Top Ten Worst Video Games of 2016


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Why did Nintendo go so low by making phone games - ikerevievs

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62Tom Clancy's The Division

One of the most unbalanced, buggy, monotonous, and boring games of 2016, let alone the decade. - MKBeast

This needs to be higher. It is one of the worst put together games I've ever seen.

63Gears of War 4

I wonder which pony added this. Multiplayer is actually pretty good. Only thing is that the graphics might not be the best here, but who cares about that? - MKBeast


Game is basically Team Fortress 3(We know how great Team Fortress 2 was) and is pretty rad. But, like a lot of games, The fanbase is killing it and is so cancerous. Not many people may know it, but it's terrible. Almost every single Overwatch animation is porn. Enough Said.

If Overwatch is online multiplayer only, then why is it not free to play, like Team Fortress 2? This makes Blizzard seem like they were making a bad attempt at a cash grab with this game! - SelfDestruct

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65Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Some idiot put this on the list. Someone, remove it please.

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66Dark Souls III: Day 1 EditionV2 Comments
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