Fight Song - Rachel Platten


I'm not a fan of this song because it's not as strong as other girl-power-pop songs, but I would not say it's the worst of this year. If it was by Christina Aguilera or Kelly Clarkson then I would like it.

I'm gonna be honest. I once liked this song, but then I when it a lot of air time on the radio, I realized something: this song is pretty generic. While I still don't hate it, I can't help but remember that while, yes, girl power songs have been done much worse, they have been done before and much better as well. This song is harmless but still fails to inspire as a whole.

If you're going to follow the Kelly Clarkson girl-power power-pop playbook, you better damn well be able to sing like Kelly. Rachel Platten can't. Hearing this song as a commercial jingle for Ford makes it all the more annoying. - ChrisInMI80

Gotta love how fans of this song just downvote any valid criticisms people post.

Anyways, I can think of several much better girl-power anthems that actually sound powerful. The difference between this and, say, "Fighter" by Christina Aguilera are like night and day. That song had a real punch to it with both the instrumentation, vocals, and lyrics, which makes this song sound so weak and boring in comparison.

Can I be wholly honest?

This song is bland and generic. The trend of empowering songs is getting worse and worse. Platten's lyrics here sound like something out of an obese 7 year old girl's diary.
See, that's my problem with this. SO MANY PEOPLE could have come up with similar lyrics. It's not overtly hard to pull an "empowering" song out of your ass and get up to the top charts, because people are insecure and anything they hear that's meant to be comforting is automatically fantastic.

This is a generic song!
It's not a creative song!
Just another pop song!
There are better ones on!
The lyrics are all wrong!
I'll play any other song!
And I don't really care, this song's nothing but hot air.
Cause there are plenty of songs like it that do more for me!

If this is your fight song, you're going to lose.

This is not only the worst song of 2015 but also of 2016. They are still playing this song every day! This is the weakest, most unspiring song about someone who apparently doesn't care about what others believe. I don't know her situation but if she doesn't care about her listeners and their impression of her song and "fight" due to a unconvincing song in the way it is sung then I like the song even less. Sorry but this is a pure garbage song she gives us that sounds really awful. I can not understand that this stays on the radio. - alketamark

I'm sorry, but this song is bland and boring. We've heard songs like this before, and it tries too hard to be inspirational. It's not. It's repetitive. - MontyPython

For a song that has "Fight" in the title, it fails to inspire. Rachel Platten doesn't have Kelly Clarkson's powerhouse vocals or Taylor Swift's above average songwriting. I can easily make a long list of empowerment anthems that can easily replace Fight Song. 4/10. - NiktheWiz

Terrible song. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, repeat 3x with escalating voice. This is a song with no musical appeal. It probably wouldn't be so annoying if they didn't play it EVERY 30 MINUTES FOR 4 MONTHS STRAIGHT!

I personally don't think this song is that bad

Same old, same old / Yeah. It's a positive self-esteem song with dreamy element, but at the same time, it sounds generic, and her voice sounds annoying. This random song is not that good. I just do not want to hear it. It sounds like she is whining. - madoog

For a "fight song" it is rather dull and doesn't get you pumped.

If I may quote a great online critic *ahem* "If this is your fight song, you're going to lose! "
Couldn't have said it better myself.

This song is overplayed, and as the visitor said, this doesn't get you pumped as a song like this should. - RiverClanRocks

Pick a song. Any song. Chances are, you chose a better fight song than this. - Zach808

You could rename this 'Fail Song' and it would be more fitting.

It was good when I first heard it, but now it keeps getting overplayed on radios to the point where I hate it. - Catacorn

This song is flat out repetitive and has a chorus that's just annoying!

Honestly, this song really doesn't bother me too much. What bothers me more is that, at the time of this post, trap queen is lower than this.

My fight song is Courtesy Call by Thousand Foot Crutch, thank you very much. If this is your fight song, then... Well... You're gonna lose.

Actually, this does not stink due to the deep verses, but they ran out of lyrics for the chorus and the backing track is mediocre. 6/10

Doesn't have very good grammar. "Take back my life song"? , "prove I'm alright song"? , IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE.

Most generic song ever. Also, I think any artist that says "This is my song! " In their song is an idiot.