Top Ten Worst Horror Movie Characters

Ever noticed how in horror movies, there are characters that get on your nerve the moment they appear on screen? Here are ten major examples!

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1Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation)V3 Comments
2Freddie Harris (Halloween: Resurrection)V2 Comments
3Kia Waterson (Freddy Vs. Jason)

Friday The 13th, A Nightmare On Elm Street, and... DESTINY'S CHILD?!

4Franklin Hardesty (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

He was funny. Like when he and Sally were searching for Jerry. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

He was a lil funny (Jeeeryy! ) but boy does he complain a lot I was glad Leatherface killed him

V1 Comment
5Evil Ed (Fright Night)V1 Comment
6Reverend Hicks (Night Of The Living Dead: 30th Anniversary Edition)

This horror classic didn't need a 30th anniversary with a ton of extra footage! And it definitely didn't need this annoying dude!

7Pinhead (Hellraiser: Revelations)

Doug Bradley is the ONLY pinhead, period! The latest hellraiser sequel proved it...

8Everyone In Cabin Fever

This movie's characters are so awful, it's hard to choose one!

9Pinocchio (Pinocchio's Revenge)
10Lori Campbell (Freddy Vs. Jason)

She's like Evil Ed, she has a really unbearable voice!

The Contenders

11Freddy Krueger (Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare)Fred "Freddy" Krueger is the main antagonist of the A Nightmare on Elm Street film series. He first appeared in Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984).

This damn movie killed Freddy's true character. He went from a truly scary and horrifying force of evil to a really annoying family friendly boogeyman loved by kids everywhere.

Oh my lord Freddy what have they done to you?!

12Rachel Newman (American Psycho 2: All American Girl)

This character is so hateable because, well, Mila Kunis really CANNOT play a serial killer!

13Fake Jason (Friday The 13th 5: A New Beginning)
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