Top Ten Worst Video Games of 2015

The Top Ten Worst Video Games of 2015

1 The Order: 1866

This game is too short to be a full release. It's very pretty, but so is a good movie, and copy of a good movie costs less than this, yet are just as interactive.

A example of how graphics don't make a game good. As a matter of fact the graphics seem to be the only good thing about this game.

Half these games haven't even come out yet

Worth 20 dollars instead of its price

2 Call of Duty: Black Ops III

I know that isn't out yet, but you know, will been the same crap than the first

To be honest, the last gen ports of Black Ops 3 are really bad. Why I am saying this despite the fact that I like the same game on current gen consoles? It's because of how much content was lost in these ports. No campaign (the bad campaign on the current gen versions is still better than no campaign at all), but even worse is there is no split screen (the split screen is the best thing about Call of Duty games). So basically, all you can do is online play in these ports. And so, Black Ops 3 on the Xbox 360 and PS3 are really bad. - SelfDestruct

Sure some people think this game is bad. I can accept that as it's just their opinion. What I fail to see is why this game is number 1 in the worst list this year. I'm sure critics ranked at least one game that is genuinely terrible and much worse than this. Honestly, this should swap places with the train wreck known as *cough* Need For Speed 2015 *cough*. - SelfDestruct

At this point the franchise has lost it's touch.

3 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5

Of course the anti Call of Duty losers put BO3 on top, seriously guys, can we stop acting like Call of Duty is bad? It's not. If Call of Duty is what qualifies as "worst game of the year" for you, you seriously need to expand your horizons.

This game, on the other hand, IS bad. Even if you hate Call of Duty with every fiber of your being, you have to at least admit that it plays well. This game doesn't even get THAT far. What a joke. Just goes to show that reassurecting a nostalgic franchise isn't always a good idea.

How can you put Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 on this list? It's an amazing game. You see, when people talk about skating games, they're talking about Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series, the golden age that once was. Now if we want to play good skating games, we have to play hockey. Who's idea of skating is that? Why invent a virtual sport to make video games about when you could play an incredibly interesting one about an incredibly interesting real spor called Tony Hawking.

Now, I know everyone won't agree, but the game's cinematics are amazing! As the game starts, Tony is awoken from hypersleep by Cortana, to find that he's crashing into an alien planet. When he lands, he finds Raiden telling him that he must stop the Evil One by throwing the One Board into Mount Boom, but Scorpion tells him to get over here, and Tony obeys!

And wow! It only gets greater from there! I'm not going to spoil any more of the plottwists (Rosebud is a board, but we all knew that anyway), but it's a ...more

This series died a long time ago. The only reason Activision released this game, was to make a quick cashgrab. This is because their Tony Hawk game licence expires pretty soon. Screw this title. Poor graphics, controls and full of glitches.

How is this not higher? The Order and Call of Duty and such might have been disappointing, or you might think that they are more popular than they should be, but they are functional and polished games at least. PS5 is broken, and I mean broken at its core. I don't like BO3 or TO1886, but I can play them indefinitely with little chance of a gamebreaking glitch.

4 Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Not only is this terrible, but it's the least scary game in the series, the puzzles were way too confusing, and I can't stand the maintainnance panels.

Worst in the series, but mostly not bad, just disappointing. Also, why is 4 here. That was a great game!

I have to admit it is not as good as the other games but the graphics are okay it just depends on the person and they need a strategy I'm still on night 5 but with determination,hard work and strategy you can beat this game

It's so boring u can only die from spring strap! There is no excitement!

5 Dying Light

This is a fantastic game!

This is a great game many agree - Therandom

You guys have no taste for games

Very disappointing. I thought it was going to be amazing but I was wrong. - heavymetalrocker777

What's wrong with it? Besides the fact that it it very glitchy sometimes - Sunflowerswag

6 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Dude, this game was hailed as one of the greatest games ever made..So...You might wanna remove that... - lm10sd10

Really?!?! This game, one of the worst? Have you even PLAYED, let alone SEEN it? Why are you still making these lists!?

Yeah, this whole list is just terrible. Just an honest joke most likely. - CameronBinder

Seeing this game on this list makes me sad. Did the people who voted for this game actually played this game. How is it possible that this game is above Alone in the Dark on this list?

To all the witcher drones, chill out and accept facts.
This game is the worst of the witcher series, broken at release(heck the PS4 version runs in a miserable 20-40fps rate)
Not to mention the horrid glitches in which Geralt's neck or hair went on a vacation when they separate themselves from him haha...the horse framerate issues, and the mediocre and retarded AI from the game.
Let's not forget of the massive dumbing down in the combat area to cater and pamper the brainless gamer wannabes, the toxic casual cancerous crowd.
This game is an insult to actual gamers who enjoyed the first two games, CDPR dropped the ball hard in this one for the sake of cynically cashing in.

7 Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival

B-but Nintendo... Why... We may be whiny little brats from time to time, but we didn't deserve this abomination of a video game...

Mario party - mini games + amiibo garbage = this crap

Why does this exist it's just for babies

I honestly love amiibo. But this game is the worst idea for them.

8 Raven's Cry

It's hilarious how bad this game is. Even if there were no glitches or bugs this game would of offered nothing new.

Oh man this game was so broken!

9 SpongeBob HeroPants

Its just another licensing deal

This game is a thing?

What has SpongeBob become.

This game sucked

10 Alone In the Dark: Illumination

Honestly, just the thought that this game currently has a better spot than Witcher III, Call of Duty III, Halo 5, Dying Light, etc. just disgusts me.
Even I am not a fan of most of the games that I mentioned, and I can safely say that Alone In the Dark: Illumination is worse than all of them by a longshot. There is countless bugs such as the enemies shooting through walls, and the gameplay ends up going down to 'Walk around endlessly shooting at everything mindlessly before an unbalanced wall of enemies comes along and kills you.'
Combined with the ugly environments, clunky controls, online being a complete ghost town considering the single-player isn't functional in the least and all of that is topped off with sounds that are literally missing from the files of the game.
I could make a redundant joke on how the game gets the title wrong, but that's been frankly done to death, and there's really no other way to say that you should just stick to Resident Evil 4, Left 4 Dead, ...more - nerffan8000

Seriously, this is the absolute worst of the worst. Atari have been in freefall since 1982, and this is the one turd that hopefully puts it through their thick skulls.

Why do I hate this game so much? Well, why would you call your game "Alone in the Dark" when you are playing with a group in the light?

This is under Call of Duty bo3 halo guardians dying light the person who made this list is either on crack or just hates first person shooters

Renamed Together in the Light: Frustration

The Contenders

11 Halo 5: Guardians

A campaign where Master Chief and blue team are playable for 3 missions, no spilt screen, 12 missions playing as a team with only one likable character, a boss we have to fight 20 times, an idiotic and confusing villain reveal, and micro transactions in multiplayer make this the worst halo ever of all time

I am a huge halo fan. It's my favorite game ever. And even I can admit this needs to be higher on the list. No split screen, awkward graphics and lighting, the weakest campaign in the series, completely pay to win for war zone, req packs, weird armor, and dumb armor ability things. Do yourself a favor and stop at reach. - Bosco500

Sad single player experience. Doesn't live up to the hype because it cuts off right when it starts to get good!

The Multiplayer though is fantastic!

I like this game

12 Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Every game of this saga is just the next Call of Duty, overrated and the same crap again, and seriously, Call of Duty in the top? AGAIN? I know is a bad game, but not worst like this one, at least in Call of Duty you can enjoy the story, I know than thisnfor story, but seen more like a game to make money

This is a okay game jumpscares are good I don't think this is a terrible game but I have even the best game has its flaws

This game is one of the better experiences of FNaF since the game never gets old. I get why it is here though. - DCfnaf

13 Devil's Third

At least Nintendo TRIED to make a gane that appealed to adults after Project H.A.M.M.E.R was cancelled. But they didn't try hard enough. It's an overall okay game.

This game is actually quite fun. The reviewers were on crack. Gamers who actually played this game, for the most part, have enjoyed it.

This game is the best, you fools! Stop putting this good game on the list!

14 Undertale

A game being overrated doesn't mean it is bad. This game is amazing. - DCfnaf

Is Undertale bad? No. But is it overrated? Possibly.

Who the hell put Undertale on the list?! This game is brilliant!

Why is this here undertale is a very awesome game it may look old but that's whats good about the game it gives you a nostalgic feeling and etc so most haters I think about bad posts about are just rage quiters from boss sans battles.

15 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

Are you insane take it of the list this game is fantastic and in my opinion is better then the original

This is one of the best games on the 3ds! Why put it on this list?!

Wha? How is this number 20? This game is awesome!

I don't have the game but I think its sounds awesome, got a N64 game on yo 3DS on a road trip, seems cool.

16 Hatred

This is a sad attempt at a Postal-like game.

No this game is awesome! More than Undertale! - FearMe

17 Mighty No. 9

This is out and is terrible the game is very bland and boring - ikerevievs

That's in 2016

18 Angry Birds 2

I didn't know this excists, in fact mobile gaming is pretty much dead now.

19 Evolve

OH MY GOD! This is the #2 on my list and most people's no. 1. HOW THE DOES DYING LIGHT EVEN GET IN THE TOP 5

Worst...mistake...ever to buy this

20 Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

This game is great

21 Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma

Ugh, this game. It does have a very solid soundtrack, but that's the only good thing you'll get out of it. You want to hear the soundtrack? It's on YT. Look it up. Other than that, you shouldn't have anything else to do with Revenge of Kuma. - Mcgillacuddy

22 Need for Speed

I wouldn't be so surprised if no more Need For Speed games were made after this. It is a potential franchise killer because of how bad it is. - SelfDestruct

On paper, this game seems not too bad, but when you actually play it, it just rubber bands you shamelessly.

23 Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legends

Ugg... Games based on movies are always horrible

24 Fallout 4

This game does things better than fallout 3 sure it does have flaws but so did fallout 3 and new Vegas fallout 4 will never be fallout 3 but it is still a fallout game a fallout game that has been over hated by vocal fans

I don't hate Fallout 4, I just found a real disappointment. Apart from some of the settlement building and gun modding, this just felt like Fallout 3 with better graphics, less dialogue and a worse story.

Who put this screw you suffer

Someone just screwed up

25 Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

Worst in the series. The roster is short, there's no original aspects, and the torunament is gone!

26 Mario Party 10

Why Is this At The Bottom Of The List? , This Game Is Awful, One Of The Worst Games I Have Ever had To Put Me To Play - VideoGamefan5

Better than 9 but Mario Party 8 was WAY better than this.

Let's list the things bad about this game.

- Unbalanced minigames (ESPECIALLY IN BOWSER MODE)
- Bowser mode is utter garbage
- Normal mode is boring
- Amiibo mode is boring, but at least you waste more money
- The game is fully about luck now (whilist other Mario Party games had strategy and a little bit of luck involved

Let's hope the next one will be better. - Toab

Mario party 2 was best in my personal opinion. this was just dissapointing

27 Halo: Spartan Strike
28 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Why is this here! it was one best games ever in 2015! you guys no nothing of gasming and are a insult to us gamers you don't play them at all your pathetic

Why is this even here?!?!?!

They took Kojima's name from the credits!

Disappointing game.

29 Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

Not even a contender here

30 Motorcycle Club
31 Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai Deluxe/DX
32 Skylanders: SuperChargers

Thr last racing game on the Wii is a cash grab on toys that ended a franchise! I can't remember what it's called. It has something to do with a purple dragon...

Why because its just some racing game I hope it does not end up like big rigs.

33 Just Cause 3

This game is perfect you a$$holes

Michael bay simulator I say that as a good thing its has a style like bad boys 1 and 2

Who ever put this screw you

Why would this game be on this list I've played it and it is AWESOME with wingsuit and the DLCs to add new content to the game you could never get bored playing it!

who ever put this game on here is a retard

34 Transformers: Robots in Disguise
35 Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below
36 FIFA 16
37 Batman Arkham Knight

This game was great!

Who the hell think that this game is bad?

Batman Arkham Knight is the best game ever

If you meant the PC version then I would agree with you. If you were meant the game for all versions as a whole then I might disagree

38 Godzilla

The Game is only for hardcore G-Fans! This game is really fun and has many hours of gameplay to it. Has great playable monsters, has great modes, and is a mindless game. I rate this game a 9.5/10

Oh come on! This game is not bad at all! Take that off now!

This game should be higher it was garbage


39 Star Wars Battlefront

As a fan of the original Battlefront series I got kind of excited that the series was getting revived. But as soon as I saw the EA logo I knew this wasn't going to end well. And that's exactly what happened. Good thing I knew it would fail ahead of time otherwise I would be horribly disappointed.

Fun gameplay. To many problems with menus. I can't even play it 0/10 would not buy again.

Too rushed, no single player story, not enough unlocks to make it worthwhile, almost all the game modes are just traditional FPS gamemodes with a different name. No in game voice chat, overpowered weapons, and a $30 season pass that the developers revealed would only give a new map every 3 months until 2017. Probably the biggest let down of the year.

Come on great game! - heavymetalrocker777

40 Rugby World Cup 2015
41 Mortal Kombat X

I hate the fact that you have to pay extra money for things that are already included in the game.

Fuk everyone, who hate this game, but is not out yet but I think they have some parts on their brains are missing.

42 Blossom Blast Saga
43 Destiny - Standard Edition - PlayStation 4

Coming from a hardcore Destiny fan, it is true that the game has a lot of difficulties at the moment. Although with the taken king, Bungie introduced a new world to us, the made the rest of the game obsolete. They were ironically being counter productive. However, saying that, I am STILL a hardcore destiny nerd after more than a year. As well as 27 million other people. Clearly Bungie is doing something right. You cannot say that Destiny sucks (or any game for that matter) because after all, it is opinionated. That whole double check comment is extremely outdated. Just saying...

This is 2014 fools - ikerevievs

Lame Story, Check.
Awful Voicing, Check
This is a chore, double check
Has Truly Defensive Fanboys, Triple Check.
I hate this game, Mega Check
Makes Call of Duty Look Like The Best Game In The World, Emerald check
Fallout for the win, Infinite Checks.

44 Dungeons 2
45 White Night
46 Yo-Kai Watch

I actually really enjoyed this game, minus the unfair Crank-A-Kai rules. However, everyone seems to just right it off as a Poke-clone. Even though they're both Creature Collection games, they're very different and interesting

47 Lego Dimensions

Awful game. - B1ueNew

48 Rock 'N Racing Off Road
49 R.B.I. Baseball 15
50 Guitar Hero Live

This is my favorite game what!

I love this game

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