Top Ten Worst Things About MMORPG Games

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1Durability (In some RPG games)

Alright! Lets do this! -playing a rpg game-
-slashes a boss with my Emerald Blade-
-Emerald Blade Breaks-
OH CRAP! -dies-

2Some monsters are OP (Overpowered)
3StaminaV1 Comment
4Higher Levels gain levels slower

When you were a lower level and you gained XP you would almost automatically level up but when your a high level
It takes like 900000 XP to level you up

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So its like
If I hit a civilian my Peaceful points decrease but my hostile points increase it makes it hard to decide what to do

6People brag about how much more XP Intellect and Skill they have than you
7People with OP weapons
8Boss monsters you need a specific item to kill

This is one of the worst things I can think of in a mmorpg, along with bosses that you have to figure out the puzzle to kill, like in WoW.

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9Sometimes Can Get Boring
10Monsters that ALMOST kill you instantly

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12Repetitive Quests

New quest!
Kill 20 orcs!
Player spends an hour finding the orcs, killing one, healing, killing one, healing, killing one, healing...
Quest complete!

New quest!
Kill 20 goblins!
Player logs out and never returns.

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13Weak monsters but they hunt in packs
14Character Runs Too Slow
15Some Armor Slows You Down

This is probably a good thing since it makes it realistic.

16Overpowered People In PVP Arenas
17They Ruin Social Lives
18The Constant Grind for Loot
19No Turn Based Battles

I like turn based battles. But games without them is just 'click the enemy' 'you then attack it' 'press 1 to use a fireball' 'wait for it to die' 'you win' There's no strategy.

I hate turn based games no action its chess

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