Worst Metal Bands of All Time

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Limp Bizkit
Fred Durst is a guy that makes deliberate mistakes. I have no idea why they were considered metal. I'm glad that they moved to Lil Wayne's record label. Brokencyde are worse but they are not considered metal, they're crunkcore.
Limp Bizkit might be the worst band of all time. Also, why is Linkin Park at number 1? I for one think that they are an actually talented band.
This band is so cringy, at least Linkin Park have talent. This, Brokencyde and iwrestledabearonce should be ringing this list at the top.
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2Linkin Park
LINKIN PARK IS NO LONGER METAL! But they are still an amazing band. Respect to them for changing, but its time to rock again. Always love them
I honestly hate the fact that they aren't metal anymore. It's like they completely lost touch with their roots. I grew up on nu metal and thrash metal, and Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory was one of the best albums I've ever heard. After Minutes to Midnight, however, they went downhill. What happened to Linkin Park?


Change the title into "Best Metal Bands of All Time" and there, Linkin Park is the Best Nu-Metal! Even though they've changed I still loved them!
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3Black Veil Brides
Black Veil Brides suck so much they're not even cool enough for me to give them the initials BVB. They're overrated and only one of them is a girl (must be gay). Plus they wear retarded elaborate outfits that make children either laugh till they die or run away screaming. If you have any dignity, DON'T LISTEN TO BLACK VEIL BRIDES!
These guys are quite terrible. Boring vocals, boring music, stupid outfit, boring everything. These guys are really bad, and the fact that so many people that like them is disappointing.
I have no idea what these guys are trying to attempt. Their "music" sounds like a constipated Yakuza eating horse radish.
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4Marilyn Manson
He's nothing special I have a few friends that say oh he's so amazing, he's a genius but he's nothing really special. And when somebody defends him in a conversation they say how he always shocks everyone. SO WHAT! It should be about the music and his music sucks
WHY IS HE SO LIKED! A few distributing music videos and suddenly he's a musical genius.
I saw manson in south florida before he signed his recording deal when it was Marilyn Mason and the Spooky Kids. He signed and craped on his band that made aname for him in S.Florida
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Is Nickelback even metal? No. Who put Lamb of God and Avenged Sevenfold on here? At least they have talent.
Nickelback is just bad. The vocals are monotonous, the guitars are long-drawn out, and not to mention the songs, althought having little meaning, wear on your mind and bore you to death over time.
Linkin Park, at 1st? WAKE UP PEOPLE! Nickelback should be the at the 1st. Linkin Park shouldn't be here. Posers like Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens and Asking Alexandria should be in HERE, not Linkin Park, Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, and Lamb of God, 'cause these bands are real MUSIC!
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6Bring Me the Horizon
They are not awfully stern to shadow Moses then you will just love them
This band isn't even metal. Neither is black veil brides
Don't do a concert on Philippines
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I can't bear seeing all of these great bands on this list (pun only slightly intended)

8Hollywood Undead
Bunch of wannabe gangsters...
Metal and rap should never be together, just like peanut butter and ketchup
They are more of rap but really bad
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Poison has to be the first band that comes to my head when I think of commercial crap, pre fabricated, bull. I quit listening to metal long ago because of crap such as that and how the whole genre had become nothing but monkey see, monkey do.
Joke! And a bad one.
Well I don't really think poison is really a metal band (every rose has its thorn) I'd call them more of a typical 80s rock band. Also poison doesn't suck, I love almost all of their songs

Laugh out loud, I love how many bands on this list are also on the list "Best Metal Bands of All Time". :D
They are as overrated as a pop star! How large of a band lineup do you need for the most mediocre sound? 9 people if you are slipknot! Such an awful orchestration of instruments too. A turntable? Or how about a man dressed as a clown beating a garbage can with a bat? I despise this band and hate that they are labeled as one of the best "metal" bands of all time! Are you kidding? And to think that their first crap of an album was on a major label! I honestly think that some big record executives put together a band for all of the adolescent 12 year olds to listen to and boom! You have a successful group with a huge following! Just like a boy band, but "metal". Whoever profited from their crappy music is a genius.
How the hell is slipknot on this list like come on they rock!
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The Contenders

I voted for this band as it is not even metal. I mean Lamb of God, Cradle of Filth, Skid Row, hell all these bands could at least be considered as metal. But just listen to Brokencyde. There are hardly any elements in their music that even resembles metal. The closest thing that even makes them resemble metal is the screamed vocals, and they are still done in the wrong technique.

12Judas Priest
One of the most ridiculous metal bands of all time. They almost make Spinal Tap completely useless, inane cartoon songs, stupid imagery. Nobody guessed in the 80's that Halford was gay? Freddie Mercury was super straight compared to these ass-clowns. I wanna go hot rocking' indeed.

13Waking the Cadaver
This band is awful. I'm a fan of brutal music, but no. Their music is just bad. Not to mention that in their first album, the drummer was terrible. He couldn't keep a beat if his life depended on it. Their second album is a big improvement but it still sounds terrible. They are the worst deathcore band in existence


Scrap my previous comment. These days, they have actually improved tremendously. Their first album was god awful. They're second album was still bad with a slightly improved sound. It's their latest album Real Life Death that impressed me. Now they're still not the best (obviously) but they're not as bad anymore as they initially were, and that says a lot


They aren't that bad, actually. I get it, their songs aren't exactly the most creative or technical or whatever and I get that many "metalheads" are annoyed by the constant breakdowns and that their frontman looks like a swaggot, but I find some of their songs rather catchy. Take this from a guy who listens to EVERYTHING from alt metal to black metal & death metal, Emmure aren't as bad as everyone says


Fake tough guy hardcore makes me want to vomit.

Saxon are great! And they are metal.

16Dimmu Borgir

17Design the Skyline
No talent at all. Just a bunch or strange noises.

1830 Seconds to Mars
What? , this isn't even close to metal..
Idiots these dudes are rock not metal.
This is a good band I do admit myself

19Arch Enemy
Another half metalcore half death metal project with a chick as a lead singer!

SERIOUSLY? A girl and a death metal vocalist? Oh please...


I hate the guy who put slayer ANYWHERE on this list!
*sigh* slayer and megadeth? Why?

21Bon Jovi
They aren't metal. They're glam rock, and great
The lead singer sounds like a girl.


23Diamond Head

24Asking Alexandria

Korn r legends whoever the hell put korn as one of the worst metal bands is a retard they r legends
Whoever added legends like Megadeth is an idiot. Children of Bodom is a very good band and it is certainly melodeic DEATH METAL. Lamb of God is also an awesome groove metal band. I am very surprised to see a band as crappy as Korn not even mentioned on this list yet. Well, they suck more than other nu-metal bands like Limp Bizkit, which is already terrible.

They rely on gimmicks
Make over the top rock
Cheesy choreographed guitar moves, horrid vocals

Probably the most embarrassing band ever... If they took themselves less seriously, it would make them less annoying.

27Papa Roach

28Cannibal Corpse
When I listen to music, I have to understand what the singer is saying. But with Cannibal Corpse, there's really no point in listening to their lyrics, unless you want to lose sleep.
Why this on list? They are the backbone of death metal after death disbanded
Sounds like cookie monster made a metal band.
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What. Peace Sells is one of the best metal albums of all times. Killing is my business is awesome as well.
If Megadeth sold as much as Metallica and were as popular then they would be considered more overrated then people consider Metallica to be.


Megadeth is absolutely awful. Their only good songs are Mechanix and Symphony of Destruction. Every person I talk to says that Megadeth is better than Metallica. HAHA yeah right. Explain why Metallica has sold more records than Megadeth. Oh, because they 'sold out. ' NO! They are selling so many records because they are EXCELLENT musicians. I'll admit, St. Anger and Load and ReLoad all suck, but their other albums are amazing. Well, I'm going on a rant here, so imma wrap it up. Megadeth sucks, sorry people. The only reason any of you people like them better than Metallica is because you like Metallica but you want to be different.
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Full of sh. T mudvayne is tallent with the mix of growling and rores and singing
Along with the riffs LD.50 dull boy for ever
Mudvayne is the band that got me into music. I don't get why this list completely sucks

32I Set My Friends On Fire


34Cradle of Filth
I'll agree that they aren't that great of a band, but a few songs are decent. And anyone who thinks they're a black metal band is a retard. Paul Allender even said that they've never tried to be a black metal band. They're more of a gothic metal band.
Those stupid banshee farts (screams) have ruined my taste of black metals once I found out what genre they were. Dimmu Borgir don't do them, neither do real black metal bands like venom and bathory.
Dani Filth is a pants vocalist, they've never been a black metal band even though the Hot Topickers seem to think so as they think Slipknot is a Death and Groove metal band.


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35Winds of Plague

36Skid Row


38Bullet For My Valentine
Bullet for my valentine? Really? ? They're a awesome band, one of my favorites. And they're not even metal you douchbags, its called metalcore A.K. A post hardcore. And they're ranked #1 on best metalcore bands so shut up!
Linkin park is epic. Never deserve to be 'worst' tittle on any category, even if they changes they're genre.

39Children of Bodom
Children of bodom, disturbed, and slipknot should not be on this list. Espeaciallychildren of bodom. They are so epic. If you voted them as bad you should listen to angels don't kill or triple corpse hammerblow. They are way too good to be on this list. >:-(
Who kept them here I think those who think cob are worst they have no taste of music.
Here I've added another fail 'metal' band for you to vote, though I almost feel embarrassed to call this a metal band... They sound more like metalcore to me. Anyway, I see many stupid people love to call them a death metal (oh, really? ) band... But, I'm sorry guys, CoB suck.


Bad singer, bad drummer, no good riff, worst fanbase ever who think this band is the best ever.

41Suicide Silence

42Guns N' Roses

43Steel Panther

Metal for people who don't like metal...


You seem to know a lot for hating this group so much.
God damn at! How nobody nominated Nightwish?
The worst of the worst! Disney metal for retarded!
Awful arangements, singer who forgote the lyrics, has the worst technics ever, never graduated on academy, but still calling her self "opera singer", frustrated keybordist and his chauvinist friend, the singers jealous manager husband, and all the drama in the end like the world is going to collapse without this circus!
Everythig but the metal!
Metal is not wearing black and showing horns every minute (like mrs Turunen) thinking that you are dangerous if you do that!
Metal is way of life, the attitude, the guts, the strenght to be different not cloned! And above everything-listening to death, thresh and black as basics of metal, not drooling to the ridiculous woman called "goddess"! Goddess my a**!

Maybe not the worst but very overrated




50August Burns Red
Its all the same. The singer can't sing or scream, the guitarist can't play to save his life and the bassist and drummer are boring. Terrible band.


Even if their live with blood, dead cattle and crucified nude girl is cool, if think that they are not TRVE.

53As I Lay Dying



56My Chemical Romance
In order to be one of the worst metal bands, you have to be metal. Metalheads would be really mad if they were in the best metal bands list. And My Chemical Romance never claimed to be metal, whoever nominated them and is sincerely voting for them thinking that they are the worst metal band ever is




60The Devil Wears Prada

61Chelsea Grin

62Five Finger Death Punch

6310 Years

Okay, I am a huge Power Metal fan but Hammerfall really sucks.

65Sleeping With Sirens

Dude who ever put this on here can go to HELL AND BURN FIR THE REST OF TIME!
People soon need to realize these guys aren't that amazing. I mean, they got some amazing tracks. But a lot of terrible ones on top of that.


Why are Metallica even in this list, having made one lousy album (St. Anger) does not ruin a band's career. They made a hell of a job in the first four albums, but it would've been boring to go your whole career on copypaste basis
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67Avenged Sevenfold
Avenged Sevenfold is 4th place for best metal band of all time but 6th plave for worst metal band of all time - that doesn't make sense at al, I mean come on what nonsense!
I think A7x can go to the top worst metal bands of all times.I sure they will improve their skills.Synyster Gates can imprve his lead guitarist skill.M.Shadow has a good and same voices with metals songs.I sure they can get award of best heavy metals band this year.Avenged Sevenfold!
Funny how people hate these guys just because they're overrated. Laugh out loud! It's also funny how they're on the Best Metal Bands list


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68Lamb of God
Can I ask you guys what this band is doing on this page? Just... what dudes... what...
Do you guys even aknow what metal is? Come on! Log n a7x are the best modern heavy metal n hard rock bands respectively.


WOAH WOAH WOAH, whoever put Disturbed here has not listened to ANY of their songs.


70Iron Maiden
They are considered either the greatest metal band of all time, in the top 3 metal bands of all time. There is no denying their success. They have probably the largest fanbase of any metal band ever. Even today, after over 30 years of Iron Maiden, they carry the flag for the Heavy Metal Nation. Whoever put them on this list can go to HELL!
Iron Maiden is on top 5 best Heavy Metal bands ever. If you have ever seen them perform live, you would agree.
This band sucks so much... Their only good song is The Trooper. Singer makes me puke on my lunch pizza and... A 10 min slow song? Really?

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