herman is a very indecisive character, he doesn't seem to know what he wants, which apparently his daughter inherited. All in all I can say that this show does not teach children anything positive at all. They might think that if they can't sing or dance they are not worth anything. Seriously, that's the example Violetta sets. Her life consists of music and boys only, maybe her friends and family too, but she is way too perfect for children to identify themselves with. come on Disney, you can do so much better!
This is probably the worst show on Disney channel as it has really bad voice overs and you can see that the actors aren't talking English. The main character is the typical shy girl that can't sing but to everyone on the show thinks she can. It's awful and a disgrace to Disney because Disney use to be amazing but got worse over the years.
The show is a Spanish show but some people translated it into English so it looks weird (the plot is still dumb though, why does EVERYONE fall in love with Violetta? )
[Newest]I don't even know what this is and it already sounds stupid!
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19Kickin' It
The acting is terrible and the story line of some episodes is really messed up, and just ultimately looks like they are mocking the idea of it. If you don't believe me here is a sample of what happens: Jack's cousin not only hires his friends to hurt him so he can fight him in a competition, but when Jack finds out he tries to throw him off the Great Wall of China. Oh it doesn't stop there then when his cousin almost falls to his death and Jack saves him the cousin calls him weak... Is it just me or is that not really a light story line? Not to mention his idiotic cousin does this all over a KARATE TOURNAMENT! I get that it's the best of the best but for teens... I'm just saying logically his cousin would be taken away and go through extreme therapy and help!
Am I pleased that this show's in this list? I salute you folks who hate that series as much as I do. The people who love it so much that they have no respect for its haters are ass-kissing and small-minded fanatics who have no idea what they just typed about. They have the right to like it. But they have no right to retaliate at us haters. It's our choice if we want to hate.

For all of you Kickin' It fans, you the ones who suck! Why don't you leave us haters alone?! We're entitled to our opinions. If you want others to respect your opinions, then respect ours!

The reason that I hate Kickin' It is because it makes fun or karate, which I like. Another reason is its humor. And funny shows aren't my kinds of shows. Instead, I like serious programs better 'because they entertain me more and I can relate to them.

But if you're going' to flame me because of what I type, expect me to flame you in return.
I loathe the plot of the new episode. Jack goes too far, no one is funny, and worst of all, I do not like Milton's personality. He is a selfish jerk who cares just about himself, like when he did that show. To scare off unaware viewers, that fake looking mice gets replaced with real mice. Just kidding, we hack into the headquarters and photoedit the mouse so he looks real. And best of all, the kid in the mouse costume has to crawl on all 4s for abominable acting. He also must actually eat, sleep, and squeak like a mouse and so on so kids think twice about watching Kickin' It. Good content, but poorly executed with the motto "Profit comes with icons made after losers. " with bad acting, unlikable characters, and cringing stories with terrible events in the beginning, pre-climax, climax, post-climax, and end, especially the cringe-worthy incident with Jack and his cousin.
[Newest]Back flips =/= martial arts
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20Gravity Falls
Really, really why is gravity falls on this list? This is Disney's only good show
Gravity Falls is its own show. It isn't copying off of Scooby Doo at all, including the fact that you need clues and not only one person can solve a major mystery. It's a really good show actually.


Mabel is the BEST! Why did you put this show on the list? Gravity falls is the only good show on Disney channel (Besides good luck Charlie)
Best show ever! I love the characters, especially waddles..
[Newest]It's a great show, the only thing people have a problem with is the portions with adult content and especially the illuminati.
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