Top Ten Worst World Leaders


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The Top Ten

Thaksin Shinawatra
He is the great corruptionist and using his richness to get permanent power. Also he tries hard to rule all of power in democracy system, parliament, government, and court by changing the current constitution for him and his relatives.
Killed over 2, 000 innocents to fight against drugs, betrayed his own country by persuading a country close-by to invade into the northeast part of Thailand just for his own petroleum investment business purpose.
He is one of the most stupid guy forever that chose the wrong side to be the prime minister of the most beautiful country as thailand. Just the first decision that he made, everything has been destroyed until now and only words that can say are ' he is the cold blood monster ever and ever.
[Newest]Clear winner is the selfish narcissist. But the worst is he ruined the whole country. Even his former party members and cabinet are against him so he only has to pick his family members like sister and brother-in-law.

2Yingluck Shinawatra
Most stupid Thai, The first only one leader who visit more than 50 country around the world within 2 years
She is stupid of both Thai & English languages.
She is puppetry of her brother.
[Newest]The most stupid woman in Thailand.
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3Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler was a crazy man. Thought only of himself and world domination. Seriously, nothing is more messed up than that. But seriously, George W. Bush? If I had to choose between sane and insane, I'd choose sane hands down. Hitler was EVIL. George Bush should be shoved out of the way to make some room for Hitler. Hitler is beyond worthy of the number one award for the Worst World Leader. Hitler, bow down for your fans as they applause your no where near nice personality that will break mirrors.
Hitler was an insane, maniacal mass murderer with a country behind him who did little to stop him no matter how bad things got.

No leader can do such things as he did without the complicity of many others.
He's under bush? People can be stupid as H* sometimes. Holocaust? Taking over world? Hmm, which one is worst, a U.S. president who is sane, or an insane, power hungry, jew hating maniac?
[Newest]Hitler is just pure evil and that's all there is to it. You have to be pretty evil yourself to think he's great and want to follow in his footsteps.
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4Hun Sen
He is a good friend with Thaksin. These guy know only how to make money and benefits for their family and friends ( who return the benefits) by taking the advantage of the country.
A good example of devil...
He's an idiots.
Everything he do is not for a country but for his family and all followers wealth only.
He tries to take an ownership of the country, same like Thaksin does with Thailand.
He leaves the large amount of people stay poor and uneducated in rural areas but his family and all his closed-relations are become richer and wealthier.
[Newest]He killed his own country

5Kim Jong II
His family has controlled everything in North Korea only to please themselves but not North Korean people. Korean has been divided for many decades. Families have been separated and if someone dare to escape out of the country, people behind them will be killed. What on earth this can be called a country! Please free the people. We are in the 21st century! Human can walk in the space now. All the thing that Kim Jong II and his followers have done can not be legal at all!
I feel sorry for the people who live in North Korea because He brainwash almost everyone from birth to Adulthood. The people see him as a divine god rather than a corrupt leader that he truly is.
Everyday I'll bet Koreans wake up and wonder, "Jesus what is he gonna do today!? "


[Newest]He sucks at economics

6Saddam Hussein
The maniac who Invaded Iran, Kuwait and said that" Jews, Persians ( Iranians) and Flies are useless" deserves to be on the top of this list.
one of the worst leaders and most notorius criminals in the world


This is worst world leaders, not most evil people. Hitler, although evil and insane, knew how to run a country very well. Saddam did NOT know how to run a country, plus he was insane, evil, and all around a pretty bad guy. I mean, come on, his name means "The Destroyer" which his mother named him because his birth took longer then usual and it was more painful then usual. (Which is what his leadership ended up being)
[Newest]What did he do

7Kim Jong-Un
The adventures of kim jong un
Directed and written by kim jong un
The Great Killer. He kills even his relatives
At least his father kept the country relatively together (although pish poor for the normal people, those who stood by him got money and power). This guy? Even his own relatives and advisers can't predict.
[Newest]Is the worst. no need for discussion

8Pol Pot
Hitler and Stalin might be evil, but at least Hitler got Germany out of the recession and Stalin modernized Russia. As bad as the other leaders were, I don't think anyone would match up to Pol Pot. Other dictators might be evil, but Pol Pot was an idiot who almost threw Cambodia back to the stone ages.


Killing 1/3 of your people doesn't fulfill the service aspect of the job of leader
He is the worst leader in the world
[Newest]I'm so fancy I already know

9Abhisit Vejjajiva
Inaccurate. He was a good Prime Minister and wish him to be Prime Minister again
In Thailand there are rare good leader, but he is the best leader among this group.
He is nothing but a liar who speak only good of himself, he always judge the people whom against him as the underdeveloped. He's the one who ordered to use a real bullets on the protesters against him; therefore, he is absolutely a criminal.
[Newest]Only good in politic, not running country.
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10Somchai Wongsawatt
True puppetry of Thaksin, selfish and ignorant of the well-being of the nation.
Non sense man, like a cow just walking follow taksin, same as Yingluck!
Corruptionist & puppetry of Thaksin.
[Newest]Puppetry who do nothing for Thai

The Contenders

11George W. Bush
He lied to America to drag it into a war that killed hundreds of thousands of non-combatants and traded those human lives for money so he and his friends could get more rich off of death. That is evil in my opinion. There were zero weapons of mass destruction! When he became President the US economy was great and had a government surplus - when he finished with us we had the worst economy since the great depression and highest unemployment, yet him and all his buddies were richer than ever.
He was not a leader. Ruined the image of America. Heck, that Iraqi dude did the right thing. He deserved that shoe...


This guy plummeted our debt. He was stupid. Hitler was smart but had evil Ideas. Depends on what kind of worst he means. Evil or stupid?
[Newest]I voted for him because he caused everything to go downhill in this day and age, causing millions of deaths and so much suffering.

12Yaowapa Wongsawat
The woman behind most corruptions in Thailand
Do everything for her family and cousin- Taksin Yingluck and Somchai. There is no virtue in heart.
She still be corruption with her family
[Newest]The big witch behind the scene.

13Joseph Stalin
During world war 2 many people in for example Estonia or Poland who did not agree with Stalin and the soviet republic, were taken from their homes and sent to "working camps" or were torured and killed by the KGB.

One survivor of the Gulag says that his wifes uncle and the ucles wife had been arrested. Before the uncles wife were allowed to leave she had heard her husband being dragged into a torture chamber. When she were allowed to leave she entered the chamber she could she her husband. His feet had been burned and the skin had peeled off. His hands had been tied behind his back with barbed wire. He also said: "and if I'm not mistaken his eyes had been gouged out and his lips cut off.

If you ask a random person on the street if they could name an event during world war 2, there is a very big chance that they will say "The holocaust". The problem is that not many people know about the crimes made by the soviets.
But at last countries who were occupied by soviet are now independent.


Really? Obama and Bush? Really? Over Stalin? Some American people sure are retarded. Go live under Stalin's rule, dorks!
Wow! There really are some stupid people out there. Bush and Obama over Stalin, Mao, Hitler? Stalin is responsible for the death of 20 million of his own people. What the hell do they teach in schools these days?
[Newest]Was responsible for many more deaths than Hitler, including more Jews and pushing soldiers into battle to be cannon fodder. He didn't care about his nation and ruled it badly by removing all his people's rights.
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14Barack Obama
Talks a good talk, but rarely holds true to his word. Rarely has done anything on his own. Most things that he is attributed with is plagiarized from others. Things he encourages are not inline with the majority of Americans. Is it for the people by the people, or for the people by the government. What President gets involved with intellectual lawsuits? Why do you cut the foundation of our financial structure (oil/gas) when we are struggling? Why we are at it let us change the health care system that no one really wants. Name me something that "stands out" about his presidency that says great leader. If you do then I'll change my mind. Good Luck!
This man will go down in history as the worst social experiment in American has ever produced! He has drastically weakened not only the U.S. and world economy but has weakened the U.S. 's foreign relations standing to a point that chaos is igniting around the world against us. He is more dangerous to the U.S. than al-Qaeda and it is amazing that he may get re-elected for a second term.
I agree obama being one of the worst us presidents and I voted for him because he is the most overrated president ever in any country. By the way TearsofaClown France was never socialist, Germany was national socialist or nazi it's really a different thing because Hitler hated communism, and Russian empire(just before soviet union) was much worse than Soviet Union Lenin actually made Russian economy better and he made poor peoples life much better.
[Newest]Congress is now mostly Republican, so he can't get anything done, so he just executive orders everything that he wants done.
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15Suthep Thaugsuban
A brave heart man who inspired and lead to political change for Thai people.
He is agood man. Thai people love him so much.
Most information here is inaccurate. He has just been voted
Asia Man of the Year by Asia Society.
[Newest]He is a good man and inspire to fight to the corruption governtment. !

16Tarit Pengdith
Abusive in using authority power to serve Taksin's empire
Ring, ring... "Hello, it's Thaksin calling Tarit cell phone to give him orders and wire money".

17Mao ZeDong
China still thinks he was a great leader and an amazing man...

Yet we all know that no leader has killed more of its own people than mao zedong.

He killed more than hitler and stalin put together yet people in china act like he is a god because the T.V. shows make him out to be an amazing hero
Despite Hitler being evil and killing so many, leadership wise he was actually quite good. He defied major powers and saved Germany from horrible economical troubles. Because of that, I voted for my second least favorite leader. And I don't think Bin Laden qualifies for this list, as he's a terrorist not a leader, and the queen of England is more of a public figure than an actual leader.
#1 murderer in world history. This tyrant destroyed the moral sense that China was gaining at the time. If this man was alive today this world would be in chaos.
Moral sense is always a world problem not only in China and at that time
[Newest]As a revolutionary hero he was great but as a leader he was horrible thousands died he destroyed historical land to get rid of the past and last he brainwashed millions

18Idi Amin
This guy is WAY worse than Hitler, at least Hitler had a reason (a stupid one) to kill the Jews but this guy he killed 500,000 of his own people and yet he had no reason, he was the military leader of Uganda, he embarrassed the British and said he was the CBE (Conqueror of The British Empire) and executed foreign journalists and made it look like an accident. They killed all their good soliders then DECLARED WAR on a WAY bigger country than itself, Tanzania. Tanzanian Troops took over Uganda and Idi Amin was overthrown then he fled to Saudi Arabia and seeked asylum there. He died on August 6 2003, his country celebrated when they heard he had died.


Can't believe nobody though of him before this.
I thought of him


19Ferdinand Marcos
For me he's One of the best leader because in his Reign Philippines is at its Golden days
The 2nd most corrupt leader of all time.
Laugh out loud people say he is a corrupt leader then how come Philippines is the 2nd ritchest country in Asia during his reign and how come you can't bring any evidence that he is a corrupt leader?

20Erap Estrada
Now a mayor that bans busses, trucks and tricycles in city of manila. the result, it's very hard to commute and ride public transport in city of manila and traffic jams in the city is STILL heavy
Not all actors can be a great president


He's the most perfect puppet the Philippines ever got.

21Surapong Tovichakchaikul
He is Taksis's slave who try to ruin Thailand
No royal to the country, only follow Thaksin's policy with their own benefits.
The greedy man look for his own benefits only.

22Muammar al-Qaddafi
He is a sick man he enjoys killing and murdering his foes and making his people suffer

23President Robert Mugabe
Getting away with murder...
He has no heart
Because he refused being used by whites? And that makes him a worst president. Wow!

24Nattawut Saikua
He works for Thaksin Shinawatra and does everything for money. He's one of the red shirt who ordered people to burn town hall in Bangkok.
He work for Thaksin, for money only not difference from his boss.
Talkative but nonsense. Have any knowledge about job. Just speech for violence and money.
[Newest]He will do everything for money.

25Jatuporn Prompan
Order to kill the people who support him and give all his fault to the other person
Received a lot of money from Taksin to get rid The Abisit Goverment by the protester
Should not be born. Such a big liar and corrupted person. Encouraged his followers to set fire to nearby shopping malls in the area of their rally.
I hated Jatuporn who orders to burned Thailand. He make everthing for himself not Thai people
[Newest]Made 700 million Baht for terrorism and setting fires, another Thai money man.

26Panthongtae Shinawatra
He is addict. And support red shirt to terrorist in Thailand, He cheated on exams.


He is worst like his father, Thaksin Chin
He should not be on this list because he is not the leader of anything

27Hugo Chavez
You don't know how bad this man was. Corruption is EVERYWHERE. They took our oil export money, and the one they stole from us, and then split it between them AND his puppet master Fidel Castro. There is not a single aspect he improved in 14 years. He made two coups before people somehow elected him president.
His goon and successor, Nicolás Maduro is as bad as him except he's stupider. He was a bus driver!
Sean Penn likes him! What more can I say!
He turned a paradise into a hell.

28Chalerm Yubamrung
Corruption. Dominate his son to police without qualities.
Stupid, no brain, knows only corruption. Only knows how to luck Thaksin feet. Another very vulgar and uneducated man in the government of Yingluck
Cheat and lair, declare himself as the criminal fugitive Thaksin Shinnawat's slave. Make himself rich by corruption and support his sons do wrong.
[Newest]Monster corruption and murderer.

29Kim Il-Sung

30Benito Mussolini
He is sick and did not deserve anything.
Actually. Mussolini did a lor of good things in Italy


31Kasit Piromya
He was leader to expropriate at Suwanna bhumi Airport that's damage famous of Thailand, This event made him became minister of Foreign Ministry. he can purify from crime to minster. best of baddest for him and partisan
This deputy chair of the policy committee within the Democrat Party is the purse behind Abhisit and the core leaders of cronies. Most are not royalists but are greedy merchants who have paid assassins to kill each other's mistresses and toyboys.

32Vlad Tepes
Get him higher! He killed people by making them suffer. Do you want a stake going through your head
I still have nightmares about him. This is why I will never play Castlevania
This man is very Frightening


33Silvio Berlusconi
Corrupt but not too bad! He is after money, power and young girls... But sure not one of the worst leaders...

34Than Shwe
Rapist leader & Genocide leader
He looks out for one person only and that's himself.
He is the second gen Nazi. The millitary is everywhere.

35Vladimir Putin
This guy said that there was a war going on in Ukraine (which there wasn't) and that it was all the US's fault! He's brainwashing the people in Russia and that's the thing people don't realize
What? He should be in the Top 3


Actually, Putin is a pretty good leader, just not a nice one. He is evil, but not a bad leader (as in bad at leading). Not sure which we're supposed to vote for though...
Putin is an idiot.

36Benigno Aquino III
He is dumb for a president. Lacking in leadership, vision and he is reactive response to calamities. He also lie just about everything just to boost his ego. Clearly the worst president Philippines has ever had.
Aquino is the worst ever president of the Philippines... He's doing nothing to uplift the lives of filipino people. Thus, he's good protecting the interest of his family corporation, political buddies, friends loyal to him. He cannot control his corrupt government...
The dumbest president of the Philippines ever had.
[Newest]Worst president of all time

37Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
God save our country
The mother of corruption and cronyism.
Worst than Erap Estrada... ZTE scandal, election fraud, etc.

38Mahmood Ahmadinejad
Laugh out loud, I begin to laugh every time I think about his silly monkey face! :'D


He damaged Iran in 8 years more than sadam did in the 8 year war

39Rafael Trujillo
This man was behind the murder and disappearances of about 30,000 to 50,000 people in the Dominican Republic. The worst and most brutal dictator in Latin American history. He was worse than Fidel Castro!

40Hu Jintao, China

41David Cameron
I'm not voting Cameron as terrible, but who would put him on here. Why would people vote for someone who has done so much good for their country? The UK is one of the top 5 countries in the world (after USA, China, Russia and France) in terms of economics, power and domination. Without the UK the world would struggle. So don't be stereotyping us Brits as 'chavs' or 'posh', we really are important.
We are more powerful than France, Turkey are more powerful than France
Says he plans to take immediate action on economic recovery, next days goes on holiday with family to mirjoca *face palm*
Too right wing - rich getting richer and poor getting poorer - we'll be as bad as USA next.

#58? The only two people who should be ahead of him is Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin. He murdered his wife and unborn son. Started the prosecution of Christians. And even more! And you put him at #58? He should be #3!


Sponsor of Christian persecution

43Plodprasop Suraswadi
He's sick, no brain and dressd to be angel to show old nipples out to people.. this makes me throw out
Stupid, animal, cold blood, you must get out from Thailand goto hell.

44Ivan the Terrible
Well his last name is Terrible so he's terrible haha laugh out loud 😂😝😆

45Richard Nixon
Poor Nixon, an underhanded dude to be sure, but nothing close to as bad as the current crop of so called leaders, and now that we know the truth, he was not even as bad as his contemporary Lyndon Johnson.
He's so great compared to Obama.

46Parntongtea Shinnawatra
Shinnawatra He is Thaksin son he very bad same Her father and mother

47Bashar Al-Assad
He should be first... Who the hell is Shinawatra?


That bitch is killing millions of his citizens, why would he be the least
He should be on top of this list, he displaced one third of the population and caused almost 200,000 be killed and destroyed and bombarded several cities. To count few of the reasons..
[Newest]Destroyed whole civilizations and burned greatest world libraries to the ground.

48The Rothschild Family
These people are worst than Hitler! They financed Hitler, Stalin, and are responsible for WWI, WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, 9/11, the War On Terror and are the leaders behind the ages old Illuminati conspiracy for world domination and population reduction and control. When you are looking for who are the Most Evil People in the World, look no further than the Rothschilds and the Illuminati... !

49Mohamed Morsi
The stupidest man ever
Fortunately it will be very difficult to get another Morsi
It's So Dumb To Call Him A Leader
[Newest]He can go kill himself

50Jacob Zuma
His the worst, dumbest and twisted president ever.
He's a complete moron!
The brainless, scandalas, selfish, careless, no inch of dignity this man got. Sigh, this man is a joke - do the hounarable thing for once & step down. More of a socialite type than a leader.


52President Nicolas Sarkozy
All he does is wait hand and foot for his no good airhead wife who by the way isn't even that pretty!


53Thida Thavornset

54Carlos Menem

55Chuan Leekpai
A good guy who doesn't listen and laughed at Thaksin as a threat in the 1990's. What a stupid little man.
He's the bad man of Thailand.

56Najib Abdul Razak
He is the 6th and one of the worst Malaysia Prime Minister. He has successfully made Malaysia a joke for the world with his Kangkung incident. Worse still is when the country's economy is so weak, yet he can still afford to live luxuriously and has 7 private jets bought and maintained by the government paid with the a payers money.

His wife is a spendthrift and she has a big compulsive habit of buying everything that is the most expensive and most rare ones on the planet. The only woman on earth (I think) that owns a 24 million diamond ring and a range of super expensive bags. She goes shopping overseas on the country's expense using private jets instead of commercial airlines.
Played cheat in the election by the blackout incident, phantom voters (aka. banglas), double voters and importing extra ballot boxes! He's the complete opposite of his father, the second Prime Minister of Malaysia. Had lost the trust of 53% citizens, only 47% still stupidly trust them (most of them are phantom voters). Killed Mongolian lady using TNT with sufficient evidence to be charged to prison but escaped by corruption, imprisoned someone else. Promise the country that all the taxes will be reduced but increase instead. Then talk about the price reduction of kangkung, thus becoming an international joke!
He promotes that the chicken in our country only cost 1 ringgit Malaysia, while the whole world been worrying about the incident of the missing plane MH370
[Newest]One of the most corrupt prime minister

57Pervez Musharraf
One of the bad person we ever had

58Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
He is among the worst leaders in history. He is a dictator who exploits the religious beliefs of his people to gain and stay in power. He desperately needs psychiatric treatment, though a cure would not be expected.
All entellectuels, leftists, atheists ( and people who believe in another god ), womans, humanists and graduated people hate him. Because he drive Turkey to Islamic empire ( including Syria and north kurdistan ).
:( Worse thing ever happened to Turkey.
[Newest]He is a loser dictator for the 50 percent who didn't vote for him.

59Robert Mugabe
A murderous homophobic fascist

60Nicolas Sarkozy
No decisions. No transformation. Lot of marketing... And an abyssal depths for the next government and next generations!

61Abdul Hamid II

62Leopold II
Used Congo as his personal playground, had the hobby of cutting the Congoleze's hands of if he did not like them,...

63Banharn Silpa-archa
He is an ugliest man in Thai political. He can do anything for himself even betray his motherland.
Actually, Banharn, Chavalit, and formerly Chamlong paved the way for Hitler Thaksin Shinee to come to power. Banharn started big money politics he is a local yokel from Suphanburi with a Napoleon complex.

64Franklin D. Roosevelt
He was sick when in office probably not of sound mind.
Roosevelt was very good leader led us to of the great depression.
He should be in. Top 20 at least

65Sheikh Hasina
Most Dangerous, Most corrupted, Most brute ruler in the history.

66Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah
Is the Emir of Kuwait

The Emir Who hates the Kuwaities & Kuwait

67Sultan Abdulaziz

68Crown Prince Abdullah

69Mwai Kibaki

70Leonid Breschnjev

71Omar al-Bashir
Big racist and coward thief

72John Howard
Stopped investments in renewable energy research and gave permission to big business to mines everywhere. Turned Australia into a quarry. Change media ownership to give Murdoch the monopoly so he could control restrict information given to everyone. Both problems prevail.
What are you are talking about. John Howard is our best Prime Minister ever
Lied about weapons of mass destruction, hated workers

73Ken Lewenza

74Louis XVI
My king very best in the world

75Shinaphat Bhoomirat
So many choices from Thailand but think this guy can make a lot of money.
So stupid leader Ministry of Education. He make education for student in Thailand No.8 of Asean 10 Country. He refused Cancel O'net National test. Teachers & Student so strain.

76Goodluck Jonathan
He supports corruption in every sector in the country, first when he was asked to declare his asset he refused then continue covering corrupt politicians and fired whistle blowers about the corruption. He's worst thing that happened to Nigeria as a country in recent times.
Nigerian President (please don't say leader). This guy couldn't lead himself out of a brown paper bag. Corrupt, weak, indecisive, confused and with doubtful academic qualifications.Fritters away surpluses on an ill managed infrastructure and power transformation agenda.Completely under the heel of his first lady and lady ministers.
I only hope he will listen to the voice of the people. All that is happening in the country wouldn't have been happening.
[Newest]A crook he is keeping Nigeria to be the scam country only. They are so backwards and export crime everywhere.

77Korn Chatikavanij
A good actor and even better money-maker.
He didn't kill anyone (yet) but he did swindle millions of baht to feed his wife and cronies in the democrat party. His excellent English allowed him to cover the eyes of the media during the post-slaughter of nearly 100 people in Bangkok.

78Stephen Harper
Destroyed Canadian democracy plain and simple.
Doesn't want peace and enjoys the death of Palestinians

79Traian Băsescu
A shame not a president. I d k why his mother not aborted him.

80Genghis Khan
He left no one alive to ever come after him. He killed Men. Women and Children.

81Rahul Gandhi
He is the worst leader for any country.
Simple reason : he is dumb
Rahul gandhi is the worst
[Newest]He must be crowned

82Tony Abbort
A sociopath who told reporters asking for comment about the latest refugee boat tragedy to "F*** off" before scooting off to watch the football.

A known liar who has been caught on video quivering with rage when a reporter bravely asks him to clarify why he described the tragic death of a soldier in terms of "S*** happens! "

A bully, a thug, a misogynist, who picked on the previous Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and upset her in public when her father died.
The most dishonest and ideologically extreme Prime Minister in Australian history. A man who has done nothing but strip back our civil rights, democracy and public sector, to serve the interests of unscrupulous neo-con capitalist extremists. He has declared war on everyone from the Australian working majority, to women, to unions, to asylum seekers and more.
A psychopath who is in the process of destroying a great country by dismantling and defending anything that serves to better the community. The money he rips from community organisations, education, health, disabilities services is all being given to big business in the form of tax breaks and direct funding. He should be persecuted for breaching the UN agreement on refugees. This man is a disgrace.
[Newest]His name is spelled Abbott, not Abbort, if he's to be voted one of the worst leaders, which he really is, I want his name spelt correctly!
More comments about Tony Abbort

83Khaleda Zia
She is a silent killer

84Samhak Soontonlavej
Samak Sunthavarej is the correct spelling but anyway he is the type of politician who succeeds in Thailand - a loud mouth, low class, bragging crook and liar of the first order. can make 5 billion agreeing to be Mr. T's puppet.

85Mustafa Kemal
A murderer. That's all.
Father of the turks
Completely wiped out the almost dominant Greek popylation in most of the turkish cities

86Ruhollah Khomeini

87Kevin Rudd

88Gordon Brown
Terrible, no econmy because of I'm

89Sema Sukamat

90George Washington
What the heck! He made America I sin the idiot that made this
What he is a creator of america and a true leader who ever put him on this list is an idiot
Really he made America
[Newest]America's not something to be proud of.

91Kavin Udomsinroj

92Francois Hollande
French President
Only stuff he knows : Tax Tax Tax

93Saparmurat Niyazov

94Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo

95Francisco Franco
This just in; Generallisimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

96Julia Gillard

97Felipe Calderon
He was the perfect liar, drunk and stupid.

98John Smith
Being a common name doesn't hide his true colours, This man undermined all of Smithyville! He is a cruel man

99N. Chandrababu Naidu
He was the Chief minister for Andhra Pradesh for 9 years, he was earlier with congress party, later he married NTR's daughter and joined in TDP party. He betrayed his own father inlaw, NT Ramarao and sworn as Chief Minister. He ruled Andhra Pradesh for 9 years and did nothing to farmers in Andhra where farming is the main source of income in those time. He said that farming is waste and encouraged people to go for another word instead of farming. In his tenure thousands of farmers sucide. And from then till today he was not able to win the election because he not only betrayed his father inlaw but also people of Andhra Pradesh.

100Margaret Thatcher
Britain's first female prime minister, and probably the worst.
Putting thousands of working class people into poverty, and in some cases suicide, I don't really understand how she can be regarded as the one-hundred and ninth worst world leader.

For example:

She refused to put sanctions on the Apartheid, and considered Nelson Mandela "A Grubby Little Terrorist."
Destroyed vast amounts of the industrial business, leaving many unemployed, which England still struggles to fix today.
She covered up the Hillsborough disaster, leaving injustice regarding ninety-six dead men, woman and children, due to bad policing.
Caused inequality in the UK,
And took away schoolchildren's free milk.

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