Best CLAMP Anime / Manga of All Time

Perhaps a vast majority of you readers have seen lists that talk about what is the greatest anime/manga of all time. But I'm pretty sure that most of you haven't come up with a quiz that focuses primarily on the works of a particular mangaka group such as this.

Here is a short description of said group:
Clamp (クランプ), stylized as CLAMP, is an all-female Japanese mangaka group that formed in the mid 1980s. Many of the group's manga series are often adapted into anime after release. It consists of their leader Nanase Ohkawa (大川 七瀬), who provides much of the storyline and screenplay for all their works and adaptations of those works respectively, and three artists whose roles shift for each series: Mokona (もこな), Tsubaki Nekoi (猫井 椿), and Satsuki Igarashi (いがらし 寒月). Almost 100 million Clamp tankōbon copies have been sold worldwide as of October 2007.

So there you go. And as the title indicates, which do you think is the best CLAMP Anime/Manga work of all time?

In case your not satisfied with the choices then you can add more if you feel like your personal favorite is not mentioned. Here is a complete list of all their works:

Beginning as an eleven-member dōjinshi circle in the mid 1980s, they began creating original work in 1987. By the time they debuted with RG Veda in 1989, their numbers were reduced to seven. In 1993, three more members left, leaving the four members who are currently still part of the group. In 2006, each member decided to change her name, however later Nanase Ohkawa decided to change her name back (from Ageha Ohkawa back to her original name Nanase Ohkawa).

The Top Ten
1 Tsubasa Chronicles

Tsubasa is probably the second manga( the manga is way better than the anime, so I read the manga and waited two years to watch the anime) I have ever read. It has a beautiful story line, and some people might think it repeats the same old story, it doesn't. It has cool characters and the pictures of each of the worlds is different, and none of the worlds look the same! I personally like fai but all the characters are likable and there is barely anyone you could hate. People call it confusing but I was able to catch all of the story. I way so happy when I heard they released a continuation! I love this series!

Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE is personally my most favorite manga of all time. The story and plot was really interesting yet pretty confusing towards the end. Each character Fai & Kurogane especially Sakura & Syaoran all had some tragedy in their past and are going through a lot (as I said Sakura & Syaoran). I love all characters To me the story was so good whenever it got to the sad heart breaking parts you truly feel their pain and struggle. Their self-sacrifices for the one they love. Really this story is a real tear dropper it made me cry like a Baka :')

A plot on a massive scale, spanning countless dimensions and time itself. An amazing tale of heroism, despair, determination, and tragic romance. A thousand gambits and contingency plans blend into one as Fei Wang seeks to fulfill his dream. Plot twists will hit you one after another, each more shocking than the last, all leading up to the most epic finale I have ever read.

The idea of traveling to dimension to another dimension is quite creative. My type of Anime is when one of the Main Characters have a secret with them. For an example, the Syaoran at Sakura's side is a clone of the "Real" one. The real one seems to be the one in the tank filled with liquids. Uhm, sorry for the spoiler... If you haven't seen it...

2 X/1999

I like this series is because, well the art is beautiful! The story is beautiful and tragic how many people died during the earthquakes. It does actually encircles the question "are we of free will or are we prisoners of fate? " It's characters slowly progress through their unnatural lives trying to save humanity from its own foolishness! I love this series!

For me X/1999 is the best CLAMP manga. The art is gorgeous and the story is spectacular, its dramatic and tragic, somehow everything is mature, even the romance is taken to a higher emotional level. It really is CLAMPs masterpiece!

With this manga, CLAMP teaches us that sometimes there is a fine line between what is right and what is wrong. The art work is gorgeous and the story is more seinen than shoujo or shounen ai.

X/1999 sure is a masterpiece, its amazing and just like the other clamp manga the exists tragedy... but still that is what makes it so awesome! Yet it would have been great if they completed the manga... I just find 18.5 volumes... who knows if its complete it could be the best manga by clamp

3 Card Captor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura is a wonderful anime and an amazing manga. As a childhood series, it's fun, cute, funny, innocent, and loving in magical ways. I would definitely vote this as my favorite anime AND manga. I am never tired of it, always remembering the good and cute parts. It helps too. Once I got lost. I looked everywhere, and for a little while later, I thought, "If I was Sakura-chan, what will I do." Then, I ran to where Sakura would have thought where my family is. I found them. Also, it also calms me down. Whenever I need to relax, I think of: "IT'S ALL RIGHT! Daijoubu, daijoubu, daijoubu..." and "I'll surely be alright," Sakura's saying. In addition, Cardcaptor Sakura is a Japanese anime and manga for all ages. You should vote this awesome series!

This show is adorable. It is innocent and sweet. I love all the characters, and the interactions between them are so cute. The magic and costumes are very well done, and I love the music and art. CLAMP did a wonderful job on the manga, and the anime is also great. This is my favorite anime; I never get tired of it.

Cute manga and anime series, Sakura and the other characters are all good in their own way. Despite of the childishness of it, but I still like it because the story is lighthearted and cute. I knew this series for the first time when I was only a 10 year old girl like Sakura herself, and 10 years past I still like it.

This is one of the cutest anime I have ever watched. As I have had it finished I am looking forward to other such works. But, not able to find one till now. After a few years that I forget this I shall watch it all over again.

4 Tokyo Babylon

Simply amazing. The plot was carried out at the perfect pace (I wish there where more than just 7 volumes, but the story might not be as great if it was stretched any longer) and the characters where all very complex and interesting. the art, the portrayal of emotions, little details like the symbolism of a broken mirror, even back ground characters reacting to what the main characters where doing, All of it is amazing.
It doesn't have a happy ending but I feel like that just makes it more memorable.
And the fact that the story actually continues later on in X/1999 makes me really happy.

In a lot of CLAMP's other works, I often felt that they had bitten off a little bit more than they could chew. TB on the other hand, was very much a domestic tragedy with a small main cast. The development of plot and characterization was well-crafted without forgoing either, and there was just enough insight into the hidden intentions of each character to provide a dark backdrop behind the surface interactions, without giving away the surprise ending. CLAMP also seemed to showcase ideas better by raising issues in Tokyo's society, rather than trying to make a statement about reality and the cosmos. TB was unambitious compared to many other of CLAMP's works, but as a result, it was one of their most solid works in my opinion. The very understated artstyle and the cleverly elegant use of black and white to indicate tone was also a definite plus.

CLAMP's best writing, though flawed, manages to tell an engaging story without going for ridiculous twists, melodrama, or over-pretentiousness. The characters, pacing, and themes are stimulating and entertaining, not eye roll-inducing. To truly appreciate, one needs to step back and let the stories sink in. After the end, the impact manages to be simple, yet powerful. This is a CLAMP classic for a reason.

This manga series teaches a lot about human emotions, with common themes being love, and betrayal. Incredible. Although I wouldn't recommend this manga on a weak heart. There are many heart breaking scenes of the manga... Especially at the end.

5 Code Geass Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, often referred to as simply Code Geass, is a Japanese anime series created by Sunrise, directed by Gorō Taniguchi, and written by Ichirō Ōkouchi, with original character designs by manga authors Clamp.

One of my favorite anime of all time ( with Tsubasa Chronicles). I adore all the main characters. The plot is so exciting and entertaining. There is always something up the main character sleeve and I think it's so sweet that he did what he did because of the promise he made.
It has an epic ending thought it's bitter-sweet ( just like Tsubasa Chronicles)

What an ending! Absolutely takes your breath away!

6 Chobits

Chobits was one of the first anime and manga that I ever read, and as such has a special place in my heart. I have since re-watched and re-read it a few times and I caught a few amazing themes that I probably didn't notice the first time around. Chobits is based on a number of closely related questions. Can a robot love? If a robot can love, feel, grow, and make decisions, does that make it more than just a robot? Doesn't that make it more real? Chobits is a philisophical question about what exactly the nature of ultimately being human is.
Otherwise, the art styles, clothing, storylines, are amazing and wonderful to follow. I recommend it 100% to anyone who loves sweet, thoughtful, anime/manga with a bit of depth. (Especially the manga)

Firstly, Hideki is voiced by the same voice actor from Kyon from Haruhi. Secondly, the OP isn't a generic rock OP. Thirdly, Chii is just too cute. Fourthly, Dark Chii's theme is the best OST song of any anime ever. And finally, the anime in it's entirety is hilarious.

Chobits was the first anime show I have ever seen and always have loved it!
I love chii, she is so cute!
I also love sumomo and tokoko they are both adorable
Hideki is a funny guy, he always talks to himself at the wrong times

Hideki is one funny guy to watch out for! I also like Rie Tanaka's songs in Chobits. Remembering Chii's dresses make me happy.

7 Magic Knight Rayearth The anime adaptation of Magic Knight Rayearth aired first on Japan's Yomiuri TV on October 17, 1994 and ended on November 27, 1995.

As one of the first manga I, who at the time was 10 got into, it has a special place in my heart. It was the first CLAMP manga I read, and I loved it. I still do today. But some words of warning: The manga is MUCH better than the anime in my opinion.

Very underrated and unique. I watched the anime recently, It caught me by surprise. It starts out normal but every episode kept on getting better. The first season is a fantasy adventure anime and the second season is more sci-fi. Its definitely my favorite Clamp anime

An amazing story, beautiful characters and a lot of magic!

The first manga I read, and the best one. Love the magic!

8 xxxHolic

I love this series. The introduction of Japanese supernatural themes and traditional culture was a thrill for me, and CLAMP's ideas about destiny and fate were perfectly interwoven with more widely held Buddhist ideology. I loved the psychological aspects present here.
Additionally, I loved the storyline and the characters. Its integration with Tsubasa made it feel large and grand, but the story itself was intimate and touching. The characters had that touching goodness and empathy that I love, but stopped short of the machoism CLAMP can sometimes stray into with their good guys. This is hands down my favorite from CLAMP.

I absolutely agree! XXXHolic is definitely one of my favourites.

The plot is very well structured and the themes and messages are put across very well. Personally I think that the opinions of the characters and some of the decisions Yuuko makes other characters make are pretty heavy and the way that CLAMO has dealt with it really was very refreshing. It was put across with lots of weight but dealt with sensitively in a light way.

Not only did I enjoy the story, the art is very original and distinct. While I'm sure that could be taken as an insult I loved the art. The colours worked so well with the style and the character and setting designs really did complement it perfectly.

All in all it was an awesome anime that is definitely worth watching!

The comedy and tragedy was mixed well. Yuko's wise words always make me think so much afterwards. And seeing Watanuki's growth and changes was both fun and painful. And I really like the depth of bittersweet relationships between Watanuki and the people around him. The details of the art is amazing (as expected of CLAMP), and the characters are designed nicely. Although I kind of hoped they would show more of Doumeki's background, like Himawari and Kohane. It wasn't explained how and why Doumeki became attached to Watanuki. Aside that, xHolic is a great manga with nice plot (that accompanies Tsubasa time line), amazing art, and surprising twists. I don't think I can complain about the ending since I guess it's CLAMP's characteristic to end their work with a cliffhanger (haha).

A very funny and deep manga. It's an amazing anime and the story plot goes so well with tsubasa(like sais the comment next to me). Also, in the anime, you find details and people from other CLAMP works like Lawful Drug and Card Captor Sakura.

9 Clamp School Detectives
10 Wish

I love this series! It's short and cute and one of the first manga's I have read!

The Contenders
11 Kobato

The relationships between the characters warms my heart so much. Kobato never seemed to care much about her wish she just wanted to make others happy and have fun. It's a bittersweet story that yanks the heartstrings.

Kobato is a wonderful anime. This anime will make you laugh, cry, give you hope and warm your heart. It's Highly recomended. Also for those of you who like CLAMP animes there are allot of connections between Kobato and Other CLAMP creations,

Kobato was a very heart yanking series. This series was one of the few series I actually cried in. Kobato was such a great character, and I kind of want to be like her.

I think that this anime can show us that you have to thank God for your life and do everything to keep your life longer.

12 Sailor Moon Sailor Moon is a Japanese shōjo manga series by Naoko Takeuchi. It was originally serialized in Nakayoshi from 1991 to 1997; the 52 individual chapters were published in 18 tankōbon volumes.

Usagi Tsukino is an average student and crybaby klutz who constantly scores low on her tests. Unexpectedly, her humdrum life is turned upside down when she saves a cat with a crescent moon on its head from danger. The cat, named Luna, later reveals that their meeting was not an accident: Usagi is destined to become Sailor Moon, a planetary guardian with the power to protect the Earth. Given a special brooch that allows her to transform, she must use her new powers to save the city from evil energy-stealing monsters sent by the malevolent Queen Beryl of the Dark Kingdom. more.

Clamp didn't make Sailor Moon! Why don't you research things before putting them here!

Clamp didn't make sailor moon.

13 RG Veda
14 Angelic Layer

I love Angelic Layer! The story was awesome, though the English dub voice of Misaki annoyed me a little. It was truly amazing to watch the dolls fight and I desperately want an angel. I LOVE IT!

I loved Angelic layer...except for the fact that the main girl's mom is an idiot.

How I wish that this can happen in real life! It's really awesome

Made my childhood epic!

15 Lawful Drug

Sadly incomplete as it is constantly on-again off-again hiatus. One of the most undderated of Clamps manga. The characters are absolutely hilarious! A lot of boy-love humor in this one! It keeps you intrigued right from the first page, and captivates you all the way up to the bone-chilling final page cliffhanger that the hiatus left it at in LDs sequel Drug & Drop. It still has Clamps signature theme - supernatural beings, but the unique thing about this manga is that it is set in a Pharmacy/Drug Store!

16 Miyuki Chan in Wonderland
17 Gate 7

YES! I own it and have read this like a million times.

18 Clover

This is one of the most beautiful CLAMP manga ever created. The use of negative and positive space is incredible. There are a lot of 'steampunk' elements to the art, long before 'steampunk' was ever even a thought. The story is heartbreaking, though a little tough to follow because it was never finished. This is one of my favorite art mangas in the entire world, and so if you're interested in the aesthetic, definitely look it up or buy the omnibus that came out a few years ago.

19 Blood-C

By the studio I-G but in collaboration with Clamps!

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