Top 10 Canadian Custom Essay Writing Services

Here is a list of top 10 Canadian Custom Essay Writing Services to check.
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The Top Ten Canadian Custom Essay Writing Services

Custom Essay Writing Services

Essay writing can consume a lot of your time. It needs research, revisions, and a lot of thinking. If you are having these issues at hand, then you might want to avail of writing services online. There is big number of Canadian Writing Services now, but Custom Essay Writing Services is still of those who does not fail to be on top of the game. This company makes customer satisfaction its priority whatever paper you want to make.
Custom Essay Writing Services is a Canadian-based writing service that can be found online. It offers its services from Toronto to Winnipeg. The access is really big. So wherever part of Canada you are, you can avail of its services.
They have writers that are fluent in English are flexible to whatever topic assigned to you. Also, they have discounts to offer. If you are interested with Custom Essay Writing Services, then take a look at some of its features.

Main Features:

Custom Research and Writing
The company makes sure that all ...more

Canadian Writings

Students and professionals cannot escape the challenges of writing papers. Students need to write their papers for many assignments in school such as essays. Essays are very important in academics. Essays will let students express their ideas. Professors, on the other hand, use their essays to know if students have learned. Hence, this will result in the giving of grades. And as a student, you want to have a good rate on your essays. You can do that with the help of Canadian Writings.
Canadian Writings is an online Canadian writing service that is committed to helping people reach their goals through its services in writing, editing and proofreading. Canadian Writings aims to help Canadian students, but also international ones to get high grades in their challenging assignments. Aside from students, they also accommodate job seekers and business professionals. This writing service has thousands of writers who have experiences in writing despite the fact that Canadian Writings is a ...more


Essays are common in schools. Some essays can be easy to write, and some are complex. It also needs time and effort to finish an impressive essay. If you are a student who wants to have a good quality essay, then you might want to try EduBirdie. EduBirdie is a Canadian writing service that offers quality papers. It aims to help students to top school through their essays, and not just to pass their subjects.

EduBirdie takes pride in its affordable service that can make essay writing easier for students like you. It provides Canadian students customized papers they will be proudly passing to their professors. Since it is Canadian base, writers know exactly then how schools want the essays to be. They give a personal and focused approach in their papers without sacrificing its professional form. Whether you are in high school, college or university, EduBirdie has something to offer you.

Main Features:

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction
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There are many tasks in school. You have to attend classes, listen to lectures, make assignments, do extracurricular activities, and of course the notorious essays. With all of these, you may complain on how can you balance everything, as well as give time to your private life. Well, cross out essay in your list because there is writing service to hire- Eduzaurus.
Over the years, Eduzaurs has completed more than 70,000 orders that are 100% plagiarism free. Eduzaurus have a database for writers that show their qualifications. This is for you to choose who among the 500 writers will the best match for your essay.
These writers have a 4.5 out of 5 average score. Aside from this, the company also takes pride to is 24/7 customer support service that will listen to your needs anytime of the day. And to make sure that you get satisfied with your essay, they have unlimited number of essay revisions to offer. Here are things you want know about Eduzaurus.

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Essay Vikings

Surviving school without essay writing is impossible. Essays are just really part of school. If you are having a challenging time to finish or even start your essay, there is a solution. Seek for an academic help through writings services online. These kinds of service are common nowadays given that technology is now a part of life. Even with this number of services, choose the right ones like Essay Vikings.
Essay Vikings is one of the top Canadian Writing Services with its promise that it will make your academic life easier. The company takes pride to its experience and reputation in offering its services for many years. It has already completed more than 65,000 orders over the years. It has also more than 500 writers in its database with 4.8 out of 5 writer’s average quality score. If you are interested with Essay Vikings, take a peek on the things you should not miss about its service.

Main Features:


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School is not complete without an essay. You will always have to write an essay whichever level you are now in high school, college or in the university. Essay writing can be difficult with all the demands of time in research, drafting, revising and finish while juggling it with other subjects in school.

You might even think that there can be no way to finish an essay with all the assignments or requirements in schools. Essays also have forms or structures you have to follow while making it customized. This is why Essay2Go wants to offer its hand to make your school life less burdensome.

Customer Service- this is what Essay2Go is very proud of. The company has been in the business for many years now. It has been offering its services to students in their papers. They have a team of experts who will help you do the job. Whatever topic that is, they have a writer who is matched for your paper.

Main Features:

24/7 Online Support

Writers can be easily ...more

Custom Essay

Writing is not as easy with all the factors surrounding you. Factors such as busy time, other priorities, and tiredness will make writing an essay extra difficult. You will not be able to make your essay in time. If ever you meet the deadline, are you sure that you are passing a presentable essay? This is when Custom Essay comes into play.

Custom Essay is a Canada-based company that has been establish for more than 1o years now. They have already deliver more than 10, 0000 essays, helping a lot of students to be top of their classes and jumpstarting their future careers.

The company has professional writers who have over ten years of experience in essay writing. The company makes sure to give their work the quality you expect, or even more than you expect it. While it is true that you can only contact them online, they will make sure that you can feel their presence, hence, it explains why they have 24/7 Customer Support.

Main Features:

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Essay Pro

Essays are not easy when you have plenty things to do in school, plus balancing it with your private life. If this is what in your mind, then get a writing service to help you, just like Essay Pro. Essay Pro has then been part of many students in Canada as one of the most reliable writing service for their essays.
Essay Pro has been in the business for more than a decade and a half. It has already established its premium service in essay writing in Canada. Essay Pro makes sure that only the best writers will touch your assignment.
These writers are knowledgeable of their field. They deliver original and customized essays whatever deadline you will set. These things then explain why Essay Pro is still in the market and one of the top 10 writing services in Canada. To know more about this writing service, take a look of some of its features and services it has to offer.

Main Features:

Assign any topic, and Essay Pro has a writer that will be matched to ...more

Grade Miners

Does grade really matter in school? If your answer is in negative, then think about it again. Grades somehow reflect the work you have poured out in school. And is it not a good feeling when you get a high grade? It is the same as writing an essay. It feels good when you can write a pleasant essay that will garner an A+ grade. If you want to achieve such, then avail of the services of Grade Miners.
Grade Miners commit to deliver an outstanding quality essays to students in Canada. It has writers who have earned degrees in MBA, MA and PhD. While the essays are customized, they see to it that they will follow your instructions. Grade Miners have more than 3,500 experts. In a day, the company can complete more than 150 orders, with an average satisfaction rate of 96% and 9 over 10 customer return rate. The company aims to give you the satisfaction you deserve.

Main Features:

Original Content
The writers are experts and they make the essays from scratch. They are ...more


With all the assigned works given in school, taking a break is not an option. But if you choose to avail of a writing service, you can have a break. Seek a writing service, tell them what you want and need, and leave the writing to them. This is how easy you can get a perfect essay now. But, you have to carefully choose which among these writing services can satisfy you. Try X-Essays. X-Essays are one of the recommended Canadian Writing Services online.
X-Essays are an online Canadian writing service that can make a variety of writing assignment for you in any field. It delivers quality service to reach the high academic standards of papers that deserve a high grade. Its services do not only cater students. There are also services for job seekers and professionals.

Main Features:

24/7 Support System

Whether you need something to be done immediately or not, X-Essays has 24/7 Support System you can count on to.


Services offered are not only ...more