Top Ten Scariest GuildCraft Players

Hello everyone welcome back to another top ten list today I will be featuring the top ten scariest people on the server.
The items in this list have been selected by the author of the list for you to vote and comment on.

The Top Ten

1 PyroKnight

Making the top of the list is PyroKnight. The reason that this psychopath got to the top of the list is that he gave me more jumpscares than Freddy Fazbear and slenderman combined and not to mention he is an absolute savage when it comes to roasting me. :( - Angry945

Pyro is a bit of a savage. He kicked your butt in Eggwars.

He’s sick and twisted.

€�No one can save you, child” - PyroKnight 2018

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2 ItsMeganHere

The most dangerous player on the server. The lesson learned here is do not get on her bad side... ever. - Angry945

Scarier than pyro

Pvp legend

Ni ai wo ma?

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3 xXWitherBoyXx

What could be more scary then a PvP master that looks like he has been re risen back from the dead. This undead fighter will strike fear and pain right into you. - Angry945


4 Viquious

Xephenaz’s little sister, who beats up her older siblings I feel bad for Xeph but nothing sounds more terrifying than someone who can beat up people in the game and in real life. Yikes. (Except the people above her on this list.) - Angry945


5 Criptonspider

Afraid of spiders? Avoid this one if you are. Not only his god like strength but he is another mod... can we stop adding anyone that’s a staff on here. - Angry945

6 ItzSherif

Sherif is probably one of the most scariest players on this server said by many player. As soon as sherif appears everyone just freezes in place. - Angry945

7 thekillermatic

He leaves everyone in his wake opening the eyes of the blind and showing his true colours and not ashamed. People do have a reason to fear him, I’m getting a bit scared to be honest. - Angry945

8 TheFireKid

I wouldn’t be surprised if people feared him for his pvp skills but now he has the “Mod” rank. Hackers beware. - Angry945

He is an admin and mods can't ban hackers - Martinnn

9 aXed

No doubt the owner of the server would make it in this list. He has much power that can possibly crush you mentally and physically. - Angry945

10 Shazil

Somehow shazil will petrify you in multiple ways. With big tough people such as Tedious_Dad and America21 fearing him then there must be something I do not know. - Angry945