Worst Disney Channel Shows

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Shake It Up
My younger sister (8) watches the Disney Channel a lot, and while I loathe a lot of shows that they run, Shake It Up is my least favorite. I could rant for a long time about this show, but I think the worst thing about the show is that none of the characters seem to actually like each other at all. Sure, Rocky and Cece claim to be friends, but they constantly fight and act like they really hate each other, to the point where I'm uncomfortable watching the show. I always tell my little sister that if anyone ever treats her the way Rocky treats Cece, that person isn't her friend. The rest of the cast is no better; everyone seems to enjoy beating up on each other. The only exception to the terrible cast are the German twins, Gunter and Tinka, but they don't even seem like they belong in Shake It Up in the first place.

Besides the characters, the dancing is very unimpressive and the idea of a T.V. show about dancing teenagers really feels like it was stolen directly from Hairspray. The jokes aren't funny; by jokes I mean "Rocky's snarky comments about how stupid Cece is".
The one redeemable thing about Shake It Up is still Gunter and Tinka. Dressing up like strange rip-offs of Lady Gaga and Nikki Minaj, coupled with their ridiculous accents, somehow makes the show a lot more bearable despite how out-of-place they are. They're also the only ones who ever get to say anything remotely funny.

In conclusion, it's just a poor-quality and weirdly mean-spirited show.
I think this is an okay show but the show I dislike the most would be "I didn't do it" and does anybody notice that most of the bad shows are on Disney
I've done a variety of dance (specialized in ballet) and I can honestly say that the main dancers on this show like Cece, Rocky, Gunther, and Tinka, can't dance at all. They do some jumps and robotic moves, but I can't even call what they do hip-hop like they say. The facial expressions they make during the dancing makes me want to punch them, and Cece is a whiny and self-cenetered brat β€" which is exactly who most Disney show characters are painted to be because apparently, it's comedy now-a-days. But Cece's the worst of them all. Rocky isn't even a likable character or role-model, even if she likes school and excels at it. These girls like to act and pretend to be much older than they are, and are horrid best friends to each other (they fight and get into drama all the time. ) The laugh-track plays at every non-hilarious "joke" on the episodes, and overall, kids and teens would be better off going outside to ride their bike than sitting around to watch this show. Very immature; though I applaud Disney on choosing a dancing plot instead of singing.
I hate it because they act like a BRAT and thing that they say WEREN'T funny they need to fix up and they laugh about stuff we don't even get waste of time :@ WHY BOTHER?
[Newest]Horrible show, no words to describe it

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2A.N.T. Farm
This show is by far the worst damn show ever. What kind of lessons are they trying to teach kids? To what be untalented and unfunny people on television? The show has terrible lessons... Actually no lessons at all. Like that episode where the principal trapped all of the A.N.T.s personality into frozen yogurt, and Chyna had to save them by eating them. WHAT THE HELL! That is one of the worst disney ideas for an episode ever. And don't even get me started on the characters!

Chyna- A nice girl, but stupid. She is just a prodigy is music, how can she be learning high-school math, english, physics, E.T.C. and she is not funny at all! Trying to make jokes or is she trying to make me vomit?

Olive- Well at least I know why this one is in high-school! But she is a damn know-it-all! She acts like that she is all that but she ain't! Plus her acting is terrible, and someone break the news that her dancing sucks! Like her.

Fletcher- An awkward and annoying guy, that of course has a crush on the main character. And like Chyna he is only a prodigy in Art not math, english, or whatever. So again why is he in high-school? Learning all high-school subjects? Plus he is so boring, and not one ounce of funny is in him.

Lexi- What! They ran out of an idea for a nice cheerleader. I give her the fact that she can sing pretty nice, and can go way better than Disney. And why is it the cheerleader that is mean? I mean seriously this is a terrible example for cheerleaders!

Paisley- Yay! Another dumb blonde from the street that is a cheerleader. I swear if I see another dumb blonde on disney I will throw up. This is another terrible example of cheerleaders.

Cameron- Don't even get me started on this dumb character.
You're right, my cousin's girlfriend was a cheerleader in high school and she never acted like Lexi.


This is the worst show ever! I hate Gibson he over acts! This show tries to be creative like SpongeBob or something with funny creativity, but it just gives horrible jokes that are over acted and not even funny. Chyna is too full of herself and randomly starts singing for no reason. Olive bores me to death. Fletecher is dumb, annoying and in my opinion is a perfect match with Olive. Gibson over acts, tells the worst jokes and there is no point to his character. Angus is too fat and his character is not funny nor charming. Camron Lexi and Paisley are the ONLY main characters I can even stand!
There was only ONE moment I could actually stand on that show, and it involved Cameron and Lexi. When Cameron is hiding in the closet and sees the clown, and Lexi comes over and Cameron makes that hilarious face. I laughed a lot! But there are NO funny jokes besides that on that show. It's just dumb.


TERRIBLE SHOW! Talentless, unfunny, just a waste of my time! Do not bother with this show! You have no life if you watch this show!
They have to watch the shows to know if they'll have interest in it or not! And this is a place where you can post your OPINION. It's not fact. If you can't handle other's opinions, why are you on the internet? You're gonna get hurt feelings a ton.
[Newest]If I walked in there and Gibson was all like "WELCOME TO THE ANT FARM" I would turn around and leave. The show is NOT FUNNY.
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3Austin & Ally
Why don't the people over at Disney just hire the Good Luck Charlie writers to write all the shows? I'm not saying Charlie is as good as Full House or Rosanne, but it has good morals, touching moments, and (seriously lacking in all the other Disney shows) PLOT!
Austin and Ally is at the top of my list because you can instantly tell the writers don't know what the f they're doing. The characters are NOT all supposed to be the same, dammit. I've watched two episodes, and pretty much the same thing happens:
Ally gets an idea. The secondary characters nod in agreement. (Hooray for total lack of conflict. Way to go Disney).
I mean, look at That's So Raven. Raven gets an idea, Eddie usually is the opposing character, and Chelsea is Raven's never-fail sidekick. And, of course, there's Raven's love/hate relationship with her psychic abilities. These are the basic elements of a comedy show! Looking back at Austin and Alley, it makes me wonder if the writers are even qualified/educated enough to write anything that resembles something, I don't know, normal?
What scares me is that a lot of young kids (who don't know the old Disney) actually think these shows are good. There's no redeeming content and nothing that suggest the characters are actually likeable/qualified to be a roe-model for young kids. Kids these days are learning that it's cool to not care about grades, and that it's okay to hate on your best friend (Shake it Up), and it's totally cool for six year olds to go around wearing designer boots and bedazzled jackets (Dog With a Blog), and High School is a total play ground with no real world teen struggles (ANT Farm), and that being fashionable and thin as a rod is the norm (pretty much all the Disney shows), and that eating disorders are a joke (Shake It Up took a good stab at that one: A model said something like, "Oh, I could just eat you two up... Well, if I ate." I mean really? This shocked me the most. Just when I thought Disney couldn't get any lower).
Think I've made my point. I hope somebody from Disney reads this.
The actors can't even act! I'm sure there had to be better people than them in the auditions. Why would they even pick Ross Lynch? He can't sing or act! Don't even talk about the songs! They're horrible and the show isn't even funny! I can't believe Disney is stupid enough to find these type of people.
To the person who said that we were old men and women, I am 12. I hate every Disney show except Gravity Falls. I'm not "too old" to understand them, I understand that these actors can't act and that the plot lines are terrible.


Disgusting! I do not know where to start with this appalling show! If you where to watch this show, it's basically about teaching children that they can become overnight sensations when really, an adult has a slim chance of winning the lottery! I'm 11 but I always change the channel when that stupid theme song comes on. Ross lynch (Austin) is such a retard that he can't even stick to a natural hair colour. He is a delusional person who thinks he is a triple threat when he isn't even a one threat. My eyes and ears practically gush out litres of blood when that show comes on. It's Alvin and the Chipmunks all over again! His Teen Beach Movie role only proved him to be even worse at acting. -100,000,000,000,000 out of 10 for him! Laura Marano (Ally) is by far a disappointment to the show. Who eats their hair when they're nervous? Who can take that much pickles? I personally like pickles but I wouldn't be able to stand a basket full! She is over-protective about that stupid songbook which I bet is empty. She tries to hard to act which resulted in ultimate boredom! -600 out of 10. Don't even get me started with Raini Rodriguez (Trish). She is a fattie that thinks she can get whatever she wants with her over the top anger issues. She is inconsiderate about other people's health, mentally and physically. I don't know if Disney's goal is to get children to be stubborn brats who result to violence if things don't proceed in their way. -100,000 out of 10. Calum Worthy (Dez) has quite high standards in acting yet he waists his life with a stupid role in a stupid show. He I have to say, is the most positive thing about this show whilst being an idiot (in real life and in the show). -1 out of 10.

As a summary: Austin and Ally is the most irrational and unrealistic show. Teaching children that they can basically do nothing to become all of a sudden famous. This also teaches children that it's funny to be violent and act stupid. The actors have disappointing results on the show and have no talents. Austin cannot sing or dance, I got an injury from attempting one of his dance moves. Ally is unrealistic and contains such secrecy for such an irrelevant book. Trish is a fat snobby bully who is so stubborn that if her stubbornness where to convert into money, she'd be able to buy Bill Gates. Dez is fairly good at acting but waists his time, energy and money on this show. I hope this show is banned in all countries and is discontinued. What happen to the nice story-lines Disney used to have? This show is an abomination unto the children of the world. Word.


Well, there really are people who chew their hair when they're nervous (some chew their nails). It's a mannerism (a bit weird though). Also, what's wrong with loving pickles so much that you want a basket full of it? You know how people say that Disney are only for kids and yet, adults and teenagers still watch it? Some people find it weird but some people don't. It's something called respecting what other people wants.

And oh my gosh, is it really a big deal that Trish is fat? Well, she REALLY is SOMETIMES inconsiderate but it's her flaw that Ally, Austin and Dez accepted. You know how your mom is sometimes annoying and nagging yet you still love her anyway? SORTA like that.

Dez is smart (in real life) yet he agreed to look stupid for the show because he wants to be a part of it. It's acting, sweetie.

"This also teaches children that it's funny to be violent and act stupid." This part is oozing of stupidity. If this is your point, then does that mean that people are not allowed to play League of Legends, DOTA, Grand Theft Auto and other video games because it's violent?

"Unrealistic"? Disney created so many ""unrealistic"" shows and movie. Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Tarzan, etc. And so far, I haven't seen anyone marrying a guy who grew up in a jungle. This show are for everyone's entertainment.

Dez's and Austin's stupidity, Trish's sarcasm, and Ally's weird habits made A&A's viewers laugh.
[Newest]I HATE THIS SHOW! TOO MUCH SARCASM. First I thought he sarcasm was funny but in almost every video they have too much sarcasm
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4Dog With a Blog
Just when I thought the Disney shows couldn't get any worse, out came this one. This is hands down the dumbest show I have ever seen anywhere. The jokes aren't funny, none of the actors can even act and the worst of all is the plot of the show - dogs that can talk. Wow Disney, I really didn't think you could get any worse. This show takes the worst elements of "Jessie, ANT Farm, Austin and Ally and Shake It Up and combines them into one show of utter nonsense.
To the guy who said that this is not true and we need to keep are comments to our self... THIS IS THE TOP TENS EVERYONE IS GOING TO COMMENT!


I absolutely hate this show. Like really, a dog that has its own website on a computer. The big brother acts retarded, I mean how can your little sisters be smarter than you. But my last sentence is for disney channel. If you're running out of ideas then take some votes. Don't make stupid shows like dog with a blog!
It is very possible for a younger sister to be smarter than her older brother. That is not a good reason to hate a show.
Very stupid and boring and the plot is terrible
[Newest]Okay, maybe I could tolerate a show with a talking dog, but come on really, the dog has a website. Disney tried too hard to make a show modern by giving the dog a website. Also the teenage daughter is the most annoying character I've ever seen on Disney Channel. She is socially awkward and is supposed to a teenager but she looks 11 years old.
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5Fish Hooks
I HATE THIS SHOW SO MUCH its stupid, gross, and not even funny. Its way to stereotypical, And is a copy of spongebob!
No words can express my intense dislike of this show. I, for one, find this show far more annoying than all others on the list. Too bad all good disney shows ended when I was a kid. Now all the shows are either crappy, uninteresting, or just plain stupid. Honestly, whenever my baby cousin watches this show, I feel myself getting stupider
Seriously the last 5 shows I liked and I can't believe you people hate these shows. These are kids shows... By the way.
I hate Fish Hooks Because they try to Copy SpongeBob and they try too be Funny but there not and I really Dislike How they do that but that's just
[Newest]It's so stupid copy of SpongeBob
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Probably the worst show on Disney. It is extremely stereotypical and is a little bit racist. Let me start you off.


Jessie - Poorly acted by Debby Ryan. I thought we was OK on the Suite Life, but now suddenly her acting is TERRIBLE. She has to crack a joke about everything that happens. And she doesn't even have a Texas accent! Oh, by the way, in the story, she's supposed to be from Texas, which she constantly refers to in about every episode. I would give her a 0.1 out of 10. Ok, so she's from Texas. Where's the Texan accent?!? So, her character got kicked out of a cab and got hired to be a super rich family's nanny. What the heck? That doesn't happen to people in real life! And if you are a nanny, don't be as inconsiderate as Jessie is! Jessie lets her spoiled bratty kids do whatever they want, and it is such a wonderful example for kids these days.

Emma - Emma is the stereotypical dumb blonde. So this is her life: Texting, Dating, Boys, Texting, Dating, Boys, Fashion, Clothes, Money, Texting, Dating and more boys. So this is the example for some little kids that may be watching this? Acting and jokes are also very poor. 1 out of 10.

Luke - Luke is the girl obsessed cutie Justin Bieber boy. He tries to hit on the 20 year old nanny, but fails constantly. It's supposed to be the comic relief, but I don't get it. Poor acting and joke skills. 1 out of 10

Ravi - THIS IS MY LEAST FAVORITE CHARACTER! He is a stereotypical "stupid" Indian boy who obviously has never been to India in all of his life. His accent is very fake and he keeps on making fun of his own heritage. For example, "Ice-cream? In Indian we call it soup! " Insulting to Indian people and poor joke skills. One heck of a comic relief. And he has this lizard pet. I don't get it. Poor acting and joke skills. 0.00001 out of 10.

Zuri or Suri, not sure: This is another stereotypical character. She is African-American and has the "Oh no you didn't attitude. " Her jokes are not funny and she gets whatever she wants by threatening others. Can't wait to see what happens when your kid decides to flip another kid over their shoulder. But she could be a better actress, JUST GET HER OFF THIS SHOW!

Bertrum - The lazy stupid comic relief butler. I don't get why he's there. Poor acting and cheesy jokes. 1 out of 10.

In reality this show stinks. Don't bother turning it on. The show is stereotypical to people, heritage and New York City. Yeah, you heard me. I live in NYC and people don't beat up old ladies over cabs. That is crazy! New york is not a rude city. That's just the facts.


Overall show rating. -100 out of 10.
Emma is also Holly Hills in Diary of a Wimpy kid... So shes a good actor, but in the show your right. I mean why take a good actor and make her a dumb nut!


I have a question for all you people that think the plot is normal:would you let a total stranger that you just met on the street 5 minutes ago babysit your kids? I wouldn't and any person with a brain wouldn't either. Jessie should be in college, not taking care of a bunch of rich spoiled brats that don't even respect her. The thing that really bothers me about the show is how mean and rotten and disrespectful the kids are to the adults and they never get told off. Jessie- she never even punishes the kids and pretty much gives them everything they want. What 18 year old even has enough money to GET to New York on her own? Shes not even qualified to be a nanny. Emma-All she ever does is text, talk about fashion, and make other girls feel bad about themselves by telling them how ugly, stupid, and bad dressers they are, including Jessie. She has this insane logic that shes the prettiest most popular richest smartest girl ever born and has to make girls feel bad about themselves because they aren't her. Honestly, I've seen girls way prettier than her. Zuri-the biggest brat I've ever seen in my entire life. She gets what she wants by threatening to beat people up and it works because for some reason everyone is scared of her. Why would anyone be scared of an 8 year old? If she was my daughter she would be in her room grounded every day for disrespecting and insulting people like that. Like her big sister, she is always putting down people that are overweight, older, ugly, or stupid. If you don't believe me, watch the first version of the episode "Quitting Cold Koala" on you tube. She throws gluten filled pancakes at a kid with Celiac Disease and, of course, Jessie just sits on the other side of the room and watches her bully the poor little boy (you wont see this scene in the episode when it plays on Disney channel because they took it out). Luke-he's disgusting. All he ever does is hit on Jessie with sexual jokes that aren't even funny and I'm guessing he's done it to many more girls, and they are always talking about how gross he is. Disney needs to get something through their heads:not all boys in the world are gross, rude players that sexually hit on girls years older than them and never bathe. You don't ABSOLUTELY NEED young kids using sex jokes on every show you make, especially on a network that's suppose to be for kids. Do you guys even know how to MAKE a children's t v show? Ravi- he is just really annoying. Its really insulting and racist to the kids from Arabian countries like India that watch this show to have a kid from their home country insulting their heritage. How would you feel if someone came up to you and started making fun of YOUR home country or race? And why do you keep making the kids call him lame and boring. You know, just because a kid is smart, doesn't mean they're a big nerd and they deserve to be called out because of their knowledge filled brains. Bertram-He is really the only one I like on this show.I feel sorry for him because of his constant overweight and baldness put downs from the kids that obviously couldn't care less about hurting his feelings. Mrs. Kipling-i feel like you made a transgender joke of the poor lizard.I mean that the whole first season they thought it was a male lizard, but they found out it was a girl the whole time and they started making sexual references to how the baby lizards were made when they crashed in South America. Disney Channel PLEASE TAKE THIS SHOW OFF!
Easily the worst show airing on Disney Channel. It is blatantly unoriginal, uninspired, offensive and stereotypical. 'Jessie, ' the
"adult guardian figure" of the show, is a failed musician who ended up being kicked out of a cab in the middle of New York City and somehow managed to end up being the nanny of a family of rich, spoiled brats and their famous parents. Believe me when I tell you that does not happen. If you want to get something, you WORK for it. Jessie gets paid more in a week than I may make in my whole life, and all because she was too irresponsible to pay for cab fare. Great life lessons!

Emma is the obligatory rich, blonde boy-obsessed teenage girl that has plagued many a Disney show to date, but in Jessie's case, she is a protagonist. Bland, awfully scripted and acted, and not a speck of originality to be seen anywhere. Next.

Ravi is the stupid, fake accented, Indian nerd. He serves as nothing more than comic relief and the rest of the cast's chew toy. There is an episode which revolves around Luke and Zuri being mean to Ravi and him warning them of extreme misfortune them until they have paid off all of their 'karma. ' So... He pretended to curse his two siblings and forces them to pay off debt in physical labour? It was just a harmless prank they played on him. They hung his sleeping bag on the door so he was sleeping standing up. OH NO! Well, lucky for him, it could have been worse. Luke planned to "leave you in the lobby in nothing but your tighty whities! " So... They were going to leave him in the lobby in a public apartment building, exposed in his presumably skimpy, embarrassing tighty whities, leaving him victim to humiliation such as being photographed, recorded, receiving wedgies and being pantsed. Not to mention it is mentioned in one episode that Ravi receives frequent wedgies in school, and doubled with the fact that he still wears briefs (when they are in their peak of unpopularity) makes him nothing more than your stereotypical nerd. If I met him, I would wedgie him so hard I'd rip his briefs off of his body.

Zuri is the African-American 'sweet little girl' alpha bitch. That is all there is to her. She is the most one sided and unrealistically irritating bitchy character in perhaps this whole show... And that is saying one hell of a lot. She thinks she's hot stuff? She's only, what, 6? Someone will teach her.

Luke is the annoying, 'hot stuff' immature 13 year old kid that tries to act cool and fails 'comically. ' He is the 'cool kid' of the boys in the family, despite being ridiculously stupid and, actually, not much cooler than Ravi. He is just as small, also wears briefs, has a squeaky voice, and isn't even capable of beating up Ravi as proven by the wrestling episode. I actually PREFER Ravi to this irritating mother. You know what I said about ripping Ravi's underwear off of his body? Trade that for a flagpole, full-rise briefs 3 sizes too small, a large audience, and a forced pants peeing while being the subject of humiliation and pranks for many years to come and you have a fitting punishment for Luke. Maybe Jessie could try this when she tries to be 'assertive. '

Bertram is the lazy-ass butler who acts like a complete suck up while his bosses are present. Enough said.

All in all, this show is a train wreck, and is not worth your money, or time. Avoid at all costs.
^ what did you expect people to comment on here? Its obviously meant for people to "talk smack" about horrendous shows, listen to your own advice and shut up, what are you even doing here you whiny twat.
[Newest]The LIZARD is the best character.
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7Crash & Bernstein
I give kudos to anyone who manages to survive watching and episode without crying from the quality. The theme song is some remix/rap and the only words are their awful names 'Crash' and 'Bernstein'. It is absolutely not funny and overdoes it on the laugh tracks. The main characters are all bratty and gender stereotypical. The puppet looks like a rejected muppet and it apparently becomes the coolest kid in school. The puppet is a jerk and gets everything he wants, and the kid acts like he's the only person in the world who comes from a family largely consisting of girls. They use fart jokes and potty humour and Disney advertises it as a brand new live-action comedy. Don't waste your time trying to watch even one episode of this, you'll have a better time watching tellitubbies in German. No wonder it is on 17th place and the show's only been running for a little while. It still deserves to be even higher on this list though, possibly even 2nd after Shake It Up.
Let me start with the theme song, Crappy Rapping. Then the story, a rejected muppet becomes some kids brother, friend, thing. Seriously, if you show up to school with a purple stuffed puppet, then you will get beat up. And seriously, the puppet is so annoying getting in everyones business, joining the wrestling team and beating up everyone, and he becomes rich or something.
O m g so not funny it is all about this stupid puppet and his dumb friend I am telling you just plain STUPID.
[Newest]This show is stupid.

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8Hannah Montana
As if the jokes weren't horrible enough, they constantly have laugh tracks playing in the background.
This show was never good, it was always and forever bad. I don't understand why they made a show this horrible pass, but whatever it's over anyways. Thank God.
This show sucked the life out of me! Miley Cyrus you can't sing, you can't dance and you definitely can not act so please oh please get off my T.V.
Of course, this is one of Disney's worst thing to ever air on television and it still is. This sitcom has failed to impress Disney fans worldwide. Hannah Montana is just one of the worst sitcoms I have ever seen. Why do so many children look up to Miley Cyrus as a role model? Seriously. Miley not only destroyed Disney's image, she destroyed the VMA awards. Where's Mickey Mouse right now? Disney Channel has gone off to nowhere else.
[Newest]Come on guys it wasn't that bad. "Roxy's like a puma! And this kitty's got claws! "
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9Phineas & Ferb
I'm sorry but this show is just lazy. It's the same stuff everyday! Boys build something cool, Perry beats up Doof, Candace tries to bust her brothers and fails and everyone sings. Every. Single. Episode. It got boring real fast.
Wrong. They don't teach kids to be creative. It teaches kids that you can break the rules that state you have to be a certain age, make your older sister look like a fool, and lie just to be creative. The animation is great, though, and I actually sort of thought that when they knew what animation was, that they broke the fourth wall. Oh, yeah, and filler is very abundant.
This might be the worst Disney cartoon ever created. If you want to make a good show, add more story lines, not the same plot over and over again! The parents are HORRIBLE role models, the main characters make horrible puns, Candace is the most annoying female character EVER, and the villain- ugh, his VOICE makes me want to PUNCH THE T.V.! Oh yeah, and there is WAY TOO MUCH SINGING! Sometimes, this show acts like a little kids show from excessive music and singing. You don't always have to educate people with singing! Perry is the only good part of the show, and he really should be the main character of the show, since he's the ONLY GOOD ROLE MODEL IN THE ENTIRE SERIES! However, sometimes the Agent P story lines ripoff Kim Possible.
Again, there's nothing original here, just them building something, magically disappears, candace tries to bust them and fails, Perry isn't exactly any better, though, he's more exciting than the rest.
[Newest]I'm sick of this show.. It's so boring! And then, it even has terrible songs!
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10Jonas L.A.
There are many shows Disney shows that I can't stand, but this one and Corey in the House stand out as the worst. Jones L.A. tries to be a watered-down version of a teen drama, but it fails horribly. It's not like there were many good teen dramas floating around to begin with, but this show is one giant "snooze fest" with bad acting and boring storylines.
Jonas L.A. is a horrible show, it is about three boys who think they are all that and who are in love with these random girls and have parties all the time and this show is so bad it was already taken off Disney after a few months.
I just don't really like it, but I'm not going to say your just too dumb to notice like other people on here. Jonas brothers were better on there first show. I still like nick jonas the most. This is my opinion.
[Newest]That show was great
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11So Random
This show is the worst! It's really stupid, not funny, and annoying! Also, the new actors they hired are terrible! They over-exaggerate everything! They think they're really funny but they're not! It's not the same as Sonny with a Chance! They should've made the show Mackenzie Falls. That would've been better.
It's a MAD for Disney Channel, AND WHY?! All so random does is make corny crap scenes and load fats of crap and the characters have an IQ of a GIANT BALL OF BOOGERS COMBINED. I would've even watched more episodes and changed my mind if Demi Lovato was in it, but she got into rehab
This show is pathetic and highly derivative. It's not funny in the slightest and quite frankly teaches kids to be nothing more than back-chatting, precocious little brats.
I've only seen the show once, and that was more by accident than design, however I couldn't believe the blatant racial stereotyping that is rife through this show. If people wish to know where kids learn subliminally how to hate others based on cultural differences and racial stereotypes, then look no further than the Disney Channel. And what's worse, the canned laughter that runs incessantly throughout the show just reinforces the outdated idea that this kind of lazy and often offensive humour is somehow ok.
[Newest]It was bad, very bad, but some parts were actually funny. I liked "Socks with Sandals" (I still sing it to this day), "Ketchup on Everything" (We put ketchup on everything, ketchup on everything! Ketchup ketchup ketchup ketchup, ketchup on everything! ), when Miss Piggy was a guest star, and and "The Three Real Princesses of New Jersey".

12Liv and Maddie
I absolutely hate this show. I couldn't even finish watching one episode. The acting is over done, but that happens in other Disney channel shows. They jokes where bad, the characters where pretty bad as well. I hate one character is always glorified (Liv), another character is just a "back up" (Maddie) and there is a loser, or dork, or what ever they want to call it (joey). Joey bothered me a lot, because they put in all this stereotypical stuff, and made him really not enjoyable to watch. And I also hate how they end the title with "A-Rooney". I under stand that "Rooney" is their last name, but it just sounds really dumb.


To the other replies: he/she never said anything about being a good actress. Aren't people allowed to have their own opinions? You don't have to feel inferior to not like something. I'm horrible at acting, but it doesn't mean that I'm insulting every single actor out there.
Okay, this should be higher on the list. This should be number one.

Liv - Stupid dumb blond stereotype. Wow, nice going Disney. Do I even need to say more?

Maddie - An annoying girl who only cares about winning. Then she breaks her leg and what bother's me about that is that she says "I thought I was invincible, but I guess I'm not." Wow. What's even worse is her laugh then snort. Oh great, glad she was taught how to have manners.

Joey - The most annoying person on this show. I have a lot to rant about this character so, let's get started. 1: He thinks he's the most amazing person in the world, trying to be so manly and awesome. I remember him saying "Yeah that's right I shave. Spread the word". What is this show trying to teach kids? That you have to have facial and body hair to be cool? Wow. 2: I cannot stand the fact that he alters anything to fit how he wants it. I remember one episode, he "beats" Maddie in basketball and all of a sudden he says "I am retired from all competition" so he can never loose to her.

Parker - I'm actually okay with this character. But I'm annoyed that this character says "What I want to know is why I can't poop with the door open! " Uh, gross.

Mom - Okay, in the Cheese Brat festival she get's into her kids' heads and tries to make them loose. Yes mother, what we need to be doing is stealing away out kids confidence.

Johnny Nimbus - I know he is not a main character, but he bother's me so much. He has to narrate every single thing. I also hate how he is so loud, and his voice is just LOUD! Also I won't hold this against him but instead of saying "Ni Hao about that" you should say "Ni Men Hao" but I don't expect everyone to speak Mandarin.
It's called sharing an opinion! Have you not read the other comments and replies on here?


Its basically Hannah Montana with twins and the "famous one" overacts
[Newest]Anyone who says this sucks my dad will hunt you down!
It has a weak plot and the laugh track is constant and loud, but it's not the worst.


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13I Didn't Do It

First off, Olivia Holt, you got the looks (on photoshoots) and autotune makes your voice sound absolutely lovely. (The Radio Disney Awards don't mean anything, if you want to win, you might as well just publicize your song all across Disney every hour and you're guaranteed a win! ) But honey, you can't act. On Kickin' It, you looked decent because Kickin' It was on Disney, and heck, no one on there can act. You looked like the best actress on there actually, and I watched Kickin' It out of comic relief. Your corny jokes and fake laughter was fine, until you reached the more higher standard of Disney Channel. Now you look terrible, and your true acting chops have showed. YOU CAN'T ACT. Your acting makes me cringe and I actually changed the channel. Your co-stars can't act either, or maybe it's because your pure awfulness made them look awful too. The plot of the first episode made almost no sense, and I cringed at every part. The laughing track went off every two to three seconds (I COUNTED) and the jokes weren't even funny. Olivia, you tried too hard that you looked desperate for attention. I get it. You want the same attention Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Bridgit Mendler, Miley Cyrus, Debby Ryan, Demi Lovato, and who else have but you couldn't because you were on Disney, which is technically a Disney Channel reject channel for guys and nobody gets famous or popular on there. Well your so-called rise to stardom failed and your few fans are probably eight to ten year old girls who want to sing and have auto tuned tracks just like you do. Congrats. Next time, try to nab the lead role in a good show next time and you just might find yourself releasing an overproduced pop and autotuned album like the others and then turning bad after you decide Disney is not the life for you after all.
Not one single laugh. "I Didn't Do It" is just concentrated on bad acting, bad dialogue, terrible in-studio sets, poor timing, and no respect. If this were a cartoon, things would look different so that it would look like a Phineas & Ferb episode.

I think a Disney needs to disassociate with It's A Laugh Productions, AKA the company which produced Hannah Montana, Dog With a Blog, Liv & Maddie, etc.
Ok the plot is awesome: 5 best friends that care for each other and help each other. But disney ruined this show! No wonder it is the least popular show on disney.

Lindy - the "responsible one" of the group. Although she complains and throws a tantrum if she doesn't get what she wants. Without her phone, she went nuts because she apparently has "reminders" on her phone like what, she goes on episodes without her phone. Also, she ruins her friends' plans. Garrett needed snowboarding lessons, and she pretended she needed them because she liked the instructor. She hurt her friend! And Olivia Holt, YOU can't ACT!

Logan - the apparently dumb kid who everyone loves. He gets a job just like that, and being irresponsible he needs a job, and money. But Lindy took that job away! She complained she put "hard work" into it but if she did, in the other episodes, you would've seen her working on it. Logan may be dumb, but has an even dumber sister.

Garrett - the smart one of the group, or cautious one. Can't even complete a puzzle! His character is so bizarre. Worse than Delia. I can't stand him, but I hated the snow episode where Lindy decided to take his instructor away, and let him get hurt, that's NOT COMEDY, OR WHAT FRIENDS DO!

Delia - every show has this. EVERY SHOW HAS THIS! Apparently the "dork nerd geek loser kid" for the main characters to make fun of. I swear she's just like Joey from Liv and maddy. It amazes me how unique she is, and not afraid what anyone thinks. But add all this weird kid stuff, and now she's nothing but a stereotype.

The "fashionista girl" - (I don't know her name) - she's so annoying, comes with a new outfit everyday, only like boys in tuxedos, and is apparently Lindy's best friend, when she rolls her eyes at everything Lindy says. They made friends by pushing Logan. And why does Lindy hate him, that's her brother, but she treats him like a hobo. And the fashion girl complains she can't go on vacation without her makeup, what then don't GO! It's suppose to be the Watson family vacation anyway!

What bothers me more is the parents and adult guardians on this show, there's not one adult that watches these kids. They go skydiving just to get rid of a kid who wanted to be their friend. They tried to steal a letter at the post office. They almost got arrested for stealing at a school trip. NONE OF THESE SCENARIOS INVOLVE ANY ADULTS AT THIS SHOW! Also it's full of stereotypes. Like how come all the girls like every boy they see? I thought the fashion girl only liked boys in tuxedos, but this shows very fake, so it doesn't matter I guess. And the acting is fake, and forced. The actors who play Logan, Delia, and Garrett could act a little I guess, but I HATE LINDY AND OLIVIA HOLT! Also, how come they get away with everything? This should be called "I Get Away With Murder" because "I Didn't Do It" has nothing to do with the show besides a quote from the pilot. No wonder this show is more unpopular than Girl Meets World which hasn't even aired yet! Sorry you had to read this long blog.


What on earth kind of show is this? <--- my reaction when I watched an episode. What is this teaching children? This show is about teenagers who lie and do stupid stuff and get away with it all. This show is teaching children that it's okay to do dumb stuff because if you act like these people you can get away with murder! It's not funny at all.._.
[Newest]Jeez, respect opinions! Even if I disagree I respect opinions! I mean I love this show, but if you hate it, you hate it! Nothing wrong!
If you love it, then you need to see a psychiatrist, it's truly terrible and not worth watching.


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So this is my opinion on Violetta after watching all 3 seasons.

Let's start about the bad pairings:

Herman choose Angie in the end. Now, if you are an Angie fan, you must agree that ending up with Herman would be something very low that puts shame on women. Because Angie wasn't a second choice, she wasn't even a third choice and not even a 4th, accepting ending up with Herman after he was about to marry 2 times and already married 2 times. Four women before her, shows disrespect for herself. Where is her pride? What does Disney teach us? That a women can wait for years for a man, and he accept it only after 4 marriages doesn't work out? Women should be strong and have more respect for themselves. Women should never be a second choice, that is not true love but sympathy and out of pity.

Priscila - I see her jealousy of Angie something natural and how real human being would react. I personally wouldn't allow for my husband's ex to walk around all the time near us. Especially if she obviously still have feelings for him, and to have a step child that encourages these feelings. Unacceptable. Angie should have known this. Herman got married, she should have concentrate on her career, and sure, she can see Violetta whenever she wants but what she does it's disturbing

Ludmila - She is my favorite character really. Even though she grew up with all the presure Priscilla gave her all her life, she's strong and realistic, she doesn't cry around and prefers to put up a fake smile when she'a sad. She's strong! Don't blame her actions, because that what happens when you grow with pressure to be perfect. Another aspect why I'm sorry that Herman and Priscilla didn't have a happy ending is because Ludmila would really need a father like Herman! I really liked their father-step daughter relationship. Also Herman could've changed Priscilla into a good women too. Sadly Angie had to mess up everything

Leon and Violetta. Yet again for women's sake. What does Disney teach us? In real life, relationships don't work out. This show would've been perfect to teach us that there is life after breakups. Because every each of us gets through this. it would've been great if Violetta set up a good example how to be strong and continue life. At first season Violetta couldn't choose between Leon and Tom. There is no such thing as loving two. You either love one or don't love at all. In season two both of them gets into a relationship. If they would really love each other, they would never fall in love with someone else. This is not true love and is a unhealthy relationship. Violetta is weak, and young audience will learn the same.

I like "Alex" he would've been the perfect person to end up with Violetta. Think about it, they both lied their fathers to enter in the studio, lies & complications. Remember when Violetta pretended to be called Olga? They have the same history and passion. Also he is sweet, talented and a good person. Even if he tried to make Violetta forget about Leon. Can you blame him? He was right. And let me remind you, that's what real life people do, try everything to be together with the one we love.

I like Gregorio a lot! Maxi and Nati are a cute couple. Fede and Ludmila are my favorite couple. The only one I hate is Angie and sometimes Violetta really annoyes me.


This is probably the worst show on Disney channel as it has really bad voice overs and you can see that the actors aren't talking English. The main character is the typical shy girl that can't sing but to everyone on the show thinks she can. It's awful and a disgrace to Disney because Disney use to be amazing but got worse over the years.
The show is a Spanish show but some people translated it into English so it looks weird (the plot is still dumb though, why does EVERYONE fall in love with Violetta? )
It's so awful, I couldn't finish the show or even watch it for more than 5 minutes because of the god damn voice overs! Why take a spanish show and turn it English? Disney doesn't need anymore crappy shows, but oops looks like they don't know that. Anyway it's the same kind of high school stupid kids show just with horrible voice overs, yep it's the worst. Please take it off the channel. 0-0
[Newest]I don't even know what this is and it already sounds stupid!
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15Sonny With a Chance
I can stand watching most of those shows in this list but Sonny with a chance is not something I could handle, for real. Horrible acting, horrible jokes, horrible storylines, just stupid, cheesy and childish. Demi Lovato is so overrated. I'm so sick of the fact that there are people a million times better than her and she's more famous just because of autotune, a cheesy Disney show and the fact that she used to have an eating disorder.
This show sucks. Do I need to spell it out for you?
You don't have to be so rude about it. I think sonny with the chance is a unique and amazing show. it's the best!
Personally believe Sonny With a Chance was one of the better Disney Channel shows. Demi Lovato wasn't horrible at acting and it's much better then anything on Disney these days and did make me, along with the rest of my family, laugh quite frequently. Personally I don't believe it should be on this list at all but people will like what they like.
Hate this show. Hate the people in it. Demi needs to take some acting lessons and learn to keep that big ugly mouth of hers closed. You could tell she only got famous cause she was tight with Selena. That's probably why they're not friends anymore cause she got what she wanted.
[Newest]That's not even on anymore!

16Kickin' It
The acting is terrible and the story line of some episodes is really messed up, and just ultimately looks like they are mocking the idea of it. If you don't believe me here is a sample of what happens: Jack's cousin not only hires his friends to hurt him so he can fight him in a competition, but when Jack finds out he tries to throw him off the Great Wall of China. Oh it doesn't stop there then when his cousin almost falls to his death and Jack saves him the cousin calls him weak... Is it just me or is that not really a light story line? Not to mention his idiotic cousin does this all over a KARATE TOURNAMENT! I get that it's the best of the best but for teens... I'm just saying logically his cousin would be taken away and go through extreme therapy and help!
Am I pleased that this show's in this list? I salute you folks who hate that series as much as I do. The people who love it so much that they have no respect for its haters are ass-kissing and small-minded fanatics who have no idea what they just typed about. They have the right to like it. But they have no right to retaliate at us haters. It's our choice if we want to hate.

For all of you Kickin' It fans, you the ones who suck! Why don't you leave us haters alone?! We're entitled to our opinions. If you want others to respect your opinions, then respect ours!

The reason that I hate Kickin' It is because it makes fun or karate, which I like. Another reason is its humor. And funny shows aren't my kinds of shows. Instead, I like serious programs better 'because they entertain me more and I can relate to them.

But if you're going' to flame me because of what I type, expect me to flame you in return.
I loathe the plot of the new episode. Jack goes too far, no one is funny, and worst of all, I do not like Milton's personality. He is a selfish jerk who cares just about himself, like when he did that show. To scare off unaware viewers, that fake looking mice gets replaced with real mice. Just kidding, we hack into the headquarters and photoedit the mouse so he looks real. And best of all, the kid in the mouse costume has to crawl on all 4s for abominable acting. He also must actually eat, sleep, and squeak like a mouse and so on so kids think twice about watching Kickin' It. Good content, but poorly executed with the motto "Profit comes with icons made after losers. " with bad acting, unlikable characters, and cringing stories with terrible events in the beginning, pre-climax, climax, post-climax, and end, especially the cringe-worthy incident with Jack and his cousin.
[Newest]Back flips =/= martial arts
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17Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
It's a kids show, what are you expecting, a joke around every corner, seriously, that's why they called it Playhouse Disney.
This show is a disgrace to the mickey mouse character, and most shows on disney channel are a disgrace to entertainment. (exception: Phineas and Ferb, its one of my favorite shows ever)


its rubbish doesn't make sense wizards rules
[Newest]I just hate it. Disney COMPANY SHOULD APOLOGIZE WALT Disney FOR IT. The present Disney shows make me wanna puke.

18Wander Over Yonder
Get that show off the list! It's the best show on Disney Channel. Wander is cute and funny. And sounds just like Felix on Wreck-it Ralph.
Of course, if the show has a positive message it's considered "stupid" and "annoying" by today's society. Because people are so concerned with looking "cool" that they can't stop and actually BE NICE for once. This is my favorite show ever and whoever put it here is dumb.
This may be way down at 93 now but watch, this is gonna end up in the top 10! This isn't just bad, terrible, horrible, etc. There is NO human words to describe how awful this show is. No wonder most kids 5-15 are becoming spoiled dumb brats! I can't even believe kids are watching this crap and even worse: liking it!
This is by far the most stupidest show ever. All I did was watch the promo and I hated it already. Wander is not cute he's just an idiot. His horse is just as bad. Even the theme song is stupid. The only reason I watched an episode is because of the animations. If you haven't watched this show then don't even bother. If you wanna watch it you're wasting your time.
[Newest]This show is so boring I hate it so much.

19Good Luck Charlie
This is the best disney channel show currently and should not be on the list
You people r crazy! I love dis show!
The laughtrack goes off every damn 5-10 seconds.
[Newest]This show should not exist, because of how the fans constantly boast about it, and compare them to better shows like Jessie or Austin & Ally or even I Didn't Do It. It's also incredibly gross. Just watch the study date or dentist episode.
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20Jake and the Never Land Pirates
When voting between either J&tNP and MMCH, I chose this. Why? It just puts disgrace in the Peter Pan world. And I have so many questions they never explain... Like...
Why is Captain Hooks crew gone and replaced with two singing p*****?
Why is Captain Hook even chasing Jake in the first place?
Why does Izzy have infinite pixie dust?
Not to mention these problems make every episode predictable.
It is so stupid it tries to copy off of Peter pan but its not close to being as good and it's lame.
It is stupid, pirates do not play with toys and little kids can't be pirates. It is just a dumb spinoff of Peter Pan.
[Newest]Okay preschoolers show get a life freaks!
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21Zeke and Luther
Dumb. You can tell its all fake
Just plain weird I don't get it crazy actors too it freaks me out I would rather whatch a baby movie
This show is dumb and Hutch Dano sings horrible on the theme song
Just because the theme song is dumb doesn't mean the show is dumb, it was better than the crap we have now.
[Newest]This show deserves no hate, it was decent and had a good plot, yet it didn't have a laugh track, which is a good thing since they suck and ruin shows, it was almost like a Disney spin-off of Ned's Declassified, in fact, some of those characters were on it.

22My Babysitter's a Vampire
You ever see one of those parody sitcoms, ones that have no thought put into them and are idiotic and pandering? Yeah, that's this show. Created solely to cash in on the recent vampire craze, this show has flat, stereotypical characters, idiotic plot lines, terrible humour and no emotion or creativity in it all. But it's 'Citizen Kane' compared to Disney's latest monstrosity of a sitcom, 'Dog with a Blog'.
This is the last decent sitcom ever to air on Disney Channel, and Dog with a Blog is worse than this, too many laugh tracks happening every second.
This show is bomb the only show so far that is original and isn't corny you must dumb to call this! The worst Disney show I say Disney channel went down the toilet when they started adding shows like good luck charlie and Disney channel is now out of ideas and we all can see that just by them allowing a dog with a blog. I couldn't stand two seconds that show shouldn't even have the right to exist plus the bad acting doesn't help it any more.
Mathew's little sister is the one who is being babysat because after the first 5 minutes of the movie his parents didn't, t trust him anymore. Who ever put this on here has know taste in shows.
[Newest]The only thing I don't like in this show are the two girls, the blonde is disrespectful to her friends and doesn't have morals for her actions and the other girl always says to the guys that they're nerds, she should get use to it and stop complaining

23How to Be Indie
It's not even funny, I'm sick of it.
It a bad movie I has to be gone for ever but its a bad thing what I am going to say that she's a nice girl
WORST. SHOW. EVER. No seriously, it's not even funny by a bit, but they still put on laugh tracks. The bad acting should be the reason it's labeled "comedy"
[Newest]This show makes gravity falls look bad. it also makes Minecraft look horrible, and that's even worse than the latter reasons. I hate the show so much.

24Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja
This show is stupid, the plot is stupid, the characters re stupid, especially the ugly blond fat guy
This show makes me want to cry. Stupid characters and one of the worst parts is the stupid book. It tells him literally everything and he doesn't have to ever figure out on his own how to defeat a bad guy. lets lay down the plot for every episode. Randy and Howard want to do something that would probably be cool ( have fun on winter break, go to a party, concert, or amusement park). suddenly the Namacon (sounds like some stupid convention) sucks him in and tells him a lesson, which he usually ignores. Then, McFist (literally the only villain in the show) who by the way is voiced by Joe DiMaggio (jake the dog, Dr. Drakken) has a plan that interfere with what the boys are doing. fast Forward: Randy and McFist robots or whatever get into a fight. It looks like randy is about to lose but then the same lesson comes up telling him exactly how to beat the bad guy. End of episode. No plot or point whatsoever. Gravity falls has original plots and you can tell the episodes are leading up to something big. Oh, by the way randy, real super heroes are not usually just chosen. They are either born with their powers (Elsa), are cursed or are in some kind of accident (Danny Phantom, love that show) Or if they are chosen, it's because they did something good or that deserve it (Eliza Thornberry)
That show stinks I mean come on.
[Newest]Makes ninjas look bad. Randy, you can go screw yourself. You're not cool.

25Handy Manny
All of you say it's a rip off of the Bob the Builder, but it's not! I think Manny lives in his workshop... I mean the show never even shows his house! He won't admit he's in love with Kelly. Why didn't he take off his hat until the wedding episode? He needs to take it off every now and then, he just removed it so he can go to the wedding. And his ' grandpa got married! Why can't they have his sister get married or his brother instead? And Lopart is too old to live with his mom, what mid-aged man lives with his mom? And he's just stupid! Who gives their cat a bath? All the females have eyelashes except Dusty the saw. Why? The female tools look like their wearing mascara! Their eyelashes are too thick. I hate that show!
Let me just start by saying this is meant for little kids. But there is a couple of downsides. This show is a part-copy of Bob the Builder. And that annoying song happens every single episode! But there is one question I have: Why do you all watch this in your free time?
This show is all about manny taking credit for the work his tools do. But I guess that's how life really works.
[Newest]Why is it a show

26Sofia the First
Sofia the first LAME princess... Did she sneak into that castle illegally and demand equal rights?
I hate this show. Sure, it's for kids, but Sofia doesn't even teach any lessons/she teaches lessons that you/everyone else might already have learned. It is your opinion but I personally hate Sofia the first. It is a ripoff of Tangled!


I agree that the new shows on Disney Channel all involve kids in the story who are super spoiled and get away with saying things that are terribly rude or doing bad things, and, parents in real life would not let them get away with it.
But Sophia the First will only make kids expect more and it will not teach kids valuable lessons ( it's about royal children getting basically what ever they want). I want to see a show that teaches kids lessons ( but doesn't bore them to death), has good role models, and doesn't make adults look like they are manipulative.

Sofia The First isn't a good show at all. Hopefully it's Sofia the First and Last, because I cannot stand her at all!
Hate this show. It's just like many other Disney shows. Kids are privileged & spoiled brats. They lie, & make bad choices. Adults are dumb & willingly manipulated by the kids. Will there ever be a kids show that model kindness & parents who are involved enough to know what their kids are up to. Parents need to provide structure, boundaries, & stop caving in to manipulative brats. Fewer shows trying to teach my kids that whining is an option the better.
So your saying Sofia The First is inappropriate for kids this makes no sense the show is supposed to teach morals may I remind you people again for the second time it has no swearing it has no violence no nothing people who hate this show must really like Paw Patrol well I don't that show is the most uncool! Sofia The First is the real deal!
[Newest]Amber is a spoiled brat!
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27Kirby Buckets
X ( the show on the commercials weren't even promising...
This show gave me ebola with it's fake ass animation.


Gross humor, Dawn being a spoiled brat, and hearing a baby cry in the only halfway decent episode makes this a pass.

28Kick Buttowski
Its so stupid all it has in it is a stupid kid with a big bottom that sticks out it just teaches kids to care about them selves
This show is ridiculous, stupid and annoying! I'm really tired of seeing promos and ads for this shows!
[Newest]Kick's best friend, Gunther, teaches kids that it's okay to take off your shirt at random times in public, which is such a great example to kids.

Brad is an immature teenager who drools over girls, so he is pretty much also like Candace from Phineas and Ferb wanting to know what his siblings are doing every second.

29K.C. Undercover
Okay, I've only seen five minutes of an episode and I already hate this. I'll explain the episodes: okay so KC and her mom and dad (excluding her brother) are at a restaurant and KC is being rude to her parents (like every Disney kid since 2010), and the parents do nothing. Then next thing you know she gets into a battle with some guy we know nothing about yet. Then a few months ago, she comes home on a normal daily basis, and watches her parents insult her brother. Okay seriously? That's just awful the way he's treated. He reminds me of Cameron from ANT Farm. The brother no one likes. But his own parents are disrespecting him? Okay, next KC is talking to... Wait for it... This boy-crazy girl who happens to be her best friend since kindergarten cliche. Then she cuts class, and doesn't get caught, until some guys kidnap her that are working with her parents! KC is sent to a prison-like place where she somehow breaks out of a chair, and does parkour until she gets to the door where all the "bad guys" are. (Alright, first of all, couldn't they make Rocky from Shake It Up know parkour too? It would've made her a much better character in Shake It up, but back to the point. ) They get into a fight even though KC has no idea why she was kidnapped.

Okay, that's all I've seen. But this is an unnecessary addition to the crappy Disney Channel shows and movies. It's a ripoff of most spy movies and shows. Also not to mention, a ripoff of ANT Farm (only slightly because of the character Cameron and KC's brother), and I Didn't Do It (where something crazy happens in the beginning, and then gets explained later on in the episode) and worst of all, but most expected, became Disney-fired with the laugh track every two seconds, rude characters, rude parents (which is new, but at least they're not comical and dumb like the other parents), ruined plots that actual had potential, characters that dress too old for their age, etc. The characters I think are the worst part. This show only has like 2 episodes, and no one even likes it! That's all I have to say. What else is there to say?
Another one of Disney Channel's unnecessary and unfunny situation comedy. And it's made by It's A Laugh Productions: the same company that produced Dog with a Blog, Liv and Maddie, I Didn't Do It, A.N.T. Farm, and Hannah Montana. This is so unbelievable and yet a mistake.K.C. Undercover is basically a ripoff of spy T.V. shows such as Mission Impossible and 24. Turn it into a 30 minute multi-cam live action sitcom and you get this. There's always poorly written dialogue, bland acting, and unfunny jokes with an annoying laugh track added every few seconds. I mean come on! This isn't the 1990's anymore Disney Channel! Why does Disney Channel have to imitate CBS which airs sitcoms too? Shouldn't there be more of cartoons with some well developed characters in it like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy? Think about it. I'd rather watch Phineas and Ferb or Wander Over Yonder besides this lame sitcom.
This show is airing in April, it looks good from its peak

This show should not have hit the light of day. Why should it be on any channel? What?
Just the name makes me want to throw up. The plot is something like : a kid wants "to be the greatest slug-slinging hero of them all. He can do this only by collecting, training, and dueling little creatures called slugs. Before he came to Slugterra, he had only one slug, an infamous slug named Burpy. When first in Slugterra, he finds a friend in a Molenoid named Pronto. Next he finds Trixie, a girl who saves him from a rogue slug-slinger. Then he meets a Cave Troll named Kord. With the help of Pronto he enters a tournament in which he trains and receives more slugs. He gets ready and then tries to stop the nefarious Dr. Thadeus Blakk with his ghouls slugs." Come on REALLY?! Cave Trolls and slugs?!
Shooting slugs, how cute! Not! This show should've get bury by salt. That's right, slugs hates salt.
[Newest]Slugterra is such a stupid show. Its like its for 5 years' old. It should be at the Top 10 of the List!

31Wingin' It
Ugh, I can't stand this show. So there's nerdy boy who gets a guardian angel to help him become popular? What kind of lesson is this to kids? "Don't be yourself be popular instead! It'll be so much better" I don't think so. Not to mention the actors are all TERRIBLE.

Carl - constantly lying and doing bad things only so his "guardian angel" can fix it. Terrible example for kids. Plus he's not even funny!

Porter- porter isn't all that bad besides the fact that his jokes are awful and to predictable.

Denise- a raccoon turned into a girl...speaks a lot for itself eh.

So that's why if you have to chose between eating a spider and watching winging it. Go with the spider. It'll be a lot more fun.
This has to be the dumbest show on television! Worse that the unfunny Hannah Montana, worse than the unrealistic Phineas and Ferb, and maybe even worse than the awfully plotted A.N.T Farm! All of the characters have no expression on there face. And every episode is just, stupid, useless, and the same boring plots over & over again! Please... Put this in number 1.
There is no laugh tracks like the others, which make the others even dumber.
I went to Canada & when this came up, I actually liked it, not the best show in the world, but batter than most of the new shows out there, there's a fine plot & thankfully no laugh track, the best episode was the one where they get teleported to a sci-fi movie.
[Newest]The ABC Family version was better.

32Higglytown Heroes
What kind of show is modeled on matryoshka nesting dolls? Put it on 76 on the list
Put this on the list because it's weird and
This was me favorite show when I was little.. What how is gravity falls not above this?
[Newest]It its not even on anymore its that bad!

33Lab Rats
Lab rats is so interesting and it isn't supposed To be. On this list
It's stupid and it's not at all what Walt Disney finds pleasing, it's just a disgusting abomination.
They could make this show amazing, but no its just robots surviving highschool with the main charecter leo who in my opinion isn't even needed. They could make an amazing show where its set in the far futer and the world is ending and a panic stricken scientist resorts to a plan that was created years ago but was never intiated, it is called the lab rat operation, where indestucble human like robots have to be trained to save the world from the appending apocolpse (sorry about my spelling)
The main character annoys me way too much he's just a brat and a little wimp that gets everything he wants from whining if you took him and his mom out and made it about a single father raising bionic children I might like it
[Newest]Do you guys vote for lab Rats or kick n it

Dude it's meant for little kids
This show sucks it just adventures of 3 trains named Koko Wilson and Brewster. So don't watch this show!
Ps : I hope they get canceled


Its so stupid its about 3 trains trying to become super chuggers it doesn't teach anything it's just 1 train doing what he wants and trying to be perfect.
[Newest]I know I'm a teenager but for some apparent reasons, I watch it like once a week.

Whats wrong with me?

35I'm in the Band
This show is horrible. All it is is this teen who joins a very retarded band (who has an even worse name). Every time I watch it, I cringe... Just horrible acting with re- recurring jokes. This show is just awful.
Just awful. This show is an absolute disgrace to rock and heavy metal music.
Worst show ever! I couldn't stand watching one second of it! Their jokes aren't funny and none of can't act especially the boys sister
I know. There's always laugh tracks that just can't stop at every few seconds to annoy the viewer.
[Newest]This show is a really bad example for kids especially when it comes to kindness and caring.

36Really Me
Are you trying to destroy my eyes!?!?
Totally THE worst. Horrible acting, terrible idea. The show was totally pathetic. It is worst than any show on this list.
I don't even know what this show is

37Little Einsteins
This show has no common sense! The animals have instrument voices (were the creators drunk when they made the show? ), every human that isn't the little Einsteins speaks instruments (were the creators stupid? ), and how do the four dumbass midgets even understand instrument!? Do you want to know what is even worse? They get some of the greatest music of all time and turn it into crap! And worse than that is the fact the kids who watch the show will become retards because they will think animals speak instrument! So parents, before you show this abomination to animation to your kids, teach them the REAL sounds of the animals, or even better, don't show them this piece of crap at all! Disney, you have just made the biggest disgrace to entertainment and music ever!
I thought at first it was going to be a show about science for younger children. But no, its a show about 3 years old flying around in an unrealistic spaceship teaching kids about art and music. Kids are now going to think Einstein was a musician not one of the worlds greatest scientists. I had to watch the show because of a younger sibling fyi
Honestly if the animals are going to make kind of sound then it should be their real sound! NOT instrument noises! Geese aren't meant to sound like trumpets or saxophones!
[Newest]Okay, it's a little kid show, you can't expect too much out of it. Sure it's cheesy, but instead of teaching kids about math or English or whatever, it teaches you about music. That's different. Again, it's a little kid show.
It teaches kids that Albert Einstein was a musician, which he wasn't at all, This show is brain rotting even for one year olds.


38Tron: Uprising
This show is so much better than any other piece of crap on Disney airs, I mean seriously! Crash and Bernstein, Hannah Montanna and crap like motor city cannot compare to this!
Why would you put this show on the list? I think Tron Uprising is a great show to watch besides those lame kiddie garbage. This list must've dislike the good shows, but I do agree that the dumb shows like 9th Grade Ninja, Fish Hooks and any other live action shows are the worst.
"Oh for goodness sake! Elijah Wood and Mandy Moore is in this show?! How am I supposed to take this seriously? This show is dumb, the animation is ugly, and the characters are forgettable. "

If you don't like this show, fine. But keep your damn opinion to yourself and try not to cram it down other people's throats. I, on the other hand, think that it's cool, especially since serious and packed with action.

As of your other likers of the series, I couldn't agree with you more to a certain extent.
[Newest]Just stop you should just and me you want me to die from watching this CRAP I'm happy this show was never going thank god

39Girl Meets World
I know this particular Disney show has already been on this list, but I cannot just stress how much this show is amazing. I mean, it will probably never surpass boy MEETS WORLD and not have the specific rendezvous points, but GIRL MEETS world is pretty good, I mean if I say so myself it is probably one of the best Disney shows, along with gravity falls. Lets start here, Riley Matthews is a spunky quirky twelve year old girl, the daughter of the previous protagonist of boy meets world Corey Matthews and Topanga matthews, she still has a lot of grooving up to do, but is still a lovable character. Now let's move on, Maya Hart a bad girl who is Riley best friend, she describes herself as broken, her mother pays no attention to her and her father is elsewhere. Maya just shows a little to much drama. But like Riley is still lovable. I am sure I shall not have to describe anymore characters since the first two speak for everyone else, please watch this show
I don't see why so many people are already complaining. Only 4 episodes have aired. Compared to other Disney shows today like Austin & Ally, and I Didn't Do It, this show is actually good. It may not live up to be as excellent as Boy Meets World, but it's on Disney Channel... So they really can't have some important lessons about sex or alcohol and things like that. But this show still has nice moments. I mostly like Cory and Topanga as parents. Yeah, some of the humor is like the rest of Disney shows but I have seen a lot WORSE on Disney. This show is meant to be a Boy Meets World for this generation, although I think they would have done better by putting this show on ABC Family, since Disney censors so many things.
I am disappointed in disney because all they make are these stupid shows which no one watches except little girls that actually like this. Take this show down. It sucks and it's lame. The script is like it was written by adults that don't know anything about comedy. The school in this show is stupid. The teacher can't even handle his class so why even let him keep the job. The kids are really untalented because they can't sing and they can't act. I would rather watch a bunch of circus monkeys than watch this horrible show. I am surprised that they casted Rowan Blanchard. She can't sing and her voice annoys me. It's like metal searching a chalkboard. It hurts my ears. I don't know why people like this show!
[Newest]Stupid show. Boy Meets World was way better.
More comments about Girl Meets World

I didn't really like the show. Its like they jocked the show pranked that was so much better. One episode selena gomez only had a hat and sunglasses on and it was like. You really don't know who she is -_-. It seems really fake and rehearsed
Nothing about this show is real, it's obvious that it's all a set up and the Selena Gomez one, was stupid, she clearly knew it was her.
It was an obvious fake. The Selena Gomez one was EXTREME proof of that, come on, I thought she was supposed to be her biggest fan, but she doesn't notice it's her under only sunglasses and a hat? I am sure there were pictures of Selena in sunglasses and a hat somewhere! And how do ALL the parents have HD cameras to post to the host? If you were told your favorite celebrity was playing a prank on you, you would at least have some emotional expressions? Note: Also the girl who played Selena's biggest fan is an ACTRESS!
[Newest]It's not even a prank. They should just make a show called "Kids Meet Their Favorite Disney Actor" and be done.

41Majority Rules
Utterly Boring!
They are so trying to copy even stevens but it really is not working, it shows on popgirl but it shouldn't even show on popgirl they should delete it! Its so rubbish
This show replaced Wingin' It, which I loved to watch. Plus, the show's name makes no sense.

42Pair of Kings
The planned addition of no-talent Adam Hicks will end this show. The premise of a third king is stupid and the preview of him in the show is stupid. It's like adding Luther from Zeke and Luther without missing a beat. Disney's writers and producers are really bad right now. They must have worked on the movie John Carter too. I am so disappointed in Disney giving Adam Hicks another show. The last thing anyone wants to see is a cheesy, rapper-want-to-be with pasty white skin. Please just stop.
Look you should think before saying Adam hicks is amazing and I beat he is a better person than you
I HATE ADAM HICKS! God, Disney, are you trying to kill me? Every time there was a new one before Adam Hicks, You couldn't tear me away from the T.V.! Now, I feel like actually tearing the thing apart! Curse you Disney! Adam, I hope you realize that because of you, there is nothing worth watching on Disney. The only show I like, Phineas and Ferb, I can watch on Disney channel. I HATE THIS SHOW NOW!
It WAS funny until adam hicks came along and ruined it. Even doc shaw was funny until they made the switch. The only goodish episode is olanada.
[Newest]When Adam Hicks was added I stopped watching. It wasn't the same and the two main characters were better. This show was actually interesting until he replaced that one guy.

43The Doodlebops
The worst Disney Channel show of all times, nobody want's to hear a bunch of clowns that can't sing.
First of all you're like in your late fifties, is this really in your age group?
I agree clowns should stick to acting fools, not acting like fools on a show!
For all you haters out there The Doodlebops are awesome and you guys have lame taste in T.V. shows!
[Newest]This show scared me so much!

44Cory in the House
Everyone who says that Hannah Montana is the worst show has obviously not seen Cory in the House. It's not funny, the characters are annoying and stereotypical, and the actors can't act. I've always hated this show, and I never understood how this show got a second season.
I don't understand why Cory in the house and Hannah Montana are even on the list they were we're made
Always hated this show it was annouying, not funny and a terrible cast.
One of the worst Disney shows I have ever seen. This show should at least be in the top 20 of this list.
[Newest]Why is Kim Possible and Gravity Falls above this show?

45Choo Choo Soul
I get that this is a "short" but they have terrible songs and not trying to make any who likes rap mad, but why are we teaching our kids to rap. It wasn't too bad until I saw that they started to re-do the classic Disney songs and ruining them. Terrible show. I have to change the channel if it comes on to escape this monstrosity and then switch it back once it's over so my son can watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
I still don't get why this is still on air...
Singing, kids "dancing", SUPER fame... Umm
Do you ever see the kids faces it's like they kidnapped them and there trying to grasp where they are!
[Newest]Their singing sucks enough said

46The Next Step
Out of all the terrible DC shows I've seen, this one put me off the fastest. For starters, that theme song is absolutely EYE-GOUGING; basically just a mix of dance cliches and electronic mess. I don't understand how my sister can still passionately dance to THAT. And it shows wide and clear that drama/reality does NOT work AT all on Disney... just go back to what you were originally good at doing, the cartoons and all. You can also tell they were just trying WAY too hard, like they always do nowadays, but all of the acting felt particularly forced in this case. I honestly can't sit through this show for a minute without running away CRINGING and I feel that this should be a lot higher than 47 ):/
The series was good, but it go downhill. Bad characters came (i hate hunter), good characters were gone (I miss Tiffany and Daniel), the characters changed (Michelle and Emily are now boring), couples broke up (James and Riley broke up BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER) and the show is now... boring?
I can tell you right now that I am a dancer (specializing in ballet) and they should be doing gymnastics classes because all they do is trick after trick after trick! Where is the real dance quality? And all the back-stabbing drama!? Like it happens only a little bit in the dance world but they take this one WAY too far, like 5000000000 kilometres past the line! My sister (also a dancer) actually LIKES this show! It is a disgrace to the dance community!
If the kids on this show want to go somewhere with dance then they should be taking dance classes (especially ballet, their technique is awful) and maybe they would get somewhere.
And what was all that crap about the sassy E Girls!? Seriously that NEVER happens.
[Newest]This should be number one on this list

47Ultimate Spider-Man
While unlike the new Ninja Turtles show, which was a step up and was dark and edgy, this show degrades from the dark tone shown in Spectacular Spiderman... Remember in SS, when spiderman almost slaughters Doc Ock for no reason? While I can assure you that isn't in this one! Plus the stupid breakin the fourth wall jokes: talking to the audience... It works for Deadpool because he was designed to do that. Oh that's another thing! The show obliterates the demonic slaughterfest of Deadpool, the biggest aspect of his charactor! Don't watch
I understand disney bought marvel, but with all these crappy superhero shows, its starting to think they are just showing off to Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. one of the worse shows on disney, right in front of the worse
The biographies on the characters are uneeded.
[Newest]Only Deadpool should be aware of the audience. But now Spiderman is talking to us like he knows he's some fictional character? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?

48Max Steel
I never seen Max Steel but I saw the previews and almost died... It's a version of Iron Man! I mean, that Max kid has this thing in his chest just like Tony's arc reactor! Max has a metal suit just like Tony! Just stop because Iron Man will always be better! I love Iron Man so much, it's excellent and my favourite actor is in it :) so just take this show off of the T.V. now!
So... You've never actually seen it? Maybe you should just shy up, you don't know what you're talking about. Based on only the preview
Typical, stereotypical teenager, moves to a new place goes too a new school, meets his best friend and girlfriend on the first day at the same time, gets superpowers beats up bullies, everyone's white. Typical kid superhero shows.
Does everybody remember the old Max Steel show in 2000? That was bad at the beginning of a new century, but this 2013 version ain't that bad as it seems. The 2013 Max Steel ain't the best but it's okay.
[Newest]I liked Steel, the cool little robot, no joke. I don't like anyone else.

49Kid vs. Kat
This show is so stupid! The boy is clearly doing animal abuse. Just leave the cat alone!
This show is just so unoriginal. It's unfunny, unentertaining, and underwhelming. Not even to mention that annoying sister who screams so loud the people of mars can hear her. I hate characters like that. It's just so annoying!
I've seen it, and it teaches kids to fear pets.
[Newest]Sucks! It's all about an egotistical child and his cat.

50Doc McStuffins
I can clearly recall the awe and mystique in Toy Story 2 when Al hired the repairman to mend/fix Woody's ripped arm, as I found it to be a truly magical moment in the film (among other great scenes). It was conveyed impeccably and in an intriguing manner. This show on the other hand is the complete opposite. It just takes the notion that only the Doc can see the toys when they're 'alive' and it feels like they're just coping Toy Story. The music is sickly, aggravating over emphasized drivel, the toys & storylines are unoriginal and the animation is exceedingly poor and 'budget effective'. At least this show has some substance to it with helping other unfortunate folks, problem solving, not giving up etc.
Doc mcstuffins is the worst disney jr show all she does is help sick people and when they feel better it makes me jump out the window doc mcstuffins so lame and annoying it blows my brain doc mcstuffins is full of crap!
Doc McStuffins is a parody of Toy Story. A bad one, too. The dragon is a try-hard that tries to show off (what a great example for the kids), and Lambie is an annoying ballerina lamb who looks to me half-naked and asks every five seconds if someone needs a cuddle. It's not cute, just annoying, like Chilly. Hallie is the only funny character on the show, pretending that she is old and frail and can't do nothing. If it was Doc Hallie, this show would at least have a 6 rating.
[Newest]This show is way better than many of these. Also Doc is more mature than I am and I am 34.

51Minnie's Bow Tique
I hate this show the same thing happens every time the bows get messed up and and that's it
Minnie needs to stick with Micky mouse clubhouse Minnie's bow tiqe is boring
I like it, but, to tell you Daisy is really stubborn that Minnie said in one episode to turn the bow maker slowly, but guess what?! Daisy didn't listen and turned it so fast that when she's done she said "Uh, Minnie, it's not working." So, I like it, but since this is a preschoolers' show, they get into lots of trouble.

52Lilo & Stitch
Woah, woah, wait. Lilo and Stitch? That's a great T.V. show! It's FAR more better than any other god-awful sitcom that Disney's shown so far. It's original, interesting, and has PERSONALITY in the characters. I don't know who put it up here, but obviously, you don't know a good cartoon when you see it.
Oh no! I accidentally voted this one!
D: I loved this show when I was a kid!
I love lilo and stitch it rocks
[Newest]The person who voted this on the list must like half brain cartoons of today.

53The 7d
The 7D is the corniest cartoon ever made today. I cannot even understand their jokes. If I did I can't even laugh. They are trying too hard to make it funny and it just looks like being pushed off the cliff or something crazy looks cool, or funny and hell. Well its not. So many obvious things pointed out as if we don't even know. Terrible plot, terrible characters. End of story.
It's a small step back into the good days and that's a good thing because if that didn't happen, then you wouldn't see any Disney characters on this channel anymore and the other shows except Gravity Falls and Phineas & Ferb have high school stereotypes, Also, the plot on this show is not repetitive, and neither is the plot on Gravity Falls, but on Phineas & Ferb and the tween sitcoms, it is, Also, it's a good show when you compare it to the others including Liv & Maddie and the other Hannah Montana-like tween sitcoms, but unlike those shows, this show has Disney stuff in it, Gravity Falls is still the best and will ALWAYS be the best show on Disney Channel, but this is still better than Phineas & Ferb and the most of the tween sitcoms except for That's So Raven, Cory in the House, Lizzy McGuire, Sonny with a Chance, Zeke & Luther and Wizards of Waverly Place.


The characters are so annoying, they make no sense, and the plot lines are TERRIBLE. It's just Disney trying to revolve the glory days from Snow White, almost 90 years ago.
It's better than anything else except for Gravity Falls, Also, reverting the glory days helps bring back the good Disney, which we all want.


What! I mean 'The littlest giants', what where they thinking about that! I mean, making a giant to scare a teenager who looks a bit like Jinx from Teen Titans Go!. what! Hate it!
If you hate The 7D, then you also hate Gravity Falls, you need to stop hating everything, hate the new sitcoms instead.
[Newest]This show is absolutely the worst. There has to be a much better way to utilize this vocal talent. Honestly, when it comes on, I just want to hide. And I do.
This show has Disney characters on it, and it's not a Disney Junior show, it's a Disney Channel show and without this show, then Disney Channel wouldn't seem like Disney Channel, just a lame old poop channel, but Gravity Falls is still the best Disney Channel show around.


I haven't seen this show

55Pac-Man & The Ghostly Adventures
It's like what I hate this show so much only thing I like is playing Pac-Man machine laugh out loud
Terrible plot, terrible TERRIBLE characters who act brain dead every second, ruined PAC man, terrible animation, did I already mention that the characters suck? And what. Is. Up. With. All. The. Berries!?!? What a disgrace to Disney, turning good cartoon movies and turning them into this stupid, animated, corny, predictable, piece of crap. Worst part? Kids think this is the basic idea of PAC man...
I get forced to watch this piece of trash with my brother. The artwork is bad and the plot is really boring. Really, fighting off ghosts with berries? Anyways, every character is so boring, if I got a dollar for each time a character was boring, I'd have over a trillion dollars! The opening sucks too.
[Newest]Oh yeah, let's make a blob a teenager, then people will watch our show!

56Imagination Movers
Don't get it do they ever change clothes. They wear the same thing everyday and gets some color in their all of them are white handyman no blacks their handy. Not racist just saying
My son has learned to use his imagination to solve problems. As a concerned mother I like to monitor what my son watches. I watch the movers with him. I have taken him to see them in concert twice. What is every bodies beef with trying to teach kids to use their brains.

57Code 9
Absolutely horrible. Very fake set up, and if I were going a building like that, I would know it was a fake event because of how awful everything looks, and how little effort was put to it. Everything looks scripted. Just not good
It's a rip off of What Would You Do from abc
The preanks are cheesy and over the top, they always involve someone becoming transgendral as part of the prank and they always look messed up in the make-up, and besides, chances are the family accidentally blabbed or somehow got the (insert person here) aware of the prank. And remember, Disney can't pull off reality shows.

58Good Morning America
What?! Good morning America isn't even on Disney! It's not even a kids show! But is a good show😊
Really? What idiot put GOOD MORNING AMERICA on a list for the WORST Disney Channel SHOWS? This is a morning news show! What
What the hell, who put this?!?! I'm laughing!
[Newest]I literally started laughed till I cried

No one even knows what the heck Debra is ; so I guess this show SUCKS!
You have to be in Canada to know what Debra is, it's a canadian show.
Not even funny. Writing so poor I can not believe disney made this.
This show was so bad it was cancelled on episode 3 or 4!

60Kim Possible
The most amazing show ever. I swear, its the only reason I ever turned on the television. The characters are able to age so well. I know there's a lot of talk about season 5, I don't know about that, but I really think it deserves reruns at least. This show should not be on this list, it should be on the top 10 BEST. I will forever be a Kim Possible show fan!
Are you serious. Kim Possible was one of the best animated show Disney ever made so it shouln't even be on here. Really a crappy list in my opinion.
I think this is not a worst show. This list is worse not the show.
[Newest]Better than any crappy show on Disney now

61Famous 5: On the Case
This is the best show of disney

62Shorty McShorts' Shorts
This show was garbage it didn't stay on for a month before being cancelled... No one probably even remembers this because it's so horrible.
This is probably for bad influential teens, here's something right here."Look, Canadian trash! There must be dope disguises in here! Dude, trash disguises, LAMEO
Adding because it was so bad


Disney can't pull off reality shows, and they were probably faking be hypnotized. Ever hear of the power of suggestion? Essentially you think you're sick so you keep worrying about, until bam you're "sick". You made yourself sick, you're not actually sick. Plus the people were either doing this or just plain faking it of money.
This show is horrible. Disney just doesn't seem right going in the reality show direction...

64The Octonauts
This is totally a baby version ripoff of the powerpuff girls πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘ΏπŸ˜ˆπŸ‘ΏπŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘…πŸ˜΅πŸ˜²
Octonauts is not cool at all. The characters have random names and they expect the kids to remember them? They all have random accents too and that seal/otter/whatever he is guy is the only cool character. The theme song is the reason it's an OK show.


This show is adorable, take it off!

This is an extremely awful show. I died after watching one quarter of this episode:(
You are so wrong all these shows are great
One of the most unrealistic shows on disney.

66Jake & Blake
I remember when this show came on. My reaction was what in the world have I just been put through.

First, I don't know what language they were talking truly but they did English dubbing. I man what the hell was that?

Secondly, although I don't know what language they were speaking I don't know where the hell they got their "acting experience" from because it certainly wasn't somewhere near anywhere of a working T.V. and teachers with a drama diploma.

Finally, the story line was just plain dumb. They swapped lives and all this crazy stuff went on. What the hell?

No show has ever made me feel so retarded.
RUBBISH! The sounds and pictures didn't match, the actors qwew rubbish and they didn't even use real twins! The plot line sucked, I mean if you look exactly like someone else then I think you might just be related. So they decide to switch lives, but who would want either of their lives? I think I saw an episode where they confessed their secret to the world and I was just like IT'S NOT A SECRET! WHO CARES IF YOU TRADED LIVES? There was one girl on it who was so annoying! They don't show it anymore and I am glad because I could not stand it at all. Back to the fact that they didn't use real twins, I mean come on! How can you expect one actor to (badly) play two people at the same time for a whole series? RUBBISH.
Cheap and poor quality sound effects.besides it lacks direction...

67Win, Lose, or Draw
I guess it's kind of exciting. All though, the idea of the game show isn't really creative. The host isn't funny, while HE thinks he's the best host and funniest guy ever. I like the idea that each episode has two Disney celebrities. In each show, only one team gets a chance to win prizes which I have to say, is unfair. In every kid games show I've seen, everyone wins a prize.. at least. I mean, look at BrainSurge. Sure, not everyone wins. But everyone gets a prize. I think that's what Disney should be doing.
It's awful! And the people who are on it are idiots! I remember one episode with this one kid who kept guessing random things that made no sense: It is a dancing, it is a moving, it is a legs! And it made no sense. The people are oblivious on this show.
I'm pretty sure these. People are paid to be stupid. I was watching one part and the clues obviously showed a shark. They put things like great white in the clues an I figured it out I like two seconds. However the diney actor, the little girl with blonde hair kept guessing stupid stuff and didn't get it should be number one stupid concept
[Newest]Why is there a game show on Disney Channel! There was only 5 episodes!

68Even Stevens
Anything but horrible. I just wanted to see it up here
I agree, even stevens is in the top 5 best T.V. shows ever (my opinion) I wish Disney channel had T.V. shows like this now.
Are you MAD!? THIS IS ONE OF Disney'S BEST! Shia lebeouf even won an EMMY for his performance as Louis. This show is how a comedy should be done if you want ti make kids-teens laugh because it's done SMART, and no Disney show has ever been able to do that
[Newest]It was a okay series until season 3 came on.

69Rated A for Awesome
This is a parody of Phineas and Ferb, but worse. The animation is bad, and I find it so annoying, I lock my bro in his room, so he can go insane.
God I saw ONE episode and I hated it; it should be renamed Rated A for Awful because that's what it is.


This show is really really really bad! The plot is stupid and the animations are so weird! Don't bither yourself and watch this show!
[Newest]Rated R for Retarded.

70Mako Mermaids
What this isn't even a Disney Channel show


This might just be me but the show is eeky disgusting and fake. The girls act so differently.
The blonde one who can sing is the only likable one. The other girls are rude especially the other blonde one. I liked the first episode but then it just started getting stupid and I didn't even get it anymore. Plus in the part when they were in the pool fighting for the triton stick thingy. Their tails looked fake (only that time, I think. )
My sister loves the show but I think it's stupid. I heard it was from the makers of H20. What's with those people and mermaids. And I just want to add that there are no African Americans in the show
And (this has nothing to do with me hating the show) but, how do mermaids give birth?
This isn't even a Disney show! It is a Netflix original by the creators of H2O...

71As the Bell Rings
WHAT! SERIOUSLY!. There is a kid named ToeJam. Disney is going down the toilet known as Hollywood.
I think every Disney show is on this list
This sounds like a Saved by the Bell knockoff..

72Sanjay and Craig
It's by Nick, but still, it has 99.9% bathroom jokes.


This show isn't on disney what idiots are out there this show is retarder and disgusting I don't have to watch the T.V. shows to say this the previews say enough!
Take this off the list Please, even though it's still a bad show, it's just not on the right CHANNEL.
Not on nick but still sucks. Maybe we can still put it higher on the list. Haha!


[Newest]This show is from Nick, not Disney, but its still stupid.

What you got be kidding me Recess is one of the best shows ever got that
I love recess and wish I could find more episodes online. It totally whomps that this is on worst shows.
Recess is a great show and they should make a remake of it. now
[Newest]I don't really remember this, I was so young, but I'm sure I heard it was one of the best.

This show did not last long, So I can see why you put this on the list.
Aargh! I'm scared (SERIOUSLY)

75Charlie and Lola
Charlie and Lala is a great show for kids it shows that you should expand your imagination I love that show and uu people don't know good shows hey Shake it up is an awesome show 4 the people who can't see the msg must me blind its about following your dreams Duh uu idiots!
This show was good! Charlie was a good brother to Lola, and it was great about teaching kids to use their imaginations. My mom liked this show when I used to watch it.


First, this is the most annoying thing on the list. Not because of the show, but because it is NOT A Disney SHOW! It's a part of BBC, and cbeebies at that, so please, if you don't know what companies shows are from, don't comment.
Lola was so ugly it actually gave me nightmares when I was a kid.


76The Suite Life On Deck
That's shows is really good and amazing
Vote for suit life on deck
Excuse me but when you vote for a show that means it gets closer to number 1
I love the sweet life on deck and those who don't, your lost! Though some of you may not like the shows there, doesn't mean you can just come here and say whatever stuff you hate about them. Jessie's good and every single one of them at least have a plot. If you aren't a harry potter director or even a director, you have no right to complain about them. People are different and they like their own shows. If you aren't even a good writer and writes junk, that shows how shallow you are by comlaining about them. This is my favourite comedy and criticise me all you want because by hating, you're a loser.
Suite Life of Zack and Cody was stupid and immature but in Suite life on Deck they've gotten older and more mature but not too old or mature for jokes. Sure it's the same thing with all the other shows, same kinda characters, for example:
Zack - the guy who tries to act cool but he really ain't. He's totally brain dead and tries too hard to get a girlfriend.
Cody - the nerd who excels at everything
London - the stupid rich girl who's supposed to be the excuse for every shows dumb blonde
Mr. Moseby - the strict adult
Woody - (I think he's the only character that spoils the show! ) I quote from previous comments, ' Woody is a fat ass. '
Marcus - oh, why even explain him; crushes on rich girl, former star and the whole blabbity bla!

But it's a great show so I think haters should find your places! #I<3SuiteLife4eva


[Newest]If you people love it so much, go on the BEST Disney shows list! Jeez! This show SUCKED...
More comments about The Suite Life On Deck

77Upin & Ipin
I hate this show especially their pronounciation in English
Sometimes I think they're just lazy, try to use 3d and think : " hey! It's cool! Right? " when deep down they think : " make cartoon like this is much easier " - so lame, they need to make some good cartoons draw and color by hands first!
They suck at speaking properly. Instead of saying three, they say tree. Dumb.
[Newest]What is this show, dude?

What is Doraemon doing on this list? The show is not exactly the best... But you have to admit that Doraemon the cat is awesome
Worst show because disney show it all the day
Doraemon is an ICON in Japan, like Pikachu. It's actually a really good show, people just think it's bad because it airs on Disney. At least they are actually TRANSLATING it, not changing it, like dumb 4Kids did with One Piece or Sonic X.


Legendary anime series, awesome that Disney airs it.
[Newest]It should be on the 1

79The Emperor's New School
This was the "Old Disney." This show was really good." We've made it way past 10 now...
That show was awesome and actually funny. I loved it when he doodled and made up some plan, like the one about going to the sun. laugh out loud.
This show is based on one of my favourite Disney movies! Why is it in here?
[Newest]I love this show. Why is this show on this list? This show was so good and classic

This show is terrible. Everything about it is terrible. The English is so bad I swear my 5 year old friend has better English than those guys. The show is so retarded and absolutely has nothing good to expect from the show whatsoever. I really hope they would take it down because my poor cousin lives in Asia and she hates that show and some of the other Malaysian shows too.
I hate this show stupid, grossing, and not even funny. Boboiboy wants to defeat adu du but adu du wants

To attack him too because it's boboiboy fault for

Stealing his cocoa.
I've never heard of this show ever

81Dance-A-Lot Robot
The Show Sucks, the robot was annoying as hell I
Can't stand the robot!
Kids would actually never do these dances. Robot is so annoying, kids even more annoying. Kids would just WATCH the dances, instead of get up from the couch, put the cookies down, and actually DO the dances.
I feel like every character is high and wants to annoy you. I mean, this robot is part of worst animated stuff I've ever seen.
[Newest]I like it think it's educational.
It's BARELY educational, and I don't mean to be a hater, but that's the truth.

82That's So Raven
My eighteen year old brother likes this show! It is the best show ever to be on Disney. I love it and always will whoever put this on doesn't have a brain.
I love your show funny and cool
Someone who put this show on there sounds like they haven't watched it. This show teach us a valuable lessons and heartfelt moments. Also, old actors, shows, and events are a true disney to live for. They have magic in it. None of the new disney are a disney. Disney is creativity, love, and magic and they lack of it.
[Newest]WHAT THE HELL MAN! One of the best shows Disney ever had.

83Talking Friends
I already saw their Facebook accounts and all their pictures are edits. And on Talking Angela, Angela won't stop claiming that talking animals walking on 2 legs exist (No, not talking animaks... More liek mutants) Glad that this show only have 10 episodes. Sorry, but this show is just annoying. And in one episode, Tom made a studio and what did he name it exactly? Catsbah. And on episode 10, They keep saying that their favorite decade is the best one to live in just because of that question. And all they do is just singing. Really?


I want this included in the list because it's annoying and makes my ears hurt
This show was so annoying, put it on the list

84Special Agent Oso
This show is really bad because it doesn't react to the title. For example how come that Oso is so popular, because he just helps other kids around the world and also Oso always asks the odience to help him out, hello your an agent not a stupid bear!
Okay, you're talking about how bad this show is, and the influence it has on children? Listen to yourself sounding like a broken record
That head lady thing just slows down the seconds so Special Agent Oso could complete the mission. NO FAIR!
This is a useless show, unbearable, unlovable, I hope it's cancelled. (Searches it up, really) Yes! It was cancelled a week ago (seriously). 5 years of pain are finally over!

85The Latest Buzz
Quite possibly the worst, "un-funniest" show ever made by Disney. The characters are forgettable, the storyline is predictable, and theο»Ώ jokes are as stale as they get. As a Canadian, this show is a disgrace to quality Canadian programming.
Stupid and annoying. Who the heck let's niners run a magazine company?

86Naturally, Sadie
Some of these shows I haven't even heard of, all the Disney shows are on this list!
This show was so boring

87Packages from Planet X
When Naruto Rock Lee and his ninja pals is still airing on Disney (Before I hate Naruto), This show take up too much airtime and I only watch 2 episodes of Naruto Rock Lee everyday (Weekdays) I used to watch 4 episodes but then after this show is premiered:2 episodes. Unbearable


Uh... Anyone going to complain?
Glad this show only ran for a few months. this show stinks. it was a terrible show, and I'm not surprised they don't show reruns. only finished shows get reruns disney
[Newest]I never get this show

I love LILO and stitch
This show completly shat all over the original Lilo and Stitch.
It was ok besides that Stitch talked and the voice acting...

89The Buzz on Maggie
I want it back please all the shows you don't play anymore play them now
Its the best I want that show back
A reason to have fruit flies more than ever!

WHY OH WHY OH WHY DISNEY WOULD YOU ADD A SHORT LIKE THIS! Seriously this is the worst short that disney will ever make I think! THIS IS THE WORST HAVE A LAUGH SERIES IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND! Remicks are fun! Have a Laugh is a cool one because they show classics! But why would Disney ever make a show like Blam!?!?
This show is terrible! They could've just kept the classics and that's it but no they had to add Blam! They show the classics but they throw in godawful jokes like "Knock knock, who's there? Blam Blam who? BLAM IN YOUR FACE! What
This show made me so pissed off. Every five seconds the speaker who sounded high off his ass would just randomly shout out blam. The jokes were stupid and this skit was poorly written. Wait to go Disney.
[Newest]Wow... this is really bad! They say blam every 5 seconds!

91Teamo Supremo
I've seen a little bit of this show, and it SUCKED ASS! I hate Teamo Supremo. When I first looked into this show, I was all "Hey, haven't I seen this animation before somewhere? ". And it's the same exact animation as the Powerpuff Girls, Rocky and Bullwinkle, and George of the Jungle.

92Mind Over Maddie
Its so crappy there is only 3 pepole in the cast its only on for five minutes its about a stupid girl with A stupid mind I just hate it so much

93Japanizi Going Going Gong
This is the stupidest show. It is highly offensive, and makes NO sense. It should of never been aired. Ever.
Saw commercials so weird!
This is so cool! I make parodies of it with my toys I like it that much.
[Newest]It is a really boring show in my opinion

94Camp Lakebottom

95Mickey Mouse Cartoons
They are awesome πŸ˜†
I would pay Disney to bring them back, full length, no censoring.

I want this show to be back please start new season of this I like this show very much

97My Friends Tigger & Pooh
Is this show cancelled already? I just hope that the kids of this generation don't grow up thinking that Winnie the Pooh was just about kiddie crime fighting with scooters. Animation is dangerously running out of ideas for kids shows although there has been a couple of better shows in recent years. I just pray that people would start to consider to stop the endless childish reboots
Yes, it was cancelled.

98Toy Story Toons
It's a cartoon version of Toy Story, the real toy story has more action.
This show is full of crap
They made a show of toy story?

99The Famous Jett Jackson
Never heard of it so no wonder its cancelled
If Jett Jackson is so famous how come none of us have heard of him


100Lizzie McGuire
WHAT LIZZIE McGUIRE IS DOING HERE? Its a good program and if you hate it then start hating your taste of choosing...
Actually lizzie mcguire is kind of lovely, why is it on this list?
[Newest]This must be a typo

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