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21Animal Soccer World

No actual soccer despite the misleading title. Luckily this wasn't released in america

Another game in the line of Phoenix Games ripoffs - iRocketGamer52

I'm surprised by the fact that this wasn't number 1

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22Snow White and the 7 Clever Boys

Evil game, so crappy one has to eat a poo sandwich to get the taste out of ones mouth afterwards

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23Charlie's Angels

Sucks watch jontron play it

24Crazy Frog Racer

Crazy Frog already had a terrible career of songs, why did we have a video game for it? For a cash-in? - Swellow

25Shadow the Hedgehog

This game rocks! Whoever added this is a retarded fat guy.

Don't say swearing and guns are reasons! Jak and Daxter was kid friendly, then Jak 2 came. Hypocrites.

Terrible controls with an awful camera

This game sucks asmuch as Sonic X, Sonic '06, Sonic Adventure series & Sonic: Lost World.

I strongly prefer Mario: Lost World. Seriously, this game has Nintendo characters w/ Sonic the Hedgehog, but no Mario? Mario's the mascot! He needed to be in this game too!

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26Gran Turismo 4

The only thing I disliked about this game is the fact you have to race against potato cars if you choose a strong car/truck

Something tells me you don't like racing simulators - iRocketGamer52

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27Crash: Mind Over Mutant

I beat this game in less than 2 hours!

Please that game my best game I was small I beat the game in one day from 6 am to 9 pm with no memory card I just stop for going to bathroom

28Crash of the Titans

Disappointing, but better than Mind Over Mutant

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29The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

How how how spyro is my best game

30Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey

This could be on this list because it is less violent and aimed towards little girls. - playstationfan66

31Mega Man X7

This game is terrible it should be number one - Txdinoboy89

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32Beverly Hills Cop

It should been higher. Bad controls, dreadful graphics, terrible character design, Axel Foley is missing in the cover! Courtesy of Blast! Enterniment.

33Mr. Bean
34Frogger: The Great Quest

So many childhood memories. My childhood must have been awful because I played this game so much - Jonerman

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35Sonic Heroes

Stick to Gamecube version guys

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36XIIIV1 Comment
37McFarlane's Evil Prophecy
38Fugitive Hunter: War of TerrorV1 Comment
39Bad Boys: Miami Takedown
40Dalmatians 3V3 Comments
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