Worst Metal Bands of All Time

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1Limp Bizkit
Ya I think Limp Bizkit should be first, the first 30 seconds to 9 teen 90 nine was good then it just... Well what do you even call that? I can see what they were trying to do but rap and metal are kind of an odd combination.
Where is the worst? You are people stupid or something. This band is very talented.
Fred Durst is a guy that makes deliberate mistakes. I have no idea why they were considered metal. I'm glad that they moved to Lil Wayne's record label. Brokencyde are worse but they are not considered metal, they're crunkcore.
[Newest]LIMP BIZKIT IS NUMBER 1? My favorite rock band, Brokencyde should be the first.


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2Black Veil Brides
Black Veil Brides suck so much they're not even cool enough for me to give them the initials BVB. They're overrated and only one of them is a girl (must be gay). Plus they wear retarded elaborate outfits that make children either laugh till they die or run away screaming. If you have any dignity, DON'T LISTEN TO BLACK VEIL BRIDES!
These guys are quite terrible. Boring vocals, boring music, stupid outfit, boring everything. These guys are really bad, and the fact that so many people that like them is disappointing.
I have no idea what these guys are trying to attempt. Their "music" sounds like a constipated Yakuza eating horse radish.
[Newest]God awful band. How people think these guys are any good is beyond me
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3Linkin Park
LINKIN PARK IS NO LONGER METAL! But they are still an amazing band. Respect to them for changing, but its time to rock again. Always love them
I honestly hate the fact that they aren't metal anymore. It's like they completely lost touch with their roots. I grew up on nu metal and thrash metal, and Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory was one of the best albums I've ever heard. After Minutes to Midnight, however, they went downhill. What happened to Linkin Park?


Change the title into "Best Metal Bands of All Time" and there, Linkin Park is the Best Nu-Metal! Even though they've changed I still loved them!
[Newest]They aren't even metal or death metal they are just pop with a hint of raw with it. So ya I agree.
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4Bring Me the Horizon
Atrocious vocals, sound that's barely qualifiable as music, practically meaningless lyrics, douchebag band members, and a retarded fanbase that can rival that of Justin Bieber and One Direction combined is a recipe for one of the worst bands ever formed (not just in Metal).
Well, I have to give it to them, they were good, then they put out stuff like Drown. I mean, Count Your Blessings and Suicide Season were great. What happened?
They are not awfully stern to shadow Moses then you will just love them
[Newest]Their first 3 albums might be good, but now they suck. And I loved them...
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Is Nickelback even metal? No. Who put Lamb of God and Avenged Sevenfold on here? At least they have talent.
Linkin Park, at 1st? WAKE UP PEOPLE! Nickelback should be the at the 1st. Linkin Park shouldn't be here. Posers like Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens and Asking Alexandria should be in HERE, not Linkin Park, Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, and Lamb of God, 'cause these bands are real MUSIC!
Nickelback is just bad. The vocals are monotonous, the guitars are long-drawn out, and not to mention the songs, althought having little meaning, wear on your mind and bore you to death over time.
[Newest]They're not even metal 😂 but they still suck 👎🏻
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6Marilyn Manson
What Marilyn manson shouldn't be on this list he his such a great singer and honestly smarter than all of you combined so this list it crap


He's Industrial Metal, which is far from average metal. It's just to different for people to relate


How is Marilyn Manson crap you don't know music
[Newest]Now you people are just being mean.
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I can't bear seeing all of these great bands on this list (pun only slightly intended)
Nightwish, epica, evanescence, within temptation are better metal bands fronted be girls than this bull, this aren't deathcore, carnifex and whitechapel are better deathcore
Lol IWABO is actually good... They are just super experimental and comedy weird
Poison has to be the first band that comes to my head when I think of commercial crap, pre fabricated, bull. I quit listening to metal long ago because of crap such as that and how the whole genre had become nothing but monkey see, monkey do.
The 2 sub-genres that destroyed metal were glam an nu-metal


Brett Michaels is a drama queen
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9Avenged Sevenfold
Avenged Sevenfold is 4th place for best metal band of all time but 6th plave for worst metal band of all time - that doesn't make sense at al, I mean come on what nonsense!
Funny how people hate these guys just because they're overrated. Laugh out loud! It's also funny how they're on the Best Metal Bands list


I think A7x can go to the top worst metal bands of all times.I sure they will improve their skills.Synyster Gates can imprve his lead guitarist skill.M.Shadow has a good and same voices with metals songs.I sure they can get award of best heavy metals band this year.Avenged Sevenfold!
[Newest]Who put this here? A7X is great band, Slipknot sucks.
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Fake tough guy hardcore makes me want to vomit.
Why is Judas Priest on this list? Anyway Emmure blah! I like Nu metal, I like some death metal, and even viking metal but I can't stomach whatever the hell kind of metal emmure supposedly is. They are not good the singer barely does anything but says blaah for like 2 minutes says a word then blaah again... I just saved you a whole Emmure ticket. I mean in death metal there are some crazy weird growls but they play real instruments instead of a stupid computer or whatever they use in emmure. They are just a bad band! Well maybe not in this day and age because these days less real instruments you play the better a muscian you are. Makes a lot of sense right? Thanks Emmure for destrying whatever metal we have left
Terrible. Just terrible. It's the absolute worst thing ever when bands pretend to be something they're not. Emmure try to be heavy and hardcore, but really come across as wannabes. Awful vocals also.
[Newest]Emmure is basically just a heavier version of Limp Bizkit.
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?Pierce the Veil
Holy crap they suck
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I voted for this band as it is not even metal. I mean Lamb of God, Cradle of Filth, Skid Row, hell all these bands could at least be considered as metal. But just listen to Brokencyde. There are hardly any elements in their music that even resembles metal. The closest thing that even makes them resemble metal is the screamed vocals, and they are still done in the wrong technique.
Why Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park are on this here? This band definitely number 1.


Not even metal. But even then. When I think of bands that suck, BrokeNCYDE comes to mind. Them and Blood on the Dance Floor.
It's not metal, but to be honest I pretty much like all the actual metal bands they put on here. So I picked this one.
[Newest]Worser than limp bizkit and all the bands than is in the list
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12Hollywood Undead
Metal and rap should never be together, just like peanut butter and ketchup
Tell that to Rage Against the Machine, but yeah Hollywood Undead sucks.
Bunch of wannabe gangsters...
I don't understand why they are compared to Linkin Park. LP has talent, and say what you want, but they're not posers. Hollywood Undead might be the worst band ever. Crappy music, crappy look, it's the complete package of what bad bands should be like. I saw "Swan Songs" cover and thought they were like those bank robbers from the beginning of the Dark Knight movie. So, I thought theyd be cool. Nope. Never been more wrong in my life. Listen to real music like Linkin Park, or even From Ashes to New. WAY better.
[Newest]This is the worst "metal" band I know. Don't combine metal with rap!
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Should be number 1, Limp Bizkit is better. Stupid masked maggots, Slipknot is horrible, they are suck, this band is horrible and terrible. Corey Taylor is the most swearing singer in the world. This guy is disgusting. Stupid masks, disgusting voice, awful music and worst metal band of all time.

Slipknot and Iowa are the most douchebag albums. Really disgusting!
How the hell is slipknot on this list like come on they rock!
Laugh out loud, I love how many bands on this list are also on the list "Best Metal Bands of All Time". :D
[Newest]One of the best bands ever
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14Asking Alexandria
Most BORING band ever.
Their music is lame. Their band name is lame.
Is this considered even music?
15Waking the Cadaver
This band is awful. I'm a fan of brutal music, but no. Their music is just bad. Not to mention that in their first album, the drummer was terrible. He couldn't keep a beat if his life depended on it. Their second album is a big improvement but it still sounds terrible. They are the worst deathcore band in existence


I can comprehend death metal vocals just fine, but waking the cadaver is incomprehensible. Not to mention the drummer can't play
Dude who ever put this on here can go to HELL AND BURN FIR THE REST OF TIME!
To the person who put this on the list, I have guards and I shall hunt you down and when I find you I will sue you and then kill you and feed you to wolves IN THE NAME OF Metallica!
People soon need to realize these guys aren't that amazing. I mean, they got some amazing tracks. But a lot of terrible ones on top of that.


[Newest]Terribly overrated band. Lars Ulrich. Enough said.
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What is the one thing worse than Limp Bizkit (who is actually number 1 on this list right now)? A band that takes the utter crap of Limp Bizkit and uses it as inspiration to make even crappier crap. What drives me crazy about this group is that they are on record, hugely influenced by Fred Durst.
These guys probably make Fred Durst want to kill himself.
Oh God, they're not even metal nor close to metal


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18Design the Skyline
No talent at all. Just a bunch or strange noises.
Any band with the verb the noun trend for a name is always garbage no exceptions
This is why metal has a bad name
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1930 Seconds to Mars
What? , this isn't even close to metal..
Idiots these dudes are rock not metal.
I'm glad everyone admits these guys are nowhere near metal and a great band altogether.
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20Five Finger Death Punch
They need to change the band name, seriously. Because the title Five Finger Death Punch seems to be a Hardcore Metal, Nu-Metal band. But they are not really like that. They did a lot of soft songs and that's the way this band is known. They should really change the title to maybe "Five Ways To Freedom". They did good song but the title just don't fit with the band.
Five finger death punch are awesome how can you hate them songs they have are good
They are really good but just don't fit in with metal or death metal. I love there songs but they just don't fit in. No one get offended.
[Newest]Shut up there awesome
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