Top Ten Best 21st Century Adam Sandler Movies

The Top Ten Best 21st Century Adam Sandler Movies

1 Grown Ups

The Second One Is the funniest! - Gaming_With_Kay

2 50 First Dates

When adam sandler meet drew barrymore love it

3 Click
4 Pixels
5 Little Nicky
6 Blended

Just like The wedding singer and 50 first dates still the romantic and perfect couple every time never forget it

7 You Don't Mess the Zohan

If you are from Israel, watch this movie! It is hilarious

8 Grown Ups 2

Funny stuff

9 Just Go With It
10 The Longest Yard (2005)

The Contenders

11 Punch-Drunk Love

The only Adam Sandler movie that's worth watching.

12 The Cobbler
13 Anger Management
14 Mr. Deeds
15 Eight Crazy Nights
16 Bedtime Stories
17 Spanglish
18 Hotel Transylvania
19 Jack and Jill
20 Hotel Transylvania 2
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