Top 10 Reasons Why Wes Anderson's Isle Of Dogs Needs A Sequel

I Tried Looking Up ''Isle Of Dogs Sequel Announced'' But There's No News About It YET! Who Knows? An Isle Of Dogs Sequel May Be Announced Next Month
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The Top Ten

1 We Want To See What Happens Next!!!
2 We Keep Asking The Question "WHAT THE HECK WILL HAPPEN TO ATARI NEXT?!!!"
3 We Wanna See Mayor Kobayashi Get Fired
4 We Haven't Had A Sequel To Fantastic Mr.Fox In A While, So Why Not Make An Isle Of Dogs Sequel
5 We Wanna See Rex Get His Revenge On Chief
6 We Wanna See Rex Again
7 We Wanna See Chief Again
8 We Wanna See Duke Again
9 We Wanna See All Of The Dogs Again
10 We Want Less Human Scenes