Top Ten Worst Video Games of 2016


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41Disney Magic Kingdoms
42Paper Mario: Color SplashV1 Comment
43Disney Art Academy
44Skylanders ImaginatorsV1 Comment
45Umbrella Corps

A Unity game by CAPCOM?! How lazy. They're cashing in on everyone's stupidity. This game is more half-baked than Street Fighter V was! - MKBeast

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48Forza Horizon 3V1 Comment
49Destiny: Rise of Iron
50Battlefield 1

Honestly, I have a pretty bad feeling about this. Going back to World War I, to me, is a pretty bad idea, considering that the weapons back then were pretty bad. I predict Battlefield fans will miss the weapons they could use in previous games such as Battlefield 4, 3, Bad Company, etc. Honestly, I think it will disappoint despite being the most liked game trailer on YouTube, but I could be wrong. I like Battlefield as a game franchise, but I am not too sure about this one. - SelfDestruct

Whoever put this here was dropped on their head when they were born.

51XCOM 2

Why did Nintendo go so low by making phone games - ikerevievs

53Tom Clancy's The Division

One of the most unbalanced, buggy, monotonous, and boring games of 2016, let alone the decade. - MKBeast

This needs to be higher. It is one of the worst put together games I've ever seen.

54Gears of War 4

I wonder which pony added this. Multiplayer is actually pretty good. Only thing is that the graphics might not be the best here, but who cares about that? - MKBeast

55Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Some idiot put this on the list. Someone, remove it please.

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56Dark Souls III: Day 1 EditionV1 Comment

Game is basically Team Fortress 3(We know how great Team Fortress 2 was) and is pretty rad. But, like a lot of games, The fanbase is killing it and is so cancerous. Not many people may know it, but it's terrible. Almost every single Overwatch animation is porn. Enough Said.

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