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1Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was a crazy man. Thought only of himself and world domination. Seriously, nothing is more messed up than that. But seriously, George W. Bush? If I had to choose between sane and insane, I'd choose sane hands down. Hitler was EVIL. George Bush should be shoved out of the way to make some room for Hitler. Hitler is beyond worthy of the number one award for the Worst World Leader. Hitler, bow down for your fans as they applause your no where near nice personality that will break mirrors.

Hitler was an insane, maniacal mass murderer with a country behind him who did little to stop him no matter how bad things got.

No leader can do such things as he did without the complicity of many others.

He's under bush? People can be stupid as H* sometimes. Holocaust? Taking over world? Hmm, which one is worst, a U.S. president who is sane, or an insane, power hungry, jew hating maniac?

He is nice parsons

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2Hun Sen

He is a good friend with Thaksin. These guy know only how to make money and benefits for their family and friends ( who return the benefits) by taking the advantage of the country.

A good example of devil...

He's an idiots.
Everything he do is not for a country but for his family and all followers wealth only.
He tries to take an ownership of the country, same like Thaksin does with Thailand.
He leaves the large amount of people stay poor and uneducated in rural areas but his family and all his closed-relations are become richer and wealthier.

Everything in Cambodia is owned by this tyrant! He is cruel, violent, heartless, totally insane etc. He is a real ass leader!

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3Kim Jong II

His family has controlled everything in North Korea only to please themselves but not North Korean people. Korean has been divided for many decades. Families have been separated and if someone dare to escape out of the country, people behind them will be killed. What on earth this can be called a country! Please free the people. We are in the 21st century! Human can walk in the space now. All the thing that Kim Jong II and his followers have done can not be legal at all!

I feel sorry for the people who live in North Korea because He brainwash almost everyone from birth to Adulthood. The people see him as a divine god rather than a corrupt leader that he truly is.

Everyday I'll bet Koreans wake up and wonder, "Jesus what is he gonna do today!? " - aman28

Good Thing He Died In 2011!

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4Kim Jong-Un

The adventures of kim jong un
Directed and written by kim jong un

The Great Killer. He kills even his relatives

At least his father kept the country relatively together (although pish poor for the normal people, those who stood by him got money and power). This guy? Even his own relatives and advisers can't predict.

Guys! STOP you know what this sentimental sponge can DO! Nothing LOL - trender2004

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5Saddam Hussein

The maniac who Invaded Iran, Kuwait and said that" Jews, Persians ( Iranians) and Flies are useless" deserves to be on the top of this list.

one of the worst leaders and most notorius criminals in the world - ronluna

This is worst world leaders, not most evil people. Hitler, although evil and insane, knew how to run a country very well. Saddam did NOT know how to run a country, plus he was insane, evil, and all around a pretty bad guy. I mean, come on, his name means "The Destroyer" which his mother named him because his birth took longer then usual and it was more painful then usual. (Which is what his leadership ended up being)

Saddam Hussein is the crazy guy in Iraq he made Iraq very bad

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6Joseph Stalin

During world war 2 many people in for example Estonia or Poland who did not agree with Stalin and the soviet republic, were taken from their homes and sent to "working camps" or were torured and killed by the KGB.

One survivor of the Gulag says that his wifes uncle and the ucles wife had been arrested. Before the uncles wife were allowed to leave she had heard her husband being dragged into a torture chamber. When she were allowed to leave she entered the chamber she could she her husband. His feet had been burned and the skin had peeled off. His hands had been tied behind his back with barbed wire. He also said: "and if I'm not mistaken his eyes had been gouged out and his lips cut off.

If you ask a random person on the street if they could name an event during world war 2, there is a very big chance that they will say "The holocaust". The problem is that not many people know about the crimes made by the soviets.
But at last countries who were occupied by soviet are ...more - JonteNo

Wow! There really are some stupid people out there. Bush and Obama over Stalin, Mao, Hitler? Stalin is responsible for the death of 20 million of his own people. What the hell do they teach in schools these days?

I agree. Stalin should be way higher on this list. Had he lived to see the Cuban Missile Crisis, World War III would have started and we can only wonder how that would have turned out in a world that had already entered the nuclear age.

The difference between Stalin and most of the others on this list is simple: Communism's influence spread during Stalin's time in power, but he also had a military that was strong enough that to change our geopolitical world in a way that you wouldn't want to imagine.

Worst mass murderer in history, and while Hitler, bad that he was were good for the Germans Stalin was absolutely horrible for the Russians.

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7Pol Pot

Hitler and Stalin might be evil, but at least Hitler got Germany out of the recession and Stalin modernized Russia. As bad as the other leaders were, I don't think anyone would match up to Pol Pot. Other dictators might be evil, but Pol Pot was an idiot who almost threw Cambodia back to the stone ages. - Tyrant216

Killing 1/3 of your people doesn't fulfill the service aspect of the job of leader

He is the worst leader in the world

Schools seriously need to teach students about Pol Pot at a younger age.

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8Mao ZeDong

China still thinks he was a great leader and an amazing man...

Yet we all know that no leader has killed more of its own people than mao zedong.

He killed more than hitler and stalin put together yet people in china act like he is a god because the T.V. shows make him out to be an amazing hero

Despite Hitler being evil and killing so many, leadership wise he was actually quite good. He defied major powers and saved Germany from horrible economical troubles. Because of that, I voted for my second least favorite leader. And I don't think Bin Laden qualifies for this list, as he's a terrorist not a leader, and the queen of England is more of a public figure than an actual leader.

Killed more people than Hitler and Stalin COMBINED, most of them on accident from a stupid plan called the "Great Leap Forward". Not to mention the millions dead from the cultural revolution which was basically Mao having school children to kill teachers and they soon started killing random people. This guy is the definition of the word "Idiot".

Mao is a wonderful person. Since he is the first chairman, in China they treat him like the "Founding father." Kinda like George Washington

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9George W. Bush

He lied to America to drag it into a war that killed hundreds of thousands of non-combatants and traded those human lives for money so he and his friends could get more rich off of death. That is evil in my opinion. There were zero weapons of mass destruction! When he became President the US economy was great and had a government surplus - when he finished with us we had the worst economy since the great depression and highest unemployment, yet him and all his buddies were richer than ever.

It was never proven that he lied to America in order to go to war. As far as the weapons of Mass Destruction goes, if you were to do some research and not be an ignorant tool, you would find out that all the parts and tools to construct these weapons were found buried and that there was evidence they were buried in a hurry.

He was not a leader. Ruined the image of America. Heck, that Iraqi dude did the right thing. He deserved that shoe... - AymanKabir

This guy plummeted our debt. He was stupid. Hitler was smart but had evil Ideas. Depends on what kind of worst he means. Evil or stupid?

Oh, but he looks so happy! :(

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10Yingluck Shinawatra

Most stupid Thai, The first only one leader who visit more than 50 country around the world within 2 years

She is stupid of both Thai & English languages.

She is puppetry of her brother.

Thank you 3 times

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The Newcomers

?Tipu Sultan

First Freedom Fighter king

He is great evil in human body

He was a murder and rapist.

?Salman bin Abdulaziz

Great former

The Contenders

11Abhisit Vejjajiva

Inaccurate. He was a good Prime Minister and wish him to be Prime Minister again

In Thailand there are rare good leader, but he is the best leader among this group.

He became on position of Prime minister of Thailand by an unacceptable non-democratic way though he said that he did. He and his party presented many policies those were copied and modified from his opponent party, Thai Rak Thai, Thai People Power, or even similar to Phue Thai party. In the politic disorder in 2010, he did approved and agree to order the soldier to kill and shot the red-shirt protesters during the night!

He is a good speaker. Well, that is the only thing he did really good though he lately talking with not a such proper speeches. He only speaks for many many things but never ever take any effort to make those words real. His government, just like every time his party became the government, committed a great corruption which is easily visible from citizens' eyes! However, his party and its members never got blame for their ugly act. Worse, his party's members did many unacceptable acts in the parliament, for example to trow the chair, scream during someone else ...more

He was the killer.

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12Barack Obama

Talks a good talk, but rarely holds true to his word. Rarely has done anything on his own. Most things that he is attributed with is plagiarized from others. Things he encourages are not inline with the majority of Americans. Is it for the people by the people, or for the people by the government. What President gets involved with intellectual lawsuits? Why do you cut the foundation of our financial structure (oil/gas) when we are struggling? Why we are at it let us change the health care system that no one really wants. Name me something that "stands out" about his presidency that says great leader. If you do then I'll change my mind. Good Luck!

This man will go down in history as the worst social experiment in American has ever produced! He has drastically weakened not only the U.S. and world economy but has weakened the U.S. 's foreign relations standing to a point that chaos is igniting around the world against us. He is more dangerous to the U.S. than al-Qaeda and it is amazing that he may get re-elected for a second term.

Yeah, much more dangerous than Al-Qaeda, he's never killed anyone, or built any bombs, or plotted against the American people, but he's worse.

I agree obama being one of the worst us presidents and I voted for him because he is the most overrated president ever in any country. By the way TearsofaClown France was never socialist, Germany was national socialist or nazi it's really a different thing because Hitler hated communism, and Russian empire(just before soviet union) was much worse than Soviet Union Lenin actually made Russian economy better and he made poor peoples life much better.

And Lenin's right hand man, Stalin killed millions of his own people.

I know you can't put any of the Republican presidential candidates on this list because none of them would be considered leaders.

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13Idi Amin

This guy is WAY worse than Hitler, at least Hitler had a reason (a stupid one) to kill the Jews but this guy he killed 500,000 of his own people and yet he had no reason, he was the military leader of Uganda, he embarrassed the British and said he was the CBE (Conqueror of The British Empire) and executed foreign journalists and made it look like an accident. They killed all their good soliders then DECLARED WAR on a WAY bigger country than itself, Tanzania. Tanzanian Troops took over Uganda and Idi Amin was overthrown then he fled to Saudi Arabia and seeked asylum there. He died on August 6 2003, his country celebrated when they heard he had died. - TopTenListGuy

Can't believe nobody though of him before this.

Mass murderer, cannibal, lunatic...

He is the most craziest lunatic to be a leader

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14Suthep Thaugsuban

A brave heart man who inspired and lead to political change for Thai people.

He is agood man. Thai people love him so much.

Most information here is inaccurate. He has just been voted
Asia Man of the Year by Asia Society.

A big hairy gorilla who made his money by being a local mafia godfather in the south and who later got in bed with the constitutional court judges. A two-faced monkey.

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15Kim Il-Sung

Founded the living hell known as North Korea with brainwashing, concentration camps, guilt by association, and Worst of all, Juche which doesn't Work. HE IS A MONSTER! - Yitsul

16Ferdinand Marcos

For me he's One of the best leader because in his Reign Philippines is at its Golden days

Laugh out loud people say he is a corrupt leader then how come Philippines is the 2nd ritchest country in Asia during his reign and how come you can't bring any evidence that he is a corrupt leader?

Idiots should research before speaking

The Philippines became the 2nd poorest country in Asia by the end of the 1970s. Thanks to this crook and his cohorts.

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17Vlad Tepes

What? Do you think he was bad, don't you know of Ceausescu, At least Tepes did all of this you consider bad for Romania, why do you think Stefan the Great, Moldova's best leader ever, helped him and even rescued Vlad from death, because together they could defeat every country of that time, but they never did that because they wanted to help Romania, Moldova and the Christian world unlike others (Bush, Obama, Kim Jong Un, Hitler, Stalin etc)
And no matter what you think about him Romania will always think he was one of the best leaders of his time. And he is. He may have killed humans and look frightening, but he only killed people who were a threat to his country and the Christian world.

Get him higher! He killed people by making them suffer. Do you want a stake going through your head

I still have nightmares about him. This is why I will never play Castlevania

This man is very Frightening - Threeji123

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18Tarit Pengdith

Abusive in using authority power to serve Taksin's empire

Ring, ring... "Hello, it's Thaksin calling Tarit cell phone to give him orders and wire money".

19Surapong Tovichakchaikul

He is Taksis's slave who try to ruin Thailand

No royal to the country, only follow Thaksin's policy with their own benefits.

The greedy man look for his own benefits only.

20Muammar al-Qaddafi

Just because he did not dance to the tune of the West, he is on this list. He did a lot of things for his countrymen, which other states can't imagine. He made mistakes too. But as a human being, everyone is entitled to make mistakes. Honestly, after removing him, ask yourself this, "
Is Libya in a better situation now? "

He is a sick man he enjoys killing and murdering his foes and making his people suffer

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