Top Ten Worst Video Games of 2016


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41Lego Marvel's AvengersV1 Comment
42Pony IslandV2 Comments
43ScaleboundV1 Comment
44Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens
45Paper Mario Color Smash
46Pokken Tournament
47Assassins Creed Chronicles Trilogy
48Assassin's Creed IdentityV1 Comment
49Disney Magic KingdomsV1 Comment
50Disney Art AcademyV1 Comment
51Umbrella Corps

A Unity game by CAPCOM?! How lazy. They're cashing in on everyone's stupidity. This game is more half-baked than Street Fighter V was! - MKBeast

V1 Comment
54Forza Horizon 3V4 Comments
55Destiny: Rise of Iron
56Destiny the Collection
57Persona 5

I still wonder why Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is number 1 worst game of 2016 in this list, when there are so many worse games that came out this year (*cough*Persona 5*cough). My friend imported a copy of *cough*Persona 5*cough* for PS4 from Japan and I gave it a try. It sucked! - SelfDestruct

58Creepy Castle
59XCOM 2

Why did Nintendo go so low by making phone games - ikerevievs

V1 Comment
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1. Street Fighter V
2. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
3. Mighty No.9
1. Mighty No.9
2. Zootopia: The Crime Files
3. Finding Dory: Keep Swimming
1. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
2. FIFA 17
3. Halo Wars 2

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